America’s Most Envied Suburban Lifestyles

By: Thomas Curry Last Updated: Jan 01, 2024

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The below ranking shows the 175 suburbs with the most envied lifestyles across the country, as ranked by 3,000 Americans.

America’s Most Envied Suburban Lifestyles

Prior to the pandemic, metropolitan areas like New York City, San Francisco, and Miami were seen as the ideal places to live.

However, the pandemic-induced flexibility in work arrangements has spotlighted the appeal of suburban lifestyles that offer the best urban and rural settings.

So, we wondered, which suburbs across America have the most appeal?

To answer this question, we ran an online panel survey of 3,000 adults in the USA. The rankings are below

1. California – Calabasas


Calabasas is known for its upscale neighborhoods with luxurious properties, beautiful scenery, and proximity to natural attractions such as the Santa Monica Mountains.

The city’s low crime rate, excellent schools, and various high-end amenities also contribute to its reputation as an attractive and affluent community.

2. Florida – Ponte Vedra Beach


Ponte Vedra Beach offers residents stunning ocean views and recreational opportunities.

The area is home to upscale gated communities and prestigious golf courses, such as TPC Sawgrass, which hosts The Players Championship.

Its proximity to Jacksonville and St. Augustine provides access to cultural events, fine dining, and other amenities.

3. New York – Huntington Bay

New York – Huntington Bay

Huntington Bay, overlooking the Huntington Harbor, is known for its high-end real estate, offering luxurious homes with beautiful views. The community prides itself on its exclusivity, privacy, and close-knit atmosphere.

Additionally, the town’s proximity to New York City and access to upscale amenities, schools, and cultural activities further enhances its appeal to affluent residents.

4. North Carolina – SouthPark

North Carolina – SouthPark

SouthPark is known for its upscale shopping and dining options, such as the SouthPark Mall and numerous high-end restaurants.

The area boasts luxurious neighborhoods with well-maintained properties and a reputation for safety and low crime rates.

Additionally, SouthPark’s proximity to Uptown Charlotte and its status as a business and financial hub in the region make it an attractive location.

5. South Carolina – Forest Acres

South Carolina – Forest Acres

Forest Acres boasts a high median household income, upscale residential areas, and a low crime rate.

The city’s proximity to the state capital, Columbia, offers residents access to various amenities, excellent schools, and a strong local economy, all of which contribute to its reputation as an aspirational place to live.

6. Texas – Sugar Land

Texas – Sugar Land

Sugar Land has a strong economy and is home to numerous multinational corporations, which provide high-paying job opportunities for residents.

Additionally, Sugar Land boasts a range of upscale residential neighborhoods, excellent schools, and well-maintained public amenities.

Its proximity to Houston allows for easy access to various cultural, entertainment, and professional opportunities.

7. Georgia – Alpharetta

Georgia – Alpharetta

Alpharetta is considered an attractive place to live due to its robust job market, high average incomes, well-planned neighborhoods, excellent schools, and proximity to Atlanta’s cultural and entertainment opportunities.

8. Texas – Alamo Heights

Texas – Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is an aspirational place to live due to its high median household income, upscale residential areas, and access to excellent schools.

The city’s proximity to San Antonio provides residents with various amenities and cultural opportunities, making it an attractive choice for affluent families.

9. Washington – Mercer Island

Washington – Mercer Island

Mercer Island’s location in Lake Washington provides picturesque waterfront properties and scenic views, which contribute to its desirability.

Mercer Island’s high median household income, well-regarded schools, and proximity to Seattle’s economic opportunities and cultural attractions make it an attractive option for people seeking a luxurious and convenient lifestyle.

10. Virginia – McLean

Virginia – McLean

McLean is home to many high-income professionals and executives working in the nearby Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

It offers upscale neighborhoods with luxurious properties, top-rated schools, and proximity to various amenities and cultural attractions.

McLean’s convenient location, excellent infrastructure, and strong local economy make it an excellent place to live in.

