Best Moving Companies in Las Vegas of 2022

Are you worried about moving to Las Vegas and confused about your starting point? Begin by researching the city as well as the local movers to take care of the move. Moving to Las Vegas may be the most important decision you ever make.

Top 3 Recommended Movers in Las Vegas

A-Team Moving

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Umbrella Movers

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Family Movers

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Best Moving Companies in Las Vegas of 2022

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That is why you importantly need to plan wisely and ensure you have a smooth move into your next destination. Moving companies help to remove the stress associated with packing and relocating to a new home.

With a lot of people moving to Las Vegas every day, the demand for moving services is high. We researched the best movers in Las Vegas to determine the best and perfect movers for your need.

You can start planning the best move to Las Vegas by obtaining free moving quotes from 4 free moving companies in your area; and compare in your area to choose the lowest moving quotes.

We researched Las Vegas moving companies over 25 various factors and on five different categories, and carefully selected the best of them. We factored their equipment, costs, reputations, customer reviews, capability, and so on.

List of 9 Best Movers in Las Vegas

Below is a list of Las Vegas cheap movers that render quality moving services at affordable rates. To get a quote, click on the “GET QUOTE” button to complete a form.

You will receive moving estimates from a professional moving company in Las Vegas.

1. A-Team Moving

A-Team Moving

First, on our list of some of the best movers in Las Vegas are the A-Team Movers. There are lots of reasons why they are considered the best, and we will share with you exactly why.

The A-team provides an A service when it comes to moving your property. They are not a full-service moving company, you rent the truck, and they provide you with the muscles to help with the move. They are one of the best when it comes to having the most efficient labor to move your properties after you have rented your truck.

In terms of er full moving services as trust, A-Team movers have been in the industry for quite several years, and as such, they make sure they deliver a qualitative service every step of the way. They are fully certified by the Better Business Bureau, which means they are recognized by authorities and can be held accountable for a service gone badly.

They offer you excellent boxing and unboxing services because they know how you feel about having to do the same thing over and over again. They might not be a full-service moving company, but they surely have excellent prices for you to work with.


  • Labor-only service
  • Experienced employee
  • Quality service delivery
  • BBB certified


  • Not a full service moving company

2. Umbrella Movers

Umbrella Movers

Next on our list is the Umbrella Moving Company. They are known for the way they offer very decent services, and the quality they always deliver. The first thing you would most likely love about the umbrella moving company is that they offer you the most competitive rates that can keep your pocket happy. Even with being a full-service company, the prices are still very pocket-friendly.

They also make sure you don’t have to worry about cleaning before and after you move. This is an exclusive service, and not many moving companies provide you with this option. So instead of factoring cleaning into your plans, you can pretty much leave it to them and let them live.

Their long-distance move is also something you would love to try out if you ever need to move to a distant place out of your state. You will have total control over your belongings and be able to track them, wherever they are. You can relax, knowing that all your items and belongings are safe where they are. This type of quality is unmatched.


  • Quality service delivery
  • Competitive rates
  • Full-service moving company
  • Cleaning service available


  • Lengthy quoting process
  • Low online website

3. Family Movers Express

Family Movers Express

If you are the type that is keen about hiring a company with a lot of five stars, then this is the moving company you can look forward to working with. They have a special service directed towards helping both student and senior movers.

They understand how senior citizens might have a problem moving and organizing things, but they make sure they sort out all of the organization and other major things to create a smooth move for the seniors.

Again, they provide students with only the most interesting moving offers. Most students are always excited about going to college but have little experience moving. Leave it up to the Family movers to help you with your needs.

They are a full-service moving company also and will do a great job in delivering to you just as they advertise. Anything can be moved, and no job is too small for them to handle. It doesn’t matter if it is a residential move or a special item; they will surely do their best to bring a smile on your face.


  • Special service for students and seniors
  • Experience mover
  • Full-service movers
  • Residential and special move


  • Prolonged quote process
  • Low online presence

4. All Veteran Transit

All Veteran Transit

When you are searching for a moving company with order and standards, then the veteran transit moving company is your best and undisputed bet. They are a military-owned moving company, and you know what that means.

