New York City Moving Guide

Are you thinking of moving to New York City and you are here looking for information about the city? Or are you a college student or a post-grad who is looking for a place like NY to settle down? This guide will take you through the process step by step.

New York is a famous city that needs no much introduction before you know what it is all about. It is the most populous city in the United States with about 8.5 million people residing in the city. There are tens of cities in the US, but New York stands out amongst them all. If you want to experience true winter and summer that goes well to the much-needed conducive environment that helps you fall asleep easily, NY is a place to live.

There are a lot of neighborhoods to explore in New York City. Based on your choice of neighborhood, while some areas can be raucous, some suburbs can be as quiet as reserved areas. New York is level ground for better job opportunities for various standards of people but characterized by fierce competition due to the high influx of people to the city.

Apart from job opportunities, there are things to do and enjoy to make your stay worthwhile. You will also find a variety of apartments with friendly neighbors in the city. New York is a place to learn about how to live with people without having an issue with your neighbors. What are those things you need to know before moving to NY? Moving Feedback is here to take you through the journey one after the other.

New York City Moving Guide

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Which Neighborhood of New York do you want?

Moving to NYC can be challenging, but there is no other place like this city. New York is a very big city with an outstanding number of neighborhoods to select from. If you are keen on moving to NY, you will need to review some of the top New York neighborhoods and choose the one that best fits your purpose of moving.

New York is made up of different neighborhoods and boroughs characterized by a variety of vibes and moods. They range from Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and The Bronx.

The question now is how do you know which of the neighborhoods is best for you? Let’s run through these boroughs with some of their side attraction for more enlightenment to help your decision.

Top 8 Neighborhoods in the New York Boroughs

These 8 New York boroughs (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and The Bronx) are comprised of various popular neighborhoods with different side attractions to make your stay enjoyable.

However, you need to consider some factors such as the cost of living, transportation, healthcare, and other things.

Below is a list of 8 neighborhoods in the NYC boroughs:

1. East Village

East Village is one of the popular neighborhoods in Manhattan with eclectic looks. It is famous for the brand cool of cultural and social activities ranging from the beats of 50s to as higher as the punks of 70s and 80s.

East Village is loaded with tons of affordable restaurants and bars which rocks 24/7 and as well as the availability of lots of rental options for newcomers. The neighborhood is known for a low crime rate which makes it a perfect place for people who value security for their move.

2. Williamsburg

Williamsburg is a neighborhood of Brooklyn for newcomers that don’t find a place in East Village. The costs of living in Williamsburg are much lower than that of East Village but with almost the same eclectic cool environment.

This neighborhood is experiencing rapid growth and development in terms of social amenities, but its crime rate is a bit higher than that of East Village.

However, newcomers have found the neighborhood a good idea to move to, considering many side attractions that are coming up in the city.

3. Upper West Side

When you are talking about lots of green spaces, residential vibes, classic New York cultural institutions, and friendly bars, the Upper West Side is a place to move to.

Travelers have reviewed that the UWS is a quiet and perfect place for families to settle down. The neighborhood is known for world-class museums such as the Museum of Natural History equipped with many dinosaur bones to walkabout. The Upper West Side has a low crime rate and a stable housing market for newcomers.

4. Harlem

When it comes to proximity and affordability, Harlem is an ideal neighborhood for young professionals and college students on a budget. All their housing rentals are cheaper than most neighborhoods in Manhattan. If you are looking for a place to move to on a budget, consider Harlem as your target in NYC.

5. Murray Hill

Murray Hill is popular for its many side attractions not limited to ample restaurants, raucous nightlife scene, and easy walking distance access to other neighboring hoods and young newcomers love it this way.

Recent grads have found Murray Hill attractive due to many social lives including drink spots, late-night food, and as well as hip cafes which make it a must-visit for them especially in their early 20s.

Convenient walk out to places of work in Midtown and other areas including Grand Central-42nd Street and Times Square to explore in the city are an added advantage to the adventures of the neighborhood.

6. Upper East Side

Upper East Side is another hub for art-enthusiast lovers where they can visit a variety of Museum Mile such as the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Apart from museums, you can as well shop at department stores and other standard boutiques near Central Park to enjoy the homey vibe of the Upper East Side.

7. Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a neighborhood of one of the five boroughs of NYC curl up between West and East Village. It is home to New York University and other historic places including LGBT-friendly Stonewall Inn which is one of the most popular eats of the city.

If you like to be in an environment of many college students, Greenwich Village is a place for you, as you encounter many of them during the day at iconic Washington Square Park and MacDougal Street at the night. The neighborhood is always bubbled with lots of activities to keep you attracted to the city.

8. Queens

It is one of the popular boroughs in New York City, and it features some notable art institutions, gorgeous parks, and incredible food restaurants and bars.

