Best Moving Companies in Miami of 2020



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Best Moving Companies in Miami

If you have ever experienced a terrible service, you will appreciate a better service when you find one. Many people have fallen into the wrong hands especially during moving in Miami, because they did not have enough information, or they simply just decided to pay attention to offers that sounded too good to be true.

To correct that, we have done thorough research to help you find some of the best moving companies in Miami so that you can have a seamless moving experience.

Searching for a reputable and dependable moving company can be time-consuming, so we have helped you gather the best companies based on the people’s choice. With these companies, you can rest assured that your moves will be handled with care and professionalism. Our list is a comprehensive one, with companies that hold unique services and all have their various strengths.

Top Ten Best Moving Companies in Miami 2020

Given giving you the best information with regards to moving companies, we have gathered this comprehensive list to guide you in your choices. You need to understand that even if a company comes out first on your search, it doesn’t automatically qualify them as a good company.

Our list is thorough and has been researched to give you the best information. Please note that this information was not influenced by any of the companies listed below.

Let us have a look at Miami’s most excellent Movers this 2020.

1. Local N Long Distance Movers

Local N Long Distance Movers - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 888-233-4853

Making the rounds first on our list of the best Miami moving companies, we have the Local N Long Distance Movers. Just as their name implies, they offer extensive moving services for all residents of Miami. If you are thinking of moving just a few blocks away or moving entirely to a new district, then you can count on them.

They also offer long distance moving services for those who are thinking to move out of Miami, to another state. When you need a moving company to provide you with storage facility too, Local N Long Distance Movers will always come to your rescue.

2. Fuentes Moving Miami Movers

Fuentes Moving Miami Movers - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 305-231-0980

Fuentes offers you more flexibility when it comes to moving, and they make sure you are satisfied with the services they provide you. They are committed movers who offer a comprehensive and full moving service. They specialize in commercial and residential moving and packing, as well as last minutes move. If you need to move and do it very fast, Fuentes is the company for the job.

Apart from being great at last minute moves, they are also known to have comprehensive moving insurance to help protect all their customer’s belongings. All you need to do is to place a call, and they will provide you with the detail of what they want to be done.

3. ETG Moving & Delivery

ETG Moving & Delivery - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 786-307-9275

ETG Moving and Delivery is yet another fantastic moving company that has kept their high standards up for a very long time in Miami and will always continue to improve their performance.

They specialize in making sure your home moving is done smoothly and without any form of hassle. They also help to make sure every form of commercial moving is done well, and the accurate result is gotten.

Apart from moving services, they also offer delivery services. They keep things set and straight and will always be there to help you when it matters the most. A company like ETG promises to make moving an awesome experience.

4. Anyway Relocation Services

Anyway Relocation Services - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 786-286-7325

It is not so hard to tell what type of service they offer just from their name. Anyway, Relocation Services are here to assist you in handling the affairs of moving. They offer a very decent local moving service for those who want to move within Miami or want to move many miles away from where they currently are. In the same way, they make sure they offer long distance moving to compensate for those who are planning on leaving Miami to another state.

If you have an office and need a total relocation without having to lose any of your office items, then you can trust Anyway to deliver an excellent service.

5. Miami Movers For Less

Miami Movers For Less - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 305-915-3881

Miami Movers For Less have a pretty interesting story in the moving industry. They started with so much quality that in just five years, they were able to gain the trust of Miami residents and became a top-rated moving company.

What’s great about them is that they offer premium moving services for an affordable price. Not many moving companies can boast of excellence at the prices they offer.

It is safe and faster to work with them. When you hire Miami Movers For Less, you rest assured that your belongings are safe, and they will always get them to you.

6. PowerLoaders

PowerLoaders - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 305-607-4303

PowerLoaders are here for only one thing, and that is moving. They offer you a full moving service with extra details. If you want either a full service residential or commercial service customized for your company, then they have just what it takes to provide you with it.

Comprehensive services don’t come out great if there are no hands to help handle the tasks. Their crew are very supportive and are trained to handle just about any type of move.

