What To Look Before Hiring Cheap Movers

A lot of people clearly understand that moving is a costly affair – one that often ends up being expensive than what the original calculations revealed. And anytime hard-earned money is involved, all efforts should be put to work in reducing the moving costs as low as possible.

Concerning cost-reduction methods during a household move, finding local moving companies or cheap long-distance movers is the perfect moving option you have for a reduced cost.

Yes, there are cheap relocation companies; cheap in the sense that they are affordable, and not of low quality, and your main goal is to find, research, and hire the services of such an affordable trustworthy moving company.

Continue reading and you will find out cheap moving companies with suitable services and deals for your needs and budget.

What To Look Before Hiring Cheap Movers

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What is the Average Cost of Cheap Movers?

Cheap movers cost an average between $250 and $5,000. Cheap local moving companies often charge by the hour with pricing ranging from $89 to $129, with a two to three-hour minimum; extra travel or storage fees for other services may be charged.

Long-distance movers charge depending on the weight of the shipment, the distance of the move, and the level of service needed.

Even cheap moving companies will charge about $1 per pound for the state-to-state move, most rooms in your household have about 1,000 pounds worth of belongings.

So, to move a four-bedroom with a kitchen, living room, and formal dining room, you could spend about $7,000 on the move. Extra charges apply if you choose a full-service move with packing and unpacking added.

To obtain a clearer picture of the total price, use our quote form to obtain free moving estimates from reliable cheap movers.

How Much Does Local Movers Cost?

Local movers charge an hourly rate. With that, the median cost to hire a local moving company is $50 per mover per hour. However, the actual hourly rate will be based on the exact local moving company, the season as well as the day of the month in which you are performing the move, including your location in the country.

  • You will spend about $90 to $120 per hour when you hire Two Men And A Truck for a local move.
  • Moving from a studio apartment should cost you around $300 to $400
  • Moving from a one-bedroom apartment should cost around $400 to $500
  • Moving from a two-bedroom should cost you an average of $750 to $900
  • Moving from a three-bedroom home should cost you nearly $1,400 to $1,600.

The moving costs above are excluding the price for additional services.

How Much Does Long-Distance Movers Cost?

Long-distance moving companies charge a flat fee depending on the weight of the shipment to be moved, the distance between points A and B, and the additional services needed for the job. Some other charges can increase the overall bill.

The following approximate costs should be expected when you are moving long-distance.

  • Moving from a studio apartment should cost you around $1,000
  • Moving from a one-bedroom apartment should cost around $1400 to $2,100
  • Moving from a two-bedroom should cost you an average of $3,400 to $4,100
  • Moving from a three-bedroom home should cost you nearly $6,200

The average moving costs above are calculated for a move that involves 1,000 miles of distance and excludes the price of additional services.

What are the Types of Cheap Moving Services that are Often Included?

Reducing extra fees to the barest is important to a cheaper move. While there are companies that can add these services at no extra charge, other companies charge based on the item, hour, distance, or another creative surprise fee.

Make sure you ask the movers you get moving quotes from about these fees. You will know how transparent they are of the fee disclosure through their customer service.

  • Packing & unpacking
  • Packing/Wrapping of delicate items
  • Temporary storage options
  • Moving supplies: blankets, mattress protectors, boxes, tape, plastic wrap, etc. Make sure you ask about any important specialty boxes for items like TVs.
  • Disassembly & reassembly of furniture at the new location

How to Find Cheap Moving Companies

As you shop for cheap moving companies, don’t forget to checkmate affordable moving prices with quality relocation services from experienced moving companies with great reviews.

To locate cheap movers that you can rely on to move your belongings, consider these tips:

Begin Your Hunt for Cheap Movers Now

The idea is to contact affordable and quality moving companies that will offer the best services you need at affordable prices. And, as you might think, demand for such movers will be high before the normal start of the moving season. While that is clearly understandable and somehow logical, it calls for a sense of urgency in locating cheap interstate moving companies before they are fully booked.

