Where to Donate Clothes in the United States

You can’t move all that you own with you during a move. Donating clothes can be a nice option to consider whether you are getting rid of excess items or just downsizing. Till now, you’re probably yet to figure out the number of items you own, especially in your closet.

Where to Donate Clothes in the United States

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You will be able to get relief when you clean out your closet before your move. Clothes that you don’t wear any longer or don’t have enough space to fit will give you more space and enable you to easily pack when donating them.

Donate all those clothes to prevent them from going to waste.

You also benefit from clothes donations during tax season.

Many places will provide you a receipt of your donation so you can deduct the value of your donated items from your taxes.

Hence, the actual question is where are the best donation centers for clothes? We understand there are many donation centers across the United States, and finding ones that will appreciate your clothes donation is essential. We found some of the best donation centers for clothes before moving, including old standbys and charitable organizations which may be new to you.

Pick one with a mission that you believed in and get started.

1. Goodwill

Established in 1902, Goodwill has been operating all over the country. You probably will find a Goodwill location when you search for donation centers near me.

Your donated clothes may be put in their stores, auctioned in the pack if they are not sold, recycled. You will be issued a receipt by Goodwill when you donate your clothes and you can deduct the donation from your taxes.

  • Donations they accept: Goodwill accepts all types of clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • How to donate: Most locations of this organization offer pick-up and delivery services to your location. Click here to find your nearest Goodwill.
  • Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

2. The Salvation Army

This organization sells donated stuff and helps the homeless, children and families, veterans, and other needy using the funds. They take furniture, clothing, and other household items.

Salvation Army offers free pickups. It also gives receipts so you can note your donations on your taxes.

  • Donations they accept: The organization takes all types of clothes together with other household goods.
  • How to donate: Salvation Army offers pick-up and delivery services.
  • Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, closed on Sunday.

3. Vietnam Veterans of America

Do you want to donate clothes to a charitable organization that makes a huge difference in the lives of Veterans of America? Consider the national non-profit Vietnam Veterans of America.

Your entire donations are concentrated on giving support to veterans of the Vietnam War as well as their families.

You can schedule for donation pickup online and will be picked up from your home. You only need to label your donation boxes. There is a good reason for doing so.

  • The donation they accept: They take clothing donations of different types and sizes.
  • How to donate: The organization performs pickup and delivery donation services.
  • Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, closed on Sunday.

4. Dress for Success

This organization started in 1997 and now operates across the nation. Dress for Success has grown to about 150 cities in 25 countries and has assisted over 1.2 million women to get jobs and further their careers.

Your clothes donations are given out to women who need career or business clothes for interviews and jobs. You can deduct donations from tax.

  • Donations they accept: The organization accepts business casual and work-related clothing.
  • How to donate: You can drop off your clothing donation with the organization at their local center nearest to you.
  • Hours of operation: Each location of the organization determines its hours of operation, certain drop-off days and times, as well as policies concerning the items that are acceptable or not.

5. Big Brothers Big sisters of America

This organization was established in 1904 and is known across the nation. They accept used clothes and place them in thrift stores for selling or auctioning purposes in bulk. The funds are used to render more services to children and the community as a whole. Also, any donation to the organization is tax-deductible.

  • Donations they accept: Each location determined accepted items.
  • How to donate: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America offers pickup and delivery services of donation.
  • Hours of operation: This depends on your area, the drop off location as well as certain chapters.

6. Mel Trotter Ministries

Founded in 1900, Mel Trotter Ministries is a regional charity organization in Michigan. Your donated clothes are placed in their thrift stores, and the funds are put towards helping the homeless. You can deduct your donation from your taxes.

  • Donations they accept: They take your nicely used clothes, shoes, and other household goods.
  • How to donate: The organization offers pickup of donations, or you can deliver it at one of their 15 centers located in West Michigan.
  • Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM; 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM as drop off hours from Monday – Saturday.

7. St. Vincent de Paul

This organization was established in 1833 and is an international non-profit. The donations sent to St. Vincent de Paul are placed in their thrift stores and sold at a reduced price. Any item that can’t be sold is then recycled. Donations are deductible from taxes.

  • Donations they accept: The organization accepts all types of clothing and shoes, belts, handbags, and jewelry.

8. Planet Aid

A lot of charities only take clothing that is in good and wearable shape, but this organization is different.

Planet Aid makes donation and recycling of your entire unwanted clothes easier, to prevent all textiles from the landfill to promote environmental protection.

Generally, Planet Aid gathers donated clothing to be sold and reused in developing countries. The entire proceeds are spent on development projects to combat poverty in these areas.

  • Donations they accept: The organization takes all clothing (including torn or stained ones). The clothes that are not acceptable at Planet Aid include dirty, moldy, or wet clothes. Shoes, as well as other textiles, like towels, curtains, and bedding, are also accepted.
  • How to donate: Pack all the clothes you no longer want in a bag, and then drop it inside any of Planet Aid’s 19,000 yellow-colored drop-off bins all over the country.

9. United Way

Founded in 1887, United Way is an international organization. The donations sent to them are placed in their stores so that those that need them can buy clothes at a cheap price. You can deduct tax from your donations to United Way.

  • The donation they accept: The organization accepts all kinds of clothes, like winter coats, swimsuits, prom dresses, and snow boots.
  • How to donate: They have services available for pick-up and drop-off. Find the nearest location to donate.
  • Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM; closed Saturdays and Sundays; drives and drop-offs are based on location.

10. Project G.L.A.M

Do you have any old prom or formal dress lying in the back of your closet that you have no plan for? Donate it to project G.L.A.M. The organization started in 2010 and is a cross-country organization. The donations sent to them are given to teenage girls in need, who have no money to dress up.

They offer drop-offs, and you can have your donations deducted from your taxes.

  • Donations they accept: The organization accepts dresses that are in good and wearable condition and are not older than a decade.
  • How to donate: The organization is no more accepting donations for the 2020 prom season, but you can click on this page for updates when the organization starts accepting donations again.

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Places for Local Donation

Local Churches

Many churches take donations in different forms, including clothing. The clothing is usually given to church members.

For instance, a church near me recently organized a clothing drive for a family that lost all they had in a house fire. Visit your local churches for further information.

Community Outreach Centers

This usually accepts clothing donations, and all of your donated clothing will be given to a family that needs it in your area.

For instance, the community outreach center near me performs a yearly clothing drive to gather school uniforms, play clothes, and coats for kids from low-income families in my area.

Book donations are also acceptable by some community outreach centers as well.

Homeless Shelters and Missions

The major purpose of a homeless shelter or mission is to give a safe place for people to stay, but a lot of shelters also take clothing donations. These shelters take different kinds of clothing, but always need coats and warm blankets during the cold winter seasons.

Thrift Stores

Although some second-hand thrift stores are established for profit, there are still some that you can donate your clothes to in your community.

Thrift stores resell clothing at cheaper prices, which are affordable to families with low-income.

You will not be able to deduct tax when you donate your clothes to a thrift store, but you will be rendering support in your community.  

School Clothing Drives

A lot of public schools perform clothing drive once or two times annually. The purpose of this clothing drive is to help students know about the importance of charity and the schools often donate the clothes they take to charity organizations. Make sure you check tax deductions with the school before you donate.

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So, if you plan to check your closet for items you don’t need before you move out, the charity organizations we’ve discussed (or the ones you know) will benefit from the donations you give. You will feel great after the donation and will not also regret the neat and organized look of your home after completing your task.

Now, you are set for your move. Don’t forget to check our list of the best local movers or cross country movers.

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