What to Get When You Move with U-Haul

U-Haul has come a long way in servicing many moving needs in the industry. I know, you would have at one time come across U-Haul’s moving trucks on the road or in rental locations across various cities or go through our U-Haul reviews and think whether they are the best match for your next move.

However, it depends on your needs. Although U-Haul might be the best option to consider for local moves, however, long-distance relocations may require additional factors for consideration.

From our review so far, we are glad to inform you that U-Haul delivers the best in all of its services. The company is one of the best truck rental companies, Top 5 Moving Container CompaniesMoving Companies that Offer Trailer Rentals, and much more.

The company offers fair prices with no hidden fees in all their services. However, there is no good with its own shortfall. Continue reading to know what you should expect when you move with U-Haul.

What to Get When You Move with U-Haul

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Things to Expect When you Move with U-Haul

Though both Budget and Penske have a reasonable number of moving truck sizes, U-Haul has been reviewed to have more truck sizes in its fleet than the two companies.

This implies that its customers have access to their choice of truck size with enough space without paying for any additional space.

This and many other qualities catapult U-Haul to the top, and its competitive rates make it a winner. PODS was also given consideration as a moving container option that might provide you an easy and convenient means of relocating.

Moving with a moving container company might be the best if you require storage between moving-out and move-in dates.

However, a parking space is required for parking the container outside your new home, which is not available for everyone. All of these are the factors that single U-Haul out as the best option.

Below are some of the things you should know before booking U-Haul for your next move:

1. Pricing

According to a quote received for a move from Rio Rancho, NM. To Bluffdale, UT (about 565 miles move) as shown in the table below, you can see that the initial quotes from U-Haul for both local and a long-distance move varies from the overall prices.

The additional fees were due to some extra service needs offered by the company; hence, they were expected. These additional fee include fuel fees and mileage, which would be explained by U-Haul from the start, thus, there is no hidden fee with U-Haul.

As a matter of fact, a break on fuel fees will be given by U-Haul. The best rates received so far was from U-Haul. Check U-Haul’s prices against its competitors:

Company Budget Penske U-Haul
Quotes received $836.81 $728.23 $589.16

In addition, U-Haul offers one month of free storage for 1-way moves to help customers save some money through this offer. Note that demand, location, seasonality, and distance could affect truck rental rates.

For instance, one of U-Haul’s competitors may have lower rates to U-Haul if a customer had moved in another month or to a different destination.

That is why requesting moving quotes from several best moving companies is so important before making a conclusion.

Pro Tip

Moving truck gets about 9 to 12 mpg, so the size of your relocation and the number of miles you are traveling can affect your pricing. The overall price maybe double in maybe situations.

2. No Gas Mileage on Rental Moving Trucks

Kindly note that there is no offering for gas mileage on U-Haul’s rental trucks, especially for the company’s larger moving trucks.

For example, the company’s 26 ft. moving truck gets just 10 mpg, 12 mpg for the 10 ft. moving truck, although its fuel tank capacity is smaller, can accommodate about 31 gallons.

This may not worry you if your move involves a few distances. However, if you are embarking on a long-distance trip with U-Haul, you should know that the fuel costs of renting a moving truck with the company could add up quickly.

3. U-Haul offers Rental Trucks in a Variety of Sizes

It is important to choose the perfect size of a moving truck. You want to make sure the space in the rental truck is enough to contain all your household belongings.

This could be avoided by going through U-Haul’s online size guide. For example, U-Haul recommends a rental truck of 8 ft., 9 ft., or 10 ft. size for smaller moves.

The company recommends is 15 ft., 20 ft., and 26 ft., for a medium-large move. These moving trucks can be used to transport large loads.

The largest moving truck in U-Haul’s fleet is the 26 ft. which can contain about 7,400 pounds and also come with trailer-towing ability.

4. U-Haul Bookings are only certain the Day before the Move

Regardless of how far in advance you make a reservation for the moving truck, there is no guarantee on it until the day they scheduled for your pickup.

That is when a company’s representative will contact you to confirm details such as location, equipment, pickup time, and date.

The reservation is only guaranteed once there is an agreement on the details. There are many different sizes of rental trucks available with U-Haul and each of the company’s locations has different equipment in their stock, so you may find it hard to get the right one for your need.

U-Haul may offer you a large truck size or refer you to another location if they don’t have the size you requested. U-Haul states that $50 compensation will be given to you if after verifying your rental details with any of their representatives, they are unable to meet the right requirement.

Although that might sound helpful, it, however, could cause you more stress as you haven’t got the right rental truck size you needed.

5. You may not need to make a Stop at the Weigh Station

Your truck won’t have to make a stop at a weigh station when moving with U-Haul. As stated by U-Haul, customers are basically not expected to stop because their movement is not considered as a commercial one.

However, few states require non-commercial rental trucks that exceed a specific weight (mostly 10,000 pounds) to make a stop at the weigh stations. Make sure you check the state’s local DOT to know the state’s requirement for weigh station.

