Top 10 Boat Transport Companies of 2022

Are you moving to a new location and looking for a way to move your boat to your new destination? Or you just acquired one and needed to be shipped to your preferred place? Hiring a reliable shipping company is the best option to transport a boat without having issues.

Recommended Top 3 Boat Transport Companies


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We Will Transport It

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Boat Movers

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Top 10 Boat Transport Companies of 2022

In this article

Moving Feedback’s experts took their time to research the best boat transport companies in the country and have come up with much-needed pieces of information on all you should know before you embark on the task. Let’s dive into it!

Our Top Picks For 10 Reliable Boat Shipping Companies

Now that you have understood what it means for a company to be reliable, we have taken our time to prepare a list of some best boat shipping companies.

You can get the data from the FMCSA. We hope this list guides you on your quest to hire reliable boat transport companies.

1. uShip


This company is more than a regular car transporter. uShip is a marketplace for vehicle transporting. It helps customers to locate different types of carriers that will help them transport any of their items. uShip, unlike many other shipping companies on our list, is not a broker.

The marketplace will not handle the work of finding a shipper and scheduling shipping details for you. The only thing it will do for you is to post your shipping needs on its marketplace and fetch your carriers to start bidding for your job.

Some people think it is easier to use a broker than uShip. However, for people looking to ship on a slim budget, this shipping marketplace is the best option for you to make a comparison of price.

Although it sounds complicated, uShip is still a great option to use. All you need to do is supply your shipment details on the website, and you will get instant offers from different carriers. Booking can also be made immediately after you decide on a carrier.

Customers appreciate that uShip accommodates more cars than the average vehicle shipping company.

With the company, you can easily get many quotes and assist you in screening providers who get bad histories.

The company’s greatest strength is its convenience. You don’t have to contact a hundred shipping companies to obtain ten shipping quotes or supply your personal information many times to go through several answers to a single question.

You just log on to the company’s website, supply your shipment details, and go through the results; very simple and straight.


  • Convenience
  • Service provider star ratings
  • GPS tracking
  • Damage-free assurance


  • High prices
  • No provider vetting

2. We Will Transport It​

We Will Transport It​

This company specializes majorly in shipping boats of different shapes and sizes anywhere within the United States (including Alaska, Costa Rica, Virgin Islands, and Hawaii). Transporting a boat requires information such as full measurement of its dimensions (length, height, weight, and widths), pickup, and delivery locations.

We Will Transport It will determine the exact carrier, best routes, equipment, and other requirements for the shipping if it is to be done by land.

The company is known since 2009 for providing heavy-load transportation for customers. Their specialization is in transport services such as RV Transport, Auto Transport, Boat Transport, Motorcycle Transport, and so on.

The company has many licensed and insured partners, which allows them to provide different quotes to customers so they can choose the one that perfectly suits their needs and budget.

One of the appreciated perks of this company is that they don’t request advance payment for shipping services. However, the cost of transport is determined based on the weight and size of the carrier alongside the destination as well as distance.

They work with many insured and licensed auto transportation companies, which enables them to provide customers with many quotes so they can pick out the best option based on their shipping needs.


  • Offering cross country boat shipping
  • Excellent customer review
  • Extra services available
  • Member of the Better Business Bureau


  • Insufficient info online

3. Boat Movers

Boat Movers

This company is also known as Showroom Transport and has been in the boat shipping business since 1994. It provides services across the country.

The company is insured, licensed with the government, and bonded. provides consumers with a guide on how to prepare their boats for long-distance shipping.

How to check bearings, securing the shipment and removing any attachments on the boat are all included in the guide.

The company provides customers with a shipping quote after they might have supplied information like the distance, the routes, and the size of the boat. is ready to ship a boat on a trailer or provide a trailer for a boat that has no trailer.

Wave Runner, Jet Ski, trailers, and Sea-Doo are also part of what the company transports.

They provide transportation services to boats that are about 12ft wide at a very cheap cost. provides online guides to customers to get their boats prepared for long-distance shipping.

The guide offer tips on securing the boat, removing boat covers, checking bearings, and other considerations. The website has been providing boat shipping and haulage service since 1994.

It is a legally registered, insured, and bonded boat transportation company that is also an active member of BBB.


  • Boat shipping guide
  • Instant quotes
  • Certified transportation
  • Available for business 24/7
  • Affordable cost


  • Low online presence

4. Boat Express ​

Boat Express ​

This is one of the biggest water transportation companies available in the US, Canada, and Mexico. It is very easy to get an instant shipping quote.

