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We’ve researched moving companies in Austin, compared pricing, and crunched numbers to make sure that you’ll be going into your new home knowing exactly how much you need to spend and why.

Austin Moving Companies

Harder’s Movers

5 Reviews

12215 Hunters Chase, Dr Austin, TX, 78729

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Mustang Moving

4 Reviews

2710, Pinewood Terrace, Austin, TX, 78757

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MJ Moving Reviews

4 Reviews

PO Box 16094, Austin, TX, 78752

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Two Sisters Moving

4 Reviews

2406, Harrowden, Dr. Austin, TX, 78727

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Austin Pro Moving

4 Reviews

 Austin, TX, 78745

More Info

Blue Whale Moving Company – Austin

4 Reviews

8291, Springdale Rd, Ste.100 Austin ,TX, 78724

More Info

El Sol Logistics

4 Reviews

4720 Winnebago Ln, Austin, TX 78744, United States

More Info

Copper Palm Moving

4 Reviews


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Einstein Moving

4 Reviews

9200 Brown Lane, Suite A Austin, TX 78754

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Expert Relocation Systems

4 Reviews

1130, Rutherford Ln Suite 220A, Austin ,TX 78753

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 Texas Relocation

3 Reviews

701, Brazos, St Austin, Texas, 7870

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My Universal Movers

3 Reviews

13416, ATHENS TRAIL, AUSTIN, TX, 78729

More Info

Aloha Moving

3 Reviews

3913, Todd Ln Ste. 301, Austin, TX, 78744

More Info

Austin Affordable Moving

3 Reviews

0101, W PARMER LN #315, AUSTIN,TX, 78717

More Info

Unicorn Moving

3 Reviews

102 Victor Street, Austin, TX, 78753

More Info

Your City Movers

3 Reviews

13689, Research Blvd., Austin, TX, 78750

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Elephant Moving

3 Reviews

1358, 6110 Trade Center Dr #101b Austin, TX 78744

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Greenbelt Moving

3 Reviews

5004, WING RD, AUSTIN,TX ,78749

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3 Men Movers – Austin

1 Reviews

1005 Congress Ave Ste 151 Austin, TX 78701

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Panthers Moving & Storage

1 Reviews

5708 W Parmer Ln Austin, TX 78727

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The Complete Moving Guide: Austin

The city of Austin, Texas isn’t exactly what you would call small, and while this might be just the thing for people who like music festivals, fantastic food, and activities, you might be looking for something a little quieter and trust me, we’re not here to judge.

So whether you’re moving to Austin to grab a piece of culture or you’re moving away for a little peace of mind, this moving guide will tell you how to do it in the easiest, most convenient, and cheapest way possible.

At, we’re all about data so we’ve compiled resources from all over the internet to make your transition to another city as smooth as possible. This will include how to choose the best moving company in Austin, how to pay less for better service, and ultimately how to make moving — one of the most difficult stations of adulthood — as easy as store-bought pie.

How To Choose The Best Moving Companies In Austin

If you know anything at all about the city of Austin, then you’re probably already aware that the city can be a little bit eccentric. This eccentricity is what gives Austin all its delicious cultural flavor, but it also means that you’ll have to be a bit rigorous when choosing from the available moving companies in Austin. Because we’re super nice, we’ve done pretty much all of the work for you. We’ve taken a look at most of the moving companies in Austin, checked out their pricing and service options, and pretty much compiled a list of the most important factors you should consider when choosing a moving company in Austin.

Competitive Pricing

While price isn’t the only factor you have to consider when choosing a moving company, you have to admit that it’s an important factor. When choosing a moving company in Austin, it’s pretty important that have a solid idea of how their prices compare to rival moving companies in Austin. This way, you’ll be able to weigh their prices against other factors like the range of service options and customer care, and our everything together to make an informed decision.

Customer Reviews

Let’s face it, some companies may charge fair prices but then go on to mess it all up by having horrific customer service that makes you wish you sprung for the more expensive option. Trust me, we’ve all been there.

One way to avoid this experience is by simply checking out their customer reviews. Generally, the moving companies in Austin with the best customer reviews will ultimately offer the best service. Just type in the name of the company in your Google, Yelp, or Twitter search bar, and you’ll see how they’ve interacted with customers in the past and what these customers have to say about them.

Service Options

Not all moving companies in Austin are created equal; some offer a wider range of services that might come in handy if you’re not the DIY sort. Some moving companies in Austin offer packing, reinstalling, and even full-service options that you may want to consider if you don’t particularly take the risk of throwing your back out.

Insurance and Licensing

One thing people typically overlook when choosing a moving company in Austin is the fact that the movers may not actually be fully insured for the job. Now, having a moving company that is fully registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the US Department of Transportation is extremely important, as they essentially have your entire life in their hands.

