Choosing The Best Moving Containers And Storage Companies

You might have no better choice than to move with portable storage containers if you need an affordable moving option or need a safe place to keep your household stuff before, during, or after your moving process. People get more flexible options with moving and storage through self-storage and portable moving containers.

We recommend our guide on the best moving container and storage companies as a starting point of research for those in need of moving and storage for their relocation needs.

You can get these moving and storage container units in various sizes and are built to keep the items of multiple rooms. However, you must be careful when choosing the best moving containers and pod movers for your moving needs.

Features to consider in choosing moving storage container include

Choosing The Best Moving Containers And Storage Companies

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1.  Moving Container Cost

You will be offered different moving container prices based on the company and what you are using the unit for, whether for moving or storage. Price can be affected by location and other features like costs of fuel and long-distance relocation.

Due to the expansion in the moving and storage container industry, you must make a price comparison and check any extra fees that could be added.

To understand moving container cost better, study these:

  • Rates: Based on the specific company, size of the container, and the use (moving or storage), your rates can be affected. Container rentals are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to customers.
  • Container size: There are different sizes of moving containers available with some companies with different prices, and some offer standard container sizes with a flat rental rate. Most storage container companies will allow you to pay for only the units you use.
  • Fees: During the final comparison, make sure you ask about extra fees like a delivery fee, extra monthly fees, and fuel charges. Your overall price can also be affected by the frequency of access to your container while in storage.

2. Flexibility

One of the significant benefits that self-storage and portable storage containers have over regular movers is their flexibility. Flexibility enables you to manage unexpected situations without going through stress.

  • Remodels: Home remodels are one of the common uses for portable storage containers. Units can be dropped off at your specified location, and you can contact the company for a pickup once you are done with your project.
  • Military and college students: These set of people frequently move. Good portable storage units offer great convenience for your move, whether from and to your school annually or from one military base to another.
  • Relocating: In some cases, there may be an extra tension to closing dates or construction deadlines. Having a storage container on-site offers convenience as your belongings will be safe until you need to access them.

Pro Tip

If the company is flexible to your need, look elsewhere.

3. Storage Facilities

The majority of self-storage and storage container companies offer you the option of keeping your unit in one of their storage centers. You can call and arrange for delivery to the nearest facility to your location immediately after packing. These storage facilities include:

  • Security: Remember to inspect all security features provided by each storage facility. The essential security features that usually come with storage centers include 24/7 video surveillance, controlled access, and extra locks.
  • Climate-controlled: Not all self-storage and storage container companies offer facilities that control climate. You should consider going to a weather-controlled storage facility if you own leather or wooden furniture, artwork, appliances, photos, or instruments. Be sure to check what each company offers in terms of climate control to figure out the best for your needs. For climate-controlled facilities, go with PODS, Go Mini’s, U-Packand 1-800-PACK-RAT.
  • Facility access: The majority of storage facilities require you to contact and arrange for access to your store within 24 to 48 hours in advance. This helps the facility with security and enables them to find and move your storage unit into an easy access area.

4. Container Size

Moving container sizes generally starts from 7ft up to 20ft long. Consumers can choose the base of their size on their respective needs. Typically, container companies that offer standard sizes will allow you to pay for only the containers used.

  • Small: You can store the contents of a single room or walk-in closet in small-sized containers. Their size generally starts from 5ft in length up to 7ft in width and 8ft in length.
  • Medium: Generally, a medium-sized container fits the contents of 2-3 rooms. Their sizes are usually 8ft in width and 12ft in length or 8ft in width and 16ft in length.
  • Large: The majority of large moving containers can be compared to the size of a rental moving truck. Each can fit the contents of 3-4 rooms, although the large container dimension depends on each container company. The standard dimensions are 10ft in width and 35ft in length or 8ft in width and 40ft in length.

5. Discounts

College students and military members can get discounts from some self-storage and storage container companies. Most of them also provide different promotions and discounts for storage. Categories of discounts include:

  • Military: Many self-storage and storage container providers offer discounts to active military members. If you opt for a personally procured move (PPM), the government can reimburse you for 95% of your overall relocation expenses.
  • College students: Some storage container companies offer discounts to college students. Existing college or university students can save money and move out of their apartments or home in their free time.
  • Promotions: Be sure to search for available promotional codes, bundles, and other special offers when researching the price for various companies online.

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6. Add-ons

Relocation time is when you will see the need for resources and supplies you may not own or know. Most companies sell additional supplies that can be delivered with your moving and/or storage container. Ask for all the needed add-ons for your move.

Are you ready to relocate with a Moving Container?

These guides will be of great help if you need assistance finding a storage company nearest to you. We make a thorough comparison of the best storage containers across the United States to locate reliable self-storage companies nearest to you. You are free to use our network of the best moving storage containers for your move.


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