Part of their full service moving package includes: packing and unpacking, moving supplies provision, boxes and all, loading and unloading experts too to help you on the job. Although they don’t offer interstate moving services, they make sure they put in their best to help make moving in Miami great again.

7. Dixie Movers

Dixie Movers - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 305-697-6252

When it comes to a moving company that offers a flexible and transparent rating, Dixie movers are the best for this. Even going to their website, you will notice how they can provide you with different service packages and the amount for each of them.

You will have nothing to worry about once you hire them. There are hidden charges or extra costs, what you see is what you get. They also offer interstate moving service within 100 miles.

Dixie Movers know how important the time factor is, and they make sure they do anything possible to deliver within the agreed time. A mark of excellence.

8. Xpress Relocations

Xpress Relocations - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 305-705-6833

Xpress Relocations believe that you can move your home along with you to your new home, but make sure you leave the stress behind. When it comes to professionalism and dependability, they have got you covered to the fullest. They help you take off all the stress tied to moving by providing you with a full service moving option.

Their door-to-door service is extremely amazing, and they are always up and about giving you only the best quality in the moving industry. The team at Xpress Relocations are part of the major reasons why this company succeeds in moving.

9. Mancav Movers

Mancav Movers - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 844-626-2284

Very few companies understand that the success of a company lies in the quality of staffs they possess. -That said, Mancav is among these few companies that recognize the true value of having good, well-trained, and reputable staffs.

They provide very prompt responses to requests and make sure you get only the best of qualities no matter who you are or the nature of the type service you are requesting for.

Added to their qualitative service is being insured. You have less to worry about because the insurance covers the damages that might be incurred during a move. Experience is also something they use in driving results in every move.

10. Easy Florida Moving

Easy Florida Moving - Moving Companies in Miami

Call: 786-338-1008

Easy Florida Moving is a company that provides you with a service so great that you feel moving is all too easy. Starting from their staffs, they all love what they do and are courteous and polite when interacting with all their customers. Apart from the interpersonal relationship created, they know how to handle all their jobs with efficiency, speed, and trying to satisfy their customers.

They offer residential and long-distance moving too. Easy Florida is rated five stars, and that is because they worked so hard in continually providing the best quality for customers. You can either do a flat rate or ask for a price based on the uniqueness of your moving needs.

How does Moving Companies Miami Cost?

Moving a 2-bedroom home in Miami costs an average of about $700. The pricing is based on the distance involved in the move – local or long-distance. Other price determinants include the method of the move, the season of the move, and the number of items being moved.

A detailed moving quote should be provided by your moving company as well as recommendations to keep the moving cost cheaper. Let’s look at moving cost in Miami based on distance involved.

Local Moving Cost – Miami, FL 

A local move in Miami is charged at about $400, but this depends on how the company chooses to charge, whether hourly or per mover. The distance of the move and the number of goods to be moved may also determine prices. Other extra fees may include a charge to handle traffic issues or parking in common parts of the town like Little Havana or Overtown.  

Long-Distance Moving Cost – Miami, FL

Moving on a long-distance to Miami costs an average of over $3,200. This cost is basically determined by the size of your shipment as you are moving, the weight of the belongings, and the distance moving.

These factors are why it is so important to check the pricing structure of a moving company, and ask if they have any additional fees on the long-distance move before you decide. We compiled a few moving quotes to give you an idea of the costs to expect for a long-distance move from or to Miami. 


Atlanta, Georgia

Saint Louis, MN

Phoenix, Arizona


664 miles

1,217 miles

2,362 miles

Typical Cost

$2,772 – $3,235

$3,356 – $4,235

$4,366 – $5,522

Moving Services in Miami

There are various types of moving services available in Miami. The amount of services you need affects your entire moving cost for both local and long-distance relocation. Here are some of the most popular moving services: 

  • Basic Moving Service: Your packed belongings and normal home furniture will be moved in a basic moving service, which can either be a local or long-distance — the cost of this service range from $300 for a studio move to $750 for 2-bedrooms. 
  • Packing Service: Packing and unpacking made up a packing service. You can expect to pay up to $1,500 on packing services for 2-bedrooms on a local move. 
  • Specialty Moving Service: Generally, items like pianos, antiques, or fine arts are being moved using a specialty moving service and are charged by the stuff or weight. You need to request for quotes from your preferred mover to get prices. 

