Guide to Hire Last Minute Movers

By: Tommy Loutzenheiser Last Updated: Jul 09, 2024

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Feeling panicked and overwhelmed when moving suddenly is an experience to say the least. It might feel like everything is moving quickly without giving you a chance to stop and consider things. If you ever encounter this situation, refer to this guide for hiring last minute movers to lighten some of the load off your shoulders.

Guide to Hire Last Minute Movers

When selecting last-minute movers, conduct proper research to find a reputable moving company. Pay attention to details that could potentially disrupt your moving process.

Dedicate a box to your first night, turn on your utilities, properly clean your old home, and take a step back before you lock the door to your old place.

Crossing these off your checklist will make you have the smoothest moving experience possible.

Call Around

Create a lineup of known moving companies in your local area and write them all down. Begin reaching out to inquire about their availability during the time frame you plan on moving in. The first moving company you reach out to might turn out to be the perfect match!

If not, there’s no need to stress. Hold onto that list and gather as much information from as many moving companies as possible.

Do Your Research

Once you’ve called and found a few moving companies with availability, it’s smart to go through the research process as you would with any move.

Although you can’t be as picky with which moving company you hire on a last-minute notice, you will still have options. Out of all the available moving companies, do the proper research and read reviews to determine which one will best fit your needs.

One helpful tip for your research process is to hit “ctrl + f” on your keyboard and search for relevant terms inside the search bar. You can search for terms like;

  • “On time”
  • “Damage”
  • “Friendly”
  • “Communicative”
  • “Careless”

These are all common phrases often used in reviews and can bring you right to a review that talks about each topic.

Only Large Items

You can also advise your moving company that you only need your large-scale items moved. You can load smaller items into boxes and transport them in your car.

Keep in mind, if you’re hiring a last-minute moving company, they most likely have other moves around that same time, so it’s good to be as time-efficient as possible. Only move what’s needed and handle everything else on your own.

DIY Vs. Moving Companies for Last-Minute Moves

While there are situations where opting for a do-it-yourself (DIY) move’s a wise decision, embarking on a last-minute move by yourself isn’t smart. Handling the moving process independently increases the risk of overlooking parts of the process, or causing damage to belongings.

Instead, hire a moving company to take some pressure off. The packaging process with professionals is always quicker and can save you some money too since you’re eliminating the risk of items being damaged.

Let’s get you moved as quickly as possible. Here’s our list of the top 3 last minute movers in the industry:



Adams Van Lines

  • Experienced and professional staff
  • Affordable pricing
  • Safe and secure transportation
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Native Van Lines

  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Transparent pricing
  • Prompt communication
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Out of State Moving Companies

  • Wide variety of services
  • Communicative customer support
  • Experienced movers
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Common Things Everyone Forgets

During the stress of a last-minute move, it’s easy to forget a few important things that are crucial to every move. Make a checklist of the following;

  • Properly Clean Your Old Home: Depending on your living situation, you may risk a fee if your house or apartment is not properly clean and maintained. Leave everything better than when you found it for the next people who move in.
  • First Night Essentials: One of the most overlooked parts of a move is the first night after the unloading process. You might not even have a bed set up yet. However one of the most common mistakes in any last-minute move is not packing your first night box. This box consists of items you’ll need on your first night. Phone chargers, toothbrushes, shampoo, and clean clothes for the morning are just a few items you should include in this box.
  • Leave Some Positivity: Considering the effort your moving service probably put into your sudden move to make sure everything went smoothly, it’s a great gesture to show appreciate by giving a tip and sharing a positive review online.

Even In The Most Desperate Times… Do Not Hire

Look, we get it. You get desperate for any type of help when a move is rushed and last minute. No matter how big of a hurry you’re inight be in, there are still things you need to look out for when hiring a moving company. If any of the following situations line up with the moving company you are considering, steer clear of hiring them.

  • Insurance: You could end up responsible for the costs if the moving company doesn’t have insurance to cover any damage to your belongings during loading or unloading. It’s advisable to not hire a company that’s reluctant to provide proof of insurance.
  • License: Always request a copy of the moving company’s license before finalizing your decision. A reputable moving company will gladly provide this information. In the event they hesitate, do not work with them.
  • If It’s Too Good To Be True… It Most Likely Is: Some unreliable moving companies may offer low estimates and quotes to lure you in. Never hire the moving company with the lowest quote because they often end up being scams or charging you way more than what you expected.

Take a Step Back

Before you lock the door to your old house, take a quick step back. Do a final walk around of each room to make sure nothing was left behind or damaged. Make sure all the utilities are turned off and everything looks clean.

This will make the moving experience for the next family to live there as seamless and easy as possible.

Thinking Clearly = Moving Successfully

Despite all of the stress, the clearer you think and the more research you do will result in you having a more successful move. Never hire the cheapest moving company, and do as much as you can to help them. Moving last minute is never ideal, but following these simple steps will guide you toward the easiest move possible.