First National Van Lines Review By Experts

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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First National Van Lines is a cross-country moving company that provides local, interstate, and international moves starting from and to any location in the country. First National Van Lines is a broker and also a carrier.




First National Van Lines

  • No hidden fees
  • Customized services
  • Personalized packages

Customer service at First National Van Lines is great, and the company’s offerings score higher marks from customers all over various online forums.

Also, the company’s price-matching policy makes it one of the best options for movers looking to bargain rates. Continue reading to find out more about First National Van Lines’ services and pricing.

What does the Cost of First National Van Lines Cost?

We spoke with a customer service representative over the phone and were told that moving a two-bedroom home over a 1,000-mile distance would likely cost around $4,000, but he couldn’t provide a more specific cost detail without a complete inventory list.

This, together with the company’s lengthy quote process (we’ll discuss that later), made it hard to obtain accurate information on the cost of moving with First National Van Lines.

However, we were able to get pricing data from customers of the company. If you’re looking for a more precise estimate, you may want to try using a moving cost calculator in addition to reaching out to the company directly.

Typical Pricing of First National Van Lines

Distance (miles) Price
1,716 $4,300
1,549 $6,000
1,025 $6,000
653 $4,500
273 $3,500

These pricing data didn’t include any info about the weight of their cargos or the time of the year their move was performed. Weight and seasonality are as essential as distance when calculating move pricing. These figures are not exact predictions of what you will spend on your.

Services and Features of First National Van Lines

First National Van Lines handles moving your household or business, a whole company, or can schedule shipping for items like furniture to your home or business.

Packing and storage services are included in moving options, so it is set to unpack when you are. When you partner with First National, a professional agent handles all the scheduling for picking up your shipments and other items from your location, then securely haul your item to your destination.

Long-distance moves occasionally need the use of multiple trucks or carriers and being a moving broker, First National coordinates the move at the fairest cost.

First National Van Lines moving services include:  

  • Full-service residential moves
  • Long-distance moves
  • Local moves
  • International moves
  • Auto transport
  • Moves for businesses
  • Moving coverage
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Packing and unpacking

How to Obtain a Moving Quote from First National Van Lines?

To obtain a quote from First National Van Lines, make use of the quote form; provide ZIP codes for the two locations involved and the anticipated move date. Alternatively, you can make use of the chat feature on the same website or call the company to get your information across to an agent.

After the agent made certain of the availability and perfect all the necessary arrangement, a transportation expert will contact the carrier who will load up and transport all your shipments.

  • First, you will get a rough estimate majorly based on the size of the home or office you are moving to. While the company can haul a large estate or business efficiently just like moving a small apartment, the size of the property dictates the overall weight of the items moved. An interstate move is charged on weight so the accuracy of the first quote is based on how well the description of your belongings you give to the estimator.
  • Make sure you include all rooms, attic, storage areas, garage, and outbuildings. If you receive the initial moving quote, a representative will be sent by First National to your home or office to perform an inventory of your items to give you a final, accurate quote for moving costs.

Remember that the weight of the loaded truck dictates the overall cost of your move, which can vary since the weight of beds, couches, desks or other items are not the same. If you received a binding estimate, the exact cost you pay the company is assured.

Since estimating the exact weight of the shipment is difficult, a non-binding estimate is very common, but your overall charges are based on the weight of all your shipments and the tariff provisions.

What Customers are saying about First National Van Lines

First National Van Lines was seen rated 4 or 5 stars in most of the consumer reviews seen on Yelp, Trust Link, and Business Rater. Customers often talked about the professionalism and how helpful the workers are and how the move was hassle-free.

Below are the ratings from various customer review sites:

  • Google Reviews: 4.6 stars based on 122 customer reviews
  • Yelp: four (4) stars based on 21 customer reviews
  • TrustLink: 4.5 stars based on 9 customer reviews
  • BusinessRater: 4.5 stars based on 102 customer reviews

In addition, First National Van Lines was rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau with 4.75 of 5 stars based on 41 reviews from customers. The company responded to every one of the 19 complaints filed in the past year except one. Seven of the complaints were filed against the company with the Department of Transportation this year, majorly focused on pickup and delivery issues.

