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Garbage company with garbage ppl

1/ 5

They are the worst never felt more uncomfortable in my life! Do not use them pay the extra and use a different company I wish I did! They are all pure evil!

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I am pissed off

1/ 5

Terrible experience. They are in a huge rush to get you to make a appointment and pay upfront. While I was making my appointment I specifically asked for everything to be plastic bubble wrapped since the furniture was going in storage. On the day of the move they wrapped it in everything in blankets and tried to take the blankets back or theyd charge me $25 per blanket (almost $150). After all of that the movers demanded a 20% tip saying they work for tips which is illegal. Id never recommend this service to anyone.

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Did not complete job and charged extra

1/ 5

I hired and paid this company over $2k to pack and move everything in my apartment to a new location. I live in a one bedroom apartment so they were instructed to pack up the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and one closet. These items were getting loaded into a POD to be shipped to Florida. They did not pack up anything from the bathroom, anything from the closet, most of the kitchen and much of the living room, and left a huge mess everywhere with drinks cans and gloves. When I called to report this issue, they tried to blame my super, who was on site during the move. I have texts from the super showing that he tried to contact the movers to let them know about the items they left behind and they would not respond to him. They also decided to charge me hundreds of dollars extra after the move for additional items, however, they clearly did not move these items. Some of the items I was charged extra for include a rug they left behind (which I sent them pictures of to prove they did not move it) and a headboard that I do not own. The company refuses to do anything to resolve this issue or refund me any portion and so now I am faced with having to hire another mover. Their entire customer support team instead of apologizing, refunding me or doing anything to help fix the issue, is rude, combative and tries to blame everyone else. This is a company that will lie to you to sell a product, trap you into paying for more once they have your belongings, and then will be rude to you once they have your money, regardless of the circumstance. Stay away.

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Phill Jhones

Good Expiriance

5/ 5

I moved with Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC from NY to Florida. Movers were very polite, and it was great experience. The price was very affordable. I recommend to everyone Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC, coz i think they are the best movers in NYC.

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Luba S.

Rude and unprofessional right from the start

1/ 5

I was shopping around for piano movers and saw Dumbo prices online that looked good – $250/3 hours. I chatted with them, they gave me $750 for what would be about a 3 hour job and said that $250 was a promotion that’s not on anymore. I left it at that. They called me right away. I told them that the price didn’t work for me. I didn’t even try to negotiate. The caller went on explaining that $250/3 hours is for moving piano from ‘1 BR apt to another 1 or 2 BR apt in the same building’ (what dies size of the apt have to do with it?) and that I had to understand how much work is involved otherwise, whatever happened to expired promotion at that point… I wasn’t interested in the lecture but he caller went on gradually becoming very rude. Suggested to ‘use a small company with a single van, not professional, working for cash, not paying taxes and commuting g crimes’. Wtf! All of our out of the blue. I wasn’t even replying! Frankly, even if they offered their ‘professional’ services for free at that point, I wouldn’t have taken it. If they are like that before they gave your stuff loaded into their truck, at which point you have no choice and are completely in their hands, I can only imagine what they are like when you give them that power.
Avoid, avoid, avoid!!!

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April H

Dumbo Moving and Storage NYC – Do NOT use them !!!

2/ 5

You need to be fully transparent when you address people in the beginning. I did not appreciate your movers arriving before the scheduled time especially when I say my move-in time is scheduled in the afternoon. My best friend had to sit in the van because your movers couldn’t find parking for for 2 hours. As a professional moving company, you should expect these instances. The handles on my dresser are broken, you used my expensive kitchen knives to cut open boxes – maybe I should charge you for not having miscellaneous items such as a box cutter in handy.

I paid double the quoted price. I would be very happy to tell everyone not to use your services.

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Dmit B

Worse company ever !!

1/ 5

These guys prominently advertise their services are insured. If you are considering this horrible company for your move, ask them about EXACT PAYOUT ON THE INSURANCE! It is a few cents per pound of weight!!! If they destroy or lose your priceless 100 lb chest of drawers which has been in your family for 120 years, you may possibly get $30 compensation from them, after weeks of arguing!
Same goes for brand new furniture you just bought for hundeds or thousands of dollars last week.
Think about electronics! They may very well give you $10 for smashing your TV!
I am not exaggerating.
Ask about everything they promise in great detail, with exact numbers and prices!
If they promise anything to you on the phone, but you don’t have it in print, it will NOT BE HONORED!
Read all fine print carefully, and EXPECT TO BE CHARGED EVERY EXTRA CHARGE hidden in fine print, even if it was never discussed on the phone and not part of any “final price” quote.
Ask them (and require answer in writing) about “long push” – parking the truck next to your door will almost never be possible, so they will park at hydrant (for example) and charge you crazy $$$ (ask how much) for that distance between your door and the truck. They will do it both at pick up and delivery.
Make sure you and them have the same understanding about “a flight of stairs” – avoid being unexpectedly charged for any extra step in front of your house or between entryway and the lobby, etc.