You can be sure of having full protection and safety when you hire them, they would never break the law, and you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Speaking of order, they are fully licensed and insured, and they boast about having no, absolutely no damage claims till this present day, now that’s a record. You also stand to get an amazing offer from them because all of their services are never outsourced.

All the tools and equipment they use for their moving service are not hired, they own everything, and this makes them give you an excellent price when you need to use them.

Don’t forget that it is military-based; this means that they also recognize their kind. Military veterans are given discounts and special offers to encourage them.

Their moving service cuts across moving, packing, removal and disposal, hauling and other amazing services you should look into if you want more than just moving. Your needs always come first with this company.


  • A licensed and insured mover
  • Discounts for military members and veterans
  • No damage claims till now
  • Moving tools and equipment available


  • No shipment tracking
  • Poor online presence

5. Warren’s Moving

Warren’s Moving

Warren makes you never worry (pun intended). With Warren’s Moving Company, you have nothing to worry about. You will be shocked at how you can. You might only be left with the task of paying. They help cover a full moving service.

They start from the process of getting you moving supplies, to help you with the trucks, and the labor, as well as the workforce,  to help you with everything. They have an extremely careful team that promise not to damage your items, and if they do, well, you are covered.

Each customer is unique, and they need a special type of service that fits their request. Warren is aware of that and seeks to provide you with everything you need to make sure you are met in the peculiarity of your needs.

Instead of having a fixed rate, they provide you with a customized quote that might even help you beat down the standard rate if you can bargain well.

They offer everything you need for your moving supply needs. From boxes to pads, to prints, to special boxes and every other thing that will make your move a smooth one.


  • Full-moving service
  • Customized moving quote
  • Moving supplies


  • Poor customer service
  • Low online presence

6. Vegas Strong Moving

Vegas Strong Moving

Vegas strong is the next on our list for the best moving companies. They offer you a very strong service with regards to moving. They are notable on Las Vegas for moving houses, residential and commercial as well as offices at a reasonable price.

Trust me; if you are looking for trusted long distance movers that can make your move a smooth and safe one, then you can count on them.

Some of their services include residential and commercial moving, for any individual. If you are looking to move into Vegas, then you can count on them to help you out.

Similarly, if you are looking to move out of Vegas, they are also your go-to company. Added to this is the full packing and unpacking service while you sit back and give them directives on where to place your belongings.

Those with large and assembled items often need an extra company to help them disassemble and reassemble their special belongings, but Vegas Strong will help you sort out all of those things. They also offer junk removal and help arrange and organize your home.


  • Residential and commercial movers
  • Local and long-distance moves
  • Junk removal service
  • Add-on service


  • Poor customer service
  • No storage service

7. Five Star Moving

Five Star Moving

The five-star moving company is one company that delivers quality up to the standards of their name. The services they offering a timely and precise manner makes them deserving of a five-star rating. It is a family-owned company, and that means a lot to them.

They always strive to keep their family name and deliver a consistent streak of quality. They are well aware that their services are perfect only when the customer says so, and that is what they do best, customer satisfaction.

Just like the Veteran moving company, they also have their moving equipment and use it to make the work faster. They do not rent or hire materials, that is what makes them provide their customers with a very good rate. They will always provide you with a complete and honest quote so that they can meet your needs and also make you satisfied.

They have no shady deals and strive always to be the best in the delivery. Insurance is also one thing they can provide you with, this way; you rest assured your belongings are safe.


  • Family-owned company
  • Quality service delivery
  • Prioritize customer satisfaction
  • Instant quote


  • No tracking of goods

8. Just Breathe Movers

Just Breathe Movers

When you hear the word ‘Just Breathe,’ a certain form of relaxation comes to you. In the same manner, the Just breathe movers provide you with the same experience. They make moving to seem as though there was no stress to it.

By offering professional hands, and abiding by some of the most stringent standards of moving, you can rest assured that you have nothing to worry about when moving. All customers are treated equally and will not be left behind.

They offer full moving services as well as furniture moving services too. If you are one of those that also delights in keeping your things safe in a place, they also offer storage facilities to help keep your belongings safe and sound. They live up to their name and make sure you always want to come back or recommend them.


