Lowes Truck Rental Review of 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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For over 6 decades now, Lowe’s has been making the homes of millions of Americans comfortable to live in. And its truck rental services are also committed to making sure its customers move their shipments more efficiently and at affordable rates.




Lowe’s Truck Rental

  • Price matching
  • Wide geographic range
  • No hidden fees

Lots of movers choose to rent a truck instead of hiring expert moving companies since it is usually cheaper to handle the heavy lifting and haul on your own.

This write-up will discuss Lowe’s history and company review, products and services, and its moving truck rental business.

Continue reading to find out all about pickup truck rentals from Lowe’s.

What is the Cost of Lowe’s Truck Rental?

Lowe’s allows you to rent its moving tuck for two separate rates. Renting a truck for 90-minute costs $19 with $5 for each extra 15 minutes. A full-day rental costs just $89, and you don’t need to return the rental truck until the nearest Lowe’s to you closes for the day.

Truck Rental Prices from Lowes

Rental time 90 minutes All-day
Price $19 (above $5 for each extra 15 minutes $89

The flexible prices from Lowe’s work for your project and budget. If you need the moving truck for just around 2 hours, it is cheaper to opt for just the 90-minute rental and pay $10 for the extra 30 minutes. These $5 charges will quickly amount to something if you hold the rental truck for too long. If you need the moving truck for beyond 5 hours, the full-day rental is cheaper.

And with the full-day option, you can prevent stress about returning the rental truck in a rush. The best part is that Lowe’s rental truck usually comes with unlimited mileage, so there is no need to keep an eye on the odometer all day when you are making several trips across town with many shipments.

Some other rental providers (like U-Haul) provide you a particular amount of miles with their rentals and then charge you for each additional mile. Just ensure you refill the fuel tank before returning the truck.

How to Rent a Lowe’s Truck

There are two ways to book a moving truck rental at Lowe’s. The first is to visit Lowes.com. You can then find out about the availability of the exact truck you plan to rent by calling or sending an email to them.

Then locate a nearby store to you, fill out the forms, and visit the store to pick up your rental truck. You can also visit a Hertz kiosk to reserve the truck you prefer. You will be provided an access card to find your truck, which is parked right outside the company’s store.

You can just drop off the rental truck where you initially picked it up when you are done. In case the nearby Lowe’s store to you doesn’t have a Hertz kiosk, you can find out at the customer service desk for information on ways to reserve your truck. They will ask for the documents like your driver’s license, insurance, and credit card.

What are the services offered by Lowe’s Rental Trucks?

Lowe’s offers a big supply chain network consisting of over 30 automated carriers. With such a wide network, the shipping of stock goods is delivered efficiently.

1. Moving Truck Rental Services

Lowe’s also offers moving truck rental services. Its rental truck prices include fuel and insurance. Lowe’s is in partnership with Hertz for its moving truck rental service, which makes it easier for customers to rent a moving truck at any particular period and for at any given timeline.

When you rent a moving pickup truck from Lowes, you will not be at any risk of damaging your car especially if the shipments you are moving are too heavy for your vehicle to handle. The size and weight capacity of pickup trucks from Lowes make them perfect for almost any job you could have in your home.

It is also ideal for transporting renovation mess, busted rocks, and other trash you might need to transport to the dump. There is no need to even wash the moving truck after, though you likely should, if you are transporting muddy sod or dusty concrete debris.

2. Home Improvement Products

You can get home improvement products and appliances at Lowe’s. Here, you can buy kitchen and dining staff, utility and storage stuff, products for children and babies, and lawn and storage items.

If you are getting ready to rebuild or remodel your house, all the products you need are available at Lowe’s stores. This is the same if you plan to venture into gardening, or decorate your room, arrange, store and move.

3. Installation Services

Lowe’s offers installation services. If you don’t know how to install a particular appliance in your homes, such as a ceiling or a dishwasher, you can ask for help from Lowe’s staff who can handle the task for you fast and safely.

4. Other Tools and Equipment

Sadly, the moving trucks don’t feature tie-downs, straps, trailer hitches, or other important equipment for heavy-duty projects.

Fortunately, you will already be making a stop at Lowe’s, where you easily can pack these essentials up. Lowe’s doesn’t have this type of equipment for rental, so you will have to pay the total price for it, but is better than not having it at all.

Specifics of Lowe’s Truck Rental

If you only need a truck bed to haul a few shipments from one point to another, then Lowe’s truck rental could be a nice option to consider. Their no-stress; rental service is ideal for transporting tools, furniture, or building materials, and is ideal for transporting bins and containers too – provided you don’t own them in excess.

Below are Lowe’s rental truck specifics:

Pick-Up Moving Truck – Chevy Silverado 1500

Size: 8-ft bed and standard cab.
Haul capacityalmost one ton.
Special features: Standard safety features including roadside help.

