Perennial Van Lines Review 2024

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

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Perennial Van Lines offers local and long distance moves throughout the lower 48. We called them up and did some digging to see what you can expect.

Perennial Van Lines Review 2024

The Bottom Line:

Perennial Van Lines is a broker with authority, which means they have their own trusted network of movers and carriers who handle jobs in different parts of the country. While they do subcontract your move to local specialists, they seem to keep their carriers on a pretty tight leash.




Perennial Van Lines

  • Solid reviews
  • Hefty discounts
  • Communicative and informative reps

Perennial Van Lines ID:

Star Rating: 4.2/5
Best For Discounts and Peace of Mind
DOT #: 3197151
MC #: 154332
Date Established: 2019
Services Offered: Long distance, local

What Kind of Services Does Perennial Van Lines Offer?

  • Local moving: Perennial Van Lines offers local moving solutions if you’re just moving across town.
  • Long distance moving: Perennial also offers interstate moving, including certain preferred routes.
  • Commercial moves: If you have to move a small business or your inventory, Perennial Van Lines can help.
  • Corporate relocations: Some commercial moves are bigger than others. If you’re relocating your HQ, Perennial may be your best bet.
  • Auto transport: Since you can only drive one car at a time, Perennial Van Lines’ auto transport is a really helpful service.

  • Single point of contact for your move
  • Solid reviews (especially for a broker)
  • Tightly-controlled network of movers
  • Impressive discounts
  • Helpful customer service
  • Your move experience may vary depending on carrier

How Does Perennial Van Lines Compare to the Competition?

4.2 4.7 4.7
Best Moving Service Best For Long Distance Best For Long Distance
Local moving, Long distance moving, Commercial moves, Corporate relocations, Auto transport Local moving, Long distance moving. Commercial moving, Military moves, Packing services, Small relocations Local moving, Long distance moving, Bespoke moves, Corporate relocations, Packing and unpacking, Storage solutions
$6688 - $7846 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $5400.00 - $6800.00 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4999 - $7999 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
Get a Quote Get a Quote Get a Quote
Read Review Read Review Read Review

Perennial Van Lines vs. Mayzlin Relocation

Perennial Van Lines and Mayzlin Relocation are closely matched, which is pretty impressive considering Mayzlin typically knocks it out of the park. A lower-priced Perennial move will be cheaper than a higher-priced Mayzlin move, but Mayzlin still has the affordability angle covered. On the other hand, Perennial does offer more in-depth commercial moving.

Mayzlin is hard to beat, but if you’re dealing with a commercial move and you really want to minimize downtime, we’d recommend Perennial. They offer corporate relocations for bigger business-related moves.

Perennial Van Lines vs. Adams Van Lines

Adams Van Lines is also a pretty strong contender. While they’ve always had a pretty impressive range of services – including customized moves – Perennial may be more affordable. Sure, some moves with Adams are going to undercut the price of a move with Perennial Van Lines, but it really comes down to distance and volume.

If you’re keeping an eye on your budget, Perennial Van Lines is a solid bet. They may not have the huge menu of services that Adams has, but if you’re trying to keep it simple, straightforward, and on the more affordable side, Perennial has you covered.

How Much Does it Cost to Move with Perennial Van Lines?

If you choose to move with Perennial Van Lines, expect to pay between $6700 and $7900 – sometimes more and sometimes less, depending on distance and volume. When we called in, we requested quotes for a three bedroom, two bath house, and a relocation from Florida to California.

One of our quotes included the price of Perennial’s packing services. We also got a cheaper quote for a DIY packing job. If you want packing (or additional services like car transport or furniture assembly or disassembly) you’ll have to pay extra.

You can save money with Perennial by doing the packing and boxing yourself. Just keep in mind that moving companies may be reluctant to insure your items if they weren’t involved in the packing.

Perennial Quote without Packing

Here’s our quote without packing. As you can see, the price was about $6688. Cheaper than the full-packing option below, and we still got some sweet discounts.

Perennial Quote with Packing

And here’s our quote with packing. At $7846.09, it was a bit pricier – but can you really put a price on your own stress and sanity?

Perennial Van Lines Discounts

Perennial Van Lines offers some pretty hefty discounts. When we called in, our rep threw in some goodies to sweeten the deal.