You need to act swiftly here, immediately your house relocation has been confirmed, time turns to a precious commodity you should surely use for your gain. Starting to look for affordable movers sooner will give you better opportunities to hire the best cheap full-service movers.

The perfect starting point is a few months in advance of the exact move-out date but you should still be okay with less time since you stick to the steps below.

It’s so simple, with more time, you will have better choices when you are selecting a professional moving company, and you will have better flexibility as regards choosing and staying with a move-out date that is most suitable for you. You may also be able to obtain a price discount for early reservations which is exactly your goal, right?

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Be Careful of Cheap Movers that Give Low-Ball Moving Estimates

Even though some cheap moving companies provide limited promotions or discounts, reliable moving companies possibly charge rates on the same level as their competitors since they usually have the same moving labor and overhead costs. If you come across a cheap moving company that charges ridiculously low prices, be careful. These cheap movers may be tricking you into an agreement, only to slap extra moving expenses later, or they may be running a dishonest and unlicensed company.

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Check to License

With the knowledge of the previous point, perform a fast background check on the entire cheap moving companies you are in contact with to make sure they possess the proper relocation credentials. If you are moving locally or within the state, your state department of transportation or a similar department probably oversees moving companies.

Interstate moving companies must register their company with the United States Department of Transportation.

You should avoid a cheap moving company that doesn’t run a legitimate operation; after all, they don’t have anything to lose. A swift search in the regulatory database of your state or the US DOT database will show the current standing of a moving company with the appropriate authority.

Proof of Insurance

Your movers should possess a few important insurance policies to safeguard your items while they are in their custody. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), a branch of US DOT requires a state-to-state moving company to have an active BIPD liability as well as cargo insurance policies to keep licensing. You can request your mover to provide their Certificate of Insurance as evidence they are insured.

Also, interstate movers must offer full value insurance protection to their customers. This mandate implies that if the cheap moving company damage or ruin your goods, they will pay for the cost of replacement.

Alternatively, you may go for released value protection, which ensures your items at a minimum of 60 cents per pound. Some movers offer extra coverage, but this can quickly increase the cost of moving service.

Know the options in your moving estimates and the type of insurance coverage provided for you in your moving contract.

Ask for a Free In-Home Estimate

If a new state is your moving destination, you can obtain a free on-site moving estimate if you live 50 miles to your moving company. Getting an in-home moving estimate is recommended by the FMCSA to obtain the most accurate quote possible.

The moving company will send a moving estimator to your current home, who checks your home inventory and talk about your moving services. Depending on this, they find the weight of your cargo and calculate an estimated overall moving cost based on the rates provided on their tariff sheet.

Find Out the Form of Payment

Even the most affordable moving company will accept different forms of payment, such as personal checks and credit cards if they are reputable enough. Be wary of moving companies who only accept cash or who ask for a huge deposit upfront. While movers can normally charge a small deposit fee to reserve your moving date, a cash-only huge deposit requirement might be a sign that the company is not reputable.

Get Written Estimate Only

Before you hire cheap moving companies, ensure you obtain the moving estimate in writing. This step makes sure of an enforceable contract. Immediately you obtain the moving quote in writing, an interstate mover cannot charge more than 10% of the initial quoted cost. This law was enacted by the FMCSA to prevent customers from getting defrauded by cheap movers who price jobs inaccurately, then send an overall bill that is much higher than the initial moving quote.

Ensure All Documents are Complete

The moving company you hire will give you a Bill of Lading that states the description of the moving services you agreed to use and the overall quote. Ensure this document is appropriately filled out, and signed by movers, before you sign. Do not sign any incomplete document; a rogue moving company could go back and make amendments to an incomplete contract, leaving the customer on the hook to pay higher than they bargained.

Disclose Everything

While moving companies cannot charge beyond 10% of the quoted amount in the written moving estimate, they can make amendments to the quote if the household goods by item between the time of your in-home estimate and the moving day.