So, verify. Just to be sure.

Moving In Austin

Regardless of the city, you’re moving to, there are certain factors that’ll determine how you’ll look back on your move. Will it be a stress-free event that you’ll look back on with fond nostalgia or will you have PTSD-Esque flashbacks when you remember what happened to your son’s treasured blanket?

We’ve put together a list of some of the factors that you will need to take into account if you want your move to be peaceful, hitch-free, and affordable.

  • When do you plan to move?
  • How much do you plan to move?
  • Are you moving furniture?
  • How far away are you moving?
  • Are you moving delicate items?
  • Do you want the full service option?

Your Moving Date

Austin gets its peak influx of tourists between September to November and March to May. Regardless of whether they’re in town for the Austin City Limits Festival, SXSW, or IndyCar Racing Events, the fact of the matter is that their presence in Austin means you’ll have more difficulty moving. Not only will moving companies in Austin charge a premium for their services during these periods, but you may also have difficulty getting movers in the first place.

One of the reasons why movers in Austin may be unavailable for moving is seasonality.

At certain times of the year, there might be a higher demand for moving companies, worse traffic, or slightly worse weather conditions. When this happens, moving companies in Austin will either be unavailable or they’ll simply charge higher prices for the inconvenience.

So if you’re looking to move in Austin, it’s best to contact the moving companies in Austin at any time when the demand isn’t so high. This means avoiding the months between September to November and March to May.

How Much Are You Moving?

The more stuff you move, the higher the chance that you’ll fall into one of the classic moving conundrums. This might be high moving costs, higher chances of property damage, or simply heightened inconvenience.

We can’t advise you to ask the moving companies in Austin to throw out some of your property along the way like Oprah, but we can let you know that choosing to downsize your property before moving — either by selling some items or donating to the less privileged — will make moving significantly easier.

Are You Moving Furniture?

Furniture will probably be the bulkiest thing you have to move. Not only because they’re usually large, but because they are notoriously unwieldy and will typically require more than one person to move them.

If all your friends suddenly pretend to be unavailable at the exact time you have to move, don’t worry because the moving companies in Austin have got your back. Literally. Movers in Austin will generally charge a flat rate for these services, and it’s up to you to consider if it’s worth it for the convenience.

How Far Away Are You Moving?

Moving companies in Austin will generally classify moves into short distance (usually within 50 miles) and long-distance moves. Short-distance moves will typically cost less than long-distance moves, and movers in Austin have been known to charge significantly more for interstate or long-distance moves.

You really can’t do much to change this, and from our survey of the movers in Austin, inter-state and intra-state moving rates are pretty much fixed.

Payment for Extra Care

This is an aspect of moving that most people don’t consider.  Do you know how you’ve heard horror stories of people unpacking their moving boxes to find precious heirlooms smashed up beyond all recognition? Well, you can avoid all that by choosing a moving company in Austin that charges a little extra to handle a select part of your property with kid gloves.

So if you’ve got glassware, delicate electronics, or precious photographs, you may want to consider choosing a mover in Austin that offers this option.

Full Service

If your eyes have long since rolled up to the back of your head and you’re either confused or uninterested in “moving costs” and “accessorial services”, you can simply hire a mover that does everything for you.

Moving companies in Austin offer the full service moving option to these exact types of people for a little extra charge and if this seems like something you’d like to try, simply check out the list of movers in Austin offering the full-service option, screen out the moving companies in Austin who either do not have this service or charge too much for it and remember to make use of the tips we’ve given you to select the right one.

Activities in Austin

You can say many things about Austin, but one thing the city absolutely has going for it, are fun activities. So regardless of if you’re moving to Austin or you simply want to experience the best the city has to offer one final time, here’s a list of things you’ll definitely want to try out in Austin.

So when you’re done choosing from the best moving companies in Austin, set a day aside to check out the following attractions:

  • Pecan Street Festival
  • Bat Fest
  • Austin City Limits Festival
  • Sherwood Forest Faire
  • Austin Food and Wine Festival
  • Renegade Craft Fair
  • Texas Craft Brewers Festival
  • East Austin Studio Tour

Your stay in Austin would be incomplete without checking out SXSW or South by Southwest, an annual festival usually held around the middle of March in Austin. You get access to music and film festivals, as well as the occasional interactive media conference that draws audiences from all over the world.

The Austin Food and Wine Festival, on the other hand, is a celebration of the finest of all things gustatory. Presented for the first time in 2012, the Austin Food and Wine Festival has gone on to be one of the must-see events in the city, with celebrity chefs holding cooling demonstrations, cocktail seminars and featuring a much-liked tasting pavilion.

Feel free to indulge with a clear conscience, as the Food and Wine Festival is backed by a non-profit that provides grants and educational opportunities to the less fortunate who wish to make the world a better place one spoonful at a time.