  • Professional movers
  • Equal treatment for all customers
  • Furniture moving services


  • No online presence
  • No storage service

9. Transportation Movers

Transportation Movers

Last but surely not the least on our list of the best moving companies in Las Vegas, we have the Transportation movers. As simple as their name might seem, they do not offer simple services.

Instead, they offer almost unmatched and very amazing services. You will never regret coming to them for your moving needs. Whatever your moving needs might be, they surely have something to offer you.

Keeping your items safe and sound is their top priority, and all their workers are trained to handle all the items with extreme care. They know how valuable your items are, and they treat them with that regard.

You also enjoy full-blown insurance over your property. They will always cover you up and help retrieve your item if they damage anything during the move.


  • Well-trained workers
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Seamless service delivery


  • No instant quote
  • No storage service

The Following Table Displays The Top Movers in Las Vegas:

No. Best Movers in Las Vegas Website
1 A-Team Moving
2 Umbrella Movers
3 Family Movers Express
4 All Veteran Transit
5 Warren’s Moving
6 Vegas Strong Moving
7 Five Star Moving
8 Just Breathe Movers
9 Transportation Movers

How to Choose the Right Moving Company in Las Vegas

Choosing the right moving company in Las Vegas shouldn’t be so much of a hard task if you have been following our blogs and guides on how to choose the right moving company. But to reiterate we will give a summary of your help.

1. Plan Ahead

A trick to always making sure you choose one of the best companies is starting your plan very early. You should start weeks and even months before the actual date.

This way, you will be able to select only the best companies and have a run through. But in case you have to select companies in a short while, then you can follow our guide for the best national moving companies.

2. Review the Companies You Choose

Make sure you have a list of more than one company so that you have more than one to choose from. Make sure you review companies and choose the best offer. This way, you will confirm their authenticity and have the best deals.

3. Choose Insured and Licensed Companies

Another way to choose the best moving company in Las Vegas is to choose the companies that are licensed and insured. You need an insured company because you might be planning on a long-distance move, and will need to make sure your staff has a backup plan just in case something happens. And you need a license, so you know who is genuine in this business.

How much do Las Vegas Movers cost?

If you are moving to Las Vegas city limits, the moving cost on average is between $200 and $500. Many companies charge by the hour for local moves, so the quantity of your shipment and the timeline for loading and unloading of the truck will determine your total cost.

If you reside in a big Green Valley and Summerlin with much furniture, get ready to pay expensive costs for moving services.

The limits of town are Centennial Hills and Blue Diamond, so you will be paying an expensive mileage fee if you are moving to or from the area.

If you are moving from another state to Las Vegas, your moving costs are majorly based on the distance of the move as well as the number of items you are transporting.

Prepare at least $6,800 to move a 3-bedroom home to Las Vegas from New York City. There are fuel and 17-ft of trailer space included in that price. You can choose a labor-only moving service to save money as they will only load and unload a moving truck for you but don’t drive your moving truck to your destination.

What are the Other Factors that affect the Costs of Moving to Las Vegas?

While the two major factors that affect the cost of your move are the volume of things being moved and the distance of the move, companies offer extra services for an extra charge. These include packing of your goods, disassembly, and reassembly, and appliance installation.

Most moving companies charge a fee to move large or delicate stuff, like pianos or antiques. If your destination is multi-leveled, the moving companies may charge stair or elevator fees.

Moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas: The Cost

A move from Los Angeles to Las Vegas could cost you within a range of $2000 to $4000. The average cost of moving with some of the top movers is $2,991.77.

Sure, there are numerous factors at the actual cost of a move like distance, quantity of items you are moving, and extra services like packing and unpacking, and provision of packing supplies.

The best way to obtain an accurate quote for your relocation is to make use of the “GET QUOTE” button under any of your chosen moving companies listed above.

What Time of the Year is the Best to Relocate to Las Vegas?

Moving during summer in Las Vegas is hot, and often on the high-cost side. June, July, and August are top moving periods in the United States, and companies usually charge more for moving performed during these months.

Moving in fall or spring, especially September through April is usually affordable. If your moving period is a bit closer, booking makes sure you get to perform your move on the available dates.

