Top 200 Places Across America for Real Estate Growth in 2024

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Jan 01, 2024

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The below ranking shows the top 200 towns and cities across America with the greatest real estate growth potential (based on empty 1 acre plots of land), as ranked by 3,000 prospective real estate investors.

Top 200 Places Across America for Real Estate Growth in 2024

In an era of dynamic economic shifts and changing housing markets, understanding where real estate growth potential lies is crucial for both investors and homeowners.

This comprehensive study, based on insights gathered from a survey of 3,000 prospective real estate investors, unveils a ranking of the top American towns and cities with the greatest potential for remarkable real estate growth.

1. Tampa, Florida

Tampa Florida

Positioned on Florida’s sun-drenched coast, Tampa is fast becoming a beacon for real estate aficionados hunting for promising returns on an acre of untouched land.

Tampa isn’t just riding the wave of urban growth; it’s shaping it, pouring resources into state-of-the-art infrastructure, top-tier public services, and community projects that resonate with both businesses and homeowners.

When you invest in Tampa’s terra firma, you’re not just buying land; you could be securing a stake in a city on the ascendancy.

From envisioning modern residential paradises to carving out bustling commercial niches or cultivating recreational havens, Tampa’s land investment horizon is as diverse as it is promising.

2. Austin, Texas

Austin Texas

Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin stands out as a jewel for investors with an eye on a 1-acre slice of potential prosperity.

Beyond its reputation as the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin pulses with economic energy, powered by a diverse engine of technology, healthcare, and entertainment.

It’s not just the job prospects drawing people in; it’s the Austin allure – a blend of outdoor adventures, eclectic cultural soirees, and that unmistakable Texan spirit.

3. Knoxville, Tennessee

Knoxville Tennessee

Purchasing a 1-acre lot in Knoxville could be a savvy investment given the city’s economic growth and diverse sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, education, and technology.

As the largest city in East Tennessee, Knoxville boasts robust educational institutions, cultural attractions, and a high quality of life.

The city has made substantial investments in infrastructure and community development, enhancing its appeal. An investment in vacant land here could offer many development possibilities.

4. Kissimmee, Florida

North Carolina – SouthPark

Nestled in the shadow of giants like Walt Disney World, Kissimmee stands as more than just a gateway to magical kingdoms.

It’s a thriving hub, pulsing with the energy of countless tourists that flood its streets each year, breathing life into local businesses spanning hospitality to retail. Yet, it’s not just fleeting visits that define Kissimmee.

The allure of its balmy climate and enriched quality of life casts a spell, drawing many to plant roots permanently. With the city’s forward-thinking investment in infrastructure and community, the soil is fertile for real estate visionaries.

Here, the opportunities are vast, ranging from cozy homes for its blossoming community to commercial epicenters designed to harness the tourist tide.

5. North Las Vegas, Nevada

North Las Vegas

North Las Vegas, located strategically within the Las Vegas metropolitan area, is among the fastest-growing cities in the U.S.

Its diverse economy, spanning healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics, ensures stability and broad employment prospects.

The city boasts a rich quality of life, with parks, recreational activities, and urban amenities. Infrastructure and community investments have been made to support the burgeoning population and business landscape.

Land investments here can lead to diverse developments, from residential areas for the growing populace to commercial and recreational spaces.

Considering its economic momentum and strategic positioning, North Las Vegas could offer exciting opportunities for successful real estate investments.

6. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina

Known as the “Queen City,” Charlotte has witnessed notable population growth and economic expansion. With a multifaceted economy, it provides a robust economic base and vast employment prospects.

The city boasts top-notch schools, cultural sites, parks, and recreational amenities, reflecting its commitment to a superior quality of life. The city has diverse development potential, from housing for its growing residents to commercial spaces.

For those with an eye on real estate, a 1-acre plot in Charlotte promises not just land, but a stake in a city that’s on a relentless upward trajectory.

7. Hempstead, New York

Hempstead New York

Nestled on Long Island and just a quick jaunt from the heartbeat of New York City, Hempstead, New York, emerges as an under-the-radar gem for savvy real estate investors seeking substantial returns on an acre of empty land.

