Eagle Moving Group Review 2024

By: Harrison Gough Last Updated: Mar 17, 2024

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Eagle Moving Group has some shaky reviews, but does that mean you should ignore them completely? We called them up and requested some quotes so we could get the full picture.

Eagle Moving Group Review 2024

The Bottom Line:

Eagle Moving Group is a broker with authority, which means they only pull from their verified network of movers and carriers to provide the services you’ll need. Although they have a fair share of negative reviews, there’s still some reasons you may want to consider choosing them for your move.




Eagle Moving Group

  • Specializes in long distance
  • Careful packing and item scanning
  • Your move gets its own truck

Allegiance Moving and Storage Mover ID:

Star Rating: 3.7/5
Best For Flexible Moving Dates
DOT #: 3545015
MC #: 01185070
Date Established: 2021
Services Offered: Long distance, local

What Kind of Services Does Eagle Moving Group Offer?

  • Local moving: If you’re dealing with a move that’s less than 100 miles or within the same state, Eagle Moving Group can help.
  • Long distance moving: Eagle Moving specializes in long distance moving. They have a few well-traveled routes to make your move more efficient.
  • Storage: If you need some extra space, Eagle Moving Group can connect you with safe and secure storage.
  • Auto transport: You can only drive one car at a time, so Eagle’s auto transport service is really helpful.
  • Packing services: Eagle Moving Group provides secure packing, complete with individual barcodes and inventory scanning.
  • Commercial moving: Moving your business? Eagle Moving Group offers commercial moving services.
  • Disassembly/Reassembly: In addition to packing, Eagle Moving also assists with furniture disassembly and reassembly.

  • Attentive and informative reps
  • Your move won’t be bundled with other customers
  • Largely in-house
  • Thorough packing process
  • Long distance specialists
  • Some moves rely on contracted carriers
  • Booking required for more insurance info
  • Poor reviews

How Does Eagle Moving Group Compare to the Competition?

3.7 4.9 4.0
Best For Flexible Moving Dates Best Customer Reviews Best For Long Distance
Local moving, Long distance moving, Storage, Auto transport, Packing services, Commercial moving, Disassembly/Reassembly Storage, Long Distance Moving, Specialty Moves, Corporate Services Local Moving, Long Distance Moving. Corporate Moving, Disaster Cleanup, Moving Labor, Packing, Pickup and Delivery, Boxes and Supplies
$6251 - $7634 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $4,861 - $7,763 (Avg. 2-3 bedroom) $13,328.00 ($11,995.20 after discount) (Avg. 2-3 bedroom)
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Eagle Moving Group vs. Moving APT

To be fair, Moving APT is one of the best movers we’ve reviewed so far, so it’s a little tough to beat them. They’ve consistently offered a great balance between price and quality – but Eagle Moving Group does come close.

Eagle Moving Group edges out Moving APT in terms of services. It’s also worth noting that the higher end of their pricing is still a little cheaper than the highest estimate we received from Moving APT. If you’re moving big and you need extra services, Eagle may be the choice for you.

Eagle Moving Group vs. Pink Zebra Moving

One of the first things you’ll notice when comparing Eagle Moving with Pink Zebra Moving is the price difference. Pink Zebra was definitely one of the more expensive options we reviewed, and even though they did offer hefty discounts, $11,995 is still steep.

If you’re trying to move on a budget, Eagle Moving Group is for you. They may not have as many services as Pink Zebra, but they’ll still get you from point A to point B without costing an arm and a leg.

How Much Does it Cost to Move with Eagle Moving Group?

A cross country move with Eagle Moving Group will cost you around $6251.90 – $7634.90. We called in and asked about a move from Florida to California, and we received two different quotes: One that included full service packing, and a cheaper one for if we decided to do our own packing.

Eagle Moving Group offers a few different services, but keep in mind that these will cost you extra. For example, if you need some storage for your extra stuff, or you need auto transport for the additional cars you may own, you’ll need to add those to the overall price of your move.

If you’re really trying to move on a budget, you can ask Eagle Moving to hold the full service packing. You’ll have to pack your own boxes, but it’s a good way to save every last penny.

Eagle Moving Quote With Packing

Here’s the quote that included packing. Eagle Moving also gave us a discount, since we’d be picking up a move that had recently been canceled.

Eagle Moving Quote Without Packing

And here’s our quote without the packing service. They still gave us a discount for filling in that canceled order.

Eagle Moving Group Discounts

When we called Eagle Moving Group, we managed to score a sweet discount on a recent cancellation. This meant another customer was planning on moving, but had to cancel their plans. Since the infrastructure was already in place for our relocation, we saved some serious cash.

Type of Discount Potential Savings
Cancellation Discount $1500
Self-packing $1400

If you want to save even more, you can forego the full service packing that Eagle Moving provides. This saved us an additional $1400 or so. Just remember you’ll have to buy your own packing peanuts elsewhere.