Another side attraction in the neighborhood is Astoria; a combination of young professionals, longtime residents, incredible Greek food, and booming nightlife.

What about Citi Field hosted Willets Point and as well as Long Island City of both MOMA PS1 and Socrates Sculpture Garden. In fact, Queens is a place to be.

The Living Standard of New York City

NYC is a place everyone dreams to go for a long-term settlement. Considering many side attractions of the city including the world’s best restaurants, city parks, museums, booming joints, and other developments available in the neighborhoods, New York is a place to visit, even if it is a once in a lifetime.

However, before you think of booking that flight to NYC, check out this New York moving guide regarding the standard of living of the city and other related information to help you know more about your future home.

Costs of Living

Costs of living are not limited to your rent alone but also include transportation, food costs, costs of utilities, and much more. We will highlight some of the key living factors related to New York City to help you prepare better and help your decision. Below are the costs of living factors in NYC:


If you are enthusiastic about moving to New York, you have to consider your budget regarding housing. According to research, NY housing is 136% higher compared to the national average.

Irrespective of the option you choose; either buying or renting an apartment, housing is much more expensive than in other cities. For example, buying a home in Manhattan may cost up to $2,000,000.

However, you can explore the following options to get accommodation for your move:

  • Finding roommates: Due to this high rate of housing cost, many people moving to New York do look for roommates to share the burden of housing costs. If this is an option you would love to explore, you can read our post – The Best 7 Platforms to find Roommate for your move.
  • Renting an apartment: The second cheapest option for housing opportunities in NY is renting an apartment. While this option can be challenging, it is one of the cheapest housing systems after getting a roommate. However, the average costs of renting 2-bedroom and 1-bedroom apartments are $3,330 and $2,890 respectively, making New York City second-priciest rates among other cities to live worldwide.
  • Buying a home: This is the most expensive housing option to explore in New York. However, you will need to weigh your budget, as it can turn out to be a big investment but with its advantages. According to a report, out of the five boroughs of New York, Queens and Brooklyn are the most expensive. The average costs of buying a home in Queens and Brooklyn are $452,304 and $788,529 respectively.


Another living cost to consider when moving to New York is the cost of transportation, especially if you own a car. Using public transport is cheaper; while a ride on the bus or subway to anywhere in the city may cost less than $3, a parking charge for your car may range up to over $200,000. This is on the high side.


Food costs take up to over 10.7% of New Yorkers’ household budget below the national average. Over 56.5% and 43.5% are spent on home meals and dining out respectively, making New York a little bit moderate in terms of food costs.


Utility costs are what you spend on a house, vehicle, and other maintenance. You will be required to pay some charges for what you use or a kind of upkeep. New York utilities are quite higher (33%) than the national average. All these costs are expected to be put into consideration when moving to NY.

Health Care

Healthcare cost is a bit higher in NYC compared to other cities; about 17% more than non-New York cities. Medications and doctor’s visits cost higher in NYC but not as higher as unbearable. However, New York is known for quality healthcare.

Tips on Moving to NYC

Having discussed much about New York City, there is still some vital information that can be useful for your moving to the city. Below are some tips to help you and make your move successful:

  • On your first arrival, take it easy with yourself and relate well with New Yorkers. They may be first brash, but you will get to know them.
  • It is advisable to take along with you a heavy coat to enjoy the winter temperature of NY.
  • Take your time to explore some important places such as Prospect Park including Prospect Park Zoo, Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket, Brooklyn Botanical Garden and much more.
  • New York City is popular for its annual Pride festival called LGBT community celebrated every June with interesting performances, spectacular parades, and other social activities.
  • Don’t limit yourself to your boroughs; ensure you explore every other neighborhood in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions about New York City Moving Guide

Is living in New York scary?

Moving to New York without having a job is very scary; however, as long as you are willing and ready to work, then a job is definitely out there for you. However, the decision to move to New York City is definitely your choice to make.

Can I move from the UK to New York?

Yes. This is one of the frequently asked questions. Is it very easy for citizens of the United Kingdom to relocate to the United States of American (New York precisely) for a few years? Since the United Kingdom is among the visa-free program, citizens of the UK can pay a visit to the USA for 6 months visa-free. You only need a passport. However, you will be disallowed to work during the visit.

What is the income requirement for living in New York?

A salary of about $40,000 is required for someone to live comfortably in New York City annually, precisely $30,295 annually after tax deductions. This is still a reasonable budget.

Is living alone possible in NYC?

Yes, although living alone in New York City can be very hard financially. However, living alone in New York City is not so difficult socially and emotionally. So, if there is no trouble from your employer, living alone in New York City is similar to living alone in any other city in the country. The major thing is how comfortable you are with your company.