It’s not just about proximity; Hempstead’s multifaceted economy, buoyed by sectors like healthcare, education, and retail, acts as a magnet for a diverse workforce and residents yearning for that suburban tranquility without forfeiting urban conveniences.

As the town pivots towards progressive infrastructure projects, land in Hempstead could become a canvas for visionary developments – think suburban homes for the modern commuter, bustling commercial hubs, or community-centric recreational spaces.

8. Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona

Nestled in the heart of Arizona, Phoenix isn’t just a desert city; it’s a blossoming oasis of opportunity, especially for those eyeing a 1-acre plot as a springboard to prosperity.

Over time, Phoenix has metamorphosed into a pulsating urban giant, showcasing prowess in arenas from tech and healthcare to manufacturing.

Serving as the southwestern U.S.’s linchpin of economic activity, its thriving job landscape and business-friendly climate attract a lot of talent.

Those who venture into its real estate market could find themselves at the nexus of demand spanning residential to industrial domains, tapping into the city’s growth spurt.

9. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio Texas

San Antonio is a hotbed of opportunity for those with an eye on a 1-acre investment.

This city, galloping ahead as one of America’s fastest-growing urban centers, boasts a varied economy from healthcare, tourism, the military, and the tech industry.

Recognizing its growth, the city pours efforts into refining its infrastructure, public amenities, and community projects, ensuring it remains a magnet for both newcomers and long-time residents.

For the astute investor, a plot in San Antonio isn’t just a piece of land; it could be a gateway to endless possibilities in a city that seamlessly blends economic vigor with cultural richness.

10. Edinburg, Texas


Edinburg Texas

Nestled in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, Edinburg stands out as a beacon for investors seeking to capitalize on a 1-acre land opportunity.

Rapidly carving its niche as a growth hotspot in southern Texas, Edinburg’s allure extends beyond its burgeoning skyline to its strategic positioning, primed for both residential and commercial blossoming.

The city’s economic pulse is diverse, drawing vitality from sectors ranging from healthcare and education to agriculture and trade, laying down a resilient foundation replete with job prospects.

The city has channeled efforts into infrastructural enhancements, public amenities, and community projects, ensuring it remains an enticing destination.

Ranking 11th to 200th: You can view the entire list in the following table:

