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At, we understand that relocating to a new city or state can be stressful. This is why we have compiled a list of all you’ll need to know if you’re moving, including how to spot and hire the best moving companies in Philadelphia, and the little tips and tricks you’ll need to watch out for if you want a stress-free move.

Philadelphia Moving Companies

Milestone Relocation Solutions

2259 N Broad St Philadelphia PA 19122

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Bubba & Sons Low Cost Movers

1225 S 46th St Philadelphia PA 19143

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HLS Moving and Hauling Company

Philadelphia PA 19104 Powelton Village University City

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Extreme Movers & Haul 24/7

Philadelphia PA 19132 USA

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Space Maker Movers

Philadelphia PA 19120

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GMC Movers

5601 Chestnut St Philadelphia PA 19139

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The Moving Boys

1237 N 4th St Philadelphia PA 19122

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Sunshine Movers

1431 Ivy Hill Rd Philadelphia PA 19150

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The Complete Moving Guide: Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is one of the most populous cities in the United States with an estimated population of 1.6 million people in 2020. Known as both an educational and economic hub, Philadelphia hosts some of the most reputable colleges and universities in the United States, while also being home to five Fortune 1000 companies and producing a Gross Metropolitan Product (GMP) of close to half a trillion dollars.

Of course, every good thing has a drawback and in the case of the city of Philadelphia, the drawbacks are a tendency towards overcrowding, the high rates of crime in some areas and the skyrocketing cost of living. So regardless of if you think that the pros outweigh the cons, pun totally intended, and you’re willing to give Philadelphia a try or you’ve just about had it with the high city taxes, has assembled the complete Philadelphia Moving Guide containing all you need to know about moving in Philly.

How To Choose The Best Moving Companies In Philadelphia

The city of brotherly love is famous for its tolerance and respect for other people’s choices. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise then, that you’ll be spoiled for choices when moving in Philadelphia.

There are a lot of moving companies in Philadelphia, each with its own unique set of services, pricing, and work culture. We don’t need to tell you how important your choice of a moving company in Philadelphia will be, and the significant role it will play in either making your move easier or making you absolutely loathe the idea of moving in the future.

Because we’re helpful and nice and in search of yummy clicks and ad revenue, we have searched, proofed, and compiled a shortlist of four handy ways with which you can tell what mover in Philadelphia is the absolute right fit for you.

Competitive Prices

It’s debatable whether affordable pricing or good customer service ranks higher in our estimation of the hallmark of a good moving company in Philadelphia. You will want a mover in Philadelphia with competitive pricing  not only because it will cost you less in the long run and significantly reduce total costs associated with moving, but also because it can spell the difference between a legitimate moving company and frauds on the hunt for a quick buck.

Customer Service

Great customer care is everything in the service industry. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the movers in Philadelphia you eventually hire must be well mannered, polite and socially adjusted, but that they’ll be able, willing and competent enough to provide the right kind of help when you call on them to track down a missing photo album.

We’ve found that the best way to gauge the customer services of moving companies in Philadelphia is through a simple Google check and a quick review of customer comments on social media like Twitter and Facebook.

Service Options

We have previously mentioned that moving companies in Philadelphia do not all offer the same services — we’ll go into that later — and the necessity of picking a mover in Philadelphia that understands what you need and can do something about it.

Moving companies in Philadelphia can help you pack, disassemble or assemble your furniture, and even take your property to a storage facility for safekeeping as long as it’s part of their service option.

Insurance and Licensing

In an ideal world, people will be everything they say they are and moving companies won’t misrepresent the extent of their licensing or insurance. This is earth, however, and you’ll need to verify that whatever moving company you choose is fully registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws.

If your movers are not properly insured or licensed, you stand the risk of losing all your property without the possibility of compensation.

Activities in Philadelphia

You can say a lot about the city of Philadelphia, but you can’t say it’s not fun. If you’re new to Philly and you’re looking for a handy guide with things to do and places to see, then read on.

Oh, and by the way, in your own best interest, it’s best not to say anything bad about the Philly Cheesesteak within hearing distance of the residents as they may get belligerent and force you to try one.

Your trip to Philadelphia won’t be complete if you don’t check out the Liberty Bell. This historical artifact is one of the most powerful symbols of freedom and any chance to actually see the inscription “proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof”, and realize the impact such a simple, yet the profound statement has had on all our lives should never be ignored.

When your eyes are no longer blurry and you regain the visual acuity of a predatory animal, say a tiger, you can run up the Rocky steps. Since Sylvester Stallone first ran up the Philadelphia Museum of Art in the classic movie Rocky, thousands of fans have attempted to replicate the iconic moment with varying degrees of success.

