Wheaton Worldwide Moving Review 2024

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Feb 29, 2024

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Wheaton World Wide Moving is a full-service moving company that has 350 agents all over the country. Just as the name implies, Wheaton provides full moving services across the United States, and international moving service via its sister company.




Wheaton World Wide Moving

  • Binding quotes
  • Free quotes
  • Customized services

Wheaton has quite many years of experience in the moving business; founded in 1945, its experience means a lot to your moving. Continue reading to discover what distinguishes Wheaton World Wide from others and whether it could be the perfect fit for your move. If not, compare Wheaton to the movers on our list of the best state-to-state moving companies and the best overseas movers.

What are the Services offered by Wheaton World Wide?

All moving services you’d expect to find with a modern moving company are all available at Wheaton World Wide, but it also offers some other amazing features that stand it out from the multitude.

Its local gents are an individually-owned moving company that performs local and long-distance moves on their workers with Wheaton for interstate moves. The company employs some drivers themselves in different regions that help local agents with transportation.

Below are some of the services offered by Wheaton:

1. Household Moves

The local agent of Wheaton will provide local relocation services that are personalized with packing, loading, and other related options. The Wheaton Priority Moving Service is a premium package for people moving house that need expedited service usually on short notice. This upgrade includes a certain delivery date that lowers any uncertainty about price and arrival time.

2. Long-Distance Moves

For interstate and cross country moves, Wheaton assigns 2 agents; one will work at the origin and the other one at the destination. This ensures no wasting of time and that your belongings are safe at both ends.

3. Commercial Moves

Wheaton will help businesses relocate to a new place depending on their needs. For instance, they will help you and your workers with the packing and loading process take care of the entire process.

Corporate administrators may decide to let Wheaton get rid of their old electronic equipment. The organization has figured out environmental-friendly solutions for tools, devices, and equipment like recycling, buyback programs, and so on. Corporate workers moving services are also available with Wheaton.

4. International Moves

Moving to locations in another country is performed in partnership with Crown Relocations, an international moving partner. Temporary and long-term storage solutions are available to most overseas moves.

5. Military and Government

Wheaton is one of the first companies that perform military and government moving projects. Wheaton is a qualified moving company for the General Services Administration Centralized Household belongings Traffic Management Program (CHAMP) program for federal government agencies.

6. Packing Services

Their employees will render professional packing and unpacking services to improve efficiency and make sure goods arrive safely.

7. Storage

They currently provide storage-in-transit service for customers that need to store their belongings in storage for about three months. The company also provides long-term local storage in clean and monitored storage centers.

8. Supplies and Boxes

Moving boxes and supplies are locally available through the agents and are not available for sales on the net through the official website. If you are moving on a budget and cannot afford buying moving boxes, you can check Where to Find Free Moving Boxes?

9. Specialty Item Moving

They are experts in moving a piano, transporting valuable and costly items, and personalized projects for the hospitality industry. Wheaton Logistical Services is also available to provide specialized projects that involve heavy machinery, medical equipment, and other sensitive objects.

10. Automobile Transport

Wheaton indeed offers transportation services for autos with the use of in-van service, which implies that the vehicle is transported on the moving truck together with their possessions.

Wheaton’s Unique Features

  • Quick online ballpark estimates
  • Priority moving services for emergency moves
  • High-quality resources are available online.

We’ll provide you the details on the following features soon. But first, see the complete list of services and features with additional services available with Wheaton:

  • Local moving services
  • Corporate moves
  • Interstate moving services
  • International moving services
  • Government and military moves
  • Commercial moving services
  • In-home moving estimates
  • Packing and unpacking
  • In-transit storage (up to three months)
  • Temporary and long-term storage
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full replacement value protection coverage
  • Moving supplies
  • Automobile transportation
  • Piano and a special object moving

Sure, you will pay more for some of the company’s upgraded features. Below is a quick list of the things included in your moving cost and services that attract extra payment.

What is the Cost of Wheaton?

Your moving costs with Wheaton will be based on numerous factors, including the distance of your move as well as the weight of your goods. With extras like packing, and additional coverage, and appliance services, the moving cost will increase.

Also, we can’t give an actual figure for the cost of your move with Wheaton; an in-home estimate will be needed for that.

But we have conducted our research to provide you a rough estimate of the range of cost to expect and how much for extra services.

For instance, let’s consider a moving estimate for a small, fairly short move. We obtained an estimate for relocating a small studio apartment to Utah (involving 600 miles) and see how the estimate changed when we included extra services.

Moving a studio apartment to Salt Lake City, UT from Colorado Springs, CO

Additional services Estimate
None $2,276.92 – $2,712.47
Partial packing services $2,550.97 – $3,084.26
Full packing services $2,733.67 – $3,332.12
Full packing services with replacement $2,933.67 – $3,567.12

Now, let’s look into a larger and longer move. We considered moving a big house (5 bedrooms or more) for these moving estimates from South Carolina to Utah, involving 2,000 miles, and then modified our estimate to include more services.

Moving a five-bedroom house or more to Salt Lake City, UT from Simpsonville, SC

Extra services Estimate
None $11,126.38 – $14,000.79
Partial packing services $12,629.74 – $16,116.51
Full packing services $13,631.98 – $17,526.99
Full packing services with valuation $14,441.98 – $18,506.99

As shown above, the ranges can be much, depending on the size of your move, the distance you are going, and the extra services you want. You can make use of the Ballpark Estimate tool from Wheaton to obtain a more precise moving estimate for your move.