Getting the Best Deal when Hiring Miami Movers

Begin to seek recommendations for moving companies from family, friends, or colleagues immediately you have your moving dates, even if it is just a few months away. Apart from this, below some other tips to get a good deal of Miami movers:

Start calling Moving Companies for Moving Estimates

As soon as you get a list of recommended movers, call them one by one to get a moving estimate of the cost for your move. You will supply them with the number of the distance involved as well as the overall weight of your items concerning the move. They will then help you with an estimate based on what you supply them. 

Find out about Additional Charges that apply

Generally, moving companies do charge for pianos, flights of stairs, heavy items, and other additional items. Note that when the movers help you pack belongings, your moving bill gets increased by almost 30%. Premium payment may also be required if your move is scheduled during peak moving times, usually from the 25th of a month to the 2nd of the following month. 

Do not use a Mover with a Too Low Moving Estimate

The services may not meet your quality expectation. A too good to be true moving estimate is probably not true and should be avoided. 

How to Save Money While Moving?

You may bring out a calculator to determine your moving expense, as your move to Miami draws closer. Considering the overall cost of your move to Miami, you may feel drowning in feelings, as you discovered your budget is not enough.

A DIY move requires a lot of effort with adequate planning, which can quickly become overwhelming. However, there are some money-saving methods you can apply to your move. Moving Feedback provides some useful tips to save some cash while moving.

Declutter your goods: You don’t really need that old pile-up of magazines and the old cables from your old electronic devices. You will be able to reduce the number of packing materials you need for your move when you reduce the quantity of the items you want to move.

You can donate some old and unneeded books to the local library, as having too many books can increase your shipment weight. If you are sentimentally attached to your books, you can just mail them through the Media Mail through the USPS as they charge just $12 for a 20-pound box of books. 

You don’t necessarily need your large collections of CDs and DVDs. You can access any music or video of your choice through streaming services like Tidal, iTunes, or Spotify instead of CDs. Web-streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon can also replace your need for DVDs as they possibly have all your favorite TV shows and movies on their service. 

Move during the low-moving-demand season: Another tip to saving money is to plan your move against winter and fall months. Most people avoid moving during this period because of weather conditions. This is why moving companies in south Florida like us provide moving services to Miami at affordable prices.

You can save up to 30% on your moving cost through Miami movers when you move during the off-season. 

Don’t buy boxes: You don’t need to buy moving boxes when your move is on a budget. If you are looking to buy packing supplies for your do-it-yourself move to Miami, try places where you can find these supplies for free. You only need to ask for free moving boxes that are available everywhere.

There are many empty boxes from recent shipment delivery in places like the grocery markets or liquor stores. The good news is that liquor boxes are sturdy because of the heavyweight of filled glass bottles they support. Liquor boxes are also sectioned, which makes it perfect for packing drinking glasses. 

You also can limit the number of moving boxes and packing materials you get to the number of items that you are moving to. You can also pack some items into your clothes hamper or luggage set.

Your dresser drawers can also serve as temporary storage for some items. You can protect fragile stuff or fill boxes that still have spaces in them with your linens like bed sheets or towels to avoid shifting while moving.   

Tax write-off: The good news is that, the IRS can consider moving to Miami as a tax write-off. There are certain criteria that must be met before your move can be considered as a tax write-off. These criteria include job-related moves, which must be at least 50 miles far from your current home. 

Move with reputable a Miami mover to save money: Get in touch with our local or long-distance moving companies in Miami to get affordable moving services in case you have more than enough items you can control for your move or if your specific situation won’t allow you to complete the move all by yourself. These moving companies provide customizable moving packages that are priced in a budget-matching way.