Ranking Suburb State
11 Medina Washington
12 Castle Pines Colorado
13 Plano Texas
14 Eldorado at Santa Fe New Mexico
15 Cary North Carolina
16 Holladay Utah
17 Cape Elizabeth Maine
18 Summit New Jersey
19 Beverly Hills California
20 Newport Beach California
21 Falmouth Maine
22 Franklin Tennessee
23 Paradise Valley Arizona
24 Rabbit Creek Alaska
25 Albemarle County Virginia
26 Irvine California
27 Rancho Palos Verdes California
28 Indian Hill Ohio
29 Montclair New Jersey
30 Homewood Alabama
31 Turnagain Arm Alaska
32 Ahwatukee Foothills Arizona
33 Carmel Indiana
34 Park City Utah
35 Teton Village Wyoming
36 Upper East Side (in Manhattan) New York
37 Wailea Hawaii
38 East Honolulu Hawaii
39 Edmond Oklahoma
40 Maumelle Arkansas
41 Ada Michigan
42 Edina Minnesota
43 Alpine Utah
44 Ashland Oregon
45 Atherton California
46 Elkhorn Nebraska
47 Kahala Hawaii
48 Potomac Maryland
49 Prospect Kentucky
50 Cave Creek Arizona
51 Mequon Wisconsin
52 Meridian Hills Indiana
53 Town and Country Missouri
54 Great Neck New York
55 Metairie Louisiana
56 Boca Raton Florida
57 Indian Hills Kentucky
58 Johns Creek Georgia
59 Vail Colorado
60 Mount Pleasant South Carolina
61 Upper Arlington Ohio
62 Fox Chapel Pennsylvania
63 Jupiter Florida
64 La Jolla California
65 Incline Village Nevada
66 Marietta Georgia
67 Rancho Santa Fe California
68 Sequoyah Hills Tennessee
69 Hillsborough California
70 Great Falls Virginia
71 Palo Alto California
72 Hershey Pennsylvania
73 Lookout Mountain Tennessee
74 Mandeville Louisiana
75 Upper West Side (in Manhattan) New York
76 Ballantyne North Carolina
77 Chatham New Jersey
78 Coral Gables Florida
79 Andover Kansas
80 Coral Springs Florida
81 North Scottsdale Arizona
82 Weston Florida
83 Brentwood Tennessee
84 Helena Valley Montana
85 Liberty Lake Washington
86 Mountain Brook Alabama
87 Myers Park North Carolina
88 Sandy Springs Georgia
89 Windermere Florida
90 Barrington Hills Illinois
91 Brookline Massachusetts
92 Cabot Arkansas
93 Collierville Tennessee
94 Daniel Island: South Carolina
95 Germantown Tennessee
96 Greenwood Village Colorado
97 Saratoga California
98 Bryant Arkansas
99 Centerton Arkansas
100 Clayton Missouri
101 Highland Park Texas
102 Hockessin Delaware
103 Oro Valley Arizona
104 Scarsdale New York
105 Birmingham Michigan
106 Cherry Hills Village Colorado
107 Chestnut Hill Pennsylvania
108 Henderson Nevada
109 Lake Oswego Oregon
110 New Albany Ohio
111 Papillion Nebraska
112 Short Hills New Jersey
113 Southlake Texas
114 Zionsville Indiana
115 Bath Ohio
116 Bedford New Hampshire
117 Frontenac Missouri
118 Granger Indiana
119 Hillside Alaska
120 Madison Mississippi
121 Maple Bluff Wisconsin
122 Montgomery Ohio
123 Northwest Crossing Oregon
124 Rumson New Jersey
125 Sherwood Arkansas
126 Brookhaven Georgia
127 East Grand Rapids Michigan
128 Glencoe Illinois
129 Grosse Pointe Michigan
130 Madison Alabama
131 Manheim Township Pennsylvania
132 Overland Park Kansas
133 River Oaks Texas
134 South Hills West Virginia
135 Wayzata Minnesota
136 West Des Moines Iowa
137 West Lake Hills Texas
138 Barrington Rhode Island
139 Belle Meade Tennessee
140 Bethesda Maryland
141 Bloomfield Hills Michigan
142 Covington Louisiana
143 Eagle Idaho
144 Goochland County Virginia
145 Hinsdale Illinois
146 Lake Oswego Oregon
147 Needham Massachusetts
148 North Ogden Utah
149 Ridgefield Connecticut
150 Rollingwood Texas
151 Sandia Heights New Mexico
152 Sewickley Pennsylvania
153 Shaker Heights Ohio
154 Shelburne Vermont
155 Vestavia Alabama
156 Wellesley Massachusetts
157 West Fargo North Dakota
158 Westport Connecticut
159 Winnetka Illinois
160 Bettendorf Iowa
161 Clive Iowa
162 Colts Neck New Jersey
163 Eden Prairie Minnesota
164 Ladue Missouri
165 Lakeville Minnesota
166 Leawood Kansas
167 Newton Massachusetts
168 Nichols Hills Oklahoma
169 Westfield Indiana
170 Windham New Hampshire
171 Darien Connecticut
172 Derby Kansas
173 Maple Grove Minnesota
174 New Canaan Connecticut
175 Weston Massachusetts

Key Findings

The most envied suburban lifestyles in America, as per the survey, are the following suburbs:

  1. Calabasas, California: Known for its proximity to the entertainment industry, scenic views, and access to cultural events.
  2. Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida: Famed for its beaches, relaxed coastal atmosphere, and golf courses.
  3. Huntington Bay, New York: Offers a luxurious lifestyle with waterfront properties and proximity to New York City.
  4. SouthPark, North Carolina: Recognized for its shopping, upscale residential areas, and proximity to Charlotte.
  5. Forest Acres, South Carolina: Loved for its greenery and closeness to downtown Columbia.