Boat Express only requires a short description of the consumer’s boat size and route, and then the company offers them an instant quote.

The shipping quotes can be requested either via the phone or online. The company also provides an online guide to the consumer on how to prepare boats for shipping.

The instruction is not only for the boat, but it also includes how to prepare sailboats and dinghies. Boat Express provides the consumer with custom cradles for their boats when required. Consumers can request cradles up to 80ft in length, which are made of steel or wood.

There is also the availability of a complete guide on measurement, which helps customers to determine the amount of space that their boat will occupy during transportation.

The company has all it takes to handle all kinds of boats up to 65ft in length, along with a fleet of forty (40) tractors as well as trailers plus hydraulics systems to make loading and offloading easier.

It attends to private customers and caters to corporate clients, such as boat dealers, manufacturers, and boat show promoters.

They have an extensive list of related services starting from shrink wrapping to the construction of customized cradles of about 80ft in length.


  • Offers a quick shipping quote
  • Easy quoting system
  • Customized cradles for transporting boats
  • Full guide on measurement


  • Not popular

5. Joule Yacht Transport

Joule Yacht Transport

This company has been in existence since 1954. Joule Yacht Transport specializes in shipping large-size boats within the country. Adaptable trailers are made to fit any transportation job is being used by the company.

Fabricators that can help modify a trailer or build a new trailer to fit the customer’s boat perfectly are also available on their payroll. To make sure there is protection on overland shipping, the company ensures it ensures each job for $2,000,000.

They will provide you with their insurance certificate whenever you request. There are many useful links to shipyards, dealers, and manufacturers on the company’s website. The links are useful for first-time boat buyers that need a harbor or bay to pack their boat.

This company provides a complete guide and checklist for those looking to transport their boats. You can download the guides from Joule yacht Transport’s website.

This company provides a comprehensive guide and checklist for those getting ready to ship their boats. The two guides can be downloaded from Joule Yacht Transport’s website.

Customers planning a boat trip can get a free, printable float plan document to travel with someone in case there is a problem at sea.

Joule Yacht Transport also has fabricators or employees who can modify the trailer or build a new one to accommodate the customer’s boat.


  • Fully insured
  • Float plan support
  • Preparation guide and checklist
  • Comfortable trailers
  • Links and databases
  • Provides resources on the website


  • Nonresponsive site

6. Express Boat Transport ​

Express Boat Transport ​

Express Boat Transport has been in the business since 1998, providing both overseas and land shipping services for boats and other related items. The company has international shipping partners that help them ship items overseas.

The company also provides consumers with free shipping quotes. The consumer will be sent a shipping quote for their boat after they might have submitted the required information online or via the company’s toll-free phone line.

Cradle might be required for shipping boats internationally. Custom cradle and shrink wrap services are also available with Express Boat Transport for consumers who are looking to protect their boats extensively. This company is best for people looking to ship their boats within or outside the company.

This is the most affordable heavyweight and large boat shipping service. If you need a cost-effective and budget-friendly option for hauling your boat in the United States of America, you can consider Express Boat transport as your right option.

It offers heavyweight and large boat shipping at cheaper rates and ensures you receive support from highly experienced trained employees. Express Boat Delivery offers the best hauling services.


  • Offers boat transport at affordable rates
  • Great hauling services
  • Well-trained and professional employee


  • Mixed customer review

7. Peters & May Group ​

Peters & May Group ​

This company has provided logistics solutions for transportation on land, sea, air, and railroad since 1988. The company has delivered more than 8,000 sailboats, powerboats, yachts, and other watercraft via different means of transportation.

Peters and May provide customers with different options to choose from when it comes to choosing the preferred transportation means for shipping their boat.

The company uses any suitable means on the sea to ship large boats and yachts. Peters and May also have submersible vessels, liner vessels, and charter vessels available to help consumers ship their boats upon request.

The company has its location in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, Turkey, China, and other countries, making the company grow every day internationally.

It provides updated advice on transportation and trade via its customs advisory team and Value-added tax (VAT) based on the many experiences they have with international trade.

To ship highly expensive boats internationally, Peters & May is the best choice for you.

This company delivers special assistance to clients that are in the global motorsport racing circuit. Their logistic crew has experience working with internationally recognized race teams as well as event organizers.

Peters & May offers consumers options on their preferred shipping method for their shipment, whether by land, sea, or air.

Many of the Peters & May professionals have 25 years of experience in maritime military deployment and have the right tools and expertise to deliver a great and successful move.