Is living in New York City worth it?

Yes, you will often feel the temptation to spend. You also need to know that your rent may be higher than that you pay in places like Phoenix or Pittsburgh. However, if you feel that living in New York City is worth it, then you’ll have no problem with the budget.

Some sacrifices may look bigger than others: rent in NYC is expensive, and there is no around it. However, considering what you start to gain living in New York – good environment, job opportunity, and much, NYC worth it.

How much savings should I have before moving to NYC?

The right amount of money you need to save before moving to New York City is $3,000 for rent. However, your specific needs will determine your actual amount, but New York residents or renters in a competitive market should try and save about three months of rent before they move.

How can I cheaply live in New York City?

Plan your budget and control your spending to the barest by keeping a tab on what you buy. Endeavor to cook every meal. This doesn’t mean you should not give yourself the occasional treat. Avoid Laundromat fees by hand-washing your own clothes.

Look for cheaper options for things like bottomless brunch by choosing Central Park instead. There are some other ways you can live on budget – make sure you explore every possible means to cut your expenses while living in New York City.

How do I secure a job in New York City before I move?

With our experience and surveys carried out, below are some things you can do to turn the impossible into possible when looking for job:

  • Add a potential date of arrival in your resume and cover letter
  • Research the local non-profit scene
  • Be ready to give explanations about your reason to move
  • Keep your network and endeavor to create a new one
  • Allow flexibility and smartness.

How many years do you have to stay in NYC to be a New Yorker?

I don’t really think becoming a New Yorker is so important. Many strict New Yorkers follow the 10-year rule – you are only a New Yorker after living in New York City for a decade (10 years) or more, just like some other places.

What is the most affordable place to live in New York City?

Even though the truth remains that the majority of popular places in New York are so expensive for most of us, there are still some great and affordable places in the city. Below are some of our top picks for the best and affordable areas in every borough:

  • Inwood: The Best with the most affordable places to live in Manhattan.
  • Crown Heights: The Best with the most affordable places to live in Brooklyn.
  • Ridgewood: The best with the most affordable places to live in Queens.
  • Kingsbridge: The best with the most affordable places to live in the Bronx.
  • George: The best with the most affordable places to live in Staten Island

Is getting a job difficult in New York?

Not at all. It would be best if you were willing and ready to do jobs that other people would not want to take, and you would be perfectly okay. And yes, regardless of the qualifications you possess.

What is the best moving month in NYC?

You have to take factors like weather, availability and apartment costs into consideration when researching the best time to move to New York City, as well as many things to think and plan for.

After the consideration on the listed factors, try and gather some information on New York City local moving companies and long-distance movers. The likely best month to relocate to or in New York City is in February.

  • As stated by Curbed New York, “Renters are advised to sign a lease in February, which is the cheapest rental month in New York City.”
  • During winter, broker fees and rental prices are cheaper in New York City.
  • You should also stay away from the holiday rush as well, thus making February the best for a move in and to the Big Apple.
  • It is important for renters to rent during winter as they get more negotiation power during the lease agreement.

Why is there always a rush in New York City?

The majority of New Yorkers are rushing to their home to meet their family and friends during the little free time they have left after work or to the latest bar, restaurant, or club in town to beat the crowd or even when they have a booking already.

What are the benefits and limitations of living in New York?

The increased job opportunities, many things to do such as bars, art galleries, restaurants, and museums as well as music and great transport system for moving around are some of the pros of living in NYC. NYC is also a safe place, especially the majority of Manhattan.

The limitations include the weather, which can be excessive in winter and humid during summer, and the cost of housing, living, can also turn you off as they are in thousands, even if the space is very tiny with few many amenities.

Getting a committed relationship can also be almost impossible in New York, as most citizens are always busy. However, some of these cons can accommodated if you are a reserved person.

What place is the most dangerous in NYC?

All the sixty-nine neighborhoods in New York City were rated on overall per capital crime as well as various crimes such as robbery, burglary, rape, felony assault, auto theft, violence, and grand larceny.

Unlike your expectation, places like Midtown Manhattan and Greenwich Village were considered more dangerous than Washington Heights and Harlem.

How many hours do New York citizens work?

The weekly working hours for New Yorkers is greater than that of any other city in the United States. The average working hours of an average worker in NYC is 40.3 hours weekly, which is the longest work week of 116 cities as reviewed by a personal finance website.

Final Words

There are many opportunities in NYC, and this is not limited to beautiful theaters, world-class museums to the thrilling restaurant scenes and other tourist attractions. We have discussed a much-needed guide to move to New York. If this is something you had fallen in love with, this guide will help you. Stay tuned for more informative posts on this page!

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