Other Top 10 Suburbs: Sugar Land (Texas), Alpharetta (Georgia), Alamo Heights (Texas), Mercer Island (Washington), and McLean (Virginia) also ranked high for their amenities, schools, and balance between suburban and urban attractions.

Additional Data from the Survey

We also asked respondents the following questions. We included our commentary on the results.

Administrative Hassles

Question: Does the admin associated with moving put you off moving to a new city?
Yes: 48%

Our thoughts: Nearly half (48%) of the respondents believe that administrative tasks (such as updating personal records, utilities, address changes, etc.) are a deterrent to moving to a new city. This implies that simplifying administrative processes can potentially encourage more people to consider relocating.

Cost Concerns:

Question: Does the cost of moving to a new city put you off doing so?
Yes: 72%

Our thoughts: The cost of moving is a significant concern, with 72% stating that it puts them off the idea. This suggests there’s a big market for affordable moving solutions or cost-saving tips related to moving. One valuable tool that can help individuals plan their move within budget is a moving cost calculator.

DIY Moves:

Question: Have you ever attempted to move home on your own? i.e. without the help of a moving company?
Yes: 71%

Our thoughts: A significant 71% have tried moving on their own without the help of a moving company. This underscores the earlier point about the high costs of moving. Many might be looking for ways to cut costs, even if it means more work on their end.

DIY Move Experience:

Question: If you have attempted to move home on your own (without a moving company), how would you rate your experience on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best)
5 out of 10.

Our thoughts: The average experience of those who moved without a moving company is rated at 5 out of 10. This suggests that while it’s feasible for one to move on their own, it’s not always a great experience. This might suggest a potential market for more affordable moving companies that can make DIY moving more accessible to those on a budget.

Concerns about Moving to a New City:

Question: What aspect of moving to a new city concerns you the most?
Safety and Crime: 31%

Our thoughts: This is the most significant concern at 31%. Cities looking to attract new residents should consider promoting their safety initiatives or crime statistics if they are favorable.

Housing Affordability: 26%

Our thoughts: At 26%, this is another major concern. With rising housing costs in many cities, it’s no surprise that people are worried about finding affordable housing.

Making new friends: 15%

Our thoughts: 15% find it daunting to make new friends, emphasizing the importance of community.

Schooling and Education: 12%

Our thoughts: 12% are concerned about schooling and education. This might be especially relevant for families with children who are contemplating a move.

Transportation and Commuting: 8%

Our thoughts: 8% have concerns related to transportation. They might be considering traffic conditions, the quality of public transportation, or the accessibility of their workplace.

Healthcare Accessibility: 6%

Our thoughts: Healthcare being a concern for 6% suggests that there’s a smaller but significant group concerned about the quality and accessibility of healthcare services in a new location.

Cultural Differences: 2%

Our thoughts: Only 2% are concerned about cultural differences. This might suggest that most respondents feel confident about their ability to adapt culturally or that they are moving within regions with similar cultures.

Implications of this Study:

Real Estate Value: With an increased desire for suburban living, we can expect a potential surge in real estate values in these areas. As more people seek homes in these top-ranking suburbs, demand might outpace supply, leading to increased property values.

Infrastructure Development: These envied suburbs may see heightened infrastructure development. As the population grows, there would be a need for improved transportation, utilities, and public facilities to accommodate the influx.

Business Opportunities: Businesses might see these growing suburban hubs as lucrative areas for expansion or establishment. This could lead to job growth in these regions and a potential increase in local economic activity.

Urbanization Patterns: The shift in living preferences could reshape American urbanization trends. We may observe a spread of population density rather than a concentration in major metropolitan areas. The balance between tranquility and accessibility will likely be a guiding principle in future town planning and development.

Moving Trends: The increased interest in suburban areas could see a boom in the moving industry, with relocation services, best moving companies, and associated businesses experiencing heightened demand.

People might be looking for services that can help them transition smoothly to these envied suburban areas. This trend can also have implications for local housing markets, as increased movement might cause short-term housing shortages, potentially leading to temporary housing solutions becoming more prominent.

Political Landscape: As individuals from diverse urban areas with varied political views move to traditionally homogenous suburban areas, there could be a shift in the local political dynamics.

These suburbs might experience a broadening of political perspectives, which could impact local elections, policies, and political representation. This amalgamation of views could also foster more engaged and informed community debates and discussions.

Overall, these insights provide valuable information for city planners, real estate developers, moving service providers, and community builders. Addressing these concerns can help make cities more attractive to potential movers.

How Was the Study Conducted?

We conducted this study via an online panel survey of 3,000 adults based on age, gender, and geography. Internal data sources were used to obtain population data sets.

We used a two-step process to ensure representativeness through stratified sampling and post-stratification weighting.

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