  • The best customer service
  • Different, patented loading systems
  • Global availability
  • Sufficient equipment
  • Insurance policy


  • Low presence on the internet

8. Sevenstar Yacht Transport ​

Sevenstar Yacht Transport ​

Sevenstar Yacht Transport offers international service and has offices around the world. The company operates under Spliethoff Group that owns more than 120 shipping vessels of different sizes. Sevenstar can use the ships in this fleet.

The international services offered by Sevenstar enables them to transport both used and new yachts from anywhere in the world.

The company understands the need for custom requirements to simplify international shipping for customers as the majority of best deals on boats and yachts are found in international markets.

All the quotes being offered to the consumer by Sevenstar contains All Risk insurance. The company has partnered with other companies like Hogan & Murray Inc., Pantaenius, and Naucsch to provide insurance and other extra-legal liability insurance. You can feel free to trust the Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics crew as your racing partner.

They provide consumers an effective plan for their needs and also support them fully amidst racing events. Yacht owners looking to ship their vessels over long distances are encouraged to proceed with Sevenstar Yacht Transport.

The company has employees, engineers as well as bandmasters who make sure customers enjoy the best service. The Sevenstar Racing Yacht Logistics team is a reliable and reputable racing partner.

They give complete planning for the customer’s needs and full assistance between racing events.

The company, just like Peters & May, offers different scheduled liner routes alongside charter ships.


  • Covers the whole nation
  • International shipper of used and new yachts
  • Provides deal for boat shipping
  • Personalized services
  • All Risk insurance


  • Less information online

9. Interstate Haulers

Interstate Haulers

This company is owned by a family and has been in the business of shipping boats and other vehicles across the nation since 1997. Interstate Haulers are also into freight and RV transports aside from its main specialization on boat shipping. The company transports sailboats, powerboats, small boats, and yachts.

The company’s website contains pages specially designed for each type of boat as well as a list of things consumers should consider when preparing for transport.

Interstate Haulers promise consumers that there will be no hidden fee provided that the information they provide while requesting a shipping quote via the phone or online is correct.

The company centers its operation on customer service and directness, knowing how hard transporting boats can be. Their employees are professionals, and they are always available to provide you with answers. Consumers looking to ship their watercraft across the country are encouraged to do so with Interstate Haulers.

The company offers transportation of yachts, powerboats, sailboats, personal boats, and so on. Also, they offer insurance coverage, which is much necessary to not charge you additional costs in the event of damage.

Interstate Hauler transports small boats, powerboats, sailboats, and yachts. There is a page on the website designed for each type of boat alongside a list of considerations for customers to get ready for shipping.


  • Quote guarantee
  • Transports all types of boat
  • Concentrates on customer service
  • RV and freight shipping


  • Mixed online review

10. Dockwise Yacht Transportation ​

Dockwise Yacht Transportation ​

While the company’s headquarters is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Dockwise Yacht Transportation was established in 1987. The company transports yachts to the south Pacific, Australia, the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the US, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean inclusive. Customers must have the required customs forms in place before they can ship internationally.

The company’s reps meet with customers to ensure they have the requirements ready to kick-start the shipping process. Dockwise Yacht Transportation makes use of a float-on/float-off service to load watercraft in a carrier that is partially submerged in the water.

After loading the yachts on the carrier, the carrier then comes out of the water to ensure the yachts stay dry all through the move. Before unloading the cargo, the carrier will submerge again.

There is insurance coverage available against any loss or damage to the yachts during shipping. The liability insurance on the yachts is up to $10,000,000. The deductible for physical damage is $5,000.

Free shipping quotes and schedules are available for potential consumers online. The company is perfect for yacht purchasers, vacationers, owners, and traders.

This company offers the best boat shipping and transportation services all over the United States of America and overseas. The company offers great service at reasonably affordable prices, even with its trained employees and highly experienced professionals.

Dockwise Yacht Transportation is a unique boat transport company that majorly concentrates on shipping your yacht and super-yachts alongside boat shipping.


  • Insurance coverage
  • Affordable
  • Stress-free shipping quote


  • Low presence on the internet

What is the Cost to Transport a Boat?

Boat transportation cost is determined by the distance. On average, it costs about $600 – $1,200 for longer ships and $150 – $350 for shorter-distance shipping.

Regardless of the destination, you are shipping to (local or international), it should get there safely. The size of your boat, as well as the distance it will travel determines the cost of shipping it.

Certain factors are considered in boat shipping rates: 

  • The current and physical location of the boat and the need to lift it from the water requires a cradle built.
  • The total dimensions of the vessel or yacht with the help of a cradle or trailer.
  • The required shipping method, i.e. water-to-water service or roll-on-roll-off/lift on a lift.
  • Final destination location.

