Best Moving Companies in Saint Louis of 2024

By: Lily Valles Last Updated: Jan 01, 2024

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Moving can be a headache, but choosing the right moving company shouldn’t be. Moving Feedback reviewed over 20 different movers in St. Louis based off of their services, their customer reviews, and their prices so you know who you can trust.



Moving APT

  • Professionalism
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable rates
Get a Quote 800-360-0037 Read review



Adams Van Lines

  • 500 local agents
  • Binding Prices
  • Customized services
Get a Quote 855-254-0416 Read review



Native Van Lines

  • Highly Professional
  • No hidden fees
  • Budget-friendly pricing
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How We Ranked Our Movers

The research department at Moving Feedback has analyzed dozens of moving companies in St. Louis, using real customer feedback and our own 10+ years of experience as a benchmark for whether the movers on our list are worth your time. We even threw in some insider info you can use to make your move go even smoother.

Ready to get moving? Read on to see our list of the top 5 movers in Saint Louis, see why they made the cut, and see what you can do to make moving day easy.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in St. Louis?

We looked up the average price of movers in St. Louis: Expect to pay between $470 and $4600 for a local move, and around $1100 to $12600 if you’re moving long distance.

Remember, the final price of your move depends on how much you’re hauling, and how far it all has to travel.

Distance 1 Bedroom 2 – 3 Bedroom 4 – 5 Bedroom
Local (Less than 100 Miles) $470 – $800 $750 – $1900 $1200 – $4600
100 miles $1100 – $1500 $1450 – $1700 $1550 – $3400
250 miles $1400 – $2000 $1500 – $3500 $2,000 – $4800
750 miles $1600 – $2900 $2100 – $6900 $5500 – $7900
1500 miles $1800 – $3200 $2600 – $7400 $6700 – $9500
2500 miles+ $2100 – $3700 $3900 – $8200 $12600+

How to Find Movers in St. Louis

Choosing the best moving company in Saint Louis means you’ll get access to the best service, top-tier customer service, and a range of service options that are guaranteed to suit your specific needs. This means that you’ll ultimately pay less in total moving costs and have an overall more enjoyable moving experience.

We’ve found that there are two significant factors that play a role in how your move goes: pre-move planning, and choosing a moving company.

1. Pre-move planning

If you want the best moving experience, you should prepare for your move by decluttering, booking well in advance, getting binding estimates, and finding the most cost-effective and stress-free way to make your move in the first place.

Decluttering means giving away or selling some of the property you no longer need. This way, your movers can offer a cheaper quote, and you’ll even be able to make a little money to start you off in your new home.

As for booking in advance, we recommend booking up to 10 weeks ahead of time. This is often necessary if you’re planning a move during peak summer months, as demand for moving companies is particularly high between June and August.

2. Choosing a Moving Company

It’s not as simple as walking into the offices of a random mover in St. Louis and signing the first contract they hand you. You have to select the most suitable moving company in St. Louis for your particular needs by looking at important factors like distance, customer relationship, affordability, and licensing.

Your choice of the best movers will change depending on whether you’re in the market for a moving company for a local move (between 50 and 100 miles) or if you’re moving across the country.

Ideally, you want to choose local movers in St. Louis for short-distance moves, while movers with a wide reach and cross-country moving experience should be your go-to in journeys exceeding 500 miles.

If the unexpected happens and you lose some (or all) of your property during your move, the only way you’ll be able to get proper compensation would be if your moving company is fully insured according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation laws.

Finally, you should absolutely choose a moving company in St. Louis that offers good customer service. Good customer service in a moving business means the difference between losing track of all your worldly possessions or resting easy knowing that your belongings are safe and on their way.

Compare the Best Moving Companies in St. Louis

4.9 4.7 4.4 4.1 4.3
Best Overall Best for Long Distance Best Customer Reviews Best Moving Crews Best Customer Experience
15% Seniors & Military Discounts 18% Flexibility Discount 20% Seasonal Discount 20% Seasonal Discount 15% Student Discount
$2700-$6200 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2900-$6500 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2850-$6350 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2200-$5400 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $2300-$5600 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
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Moving Feedback’s Top 5 Movers in Saint Louis

  1. Moving APT
  2. Adams Van Lines
  3. Native Van Lines
  4. Two Men and A truck
  5. Simple Moves



Moving APT

  • Affordable rates
  • Professionalism
  • Great customer service

Moving APT is our top pick for the best overall mover in St. Louis. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, they have a reputation for providing reliable and efficient long-distance moving services, all without breaking the bank.

They also offer packing, storage and other useful options. As an added bonus, their customers have lots of good things to say about their professionalism, punctuality, and careful handling of belongings.

  • Competitive pricing
  • Transparent communication
  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Safe and secure transportation
  • Timely delivery
  • Limited availability in some areas



Long Distance Moves




Adams Van Lines

  • 500 local agents
  • Binding Prices
  • Customized services

Got any antiques of artwork? Adams Van Lines is the go-to choice for premium moves. They offer a range of specialty moving options for those high-value items, which translates to a real VIP experience for their customers.