To get more accurate numbers, we recommend you talk with a Wheaton representative to obtain an in-home moving estimate.

You also need to know that Wheaton offers discounts on some moving costs. Some are much specific (discounts are offered to members of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod on long-distance moves, for instance), but they sometimes offer many discounts, like $150 off for relocating in the off-season. We suggest that you check Wheaton’s website or consult an agent to obtain current discounts.

Three Types of Moving Estimates as available with Wheaton

  • Non-binding: This is provided based on an assumed or approximated cost at the discretion of the moving company and will be adjusted depending on the total weight.
  • Firm binding: This is where the carrier and the customer reach an agreement on a certain moving cost.
  • Option binding: Also referred to as a not-to-exceed estimate, involves the highest possible cost, which may be reduced if the weight exceeds the estimate.
  • The Ballpark Estimate: They provide an online tool for acquiring a total pricing estimate.

The table below reveals some of these moving pricing estimates with and without Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP).

Origin Destination Size of Move Range With FRVP
Cleveland, OH Atlanta, GA 2 Bedroom $3,096 – $4,002 $3,431 – $4,442
Chicago, IL Dallas, TX 2 Bedroom $3,323 – $4,349 $3,658 – $4,789
Dallas, TX Los Angeles, CA 3 Bedroom $6,875 – $8,353 $7,445 – $9,013
Los Angeles, CA Baltimore, MD 3 Bedroom $8,438-$10,230 $9,008-$10,890
Baltimore, MD Orlando, FL 4 Bedroom $6,468 – $7,985 $7,128 – $8,795
Orlando, FL Boston, MA 4 Bedroom $7,520-$9,299 $8,180- $10,109

Wheaton Insurance (Valuation) Coverage

The standard added liability coverage is $.60 per item. For an extra cost, the Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP) is available and increases the coverage to $6 per pound per item.

Customers should speak with their agents as regards current deductibles that can be charged. Items of high value are listed separately for these purposes.

Discounts offered by Wheaton

The company offers discounts for all organizations which include the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the Wisconsin Alumni Association, and others.

The Performance Program from Wheaton is a discount available for off-season relocation from September through April every year when you buy FRVP coverage; however, there are some limitations to shipping weight.

Wheaton has Huge Online Resources

Moving is frustrating, and many of us don’t do it frequently to become experts. Fortunately, with online resources from Wheaton, you don’t need to be an expert in moving as there are guides, checklists, tips, and forms to assist with your move on Wheaton’s website. Wheaton provides guides on varieties of niche moving topics, such as how to downsize as elderly or how to perform a military move.

It also guides on more popular, generally applicable topics, such as how to pack a shed perfectly or how to prevent yourself from injury during a move. These guides offer you a fast means to familiarize yourself with the best practice of moving.

There are also resources specific to Wheaton on its website. For instance, it contains pages about protection plans, including a FAQ section to answer every of your questions as regards your move with Wheaton.

Qualities to expect from Wheaton Worldwide Moving

1. Experience

With more than 70 years in the moving business, Wheaton Worldwide Moving has enough and relevant experience you need to feel relaxed about your relocation process. We understand the stress involved in moving and that is why hiring a knowledgeable and professional moving company with expert movers is necessary to complete your moving.

Being the fourth largest van line in the United States, Wheaton is where you will get excellent and expert customer service representatives and hard-working expert movers who will take good care of your valuable goods.

2. A Glossary

Wheaton has a nicely-written moving glossary on their website and they help to update customers on the ever-changing moving industry terms.

Have you heard of an air ride before? It’s the suspension system used as a replacement for the traditional coil system in tractors and trailers. This provides a safer ride and quick delivery of your belongings.

What about CP? In the moving industry, CP means Carrier Packing. This is a designation used to describe things that were packed by Wheaton. With the glossary on their website, customers can easily fill out paperwork and ask the relevant questions as regards their move.

3. Community Involvement

Wheaton and its leadership crew have so much value for community involvement as well as giving back.

Wheaton Moving Experience

The rating of the Indianapolis headquarters listing on Google is 4.4 of 5. Most of those who got on-site estimates praised the Wheaton representatives for being professional and at the same time, friendly. Some of the complaints centered on damaged items while on the move as well as unmotivated movers.

Next move is their agent in the Atlanta-area and it has a total rating of 4.9 of 5 on Google. The posts are of the positive report and most customers indicated that the moving estimates they get were straightforward and reasonable.

On Yelp, the company has a total rating of 2 out of 5 based on about 120 reviews. The posted report was all poor, as most customers had their items damaged during transit, and complained about the ridiculously slow claim process.

Wheaton’s Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is presently an A and they have almost 10 complaints in the past year. Many of the complaints are on damaged items and miscommunications concerning the possible changes to a non-binding moving estimate. Each complaint got a response from a company representative and made effort to get the problem solved.


Wheaton is a nice choice if you need to quickly move. Its priority moving services truly distinguish it from many moving companies. Even if your move is not included in that category, we suggest you make use of Wheaton’s Ballpark Estimate tool. You will at least get a rough range of what you should expect and compare it with other moving estimates.

Since it is quick and free, you have no reason not to check out what Wheaton is offering. While Wheaton is not that significant enough to make our list of leading national moving companies, it has a strong reputation and respectable services that make it a nice choice for most moves.