What it’s Like to Book a Move with Eagle Moving Group

We called Eagle Moving Group one afternoon to see how the whole process went, and we were pretty pleased with the results. We navigated a brief phone menu and got on the phone with Steven in less than a minute. We’re glad we spoke to him – he was helpful, informative, and pleasant company.

Step 1:

If you want to book a move with Eagle Moving, the first step is calling in. You don’t need to deal with an in-home estimate, but you will have to walk your rep through your furniture and belongings. We took it room by room and sent Steve an inventory list to make his life easier.

Step 2:

Once your agent gets a list of all your stuff, he or she will start crunching numbers. Eagle Moving calculates the price of long distance moves based on the miles you’ll travel and the square feet your stuff will take up. Steve put together all the items in our house, and walked us through some additional services we might want.

Step 3:

The next step is confirming your move. Eagle Moving will send you your quote – in our case, one for a move with packing, and one for a move without packing. After you look over your quote, it’s time to book. They’ll handle the rest.

Eagle Moving Group Reviews

My recent relocation was nothing short of exceptional. Moving from FL to CA was a significant undertaking, but Eagle Moving made the process smooth and stress-free. Throughout the entire process, communication was outstanding. They kept me informed every step of the way, from the initial planning stages to the final delivery of my belongings in CA. Despite the long distance and logistical challenges involved in interstate moving, their team handled everything with ease and efficiency. I cannot recommend Eagle Moving highly enough to anyone planning a move.


“I wish I had read the yelp reviews before I hired them, if you don’t mind being cheated out of your money, then hire these guys 100%. Their quote was 40% of what I was charged on moving day. The moving crew said it was under bid by more than 50%. So what should’ve been a $1800 job ended up being $3800. I could’ve denied the move, but I had to get out that day. Lesson learned! Nobody ever returned my call when I called to complain. Do not use these guys. Just look at the yelp reviews all one star consistently. At least they’re consistent on that with the same complaints.”


We’re gonna be completely honest here: Eagle Moving Group does not have a good reputation when it comes to reviews. We saw a lot of complaints, mainly from customers who felt blindsided by the price and the fact that Eagle Moving subcontracts certain routes. Perhaps even more concerning were the positive reviews we managed to find. They seemed AI-generated, and boosting your profile with fake reviews is a pretty sleazy tactic. Case in point, “Esther’s”, featured above.

Key Takeaways:

  • Eagle Moving Group offers a hefty collection of services for a reasonable price. They also avoid bundling different moves from different customers together in the same truck, which may mean a quicker move.
  • Unfortunately, Eagle Moving has some pretty bad reviews. While some of their routes may be in house, there’s a chance you may deal with a subcontractor – and that’s where some problems may arise.
  • If you’re willing to overlook the reviews, and you confirm that your route will be serviced by their in-house teams, Eagle Moving may be the choice for you. With a reasonable price and a pretty straightforward quote process, they still have a lot to offer.


Is Eagle Moving Group a carrier or a broker?

Eagle Moving Group is a broker with authority. This means that instead of putting your move up on a job board where anyone with a truck can bid for the job, they pull from their own network of movers. According to Steve, they also have in-house teams for certain routes.

Does Eagle Moving Group offer insurance?

Eagle Moving Group does offer insurance. However, if you want to see the price ranges for your coverage, you’ll have to book your move first. We were informed that their coverage was full-value, but we’d prefer to have the info up front first.

How long does it take to move with Eagle Moving Group?

Your move with Eagle moving can take anywhere between 10 and 15 days, but it may actually be faster than the competition. Most companies bundle multiple moves together so they don’t send half-empty trucks all over the place. This is more efficient, but it means longer wait times as your mover makes pickups and dropoffs along the way. Fortunately, Eagle Moving doesn’t bundle moves together in the same truck.

What’s the cheapest way to move?

The cheapest way to move is to do all the packing, loading, and hauling yourself. But before you get too excited, just remember to run the numbers on your truck rental, your gas, your food, and your lodging. The savings may not justify all the extra stress, especially if you factor in how many paychecks you’ll miss while DIYing your move.

What is the Eagle Moving Group cancellation policy?

When we spoke to Steve on the phone, he explained that Eagle Moving Group offers free cancellations if you pull the plug at least seven days in advance. As a nice bonus, if someone happens to cancel during the dates you’re looking at for your move, you may net yourself a nice little discount.

Our Methodology

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You deserve info that actually helps. That’s why we have our research team call in and pose as customers to get an inside look at the whole booking process. We take notes, ask plenty of questions, and even provide shipping information for mile-accurate quotes.

We also have our own moving experience to pull from. Our team has worked at every level of the relocation game, from the actual heavy lifting to dispatch and corporate. We know what’s BS, and we know what movers aren’t worth your time.