How To Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

The process of choosing a long distance mover can be challenging in most situations. But you can get your things transported by the right long-distance moving company and receive help in relieving the hassles involved in moving.

The fact that your moving company will be in charge of making sure your entire items make it to your new home safely is worth taking some time to do thorough research to hire the right one for the job.

Actually, the decision on who to hire is yours to make; however, there are many factors you may wish to consider when making a comparison between the pros and cons of different long distance moving companies.

How To Compare Long Distance Moving Companies

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How to find Long-Distance Moving Companies

The steps below will lead you on ways to choose a long distance mover that is reputable, affordable, and reliable to partner with on your house move. Make sure you get positive answers to the following questions before considering such a mover:

Is your Long-Distance Moving CompanyLicensed/Insured

A company must be correctly licensed and insured before it can offer interstate moving services. It would help if you stayed away from a long distance mover that cannot provide proof for the two. Know that a mover that is offering moving services without having the right federal license is going against federal regulations.

Being offered an inadequate insurance coverage means that there won’t be proper coverage on your things against theft or damage. A moving company’s license can be confirmed on the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Feel free to request for a copy of the mover’s proof of insurance before you hire.

Are there Good Reviews about your Long Distance Movers? 

Although it is never possible for a company to escape complaints all through its years of service, a moving company with past complaints or a lot of complaints on a particular area should be crossed out of your list. You can visit the FMCSA’s website to compare safety ratings on your listed long distance moving companies. The overall rating on any mover is also available on the Better Business Bureau.

What is the Experience Level of your Long-Distance Moving Company?

Experience is very important when you are looking to moving long-distance. There are several concerns associated with long-distance moving that are not present in a local move.

Alongside the various state and federal laws and regulations that your movers must obey, hiring an interstate mover is a huge risk for the shipment due to the long-distance involved. These are the reasons you need to hire an experienced long-distance mover that can be trusted with your things.

Can you get a Detailed Moving Quote from your Long-Distance Moving Company?

Cost is usually important when choosing from a list of long-distance moving companies. However, there is more to do than price comparison. Obtain a comprehensive moving quote in writing from any of your potential moving companies. Go through each moving carefully and be sure that all the services you need are included in your price.

Generally, it is recommended to get about three to four price estimates in writing from separate movers. Make sure the moving quotes don’t include the overall cost as a single huge figure. Instead, make sure each moving quote contains the breakdown of the specific services and costs, as well as a description of services and their relevant prices.

This allows you to understand what services you are being offered and why your overall bill is up to what it is. Having an advanced understanding of this step will help you in protecting yourself against movers who are out there to charge you additional fees when your belongings arrive at its destination.

Are Movers affordable?

Now is the time to start a comparison of the long-distance moving quotes you received. Your first attention will certainly be aimed at the overall price of each quote. This can make you decide to go for the least expensive moving quote and then hire the mover that issued it since you are primarily out there to spend a little amount of money possible on your move.

Although you might end up hiring the mover with the cheapest bid, but make sure you conduct proper research on the movers you are looking to hire.

This means that you should never consider the only price as your major factor in choosing a mover. A method used by dishonest moving companies is to offer customers a too low estimate with the intent of luring them and later increase the moving price drastically after they have been hired.

To avoid a potential moving scam by rogue movers, we advise you to look beyond the overall price and make a thorough comparison if the moving quotes you received.

Since your move is taking you across the country, the overall interstate moving cost will be determined by the overall weight of your things, the move distance, and the kind of additional services the interstate mover offers you.

So, you need to check the extra services and their associated charges when making a comparison of the moving cost estimates given by reputable long distance moving companies.

You should ensure proper and in-depth discussion on the additional services like packing, unpacking, temporary storage, disassembly and reassembly of bulky furniture, and so on during your in-home survey with the movers’ agent.

Find out the Obvious Red Flags

There are many scam artists and overnight movers in the moving business. In order to avoid being scammed, make sure you keep an eye out for popular signs of moving scams. Forget about any mover that requests for cash or huge upfront payment before the move.

It would be best if you were also careful with moving companies that offer moving estimates only via the phone. Stay away from interstate moving companies that arrive at your home in a rental moving truck or one that refuse to provide all essential documents and a written moving quote.

Choosing Long Distance Movers

You certainly know there are top interstate moving companies nearest to you, but you may be looking for ways to contact them. Your move is taking you to cross country in no distance time, and you know that DIY move organization and execution is not the best when the new home is on a faraway distance.

You have to really consider the risks and dangers involved in driving a huge rental moving truck for days through unfamiliar routes, and the multiple hidden costs and charges that you will have to face on your own on a DIY move.

Choosing the Best Long Distance Moving Company Nearest to you

Below are the steps that will guide you:

Step 1: Fill the free moving estimate to communicate with reliable long distance movers. You will only be linked to licensed and properly insured professional movers that provide service on the chosen moving route from your old home to your new home.

Step 2: Ask for an in-home physical estimate of your household from each long distance mover immediately after the first contact. The in-home moving estimates are very important as they are the only way you can obtain accurate relocation cost estimates.

So it is better to reject an offer from a moving company that doesn’t offer an in-home estimate but ready to provide moving estimate over the phone only.

Step 3: Obtain a minimum of three or four in-home moving surveys. Moving companies’ representatives will come to your home on the agreed day and time, and will carefully inspect your shipments, any potential moving day obstacle such as narrow corridors, faulty elevators, tight doorways, as well as oddly shaped and oversized furniture item or other items that require special care and custom packing and relocation strategies.

Step 4: Be sure to ask your long-distance moving company agent all the troubling questions you have listed down or just think of. You will discover valuable information on what your expectations should be from each long-distance moving company as well as discover their reliability and expertise from the answers provided to the questions.

Step 5: Obtain a writing moving cost estimate from each long-distance moving company after they’ve conducted an in-home inspection. You will be able to pick the long-distance mover that is perfect for your move through the quotes from the movers.

Final Words

One of the major keys to having a successful long distance move is by choosing a long distance moving company. Now that you are enriched with all the information needed for your move, you can begin to focus on starting over at your new cross country home.

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