Ranking City State
11 Melbourne Florida
12 Medford Massachusetts
13 North Port Florida
14 Phoenixville Pennsylvania
15 Pine Hills Florida
16 San Bernardino California
17 Kirkland Washington
18 Albany Oregon
19 Hampton Virginia
20 Sugar Land Texas
21 Grovetown Georgia
22 Menifee California
23 Sandy Springs Georgia
24 Allendale Michigan
25 Eau Claire Wisconsin
26 Surprise Arizona
27 Casper Wyoming
28 Allen Texas
29 Enterprise Nevada
30 Suffolk Virginia
31 Suwanee Georgia
32 Champaign Illinois
33 Essex Junction Vermont
34 Fort Myers Florida
35 Houston Texas
36 Kyle Texas
37 Merced California
38 Newington New Hampshire
39 Salt Lake City Utah
40 Hemet California
41 Santa Cruz California
42 Sarasota Florida
43 Norwalk Connecticut
44 Perry Georgia
45 Cedar Rapids Iowa
46 Charles Town West Virginia
47 Henderson Nevada
48 Ocean Pointe Hawaii
49 Fayetteville Arkansas
50 Athens Alabama
51 Chino California
52 Santa Clarita California
53 Chesapeake Virginia
54 Meridian Idaho
55 Novi Michigan
56 Hesperia California
57 Ocala Florida
58 Daytona Beach Florida
59 Elgin Illinois
60 Naples Florida
61 Homestead Florida
62 Noblesville Indiana
63 Piedmont Oklahoma
64 Atascocita Texas
65 League City Texas
66 Tigard Oregon
67 Fort Collins Colorado
68 La Crosse Wisconsin
69 Laramie Wyoming
70 Pike Road Alabama
71 Port St. Lucie Florida
72 The Villages Florida
73 Ankeny Iowa
74 Cheat Lake West Virginia
75 Middletown Delaware
76 Plainfield Illinois
77 San Tan Valley Arizona
78 Jacksonville Florida
79 Orlando Florida
80 Pearland Texas
81 Richmond California
82 Cape Coral Florida
83 Clarksville Tennessee
84 New Braunfels Texas
85 Virginia Beach Virginia
86 Bend Oregon
87 Buffalo New York
88 Destin Florida
89 Foley Alabama
90 Hoboken New Jersey
91 Mesquite New Mexico
92 Myrtle Beach South Carolina
93 Raleigh North Carolina
94 Tracy California
95 Conroe Texas
96 Fort Worth Texas
97 Greenville South Carolina
98 O’Fallon Missouri
99 Bear Delaware
100 Bradenton Florida
101 Cary North Carolina
102 Frisco Texas
103 Kapolei Hawaii
104 Middletown Ohio
105 Nashville Tennessee
106 Tea South Dakota
107 Utica New York
108 Franklin Tennessee
109 Georgetown Texas
110 Lehigh Acres Florida
111 McKinney Texas
112 Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania
113 Mount Pleasant South Carolina
114 Mount Vernon New York
115 Riverview Florida
116 Salisbury Maryland
117 Seattle Washington
118 Spartanburg South Carolina
119 Longmont Colorado
120 New Boston New Hampshire
121 Ontario California
122 Paterson New Jersey
123 Schenectady New York
124 Westminster Colorado
125 Woodstock City Georgia
126 Blue Springs Missouri
127 Dearborn Michigan
128 Leander Texas
129 Lee’s Summit Missouri
130 Plymouth Minnesota
131 Portsmouth Virginia
132 Provo Utah
133 Buckeye Arizona
134 Danbury Connecticut
135 Huntsville Alabama
136 Martinsburg West Virginia
137 Palm Bay Florida
138 Reno Nevada
139 Wind Gap Pennsylvania
140 Blaine Minnesota
141 College Station Texas
142 Concord North Carolina
143 Daphne Alabama
144 Fishers Indiana
145 Green Bay Wisconsin
146 Idaho Falls Idaho
147 Killeen Texas
148 Lehi Utah
149 Maricopa Arizona
150 Murfreesboro Tennessee
151 Oxford Mississippi
152 Pooler Georgia
153 Southaven Mississippi
154 Sparks Nevada
155 Spokane Washington
156 Springdale Arkansas
157 Stamford Connecticut
158 Trenton New Jersey
159 Walpole New Hampshire
160 Cuyahoga Falls Ohio
161 Gilbert Arizona
162 Jersey City New Jersey
163 Kent Washington
164 Little Elm Texas
165 Mandan North Dakota
166 Mishawaka Indiana
167 Mustang Oklahoma
168 Olive Branch Mississippi
169 Portland Maine
170 Queen Creek Arizona
171 Santa Fe New Mexico
172 St. George Utah
173 Boise Idaho
174 Carmichael California
175 Clovis California
176 Goodyear Arizona
177 Greenwood Indiana
178 Irvine California
179 Kettering Ohio
180 Lincoln Nebraska
181 Logan Utah
182 Newcastle Oklahoma
183 Pasco Washington
184 Rochester Minnesota
185 Smyrna Delaware
186 Tiverton Rhode Island
187 Valencia Pennsylvania
188 West Des Moines Iowa
189 Box Elder South Dakota
190 Brockton Massachusetts
191 Coeur D’Alene Idaho
192 Grand Island Nebraska
193 Janesville Wisconsin
194 Kalispell Montana
195 Naperville Illinois
196 Ogden Utah
197 Papillion Nebraska
198 Westfield Indiana
199 Olympia Washington
200 South Jordan Utah

Key Findings

Three of the top ten towns were in Texas (Tampa, San Antonio and Edinburg).

Florida had the most towns/cities in the ranking, featuring 21 in the top 200, with two of those in the top ten (1st and 4th).

