Finding a Motorcycle Shipping Company

If you are a motorcycle owner and are relocating to a new house soon, you need to provide a good answer to how to relocate your motorcycle to your new home.

Motorcycle moving is a fragile engagement that needs professional handling, so be ready to hire the best talent for it. In this article, we will discuss the best cross country shipping method for your motorcycle with professional motorcycle shipping services.

There is no other way to ensure your motorcycle moving project runs smoothly into completion than to hire the best motorcycle shipping company that specializes in moving motorbikes.

That will ensure that the company possesses the necessary experience, insurance, and reputation to make sure your job runs into completion quickly and safely. Below are the steps to locate one of the top motorcycle transport services in the nation:

Finding a Motorcycle Shipping Company

In this article

  • Step 1: Fill in your details in the motorcycle shipping cost estimator. Immediately you do it, our top motorcycle shipping companies in your area will contact you and provide you with shipping quotes for your motorcycle shipping.
  • Step 2: Make a comparison of the motorcycle transport estimates you’ve received. Check the prices and conditions, and ensure that you are being provided the exact motorcycle moving service you required through an open trailer or enclosed trailer option.
  • Step 3: Be sure to check and make a comparison of the motorcycle shipping service companies you want. All motorcycle shippers are required to be registered with the United States Department of Transportation and possess active MC and DOT numbers.
  • Step 4: Confirm the insurance coverage and liability of the motorcycle shipping companies as all of them must possess liability and cargo insurance in order to ship motorbikes legally to anywhere in the country. Ask for written proof of the carrier’s insurance coverage before you pick one to hire.
  • Step 5: Go online and read reviews on motorcycle transporters written by old customers to determine how the shipping companies under your review will take control of similar shipments to yours. Online reputation is very important and gives an insight into the experience and professionalism of a given motorcycle shipping company.
  • Step 6: Ask for any additional costs or surcharges from the motorcycle shipping company in advance. Also, ask for any ongoing promotions or discounts which you can benefit from.
  • Step 7: Choose your shipper. Once you are done researching the shipping companies, then select the offer which looks the most attractive to you and agreeable based on the prices and conditions are given.

Choosing a Motorcycle Trailer

The motorcycle shipping company you’ve chosen will offer you two shipping options:

  • Shipping your motorbike in an enclosed trailer, or
  • Shipping your motorbike in an open trailer

Although the open trailer option is popular in car shipping because it is less expensive, the enclosed trailer options are not the standard in shipping motorcycles.

Most people prefer to ship their motorcycle in enclosed trailer because of the protection offered by the system. More information about each motorcycle shipping option for better understanding is discussed below:

Enclosed Motorcycle Shipping Trailer

The best cross country shipping method for a motorcycle is to transport it using an enclosed trailer. This is because bikes are smaller in size compared to cars and therefore is more exposed to damage from poor weather while in transit.

Your motorcycle will share the space in an enclosed trailer with other bikes in order to share the shipping cost among many customers, and this is called shared shipment.

Below are when you should go for the enclosed trailer for your motorbike shipping as the best shipping method for your shipping needs:

  • Your move is to a long-distance address away, and you will cross many state lines, and it will take several days for your motorcycle to get to you.
  • Your motorbike is highly-expensive and at more risk to damage from weather elements.
  • You have some flexibility and can wait for a certain number of bikes needed to reach for the shared shipment in the enclosed trailer.

Open-Air Motorcycle Shipping Trailer

Open trailers are perfect for local motorcycle shipping. You may find the open trailer option the best for your motorcycle move if your destination is just a few hundred miles away that can be traveled in just a day and on a single journey.

Another time when you should opt for the open-trailer motorcycle shipping is when you don’t have much time to wait for your bike to get from one location to another.

This is because many available motorcycle shipping companies offer open trailer shipping.

Lastly, the following are the times when you should look into shipping your bike in an open trailer:

  • The distance you are moving your motorcycle is not far and can be done within a single day.
  • Your motorcycle is not so expensive and is strong enough to withstand the elements.
  • You don’t have much time, and you must get your motorcycle to its destination as fast as possible.

DIY Motorcycle Loading Tips

DIY movers using a tow trailer or moving truck are encouraged to properly load their bikes safely to avoid bodily injury or damage to the motorcycle. Firstly, do not attempt this alone.

Considering the large size and heavyweight of motorcycles, it is impossible to get the loading and unloading done with just a set of hands.

Enlist a few friends to give you a hand. Then, make sure the ramp you plan to use is strong enough to hold the weight of the motorcycle and is tightly held to prevent slipping.

We do not recommend the use of planks of wood since they can slide or turn slippery underfoot. Make sure the motorcycle is placed in neutral and gently pushed up the ramp.

We advise you to resist the temptation to drive the motorcycle up the ramp. The idea is not just right. You can get proof of this by searching for an internet video of such.

How long will my Bike Shipment take?

Regardless of the distance you are shipping your bike to, you are probably worried about what time you should expect the delivery of your precious bike at your new address.

This question must be asked when talking to your motorcycle shipping company, but also, you can get an approximate idea from the average timelines discussed below.

The average time of delivery of a motorcycle is from two weeks to a month based on the two locations (pick-up and drop-off), the distance, and the type of shipment, traffic, season, and weather.

Generally, it will not take up to two weeks to ship a bike to another state, while it may take up to four weeks to ship a bike to another country.

The pick-up timeline starts from two to seven days after you make a reservation of your motorcycle shipping company, but it can be optimized to 24 to 72 hours if you choose express bike shipping.

Your Shipping Project is successful yet again

Motorcycle transport companies often make use of door-to-door bike transport. Your motorcycle shipping company will ask you to meet them at a nearby parking lot where you can receive your bike if your destination address is located in a residential area with dead-end streets or an area that doesn’t allow big moving trucks.

Upon delivery, make sure you carefully inspect your bike for any damage before you sign the necessary documents. In case you notice any fault or damage to your motorcycle upon delivery after comparing the present condition to the photographs you took before the shipping, then follow the guideline of your bike shipper to file a claim. Insurance claims are usually treated within a few weeks.


The outcome of your motorcycle shipping process will be good if you understand the entire process and you hire a reliable motorcycle transporter to ship your bike to your address. For further information on motorcycle shipment, read All You Need to Know about Shipping Motorcycles. In case, you are also looking for car shipping companies, check our best car shipping companies.

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