If you (God forbid) are considering these clown thieves for your long distance move, remember that everything here applies to you, plus ask them about “shuttle truck” – there is 90% chance it will be used on delivery, and you will be charged hundreds of dollars (ask how much).

I strongly suggest you record all phone conversations with them – as long as you tell them you are recording, it is legal.

Basically, EXPECT TO PAY AT LEAST 50% AND UP on top of their quote – this is how they make money.
Very often their quotes are suspiciously low, lower than competitors. These quotes are for gullible suckers. They will hold your things in the truck hostage until you pay.
Remember, police are not handling property disputes, courts are for that. So if you refuse to pay, they WILL drive away with your things.

As you might have guessed by now, I recommend you avoid this company like a plague. But again, I am sure they will keep luring simpletons with their low-balled quotes, so if you are one of those, follow my suggestions above, maybe it will help minimize your losses.

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Jessica K

Dumbo Moving and Storage = TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!

1/ 5

They did not accommodate our needs with their recommendations. They sent us a truck based on our itemized belongings and our stuff didn’t fit in the truck!! They expected us to pay for another truck to move the remainder and then failed to acknowledge they were at fault. Awful experience! Also their customer Service is HORRIBLE.
Here are some more details:

When we hired Dumbo for the move, no one came to our apartment to see and evaluate our belongings. After the fact, Dumbo said it was my responsibility to have requested this. That is simply unprofessional. Over the phone, I gave a very thorough list of what we had in the apartment including an estimate of 60 boxes plus 8 wardrobe boxes. I also explained we needed to make a stop at a storage unit to pick up additional furniture such as a double bed and boxspring, desk, vanity table, dresser, glider chair and ottoman and a few other small items. Dumbo specifically recommended that for the amount of items I reviewed with them, I get a 26 foot truck with 3 movers to satisfy my moving needs. I trusted that recommendation as I am not an expert in trucks, sizes, or what can or CANNOT fit inside a 26 foot truck.

Our first enormous issue is that the movers could not fit the entirety of our belongings/furniture into the truck simply from our apartment. Not to mention, we only used 3 wardrobe boxes, not 8! This is absolutely unacceptable. I spoke with Brad and another supervisor that day for over 45 minutes on the phone and they both blamed ME that I “should have known” what can fit inside a 26 foot truck. That logic is simply flawed. As I stated, I am not the truck expert. Dumbo should have come to my apartment to actually SEE my belongings. If not, then in the alternative, it is Dumbo’s responsibility (not mine) to make a better judgment call based on my itemized list over the phone. As a last resort, they should have sent another truck and movers to fill our contractual expectation. Instead they tried to charge me over $600 to send another truck, which I found highly offensive. Even now, they are still saying it is my fault. This immense lack of judgment, professionalism and business acumen caused us to incur extra time and cost to go back to our apartment the following day after our lease had expired to move the additional items, not to mention extreme frustration.

Furthermore, not only that, but in our contract, we paid an extra $155 for the truck to make a stop at our storage unit to pick up the items listed above. Clearly since the truck didn’t even fit the items from our own apartment, they never even went to the storage unit at all. We now must spend additional time and money to rent our own truck, take hours of our time AGAIN, and additional man-power to move those items on another day. Again, the way this was handled by Dumbo was completely unprofessional and unacceptable. I am still waiting for a refund of $155 for the stop that was never made, not to mention ANY acknowledgement of apology, wrongdoing or way to mitigate this situation.

This was the worst experience ever. We will never use them again !!!

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Ilias Craig

Very Happy :-)

5/ 5

5 Star Service .. I did my moving with Dumbo Moving and storage . We used truck 21,those guys from Georgia they are just awesome and strictly professionals, they pack really carefully and also they do their job really fast!! I suggest you these three guys from truck 21 for an excellent moving!!

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