Only 9 cities within the top 200 are state capitals: 

  1. Austin, Texas
  2. Phoenix, Arizona
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah
  4. Raleigh, North Carolina
  5. Trenton, New Jersey
  6. Boise, Idaho
  7. Lincoln, Nebraska
  8. Santa Fe, New Mexico
  9. Olympia, Washington

The towns/cities with the greatest real estate growth potential across America, as per the survey, are the following suburbs:

  1. Tampa, Florida: Known for its vibrant cultural scene, beautiful Gulf Coast beaches, and warm, sunny weather.
  2. Austin, Texas: Renowned for its dynamic live music scene, technological innovation, and a flourishing culinary and beverage culture.
  3. Knoxville, Tennessee: Celebrated for its deep Appalachian roots, picturesque natural landscapes, and a thriving arts and cultural scene.
  4. Kissimmee, Florida: Famed for its proximity to world-renowned theme parks, including Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort, making it a popular destination for family vacations and entertainment.
  5. North Las Vegas, Nevada: Recognized for its burgeoning residential and commercial development, providing an attractive and growing community just north of the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Other Top 10 Towns/Cities: Charlotte (North Carolina), Hempstead (New York), Phoenix (Arizona) San Antonio (Texas) Edinburg (Texas) also ranked high for their amenities, schools, and balance between suburban and urban attractions.

Study Implications

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just dipping your toes into the real estate market, this research can help you make informed decisions and find the hidden gems that promise great returns.

Additional societal implications include:

1. Economic Growth and Diversification: The cities and towns listed, such as Tampa, Austin, and Knoxville, are not just growing in terms of real estate but are also diversifying their economic bases. This suggests a shift in economic power and influence from traditional hubs to these emerging cities, which are attracting investments in various sectors like technology, healthcare, education, and entertainment.

2. Migration Patterns: The growth potential in these areas may indicate shifts in population migration. People might be moving to these areas in search of better job opportunities, quality of life, or both. This could lead to a more balanced population distribution across the country, reducing the strain on traditionally overpopulated cities.

3. Rise in Relocation and Moving Services: As more people recognize the potential of these emerging cities and decide to relocate, there will be a surge in demand for moving and relocation services. Established moving companies may expand their operations to these areas, while new local businesses may emerge to cater to the specific needs of the incoming population. This could lead to competitive pricing, innovative moving solutions, and specialized services tailored to the unique challenges of each city.

4. Cultural Evolution: As cities like Austin and Tampa grow, they will also evolve culturally. The influx of new residents from diverse backgrounds will enrich the local culture, leading to a blend of traditions, cuisines, and lifestyles. This cultural evolution can make these cities more attractive to tourists and new residents alike.

5. Infrastructure Development: The growth in real estate is often accompanied by advancements in infrastructure. Cities like Knoxville and North Las Vegas are investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, which not only supports the current population but also prepares the city for future growth. This proactive approach can lead to sustainable urban development.

6. Environmental Concerns: With rapid real estate growth comes the challenge of environmental sustainability. Cities will need to ensure that their growth does not come at the expense of the environment. This includes considerations for green spaces, sustainable construction practices, and efficient waste management.

7. Affordability Issues: While growth is generally seen as positive, it can lead to increased living costs, making it difficult for long-term residents to afford their hometowns. Cities will need to address affordability issues to ensure that they remain inclusive.

8. Educational Opportunities: The growth of cities often leads to the expansion of educational institutions. Cities like Knoxville, which boasts robust educational institutions, may see an influx of students, leading to a younger demographic and a vibrant academic community.

9. State Representation: The fact that only 9 cities within the top 200 are state capitals suggests that growth is not limited to political hubs. This decentralization of growth can lead to a more balanced development across states.

10. Tourism and Hospitality: Cities like Kissimmee, which are close to major tourist attractions, will see a boom in the hospitality sector. This can lead to job creation and economic growth but also presents challenges like seasonal employment and over-reliance on tourism.

11. Investment Opportunities: For investors, this study provides a roadmap to areas with high growth potential. However, it also serves as a reminder to invest responsibly, keeping in mind the long-term implications for the community.


Survey of 3,000 respondents, October 2024.

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