With a focus on extra care when handling your stuff, Adams Van Lines has established itself as a trusted provider of high-end moving services.

  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe and secure transportation
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Timely delivery
  • Premium services come at an extra cost



Long Distance Moves




Native Van Lines

  • Highly Professional
  • No hidden fees
  • Budget-friendly pricing

Native Van Lines is a highly-rated moving company that specializes in both local and long-distance moves.

Native places a lot of extra emphasis on communicating with their customers and keeping them up to date, so they’ve (rightfully) earned a reputation for providing top-notch moving services.

Their glowing customer reviews are a real testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Transparent pricing
  • Prompt communication
  • Professional packing and unpacking services
  • Safe and secure transportation
  • Limited availability in some areas



Long Distance Moves


Best Moving Crews


Two Men and a Truck

  • Wide geographic range
  • Licensed and insured
  • No hidden fees

Two Men and a Truck started off as exactly what they sounded like just two guys and a moving truck.

However, in the 35 years since their humble beginnings, they’ve grown into a national moving company – and you don’t get that far without offering quality service.

Two Men and a Truck offers hundreds of agents and movers, all without sacrificing that mom-and-pop attention to detail.

  • A+ BBB rating
  • Comprehensive moving services
  • Competitive pricing
  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Limited international moving services



Local, Long distance, International Moves




Simple Moves

  • Price matching
  • Responsive customer service
  • Well-trained staff

Simple Movers is a local moving company based right in St. Louis. With their knowledge of the area and their broad range of moving options, they’re a top choice for anyone looking to move local.

Simple Movers offers a one-hour minimum price, which means you won’t get charged for a full day if you just need a few items hauled.

They also provide partial moves, in which customers pack lighter items on their own, while the pro movers handle the heavier lifting.

  • Local to St. Louis
  • Variety of moving options
  • One-hour minimum price
  • Can do partial moves
  • Storage available



Local, Long distance, International Moves

Factors Behind Your Moving Costs

Expect to spend between $1,500 to $2,100 during your St. Louis move. This figure applies to an average-sized, two-bedroom apartment, moving between 50 to 100 miles and with the help of two moving company employees. The quote also includes very few extra or accessorial costs.

Your final quote will be made up of several factors, and knowing how these costs are broken down will play an important role in budgeting your move. When you retain the services of a St. Louis moving company, you’re paying for labor costs, additional costs, and accessorial services as follows:

1. Labor Costs

Workers who handle the heavy lifting get paid between $50 to $100 per hour depending on the moving company.

For example, for a two-bedroom apartment in the center of St. Louis, with belongings that’ll take a 3-man team 4 hours to move, you’ll pay 3×4×100 = $1,200 for labor alone.

2. Extra Services

Remember when we talked about the cost of the average move? Well, that cost can (and will) go higher depending on these factors.

  • Timing of the move
  • The amount of property to be moved (estimated by weight or number of bedrooms)
  • Presence of furniture and delicate items
  • Distance to be moved
  • Full service moving

Moving companies in St. Louis will ask you to pay more during peak moving season (between April and September), as there’s usually high demand for moving companies around this time.

Expect to pay more if you have more property. We strongly advise decluttering your home before calling a moving company for a binding or non-binding estimate.

Movers in St. Louis will also provide extra services like packing, disassembly, or specialty handling. Do plenty of pre-move planning to determine whether you’ll need these services.

3. Accessorial Services

It’s best to think of accessorial services as a set of unplanned payments for client-specific requirements. They aren’t usually covered under a moving contract – instead, they may be added on depending on what your move requires:

  • Long carry: If you live in an apartment with poor access and your St. Louis movers need to haul your stuff over 75 feet, you’ll have to pay a little extra. The general rule of thumb is about $1 per foot, which translates to $75 for each additional 75-foot increment.
  • Stairs and elevators: Elevators and stairs are other obstacles your movers will have to navigate. The first flight of stairs is a freebie. Beyond that, you’ll have to pay $75 per extra flight of stairs or a one-time fee of $75 for elevators.
  • Assembly and disassembly: If you have furniture or gym equipment that needs to be disassembled and then assembled at your new home, expect to pay extra as well.

St. Louis Moving Guide

We’ve spent a lot of time giving advice and doing the research. In all that time, it was rare to find someone who knew exactly what they wanted from a mover.

However, knowing what you want is your ticket to a better deal. If you’re reading this, you’re already in the right place. Moving Feedback did the legwork to find out all you need to know about St. Louis, from the best neighborhoods to what you can do on the weekend.

Don’t just wing it. Read on for our in-depth guide to St. Louis.

The Cost of Living in St. Louis

Living in St. Louis can be pretty affordable – at least compared to most other cities in the United States.