Best Fastest-Growing Neighborhoods in Las Vegas?

Many neighborhoods in Las Vegas are rapidly developing. As growth is being experienced by the city in general, localized areas in Las Vegas and its suburbs are leaving the rest of the city behind.

Here are some of the neighborhoods to consider:

1. The Lakes:

The Lake is one of the trendy markets in Las Vegas as reported by Zillow. While there has been a slight reduction in the home value index over the past year, it’s expected to rise by 3.4% in the next year.

The neighborhood is one of the few locations in Las Vegas where you can leave by a lake. Yes, it is artificial, but for people that need a water fix, the Lakes might be a perfect fit. The average home value in the Lake is $347,989, and the average rent price is $1,700 per month (surpassing the average rent of the city at $1,500 per month.

2. Buffalo:

This neighborhood sits at the west of downtown and south of Charleston Blvd. There is an expectation by home value index on Zillow that the area will increase impressively by 3.7% in the coming year. But because of the pandemic, the figure has been modified to reduce by 1.3%. You will find many parks, recreation complexes, and baseball fields in this neighborhood.

It is a nice fit for those searching for active communities in a Las Vegas neighborhood. In Buffalo, the average home value is $357,906. The average rent in the neighborhood is $1,300 per month, lesser than Las Vegas’ rent of $1,500 per month.

3. Spring Valley:

This neighborhood is located in the middle of Las Vegas and around two miles west of the Strip as well as the new Raiders stadium. We took a quick drive across the area and we found new shopping centers, apartments, and housing complexes in multitude here. Similar to other Las Vegas neighborhoods, growth here has been affected by COVID-19.

The home index value predicted by Zillow is 4.3% for the next year. The average home value in Spring Valley is $300,560. The average rent for the neighborhood is $1,400 per month, $100 lesser than Las Vegas’s average rent.

4. Angel Park:

This neighborhood is situated calmly on the northwest side of Las Vegas. People that want quick and easy access to casinos but done want the stress of the Strip, should consider the Angel Park area which is in proximity to many off-strip hot spots that take care of locals. Golf-lovers can enjoy many courses nearby, including the Angel Park Golf Club that has 2 courses and a pitch and putt course.

The average square foot price in Angel Park is $159, which is lesser than Las Vegas’s average of $171. However, a 3.7% increase was predicted by Zillow through the coming year of transactions. Average home in this neighborhood is $257,229. Renters will get the rental price of $1,372 per month on average. This is a bit lesser than Las Vegas’ average rent of $1,500 per month.   

5. Pioneer Park:

This is a small neighborhood situated out west closer to Summerlin. The neighborhood has many parks and offers easy access to Red Rock Casino and Red Rock Canyon. People that are looking for a combination of indoor and outdoor fun will enjoy Pioneer Park for all it offers.

The home value index is forecasted by Zillow to see an increase of 3.8%. The average home value for this neighborhood in Las Vegas is $231,100. As a renter, you will discover the average rent price to be $1,295 per month. This is 13.6% below Las Vegas’ average rent of $1,500 per month.

6. Henderson, Nevada:

This neighborhood is located in the south and east of the Strip and is one of the rapidly developing suburbs in Las Vegas. The city has increased by 10,800 people from 2017 to 2018. The selling point of Henderson is the convenient access to the Strip and Las Vegas attractions, while still enjoying the benefits of being in one of the suburbs in Las Vegas. The average home value in Henderson is $352,101 according to Zillow and the average rent price is $1,635 per month.

7. Summerlin, Nevada:

This hidden treasure is located just outside the gateway to Red Rock Canyon at the Northwest of the Strip. The city has seen continuous growth since it got to the area almost 30 years ago, according to home sales in the area.

Summerlin added 7 neighborhoods in 2019 and now the number of neighborhoods in Summerlin is 35. Be sure to check out the downtown if you are visiting Summerlin as it is great fun and attractive shopping and entertainment destination.

The northern part of the Summerlin has $406,352 as of its average home value, and the average rent price is $1,800 per month. Southern Summerlin is costly. The average home value increases to $464,692, and the average rent price is $1,895 per month.

