Questions You Need To Answer Before Every Out of State Move

Relocating to another city is exciting and at the same time overwhelming. You will have the chance to go around notable places and face the challenges of building a new network, making new friends, and making your new place feel like home.

The following 11 essential questions should be what you provide answers to when deciding whether to move to a new location or a city in another part of the country.

Questions You Need To Answer Before Every Out of State Move

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Do You Have A Job To Resume?

This is a very straightforward question. You are moving to a new place for a great career opportunity. But before you get started, consider the salary involved against your prospective cost of living.

Even though you might be able to spend $60,000 a year in Miami, Florida comfortably, the same amount could not be enough to live comfortably in New York or San Francisco.

If you plan to move without a job, conduct some research on current job opportunities before you move. It is sometimes relaxing to have applied for a job (and maybe secure a job) positions in advance of your move to the new place.

Do You Know Anyone In The New Place?

Moving to another place that you don’t know can be scary, but having a friend or relative in that area can be so helpful for you throughout the move. They can recommend the most affordable neighborhoods to live in to assist you in finding the best entertainment spots, through their experience in the city. It can make it easier for you to settle down and feel at home at the new place even right from the start.

On the other hand, if you are the type that loves to figure out the new place on your own, you can go ahead and choose a place where you don’t have anyone. Just ensure you go round the local entertainment spot and partake in social activities to make some great new friends.

Does The Place Charge A State Income Tax?

If you live in a state like Texas or Florida, which doesn’t charge income tax, relocating to a place that has a state tax income can be shocking. The salary increment you just negotiated at a new job might be reduced by the increased taxes deducted out of your paycheck.

Do I Have Enough Savings To Relocate?

Just as you can imagine, this is one of the major questions to ask yourself before you start moving to a new city or state.

If you have sufficient money to take care of your moving, then that is good. However, if you don’t, then the move will probably be a tough one for you.

Firstly, you need to come up with a moving budget to determine how things are financed. It is also important to monitor your moving-related expenses all through the process. If your first budget doesn’t work out well for you, do not be discouraged as it is still possible to make it work.

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Is It Better To Rely On A Professional Moving Company?

Since you get a reputable mover, it is better to leave your highly valuable possessions to experienced movers, especially if you have many valuable and special items.

You are moving to a very faraway distance. The important factor is to get one of the top long distance moving companies or cross country movers so that you can be sure their moving service will be of top quality.

If you are limited on time to relocate or don’t have people available to help you, relying on professionals will be your best opportunity to have a smooth house move.

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What Is The Actual Cost To Hire Movers?

In most situations, your decision to hire the pros will always be the best one, but one of the essential things to consider when moving is the price that the professional moving services will cost you.

How much price do the moving companies charge? When you are relocating on a short distance, your mover will charge you an hourly rate, possibly between $90 and $120 by the hour for hiring Two Men and Truck.

For a long-distance move, you will possibly spend from $1,500 to $2,200 for moving from a 1-bedroom home and $3,500 to $4,200 for relocating from a two-bedroom home (on a distance of 1000 miles with no additional services).

These prices are just approximated relocation costs, so they are only good for reference.

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Can I Negotiate A Better Moving Price With My Moving Company?

Sure. No moving company’s prices are fixed, so you should use your negotiation skills to reduce your cost of moving even more.

When making a quote comparison between many moving cost estimates, you should use the advantage of the fact that some movers would prefer to give you the best price reduction than to lose your job to their competitors.

If you’ve chosen a moving company that offers you a deal you are not satisfied with, call them and inform them that you wish to make use of their moving services but have received a lower offer from a competitor.

Ask them if they would like to match the price you received from the competitor’s price. If they are willing to win your job over, they will surely do it.

Remember to ask moving companies if there is any discount or promotion offers available that you can go for. For instance, first-time customers, early reservations, seasonal offers, and more. Remember that negotiating with movers doesn’t hurt, as you have nothing to lose.

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Should I Get Pro Packers To Pack Up My Household Goods?

Packing a household for moving is the most time-consuming and challenging task you will tackle before your moving day, so it is normal to want to figure out the best way to get it done.

The following are things to consider when looking into who will pack your household or apartment:

  • Time: Do you have much time to spend packing up your goods? Professional packers are widely known for their unmatched packing speed.
  • Safety: Are you confident that you can handle your packing safely enough to survive the moving process? Pro packers know exactly all the safety measures, together with when they are to take care of highly valuable stuff.

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How Much Will My Moving Cost Me Actually And How Can I Fund It?

You are aware that moving is not a cheap undertaking, but it is impossible to get the right idea of the exact hole it will cause to your budget until you receive the actual numbers. An average of $5,360 is reported as the cost for an interstate move by the American Moving and Storage Association. You may need to spend more to put the move through even if you managed to sell your home or have to break a lease.

Can You Pay For It?

Affordability is not a cheap thing. Before you attest your signature on a lease, make a comparison of the nearest properties in your new location. How close is the price to other rentals in the neighborhood? If it is a bit costly, are amenities included to make it worthwhile? Then, you also need to ask yourself whether or not you can easily make your monthly payments.

Will your savings be enough to make rent, no matter your job? As you evaluate the cost, plan a budget for your other monthly spending as well. If you are lagging, try to bring a roommate in to balance the equation.

What Will Change If You Relocate?

When you are trying to make decisions, a move is the best for you. Making a list of positive things like a smaller or larger city, a safer area, better schools, an improved cost of living, better weather more recreational access, and so on that is in view at your new location may be helpful. Only you can determine these factors.

It would help if you had long-term planning when moving since it is not a small task and it involves a lot of time, patience, energy, as well as financial resources.

Will the move better your family physically, spiritually, and emotionally in the future?

How would this affect your current livelihood?

Is moving the best thing for your family right now?

What if you postpone the move for one or two years?

Could you afford the move if you postpone it till future?


Now that you know the right answers to these questions before moving, look for the best apartment in your desired new city.

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