For instance, if you fail to mention that you have a rear garage that contains lots of heavy moving boxes that you forgot to show the estimator from the moving company during the walk-through, they could either refuse to proceed with your contract or adjust it to make room for the weight of these extra boxes.

To obtain the cheapest possible entire moving price, ensure you reveal the entire details of your needed services and inventory you plan to move in advance so you don’t get surprised later in the move.

Other Cheaper Moving Options

1. Gather free boxes before your move

You will see moving boxes with handles online that cost about $3.15 each, even when bought in bundles. You can reduce your moving costs by gathering as many free boxes as you can get in the days, weeks, or even months leading to your move.

If you are unable to find them for free, make sure you buy them before moving day. Moving companies are famous for charging higher rates for these immediately they are already on site.

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2. Shop around

Don’t choose the first moving company you contact. Instead, obtain quotes from four to five moving companies near you. If you are packing and moving your items but renting a moving truck of a certain type, then make sure you make a comparison of rental prices too. You can get price quotes online to start the screening process, but you will need a person to perform an in-house estimate for the right pricing. To find about 4 moving companies in your area, fill the quote form and save.

3. Carefully choose your moving date

If you plan to use a professional moving company, make sure you select a cheaper moving date and time using the tips below:

4. Move-in September – April

Peak moving months include May, June, July, and August, and moving companies will charge more in late spring and summer.

5. Target a mid-week move

Weekends are notoriously expensive days to hire moving companies because most people would not want to miss work when they move. But if you can make it work in the middle of the week, or you are between jobs, you can save a lot of money by not moving on Friday through Monday.

Schedule your movers to get on-site toward the middle of the month when there is less demand for professional movers. The first and last weeks of a month are popular for moving.

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6. Reduce your shipment

For interstate and long-distance moves, moving companies charge based on the weight of your load. If you lower down the number of heavy items to move, you can save more money. Moving is a perfect time to go through your library and pick out the number of books you want to keep. Books, especially hardcovers, can increase weight. If you can let go of them, some of your books are best given to your local library or other charity or sell to bookstores for money. In addition, use this chance to dispose of old or worn-out furniture you are possibly going to replace within the next 12 months anyway.

Try saving on the cost of your move and just buying your new furniture immediately after your move. To dispose of unwanted furniture before moving, create a listing on Craigslist or Freecycle. You may even be able to get a little additional money this way. If you need to dispose of the furniture fast, however, try offering it for free.

7. Perform your packing and loading

There is a report from the AMSA that just about 22% of people hire professional moving companies when they are moving. Some 45% of people go for a truck rental, like U-Haul, and perform their packing and loading of boxes. You can block out the middleman as well as save on the huge labor costs linked with packing and loading.

Doing these things yourself will enable you to save money while investing your time. Since the cost of an average mover per hour is $25, you can reduce your packing and loading time by getting some friends or relatives to give you a hand while you offer them pizza and drinks in exchange for their cost-saving services.

8. Borrow a truck

While 67 percent of those who relocate either by hiring a professional moving company or renting a moving truck to transport their belongings, the rest 33 percent don’t do either. They instead move their household belongings in their vehicles or borrow vehicles from family members or friends.

For the cost of gas and meal, you might be able to get a family or friend with a good truck to transport some of your goods.

This is the best DIY option for short moves for the best reasons. With a short move, you can make several trips in your vehicle to transport household belongings. It will possibly take 4 times more than the professionals could have to get it done, but if you have the time and want to save, this is a perfect option to move cheaply.


Don’t take the stress of moving to take you away from the actual journey. Finding a cheap moving company with a good reputation and quality moving services is not so easy. Hopefully, the steps we highlighted in this article will help you in doing that, and keep more money in your bank account where it rightfully belongs.

By following the tips above when searching and selecting a cheap moving company, you can be sure of professionalism, affordability, and great customer service.

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