8. North Las Vegas:

The population of this neighborhood has increased to 13.5%. It is fast becoming a developed area. While this growth is on the lower side compared to the 20.7% seen in Henderson, it still places the neighborhood well ahead of numerous other locations in the state. The perk of this neighborhood is the great views you get of the mountains around. Don’t forget, Las Vegas is located in a valley and is surrounded by great mountains on every side. The further you leave the city, the closer a natural paradise becomes to you.

The average home value in North Las Vegas is $279,859 while the average rent price is $1,500.

What is Cost of Living in Las Vegas?

A lot of people who have been to the Las Vegas Strip may think the whole town is just too expensive to live in. In reality, most of those high prices are mainly found in the Strip area.

The actual cost of living in Las Vegas is highly manageable than most new residents had hoped for. Generally, the city is higher than the country’s average by 4.1% for the cost of living.

PayScale reported that the biggest cost is in transportation, where Las Vegas is higher than the national average by 14%, and the most savings are gotten via utilities where Las Vegas is 10% lower than the national average.

Prepare to pay about $3.46 for bread at the local grocery stores, $3.49 for a bunch of bananas, and $1.88 for a carton of eggs.

Census data reveals the average home values in Las Vegas are $285,000, and the average rent is $1,057 per month. That is on the high side compared to another part of the country, with the average home value in the country at $204,900 and an average rent of $1,023 per month.

For people looking to relocate west, below is how the cost of living in Las Vegas compares with a few larger cities from the east coast.

City Name Population Cost of Living Average Home Price Average Rent
Las Vegas, NV 1417793 0.041 $441,048 $1,200/mo
Chicago, IL 2680484 0.21 $518,082 $2,154
Atlanta, GA 895280 0.023 $365,442 $1,207
Detroit, MI 673342 0.002 $48,986 $1,127


What amount do you need to live in Las Vegas comfortably?

Living in Las Vegas is possible for a professional on $2,500 monthly or $30,000 per annum, but you will need thorough budgeting. An annual income of $40,000 – $50,000 allows enough room for emergencies and additional costs, not to talk of a little additional money to enjoy the city occasionally.

Is Las Vegas a really good destination to move to?

If you plan to relocate to Las Vegas, you have enough great times in advance. Las Vegas is one of the rapidly-developing American cities, and it is not just a nice place to play, it is also an excellent place to live.

Is getting employed in Las Vegas easy?

No, depending on what you are looking to get. There are lots of construction jobs, casino jobs, as well as numerous jobs at fast-food restaurants. Government jobs are also much, but many others are looking to get those. There are many jobs at the state level, but they pay less just like municipal jobs.

Where do rich folks in Las Vegas live?

Most wealthy people in Las Vegas live in Summerlin and Henderson. There is a subdivision in Summerlin known as The Ridges. I believe it is the wealthiest neighborhood in the whole of Las Vegas. However, most wealth in Las Vegas is located in The Strip as most high-rise condominiums are charged in the millions.

Why are houses in Las Vegas affordable?

Living in Las Vegas is cheap due to the excess buildings in the city because of its population. The continuous growth in the supply of houses and apartments is why prices are being pushed down across the city. Excessive supply, together with a lackluster job market is why housing demand remains low.

Is raising a family easy in Las Vegas?

Because of its affordable housing and abundance of service jobs, Las Vegas has turned into a perfect place to live for most people. Downtown, home to Discovery Children’s Museum and Natural History Museum of Las Vegas also offers something for families. Kids can also enjoy the Springs Preserve with many indoor and outdoor events.

Is it a good investment to purchase a house in Vegas?

Las Vegas is one of the greatest places to purchase investment properties. This fast-developing city is one of the trendy real estate markets in the country. Investing in property in Las Vegas is one beautiful option because Las Vegas has lower taxes on investment property and no individual income tax.


We want to make sure you never have to worry about finding the moving companies in Las Vegas. Moving is already stressful, and with this useful information, you can cut down on the stress and just face other important things. Please follow the companies to have the best experience in Las Vegas. Remember, a good company will always be after satisfying you more than the money you pay. Only quality services will make you happy.

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