Cost of Living In Austin

Austin is a relatively expensive city to live and work in, and while it isn’t the costliest place to live in the United States, you’ll probably need to earn a decent wage if you want to live comfortably in Austin. Research indicates that the cost of living in Austin is higher than the average city in America.

In more immediate terms, you can get a meal for one in a regular restaurant for $16.50, a monthly pass for transportation for $41.00, and basic utilities and internet service for  $145.00 and $64.00 respectively.

The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of the city is $2,070, and if you want to actually own an apartment, get your wallets ready to shell out an average of  $6,981 per square meter.

Best Neighborhoods In Austin

Like pretty much any other city in the world, Austin has its good and bad neighborhoods. If you’re concerned with making the right choice, here are some of the best neighborhoods in Austin ranked according to family friendliness, diversity, and availability of housing.

Old Enfield

Located in Travis County, Texas with a population of 2,707. Old Enfield scores high in diversity, housing, nightlife, and family friendliness while also having refreshingly low levels of crime.


Although not quite as highly ranked as Old Enfield, Gateway has a population of 1,255 and still ranks among the best places to raise a family in Austin.


Downtown is located in Travis County and has a population of 12,772 and while it scores lower in housing and safety than the other neighborhoods, it more than makes up for it in family friendliness and nightlife.

Moving Costs In Austin

Since you clicked on this article, chances are you're interested in either moving to or from Austin and you're searching for information that'll help make the experience relatively pleasant.

So far, we've talked about some of the things you need to know when choosing a moving company in Austin and touched briefly on the need for getting a fair price. Now we're going to explore how these moving companies come up with the quotes they so airily print out, and how you can hopefully beat it down.

Austin is a hub of entertainment and business, so you wouldn't expect the cost of hiring a mover to be cheap, right? Well, if you were thinking that the cost of hiring a moving company in Austin would be comparable to places like Las Vegas (link to Vegas article), you're in for a surprise. Our research shows that the average price for labor quoted by moving companies in Austin is between 60 to 140 USD making Austin one of the cheaper cities despite its large population.

This means that if you want to estimate the amount a moving company in Las Austin will charge, you can simply multiply it by the number of workers and then by the number of hours they'll be working to get a rough estimate of the total cost of labor.

So if you live in a two-bedroom apartment with belongings that'll take a two-man team about 6 hours to move, and you select a moving company in Austin with hourly rates of  $100, you'll end up paying $1,200 just for labor.

Note how "just for labor" is in italics. This is because you can't just pay the moving company for their time, pour them a glass of juice and expect them to handle everything associated with the moving process. Because while some moves might be as straightforward as lifting boxes, taking them to the truck, and unloading them at the destination,  other moves may be more complicated and involve stairs, heavier loads, or involve generally more inconvenience than a normal move.

For this reason, some movers offer accessorial services like:

  • Stair carry: you have to admit that hauling a sofa through a staircase is something that deserves additional compensation. So if you live in a high-rise apartment and want to have your furniture moved to your new home, you may want to consider paying for this extra service.
  • Elevator carry: much like stairs, elevators are also a bit of a pain to lug bulky pieces of property through, and will cost you a little more money if you want this service included as part of your package.
  • Long carry: If you live in an apartment that is inaccessible to trucks, you'll need to pay for the movers to carry your property from your back door to the moving truck. This counts as an extra service only in cases where the distance from the door to the truck is significant or the load is particularly heavy.

You'll have to add transportation costs, tips, and cost of living materials on top of that, but overall it doesn't seem like that bad of a deal if you hire a moving company in Austin that gives you good value for your money.

You could do a simple Google search since every modern business has an online presence nowadays. Consider that you shouldn’t be trying to find just any moving companies in Austin, you should instead be selecting the movers in Austin that fit the requirements in this article.

While the cost of living in Austin is relatively high, the cost of hiring movers is paradoxically one of the most affordable in the United States.

Labor costs charged by moving companies in Austin range between $60 to $140 per hour compared to the between $75 to $100 per hour charged by movers in Houston and the $25 to $50 per hour charged by movers in San Diego.

When you add the extra costs (transportation, packing materials, and tips) charged by the moving companies in Austin, you might be looking at an all inclusive payment of up to  $3,000 to hire movers in Austin for an out of town relocation.

Undoubtedly. If you’re into music festivals, racing or simply looking for an urban city where the cost of living isn’t too high, then Austin is the city for you.

Do a little more research and call a moving company in Austin to make the move, the city will welcome you with open arms.

Definitely. Tipping is a staple in the service industry and tipping movers in Austin is pretty much required to show appreciation for services properly rendered. As far as we know moving companies in Austin don’t have any special rates that we’ve seen in our research. So reach into your pockets and let your conscience be your guide.