After you’ve accomplished this great feat, replenish your expended calories in one of Philly’s signature restaurants. Whether your choice is Biederman’s, the South Philly Barbacoa, or Ember and Ash, restaurants in Philly have a little bit of something for everyone.

Cost of Living In Philadelphia

Rather surprisingly, the cost of living in Philadelphia is only slightly higher than the national average with an average score of 101.2. As you may already know, cost of living factors in the prices of things like rent, utilities and transportation in an attempt to figure out how expensive it is to live in a state or city relative to the rest of the United States.

In Philadelphia, you can have a meal in an inexpensive restaurant that will cost you about  $15, but a combo meal at your local fast food place will probably cost around $8. Expect to pay about $171 for monthly utilities consisting of heating, electricity, water, and garbage, and  $68 per month for high-speed internet.

Rent for a one-bedroom apartment stands at $1,741 (for now) and if you actually want to purchase, get ready to pay roughly  $3,000 per square meter.

Moving Costs In Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is mostly loving and welcoming, the movers in Philadelphia, not so much. If you're looking for information on how to make the most of your move in the City of Brotherly Love, then you're in the right place. We'll be talking about some of the factors that go into the final quote you'll get from your moving company in Philadelphia and how you can make this more affordable.

If you've ever moved before, you'll know that while the moving companies in Philadelphia will handle most of the work involved in moving and pretty much all of the transportation, you'll need to part with a hefty check for it. As high as this amount may seem, we think it's actually justifiable.

Here's how your moving costs in Philadelphia will be structured, let's see if you agree with us.

Labor Costs

Movers in Philadelphia will typically charge between $80 to $140 per hour for labor. This is actually on the low end according to our research, as states have been known to go as high as $400 per hour.

What does this mean for you?

Well, if you live in a three-bedroom apartment and you want to hire a moving company in Philadelphia to help you move, the overall cost of labor can be estimated by guessing at

the number of hours they'll have to work, multiply it by the number of workers you'll have working in your home, and then multiply again by the hourly rate.

So, if you live in a three-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city, and you have belongings that'll take a three-man team four hours to move, you'll pay $900 for labor alone.

Additional Costs

Aside from labor, moving companies in Philadelphia will charge you a flat price for other services. This could range from transportation to the additional cost charged for making a delivery to a storage facility

Other additional costs charged by moving companies in Philadelphia include:

  • When do you plan to move?
  • How much do you plan to move?
  • Are you moving furniture?
  • How far away are you moving?
  • Are you moving delicate items?
  • Do you want the full-service option?

Accessorial Services

As the name pretty much implies, accessorial services are the extra charges you'll have to pay if you require extra services that weren't agreed upon at the time of payment. Say, for example, you pay for a routine pick up and when the driver and moving team arrive they find that the truck can't gain access to your driveway and they'll have to carry your property by hand.

Some of the most popular accessorial services offered by movers in Philadelphia include:

  • Stair carry: we'd be pretty bummed too if we came to work and found that we had to haul a couch through a flight of stairs. Moving companies in Philadelphia will definitely charge you extra for this service, but if you live in a multi-story apartment complex, it's something you'll probably need to grit your teeth and pay for.
  • Assembly and disassembly: if you thought you could just leave your furniture as-is for the moving team to figure out, think again. Movers in Philadelphia with experience in the business are already wise to this little trick and will derive great satisfaction in making you literally pay for it.
  • Long carry: we're beginning to see a pattern here. Basically, if you subject your mover to extra stress, prepare to get billed extra. In this case, long carry refers to the aforementioned scenario where you pay for a routine pick up and when the driver and moving team arrive they find that the truck can't gain access to your driveway and they'll have to carry your property by hand.

A simple Google search will do the truck. Just type in “moving companies in Philadelphia“, and you can get a list of the results sorted either alphabetically or according to reviews.

Movers in Philadelphia will typically charge between $80 to $140 per hour for labor. So, if you live in a three-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city, and you have belongings that’ll take a three-man team four hours to move, you’ll pay $900 for labor alone.

Add about $300 for accessory services and  $300 for tips and your total will hover around $1,500 for moving the contents of a three-bedroom apartment in Philadelphia.

Ideally, anything from $70 to $100 per worker is acceptable. Movers in Philadelphia charge lower prices than their counterparts in other cities, and tipping is one way to make it up to them.

It depends on who you ask. Some would say the Liberty Bell while others will insist that it’s the Philly Cheesesteak. Famous comedian Bill Burr will insist that Philadelphia isn’t famous for anything at all, but please ignore him.

Other popular answers include the Rocky franchise, rapper Meek Mill or being the location where the Fresh Prince was filmed.