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Find Professional Moving Companies in North Carolina

Hiring state-to-state or local moving companies in North Carolina is always easy with the help of Moving Feedback. Our fully vetted and licensed moving partners to offer the essential and optional moving assistance needed to make relocating any home or office stress-free.

With tools for free moving quotes, detailed tips from moving experts, and informative state guides for making a move easier, Moving Feedback is your go-to North Carolina moving resource.

North Carolina Moving Companies

Moving Sate Guide – North Carolina

With stunning mountain vistas and scenic Atlantic coastline, North Carolina offers a ton of natural beauty for residents to enjoy. The state is also home to a thriving economy, with robust agriculture, manufacturing, and technology industries.

If you’re planning on using moving companies in North Carolina for a residential home or commercial office move, here’s what you need to know for a hassle-free moving experience.

How To Hire the Best Movers

Hiring NC movers is most efficiently done using Moving Feedback to search for and compare moving companies near you. Be sure to verify they have the proper licensing and insurance for your protection, and check reviews to get an idea of pricing and quality of service.

Once you’ve found a few reputable moving companies, be sure to get written estimates from in-home evaluations for your move, so there are no surprises on moving day.

At Moving Feedback, our search tools make it easy to compare moving companies and find the best deal for your budget. You can also take advantage of our free moving cost calculator that helps determine what moving services you’ll need to match you with the right movers in North Carolina for the job.

How To Move To/From North Carolina

While there are many logistics to consider when moving, one of the more important will usually be the time of year. 

Ideally, moving to or from North Carolina is best in the late spring or early fall when the weather is milder. Winter and summer moves are possible but may be delayed slightly due to increased traffic from tourism or snowfall, depending on the season.

In addition to weather considerations, you should also complete the following moving tasks to make moving to, from, or around the state:

  • Find moving companies in North Carolina that are licensed and insured
  • Schedule an in-home estimate to get an accurate quote for your move
  • Pack all items carefully, labeling each box with its contents
  • Disassemble any larger furniture items that need to be moved
  • Arrange for utilities to be turned off or transferred at your old and new location
  • Get rid of things you don’t want (will lower overall moving costs)

Taking care of these and other essential tasks on a moving checklist will save time, energy, and hassle for you and your movers.

Cost of Living in North Carolina

The cost of living comfortably in North Carolina requires an annual salary of at least 35K – relatively affordable when compared to nearby states such as South Carolina or Virginia.

Homeowners can enjoy housing costs averaging $242,000 well below the national average of $295,000. Additionally, expenses such as rent, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and groceries are also significantly lower than the national average.

And if you want to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of life, some of the best cities in the state to live in include:

  • Asheville – is known for its vibrant downtown, art scene, and outdoor recreation
  • Raleigh – the state capital with a growing economy and affordable housing
  • Wilmington – a historic coastal city with beautiful beaches and a laid-back lifestyle

By budgeting for initial living costs as part of your moving budget, you can ensure you have enough to cover the first few months of expenses and get all of the services you need from moving companies in North Carolina.

Moving Cost North Carolina

On average, you can expect to pay as little as $400 and as much as $3000+ to hire local moving companies in North Carolina. Interstate and long-haul movers will charge flat rates that can total from $3000 to $7000+ in moving costs.

These totals will fluctuate up or down depending on the specifics of your move. Typically, moves can be charged up to three different types of fees - labor, access, and optional moving services.

Labor fees

Labor fees are charged for primary moving services related to loading, transporting, and unloading your items. These costs may be charged hourly or as part of a flat rate depending on the type of move you are completing. Labor fees not only cover the cost of movers but also truck and equipment rentals for protecting and transporting your belongings.

Access fees

Access fees are required when difficult circumstances could delay or add time to a move. These include obstacles such as moving items down long hallways or staircases, waiting for an elevator, or parking a long distance from the entrance of your home or office.

Be sure to get a quote for these fees during an in-home or virtual estimate so you aren't hit with unexpected extra costs on moving day.

Optional moving service fees

Moving companies in North Carolina offer different optional moving services to help you customize your move and reduce stress during the process. These services are not required for purchase but can be added to save time on tasks such as:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Crating
  • Delicate object protection
  • Junk hauling
  • Cleaning
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Furniture placement
  • Car/pet transport

Fees for these optional moving services vary from company to company, so get moving quotes from many movers to ensure you get the best price.

Hiring moving companies in North Carolina during the summer months means more pleasant weather for moving but also higher moving costs. This is peak season, and demand for moving services drives the price up.

If you are flexible with your moving date, consider saving money with a winter move when demand is lower, and costs are reduced for many moving services.

North Carolina boasts some fantastic cities and towns that can fit the lifestyle of anyone. If you are interested in being close to nature and outdoor activities, consider moving to Asheville.

If you are looking for a bustling downtown with a growing economy, Raleigh is a great option.

And if you want to live by the beach with a laid-back lifestyle, Wilmington is perfect.

There are many ways you can save money on your move to North Carolina. One way is to be flexible with your moving date and avoid the peak summer season when demand is highest.

You can also save money by decluttering your home before the move and only bringing items you will use in your new home.

Additionally, packing yourself and disassembling furniture can also help reduce the cost of moving companies in North Carolina.

On average, it costs around $5800 to move a three-bedroom home to North Carolina. This price can change depending on the time of year, distance of the move, and any additional services you may need, such as packing or furniture disassembly/reassembly.

Tipping movers should be done in cash based on the level of service you received. A good rule of thumb is to tip each mover $20 for shorter local moves and $40-$50 for longer-distance or more challenging moves.

While tipping movers in North Carolina isn’t obligatory, it is customary and a great way to show your appreciation for a job well done.