Atlas Van Lines Review 2024: Leader in International Moving

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Atlas Van Lines offers the entire standard services you need in a full-service moving company. The company also offers unique special item moves as well as some nice discounts.




Atlas Van Lines

  • Competitive prices
  • Transparent pricing
  • Binding quotes

The major customer complaint is centered on items being damaged in transit during interstate moves, which they address whenever such comes up. I

n general, the company seems like a generally good option for moving services. Place Atlas Van Lines beside the moving companies on our list of best out of state movers as well as the best national moving companies.

What Are The Services Offered By Atlas Van Lines?

Atlas has different moving services, such as small moves, international moves, and all that falls in-between.

The company offers a standard full-service package similar to that of Allied Van Lines. Its basic package includes loading, transportation, tracking, and unloading, as well as basic coverage. If you need extra services for a full-service move, then prepare to spend a little more.

Below is a discussion on the major moving services offered by Atlas to its customers.

1. Local Moves by Atlas

Local moves begin with supplying your address on the company’s website. Then a map of your location will be shown to you with a list of each Atlas agent showing on it.

Choose the moving company you desire to find out more about from the map and obtain an estimate from them. The company will either call or email you, or you just contact them directly on their website.

2. Long-distance Moves by Atlas

Begin a long-distance move using the Atlas Van Lines website to find its nearest agent to you. You will then arrange an in-home estimate so that you can obtain a quote from the agent based on the specifics of your move (weight, size, and types).

These in-home surveys are a requirement by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you are relocating to over 50 miles. Don’t forget to take the agent to all the storage areas for items you will be moving, such as basements outside sheds, and attics.

The agent will inform you of the relevant optional services for your choice, like packing, extra coverage, storage, and staging, and moving your cars or other valuable items.

You will be given a custom-written moving estimate, and if you like to proceed with booking your move, the company handles everything from there.

3. International Moves by Atlas

Atlas Van Lines has moved thousands of people, corporate workers, government workers, and military around the globe since 1960. The company can perform international moves easily just as they can relocate you across town.

There are many licensed Atlas agents in 17 nations of the earth and they possess the certification listed below.

  • Registered International Mover (RIM®)
  • International Association of Movers (IAM)
  • Latin American & Caribbean Moving Association (LACMA)
  • International Air Transportation Association (IATA)
  • Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC)
  • European Mover Partnership

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Atlas Van Lines Storage

There are two different types of storage available with Atlas, they include short-term storage known as Storage-In-Transit and long-term storage.

Storage-In-Transit is a safe way to store your household goods, usually considered when customers for some reason don’t want all items to enter the new home immediately they get to the destination.

The long-term storage service is offered for any duration of time, where a lot of moving companies have a restriction on how long your belongings can be in storage.

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Additional Services from Atlas Van Lines

Atlas offers extra services for a fee, together with their basic moving options.

Vehicle transport: Atlas offers efficient moving of vehicles, such as boats, cars, motorcycles, and more. Most of the agents also have secure storage facilities for automobiles, whether indoors or outdoors.

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Specialty item moving: Atlas is well experienced in moving pool tables, antique art items, pianos, and other fragile items. Atlas prides itself on relocating furniture or other large, oddly-shaped items, or practically immovable items.

As you work with your local Atlas agent, the company will provide the relevant equipment, expertise, and tools needed to transport any of these items, and more.

Moving Labor: Well-trained movers will take care of the loading and unloading of your items.

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Packing services: The company offers professional packing services where workers will wrap fragile items manually, place clothes properly in wardrobe units, and may provide custom crates for safe transportation of some items.

Moving supplies: You can buy the same professional packing supplies used by Atlas workers from any of their agents.

How Much Does Atlas Van Lines Cost?

The cost of a long-distance move is between an average of $3,000 and $6,000. Atlas Van Lines’ moving quotes are usually higher than its competitors since they include full-value protection automatically, but you have the option to downgrade to basic coverage.

The benefit from Atlas to AAA members is great, as members can save an average of $600. Full-valuation coverage per item is $6, while basic coverage provides just $.60 per pound.