Due to its large shipping capacity, you could go for Lowe’s truck rental for your next move and hitch a trailer for extra belongings. However, if you will be renting the trailer too, you may discover that it is highly affordable to just rent a moving truck somewhere else.

Things to Know about Lowe’s Pickup Truck Rental

Renting a Lowe’s pickup truck is easy: You only need your driver’s license, your evidence of insurance, and your credit card to rent a truck from Lowe’s. That is it. Come with all these documents, and you will be done in a Chevy truck quickly.

You can’t make bookings: Lowe’s rents out its moving trucks using a first-come, first-served rule. This policy implies that you are not allowed to make reservations online or via telephone.

While you should make advance calls to ensure there are trucks available for rent at your local Lowe’s store, there is no assurance there will still be one available for you when you later show up.

That said; if you visit the store and there are no moving trucks on the ground, one may be returned later that day. However, since the company allows customers to rent out its moving trucks for full-day jobs, nothing is sure.

It is not present everywhere: Not all Lowe’s location provides pickup truck rentals. There are entire states (Utah for instance) where that don’t offer this service.

Sadly, Lowe’s doesn’t provide a list of store locations where moving truck rentals are available, so you will find out if your nearest Lowe’s rents out one only if you call in advance.

If you discover that there are no Lowe’s locations offering pickup truck rentals in your location, you can also check any of U-Haul, Home Depot, or Enterprise.

Is Lowe’s Truck Rental a Perfect Fit for You?

Don’t forget that you will still want to perform research and obtain quotes from a minimum of 3 different rental truck providers to make sure you are receiving the best possible deal for your move. Below is how to begin the process:

Step one: determine what you need: Your first variable when selecting a moving truck is to make sure that will be a perfect size. Since only just pick-up trucks (with 8ft beds) are being rented out by Lowes, you should be able to determine whether or not it is enough for your needs.

Step two: select your best three choices: Select the three truck rental providers that offer your required sizes and features. Whether or not Lowe’s meets the requirement will so much be base on if it offers the best prices and features for your specific move.

If you want to make a comparison of your options against relocation companies too – or if you just choose to hire a more full-service moving option – just leave your move details at Moving Feedback to get screened, by reputable national moving companies wherever you are moving from and to.

Step three: Obtain quotes: Immediately after you have selected three (or more) moving truck rental providers or moving companies to compare, now is the time to contact each for quotes.

Since Lowe’s only has one pricing structure, you sure won’t have to make calls to get a quote – you can simply make use of what is available online. Don’t forget when you receive a quote that these are mere estimates, and your exact costs may be a little higher.

In addition, make sure you ask about extra fees. It is often a better idea to talk over email or the phone instead of making efforts to shop around and discover all this information on your own.

FAQ’s About Lowes Truck Rental

What is the cost to rent a moving truck for a day?

Full-day rental costs $89.00. Typically, the prices mentioned on this website may be outdated, and may not apply to all locations of a particular company. This is the price as at the time we get the quote. To get current pricing, reach out to each company u are interested in.

How can Lowe’s truck rental and long-distance movers work together?

You could use Lowe’s truck rental for the loading phase if your move is within a reasonable distance. Once loaded, long-distance movers could take over to transport your belongings safely to your new location.

What is the cost of a 90-minutes rental at Lowe’s?

The first 90 minutes cost $19.00. Typically, the prices mentioned on this website may be outdated, and may not apply to all locations of a particular company. To get current pricing, reach out to each company u are interested in.

How to book a Lowe’s rental?

You can make a reservation for a moving truck rental at Lowe’s using two ways. The first is to visit Lowes.com. You can then find out the availability of the rental truck you wish to rent either by sending an email inquiry or contact the store the old-fashioned way. Then locate a store closer to you, complete the forms, and visit the store for vehicle pick up.

Does Lowe’s offer move trucks for rent?

No. While Lowe’s pickup trucks are available for a move, the company doesn’t offer rental of box trucks – the type of moving truck that possibly comes to your mind when you think of a moving truck. Lowe’s pickup trucks are smaller than regular moving trucks, and they don’t come with enclosed spaces.

This is why they are not the ideal option for moving a complete home’s worth of belongings. That said, they are much affordable than standard moving trucks, so if you have just a few belongings to relocate and you don’t have much money, renting a Lowe’s pickup truck might be your perfect choice for a local move.

What happens if my Lowe’s truck rental develops a fault?

Each Lowe’s pickup truck features roadside assistance. If your vehicle has a flat tire or the truck develops a fault on the road, you just have to contact Lowe’s store where you picked the vehicle and they will send roadside help to come to assist you.


Whether you decide to rent from Lowe’s truck rental or a moving truck from another rental provider, it is always a wise decision to conduct research. That way, you can be certain that the moving truck you’ve rented is the perfect one for your move.