Type of Discount Potential Savings
Neighbor Discount (Origin and destination close to Perennial branches) $2350 – $2550
Availability Discount (No blackout dates during moving window)
Piggyback Discount (Bundled moves on same route)

What it’s Like to Book a Move with Perennial Van Lines

We called in to Perennial Van Lines to get an idea of what you can expect if you want to book a move. Overall, it was a pretty smooth experience. David, our moving rep, was really helpful, and he was polite enough to take down our info and call us back after he calculated our quote. No need to stay on hold!

1. Step 1:

The first step with a move with Perennial Van Lines is to call in. Once you get in touch, there’s two ways to proceed: Do a virtual walkthrough of your home, or provide an inventory list of all your stuff via email.

2. Step 2:

We chose to provide an inventory list. We sent it over to David, and he told us he’d call us back in about 20 minutes with quote info. This was a nice break from sitting around on hold while our moving rep crunched the numbers – especially since he ended up calling us back only 10 minutes later.

3. Step 3:

Finally, you get to look over your quote and decide whether or not you’ll be pulling the trigger. David walked us through the whole quote, and also used this second phone call to ask us if we had any questions. Simple and smooth, and pretty convenient that you aren’t locked in to an in-home estimate.

Perennial Van Lines Reviews

They were great to work with. They kept in contact throughout the move. Carrier providing actual move was great. Movers who packed my belongings were exceptional to work with. Very courteous, friendly and professional. Then the driver who dropped out my belongings in the new state was the same. I would recommend them and use them again. Thank you!!”


“Our brand new bikes arrived all scratched up. They also locked and then lost keys to my cabinet. On arrival our 60 inch tv was dropped in the truck and broke. Their “insurance offered me 60 cents a pound or $39 to compensate for a $1200 tv. Go elsewhere!”


On the whole, Perennial Van Lines actually has pretty solid reviews. There have been a few 1-star ratings from customers, but these were often traced to issues they had with their particular carriers. We’ve seen a lot of moving feedback (pun intended), but the amount of good reviews vs. bad reviews for Perennial was actually pretty impressive.

Key Takeaways:

Perennial Van Lines is a solid option for local and long distance moving. They also have pretty in-depth services for corporate relocations. As an extra bonus, your Perennial moving rep is your go-to resource for questions, comments, or concerns throughout the entire moving process.

As a broker with authority, Perennial keeps a close eye on the movers in their trusted network. However, this still means you’ll be dealing with subcontractors on moving day. If you’d rather work with an exclusively in-house team, you may want to look elsewhere.

Perennial Van Lines has an impressive track record with their customers. We’ve seen lots of moving companies that are swamped with 1-star reviews, but Perennial managed to maintain their reputation. If you need some trustworthy movers for your corporate relocation or residential move, they’re a great choice.


Perennial Van Lines is a broker with authority. This means they have their own trusted network of carriers, and they contract these carriers to handle the actual heavy lifting. According to David, Perennial has about 11 of these trusted carriers, and Perennial makes sure they’re performing to expectations.

Perennial Van Lines offers insurance, but it can be pricey. Our rep actually recommended that we look into our homeowners or renters insurance to see if our plan extended to moving and relocation. He also pointed us towards Baker International if we wanted full coverage insurance from a third party.

David explained that a move with Perennial would probably take us around 14 days, and that was a conservative estimate. He took the time to explain that carriers aren’t legally permitted to drive more than 400 highway miles per day, so if you’re moving a shorter distance, you may have a shorter wait.

Perennial is based in Delray Beach, Florida, but they have branches all over the continental US. We actually got a discount for our destination being close to one of their branches on the West Coast, along with another discount for our point of origin being close to one of their branches in Florida.

If you’re not planning on driving your car or truck from point A to point B – or you’ve got several cars or trucks that need moving – hiring an auto transport specialist is a solid option. Fortunately, Perennial Van Lines has you covered.

Our Methodology

At Moving Feedback, we want you to be totally informed before you book your movers. It’s why our research team scours the internet for reviews and certification info for every mover we review, and it’s why we make these reviews in the first place.

There’s a lot of sketchy movers out there, so we spend extra time digging for dirt. Part of our research includes secret shopping. We go undercover, call in, and request quotes so we can take notes and grade the whole process.

Aside from secret shopping and all that online research, we really know our way around a move. That’s because our team members have spent years working in the moving industry, doing everything from heavy lifting to dispatch. It gives us an insider’s perspective, and a pretty solid BS detector, too.