Move Type Estimated Cost
A local move (3 bedrooms) $2000 to $3,000
Long-distance move $3,000 to $6,000
Cross-country move $7,000-plus

Is There Any Difference Between Valuation And Insurance?

Since moving can turn into an unpredictable task, Atlas provides valuation plans so that customers can rest assured that their belongings are safe all through the process.

Moving company valuation plans (or estimated worth of an item) offer protection for customers’ goods, unlike state insurance coverage laws that oversee and regulate insurance options of companies.

There are two coverage plans available with Atlas, namely minima protection or full value protection.

Minimal coverage is dependent on the weight of an item multiplied by $0.60 per pound. So if your TV weighs 100-pound and it got broken, you would get $60 in compensation no matter its actual value.

Full Value Protection, on the other hand, is based on the weight of an item multiplied by $6, and the coverage is not restricted to a per-item basis. For instance, $30,000 worth of coverage would be required for a 5,000 pound move (since 5,000 x 6 is $30,000). That means full value protection makes sure that Atlas will repair or replace your lost or damaged items depending on the overall amount covered.

For instance, if your full-valuation coverage is $10,000 and your $200 TV got damaged during the move; Atlas would replace the TV at its current market price of $200.

Making effort to choose between minimal coverage and full-value protection? This is where you need your local moving agent. They can assist you in finding out the best coverage option for you based on your budget and inventory.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

Atlantic Relocation Systems, a huge agent of Atlas located in the Houston, Texas area has a Google rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Most of the posted reviews are positive and customers that did have problems made it known that the customer service team was reasonably responsive. The major criticisms involved the late arrival of drivers than anticipated.

Atlas location in Evansville, Indiana headquarters listed on Google has 600 customer reviews with a total rating of 4.6 of 5. Atlas seems to be providing a lot of corporate moves for workers that are being transferred.

A lot of the negative reviews were focused on customer belongings being damaged during transit. Some customers complained that they did not get through to speak with a live representative when they call the office of the local agent.

There are over 140 posts on their Yelp page and a total rating of 3 out of 5. Most of the negative reviews are based on long-distance moves where most items arrived damaged.

Most complaints also focus on items that were lost or stolen while in transit. The company has been accredited since 1982 according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) page and is rated A+.

The BBB has so far received about 14 complaints for the past year.

Damaging of items while moving or transporting are again some of the major complaints. Most customers noted that the moving trailers were loaded without putting safety into consideration. Some complaints involve workers’ failure to reassemble furniture properly after getting to the destination.

Getting Quote from Atlas

Sadly, Atlas scores lower when rating the moving companies that perform well as regards getting a quote. The company although claims to have an online moving quote system, but after supplying the information for a move, the system failed to provide a quote.

Instead, it sends an email from a company known as Atlantic (an Atlas agent) and later followed up with a call. Even though it is good, but it wasn’t the online moving quote most customers hoping to get.

Atlas Sample Quote Information

Example Quote Categories Example Quote Details
Distance of move 978 miles (From Chicago to Dallas)
Date of move May-19
Move size 4-bedroom house
Estimate $7,500–$9,400

However, the most frustrating thing is that when checked the online quote system of Atlantic, it was discovered that the quote received online was so much cheaper than the one received over the phone.

Atlas Van Lines FAQ

Is Atlas Van Lines a brokering company?

No. local Atlas agents perform moves independently but are under the umbrella of Atlas. Movers are trained in the Atlas Academy and help to provide a standard moving experience.

Does Atlas Van Lines Transport Autos?

Yes. The company transports boats, cars, and motorcycles.

What will not be moved by Atlas?

The company doesn’t transport live animals, fireworks, household cleaning chemicals, or guns. Ask for the decision of your local mover over each item you are not sure of.

Is Moving With Atlas Worth It?

Atlas Van Lines might be a worthy choice for people in need of a full-service moving company with extra services like full-packing, auto shipping, and short-term storage.

AAA members enjoy many benefits, saving about $600 on their moves and getting full-value protection for free. Customer experience differs based on location, however, and damaged items are mentioned in many reviews.