On average, living in St. Louis is 0.81 times cheaper than living elsewhere, and you’ll generally pay less for amenities like housing, health and transportation compared to other cities.

On average, you can live comfortably in St. Louis with a yearly income of $71,894 per year. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant will cost you about $13, but a dinner for two at an upscale place will probably cost around $60.

Expect to pay about $183 for monthly utilities (heat, electricity, water, and garbage), and $60 per month for high-speed internet.

The Best Neighborhoods in St. Louis

1. Central West End

With its tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and bustling dining and shopping scene, Central West End is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in St. Louis.

It’s home to several top-rated hospitals, universities, and cultural institutions, which makes it a popular choice for students and professionals alike.

2. Soulard

Known for its lively nightlife, Soulard is a historic neighborhood with a strong sense of community. It’s home to one of the oldest farmers’ markets in the country, as well as several annual festivals and events. With its colorful row houses and cobblestone streets, Soulard is a charming and vibrant place to call home.

3. Lafayette Square

This historic district features beautifully restored Victorian homes, tree-lined streets, and a peaceful park right at its center. Lafayette Square is a popular choice for families and professionals who appreciate its tranquil setting and easy access to downtown.

4. Tower Grove

With its stunning park, vibrant botanical gardens, and diverse community, Tower Grove is a popular choice for those who value outdoor space and community engagement.

The neighborhood is home to several community events throughout the year, including the Tower Grove Farmers Market and the Festival of Nations.

5. The Loop

Located in the heart of University City, The Loop is a vibrant and eclectic neighborhood with a diverse mix of shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

It’s home to the historic Tivoli Theatre, as well as several music venues and street festivals throughout the year. The Loop is a popular choice for students, young professionals, and families alike.

Things to Do in St. Louis

St. Louis is the second-largest city in Missouri and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. You shouldn’t be too surprised to discover that it has a ton of attractions designed to delight and entertain out-of-towners and residents alike.

One of St. Louis’ most popular attractions is the Gateway Arch, a 630-foot behemoth that holds the records of being both the world’s tallest arch and the tallest man-made monument in the Western Hemisphere.

The Gateway Arch serves as a monument to the indomitable human spirit and its eternal quest for adventure. There are also great views from the top.

If you’re looking for something a bit more high-brow on street level, then check out the Central Library and the St. Louis Science Center for some edutainment. The Saint Louis Science Center is actually free of charge!

Once you’ve treated your mind and soul to your heart’s content, it’s time to feast. Enjoy the most succulent steaks at the Sugarfire Smoke House, and the finest Italian meals at Charlie Gitto’s On The Hill.

If you’re in the mood for more traditional American fare, try the Stacked Burger Bar for arguably the best burgers and fries in the West.

St. Louis FAQ

What’s St. Louis Best Known For?

The city of Saint Louis is probably most famous for the Arch, but being a global city with a GDP exceeding $160 billion in 2017 certainly helps. St. Louis is also home to some of the most thriving manufacturing, service, and tourism industries in the United States.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Movers In St. Louis?

Expect to spend between $1,500 to $2,100 during your move. This rough estimate includes the cost of your movers, some additional services, and tips. The bulk of this fee will go to labor costs. The workers who handle the heavy lifting get paid between $50 to $100 per hour depending on the moving company.

How Much Should You Tip Movers In St. Louis?

As a general rule of thumb, you should tip movers between 10 to 20 percent of your total bill, depending on the quality of the service. Although tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s pretty much expected in the moving industry. Unless your movers explicitly decline tips, budget accordingly.

Do I Need To Hire The Best Moving Company In St. Louis?

Choosing the best moving company in St. Louis means that you’ll get access to the best service, top-tier customer service and a range of service options that is guaranteed to suit your specific needs.

Remember that the best moving company depends on your particular needs, so be sure to carry out a pre-move assessment to determine what you want out of a move, and how the moving company can help you get it.

Moving Feedback – Methodology

We research and analyze huge amounts of data so that you can make the most educated and informed decision when it comes to choosing your local or long-distance movers.

We dig through customer reviews to get the real scoop on the 6 P’s: 

  • Pricing – fair and transparent pricing policies with binding estimates and no hidden fees.
  • Professionalism – fast responses and knowledgeable staff and a willingness to be flexible and solve problems.
  • Provision of Services – the ability to deliver a wide range of services successfully, including packing, furniture assembly, storage, and more.
  • Protection – insurance coverage and quick resolution of any damage claims.
  • Personalization – customized moving packages depending on need.
  • Perks – GPS tracking, free storage, discounts, and promotions.

Get in Touch with the Best St. Louis Moving Companies

So there you have it, a comprehensive list of what you should expect in your move around the St. Louis area. With this guide, you should have all the info you need about what to look for in a good mover, and a little extra info about what to expect from Saint Louis.

Ready to get started? Get in touch with one of the movers on our list, and don’t forget to check back in with Moving Feedback for more tips and tricks to make moving day even easier!