They have been in the moving business and have been offering quality moving services to families, businesses, and individuals across the country for over 20 years. Pick up your phone now and call our Miami movers for your free moving quote. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I avoid Miami moving scams?

There are many requirements excepted from moving companies in Miami to prevent moving scams: 

  • All movers are required to be listed with a registration number used in all of their advertisements as well as on their websites.
  • All Miami movers must offer written moving estimates.
  • All Miami movers must offer you a moving contract and a Tri-County Consumer Bill of Rights, alongside Disclosure Statement before you sign any agreement.
  • The state law requires all moving companies in Miami to provide a minimum of $.60 per pound for your belongings free of charge.
  • A Miami mover must allow you to purchase supplemental insurance coverage.
  • They must provide inventory before loading your belongings onto a moving truck. Each piece of item, the quantity, as well as sizes of the moving boxes, must be listed in the inventory. 

Who is in charge of Miami interstate movers regulation?

Moving Companies Miami must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) if they offer long-distance moves. Whether they are a moving company or broker, they must possess a valid Department of Transportation number. You can check above movers to know if they are licensed. 

Where can I get a moving truck rental in Miami?

Check for availability of moving truck rental providers nearest to you to get one in Miami. These rental companies always have a large number of moving vehicles to select from, as well as increased availability for sudden moves. However, you might need the service of movers that will help you take care of the loading and unloading of your goods. The best option for you could be to hire reputable movers in Miami. In most cases, movers also offer rental trucks, moving labor, as well as extra services to reduce your moving stress. 

Where can I find free moving boxes in Miami?

There are various places in Miami where you can find free cardboard boxes. Check local liquor or grocery stores, library, department, or other establishments that usually receive shipments in boxes. You can also get moving boxes from recycling centers in Miami. Your local hardware store sells varieties of moving supplies such as packing tape, moving boxes, bubble wraps, moving blankets, and so on. You can also ask your Miami movers if they offer packing supplies alongside their moving services.  

Is the estimate needed or not?

Quotes only provide guidelines. Miami movers may come to your home to carefully and visually inspect your items and figure out the exact amount your move will cost you based on the number of your items. There is no fee required for the on-site moving estimate. When moving on a long-distance trip, your total charges will be based on the weight of your belongings, the distance moving, and any additional services required for proper handling of your belongings. 

When relocating to Florida, what are the best neighborhoods to consider?

Miami movers in our network understand there are many things for every family to enjoy here with the many years of experience in offering moving services in Miami. Some of the friendly places in Miami for families to consider include Brickell, Coconut, Brickell, and Grove. Also, there are friendly places where kids can enjoy their time, such as Pinecrest and many more. 

Is it easy to get moving quotes from Miami movers?

Getting a moving quote from moving companies Miami is significantly easier. You will be given just two days by our Miami Movers to receive a moving quote. You can get moving quotes from Miami movers through a phone call, online moving quote, or arrange for an in-home moving estimation. 

When should I call a Miami mover in advance?

Soon, it would be better. Giving 4 to 6 weeks’ notice of your mover is important. Giving them enough time will help them come up with services that match your moving needs and arrange delivery. They put in efforts to make sure we move you on your desired moving date.

They will give you advance notice of the loading rate of your goods and estimated arrival day. They also provide extra cost service in case your moving date is important to your expired lease or house deal closing in order to enable them entertain a more convenient schedule to meet your needs. Our moving experts will give you advice on the various additional services available. 

What type of packing/unpacking services is available with Miami Movers?

Miami movers offer packing and unpacking services to make your moving a breeze and simplify everything for you. You can decide on what you wish to pack on your own and where they can come in. Be free to discuss every packing and unpacking options they offer you during your in-house inspection and estimation process. There are different packing options available for your unique move, and you can discuss this with your moving company. 

In conclusion

We believe you should not have trouble planning your next move in Miami. We have garnered useful information for you to decide when moving. Take your time in exploring the options providing and select the company that meets your moving needs and has a great time moving.

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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