We made a chart to provide you with an estimate of the cost to ship your boat.

Boat size Estimated price
Smaller than 9′ $1.50 – $2.50 per mile
9′ $1.75 – $2.75 per mile
10′ $2 – $3 per mile
11′ $2.25 – $3.25 per mile
12′ $2.50 – $3.50 per mile
Greater than 12′ $2.75 – $3.75 per mile

These rough estimates show that you should prepare about $2,250 to move a 9’ boat 1000 miles and about $3,250 for a 12’ boat the same distance.

Pro Tip

Determine the measurements of your boat and shipping distance before you call a shipping company for an estimate.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Boat Transport Company

It is important to carefully vet all the shipping companies that come your way while choosing the best for your shipment. The best company that will provide quality service at a reasonable cost should be figured out after your proper vetting.

Remember, you can move your boat or yacht to the desired destination, either by land, road, or sea.

Boat shipping companies offer transport services to ship boats from one location to another. Each shipping companies have its method of delivering satisfactory service.

Some of these shipping companies may meet up with the standard requirement, while others may be struggling to meet up with the industry standard.

Consider the tips discussed below to find the right shipping company for your boat and yacht shipping.

How Legitimate is the Company? Check its License Status

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reported an increase in fraudulent activities being perpetrated by small online-based auto transport brokerage firms.

Both auto transport brokers and vehicle transport companies are required by law to register with and be authorized by the FMCSA.

The license of any company you are looking to hire can be verified using the USDOT number of the company on the Department of Transportation FMCSA Licensing and Insurance webpage. You can also confirm if the company is a member of any of the organizations listed below:

  • AHAA (Auto Haulers of America Association)
  • NASTC (National Association of Small Trucking Companies)
  • State transportation authorities
  • The auto transporters section of the American Trucking Association

Although being a member of a professional organization doesn’t guarantee that a company is offering quality service, however, most of these professional organizations mandate for members to follow quality practices, laid down rules, and as well as guidelines.

How reliable is the Company?

The ability of your prospective boat transport company to deliver based on the agreement is very important. You want to avoid being trapped in the process before your watercraft is delivered to you. Go through the work history of the shipping companies.

Make sure you chose a company with consistency in service delivery for many years. Read other reviews from previous customers and confirm that you are with the right company for your job before you engage them with your needs.

How secure is your Boat? Check if the Company is insured

You can’t afford to take any risk considering how valuable the property to be shipped is to you. Research and determine the type of insurance the company has in place. There might be an accident or damage on the move. You have to prepare for such an occurrence.

It is better to be fully ready and covered for any unexpected event. The insurance provided by the company should be enough to handle any damages that might occur during the process. Make sure you find out the amount of insurance provided.

What about Delivery and Pick-up Arrangements?

When working with a boat transport company, it is important to take note of the pick-up and delivery date. Any company that doesn’t keep to their word on these arrangements with previous customers should be avoided.

1. Pricing, Pricing, Pricing

Most people can’t wait to see what the prices look like. Most people generally look for less expensive and affordable services. In this wise, getting a suitable shipping quote should be prioritized.

If the shipping company offers you an acceptable quote for the service, it should be checked if it would be perfect for your task.

Contact the company to get the quote and have an idea of how the service and the cost before you run out of time.

2. Estimated Transport Rates

Below are the questions you should ask after you might have evaluated your needs and get a shipping quote from a shipping company:

  • Is there a guarantee on the price?
  • Are the fees and insurance covered in the quote?
  • What are the factors that could cause an increase in price?
  • Who is accepting the payment, and what are the acceptable payment methods?

3. Compare Boat Shipping Quotes

You need to prepare your boat before you can transport it. To receive an accurate shipping quote, you will need to provide some info about your shipment. A critical factor of note for an accurate quote is to know the actual size of the boat.

The length, beam, and height of the boat must be measured appropriately to get an accurate quote. You will be asked by boat transport companies to remove Snap-On canvas covers from your boat and store them away because it can come off or get damaged at any time while in transit.

Other Considerations for Choosing Boat Transport Companies

You generally want a shipping company that:

1. Has tracking services:

You are certainly looking to track your boat without the help of a shipping company. Confirm the reliability of any shipping company’s tracking device before you decide to go with them.

It would be advantageous to hire the service of a shipping company that has satellite tracking services due to the rise in technology.  However, many companies have a dedicated system that helps to track a shipment.