Why We Recommend First National Van Lines

Price-match guarantee:

As we’ve mentioned earlier, First National Van Lines doesn’t reveal much information on its website, but it, however, mentions its price-match guarantee on its homepage, so you know the company is very serious with this policy. First National Van Lines will match any written price given by its competitor.

If you can find a written moving quote for the exact similar move (not a quote gotten over the phone), First National Van Lines will reduce its own quoted price. This policy combined with the company’s nationwide availability makes sure that you can obtain a good deal regardless of the destination within the country you are moving from or to.

Positive customer reviews:

Even though it can be difficult to obtain trustworthy information via customer reviews, we believe that how customers feel about a company is one of the best signs that it is a good moving company. From our findings, most customers of First National Van Lines are so much happy with how their moves were handled by the company.

On Yelp, First National was rated 4/5 with customers mentioning various qualities of the company:

  • Low prices
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Friendly customer service
  • Flexibility
  • Careful shipment handling

There are a few negative reviews as well, but the amount of customers praising the company’s service is more than these bad opinions.

Online customer service chats:

One of the things that set First National Van Lines apart is its interactive customer service chat. When you check the company’s website, you are welcomed by a small buy interactive chat box in the lower right corner of your screen. When you click on this box, a chat window will open where you can ask questions and receive instant answers; it is not sure whether the answers are provided by a real human or only a smart computer program.

However, this feature is more convenient in obtaining information, and if you like to maintain a low profile, it outperforms a phone conversation.

We couldn’t get all the answers to our questions through the online chat service, so as it doesn’t entirely complement the minimalist website of First National Van Lines; it can be highly useful if you need instant basic information.

Our Thoughts

First National Van Lines customer reviews are packed with recommendations from satisfied customers and the price-match guarantee from the company combined with its comprehensive list of services makes it’s a great option for anyone planning to move to any distance affordably.

FAQ for First National Van Lines

Will First National pack and unpack boxes?

Yes. First National Van Lines will, at the customer’s request, arrange with a service to pack all or part of a customer’s items for a move. Unpacking service is also available with the company immediately your belongings get to the destination. These services are provided at extra cost, so find out the fees.

What services can I expect from First National Van Lines as long distance movers?

As long distance movers, First National Van Lines offers comprehensive services including packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and even unpacking if needed.

Are there items First National Van Lines company can’t move?

Yes. Combustible or explosive items, flammable materials, perishable foods, poison, and plants are by law prohibited from shipping by any moving company no matter the distance.

Can First National Van Lines Schedule for a truck company to move my household?

The professional mover working at First National Van Lines knows how to make good use of every bit of space on the moving truck. Possibly the same moving truck used for pick up is the same that delivers your stuff if your belongings fill the trailer. If your shipments don’t fill the truck, your shipment can be transferred to another trailer on the move to reduce costs and meet up with the promised delivery date. This practice is the standard in the long-distance moving industry.

Why should I consider First National Van Lines if I still have to partner with the movers?

Brokers like First National Van Lines are in partnership with various movers and can negotiate better rates for you. Brokers also know how to prevent problems from starting when you are moving, they can go through legal requirements and permit and can effectively coordinate your move then you can do on your own.

How do I know the actual carrier that will take care of my shipments if I use First National Van Lines?

Moving brokers are legally required to provide a list of the transportation companies they use to customers. You will get a copy of the carriers used by First National Van Lines including a copy of your rights and responsibilities when you move by the Federal Moving Carrier Safety Administration.


Moving can be so much stressful for you. Hiring a professional moving agent like First National Van Lines to take care of your move will save you time and can reduce the stress of your move, so you have enough time to concentrate on the details of your move. The Price-match guarantee of this company can save you some moving costs too.

Just like the other cheap moving companies near you, First National Van Lines offers the best pricing that helps you move on a budget.