2. Communicates clearly:

The steps required in shipping a boat are many. There must be clear and efficient communication between you and the shipping company, so you can understand the process.

3. Good reviews:

Research any shipping company you are looking to hire. Generally, one of the best ways to determine the reliability of a shipping company is by reading online reviews.

Just be careful as customer’s words sometimes cannot be relied on. There are doctored online reviews — search online review sites for further information about any company of interest.

4. Area of operation:

A reliable shipping company will transport your boat to the specified destination comfortably. This will show that the shipping company is not difficult to be reached and they will work based on the information you supplied.

It also implies that your watercraft will get to its destination without delay. Make sure your shipper offers international shipping if you are shipping to another country.

5. Has shown its financial growth:

Its financial stability can also determine the reliability of a company. Research the company’s financial reports to see if it indicates growth or not. Some companies become a leader in the shipping industry just after few years of operation. A stable and reliable company will not involve itself in any shady deals.

FAQs About Boat Trasnport

When should I expect to be notified of the pickup of my boat?

A pick-up order containing the name of the trucking company that will pick up your boat will be sent to you by the shipping company. The harbor, date, and time will also be communicated to you.

What preparation should I make for my boat before pickup?

Make sure you prepare your boat very well, securing everything on it. Kindly check our article on how to prepare your boat for shipping for more information.

What is the required fuel level?

Make sure your fuel tank contains fuel but not to be filled up. Boat shippers do not allow fuel in jerry cans on the voyage. There is a need for the boat to be as light as possible while loading.

Can you help me find a captain to load or unload my boat?

No, kindly arrange for this personally if you are shipping your boat to ship side across the water.

What is the transit duration, and how will I get notified of my boat’s arrival?

The shipping company will notify you of your boat’s arrival a few days in advance and will provide you with the necessary shipping documents required for clearing your boat at the destination port if not door-to-door delivery.

Is there hidden cost not covered by the freight for boat shipping?

The shipping of your boat is included in the rate given to you by boat shipping company. However, you may be charged additional port fees and/or taxes at the destination port for customs. Kindly contact your customs agent for further information on this.

How much does it cost to ship a boat?

The actors that determine the shipping cost of a boat include the size and the distance to be traveled. Pricing is between $1 up and not more than $3 per mile.

Shipping companies will provide you with instant shipping quotes after you supply accurate information. You can as well get an online or over-the-phone shipping quote if you have your boat’s accurate measurement.

How are boats being shipped?

Yachts can be transported as deck cargo. They are loaded straight from the water or shore. Ship or shore cranes in the cradle are used to load yachts either provided by the owner or carrier. The rigging of conventional deck cargo is left untouched while shipping.

What is the duration of delivery of boats?

Immediately you receive the transport information, your package will arrive within three to five business days. Companies are always working to deliver your order as soon as possible.

How about the boat’s warranty?

There is a one-year limited warranty that comes with all boat earphones as well as headphones. Before you file a complaint about the warranty claim, ensure you have a bill of product or invoice of the product. This is one of the reasons to have professionals shipped your boat.

Container or RORO, which should I used to ship my boat?

One of the popular confusion we face every day is the dilemma of whether to pack boats in containers or ship boats RORO. What’s the right method, and what is the cost-effective option? We have to put all the factors into consideration and not just the loading and shipping aspects of the process.

Either shipping method gives the best results in terms of cost and damage-free, but there are benefits and limitations based on the size of the boat as well as where it is loaded, whether a trailer or not.

What are the different boat transportation types?

There are three common types of boat transportation. They are:

Overland: This boat transportation means shipping a boat on land. Overland transportation companies need a trailer for the customer’s boat, although some can customize trailers and cradles if the customers do not have any. Overland transportation may cost you fees for shipping cargo to another state and overseas as necessary.

Oversea: This is commonly used for overseas shipping. The shippers load the customer’s boat onto a ship to transport it safely for international boat transportation. If the customer requires their boat shipped over a short distance, some companies have captains for hire and can transport the customer’s boat from one harbor to another.

Air shipping: There are shipping companies that have access to cargo planes for shipping boats. Shipping by land or sea is usually more efficient (and even cost-effective), but if you have smaller boats or boat parts, such as masts for sailboats and yachts, using a cargo plane might be the best option.


Cost, reliability, and your personal needs are the major things to consider when deciding on which shipping company to hire. In an actual sense, the cost of service will be determined by your shipping needs.

The companies discussed in this guide are vetted thoroughly by our partners, and they also work with other experts to provide consumers with valuable information to help them make the right decisions.  Have you used any of them before? Share your experience in the comment box!

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