6. A 1-Way Move involves a Limited Number of Days and Miles

U-Haul considers a 1-way move that involves its rental truck to be picking from one place and dropping it off at another.

This is why you are given a certain number of days and miles to conclude the rental based on your location and destination.

A per-mile fee is included in local rentals. You are to purchase any required additional days or miles before the move. It costs $.40 per mile, $40 daily for rental trucks, and $20 daily for trailers.

7. Customer Service

U-Haul’s customer service is found by users to be speedy, responsive, helpful, and polite. It takes only a few minutes and a few phone calls to reserve their rental trucks and storage units.

8. Picking up the Trucks

Picking up a rental truck from U-Haul is fast and easy. There are two reasons that can affect or delay picking up your rental truck. These include:

  • Change in Pickup location: If pickup location is changed by U-Haul before the agreed pick up. This is a normal occurrence due to changes in inventories at various U-Haul locations. This isn’t a major issue, just which you have to drive a little farther than you plan. 
  • U-Haul website troubles: Another issue is if there is disparity on U-Haul’s website. A link that contains pictures of the rental truck you plan to rent will be sent to you by U-Haul so you can compare them to the truck’s actual looks. This is to make certain that you don’t get to pay for damage not caused by you. If the rental truck didn’t match the pictures, it can cause delay. Normally, you can always upload new pictures in this situation if it happens, but with U-Haul’s website not functional at that moment, you will be unable to upload new pictures.

9 .U-Haul also sells Moving Supplies

U-Haul has whatever you need to relocate. This rental truck company offers customers a wide variety of moving materials and additional services such as moving labor, packing supplies, moving boxes, rope and tie-downs, covers and bags, wheelchair carriers, storage options, hitch accessories, bike racks, hitches, grilling supplies, RV and Boat accessories, motorcycle towing, wiring and lights, and so on.

Customers can choose their additional services during rental truck booking.

10. U-Haul against its Competition

Although U-Haul worked perfectly for most moves, it might not be the best truck rental company for your moving situation. That is why we encourage you to go through the following guides before making a conclusion:

9 Money-Saving Tips Available at U-Haul

For many years now, U-Haul has been offering reliable rental of moving trucks, trailers, and vans to DIY movers. The time-conscious company offers specially designed vehicles to accommodate moves of all sizes.

Your move can be smooth, efficient, safe, less stressful, and cost-effective when you apply a smart saving strategy to a mighty U-Haul rental truck.

We have compiled you a guide to help you in getting the best price deal on your relocation. With these 9 money-saving tips at U-Haul, you can ease the stress as well as expenses of moving to your new home.

1. Move at the Appropriate Time

Summer months are the busiest period in the moving industry, while the less busy period is during spring. So you can expect higher rates from U-Haul during the summer months.

If possible, make sure your move doesn’t fall at the start of the month as leases for most home and apartment expires, and ex-occupants are rushing to relocate. Consider moving during weekdays, Sunday to Thursday, as demand is usually lower to get the lowest rates from U-Haul.

2. Calculate and Reduce your Moving Expenses 

Moving expenses can quickly increase from mileage costs to moving boxes and rental fees. So you should include calculating these costs and figuring ways to reduce them as part of your moving strategy.

  • Estimate the amount of mileage you need: The cost of your move can be impacted by how far you are moving. Although you may not have control over the distance, you should try to work on getting the move done on time to avoid being charged extra fees. Better still, you can look for closer U-Haul center in between the two locations.
  • Estimate the space and moving supply you need: Try to overestimate the number of supplies and boxes you will need even though you have access to U-Haul’s moving supply calculator, which will help with planning. You can also save money by reducing the number of stuff you need to move.

Pro Tip

Make sure the U-Haul location you choose is closer to you as every mile you drive counts a lot when determining the fuel price.

3. Choose the Appropriate Truck Rental Option with U-Haul

It is advisable to rent a larger moving truck that will easily hold all your belongings and make the trip once than to rent a smaller moving truck and make multiple trips back and forth.

You can save time, fuel, and mileage when you reduce travel. You can either maximize or limit space during packing and loading of the moving truck, so try to pack properly. Read our post on how to pack a moving truck like a pro.

4. Drive Smart

There is a feature called fuel-economy gauges on U-Haul rental trucks that shows how many miles per gallon as you make the trip. When you keep an eye on the gauge, you will be able to adjust your driving style to increase mileage as well as efficiently enhance fuel usage.

You can save gas and reduce air pollution by keeping a constant speed, braking gently, and accelerating slowly. You can save up to 3% on gas when all the tires are well inflated.

5. Return your Rental Truck to U-Haul on Time

Returning the rental truck on time will save you from late fees and other sanctions. Otherwise, you may be surprised at what you will be charged if you are late to drop off your truck.

6. Refuel the Truck before Returning

The majority of U-Haul vehicles are loaded with fuel during pickup, so make sure you refill the gas tank to its original level, from when you first picked it up from the lot before you return it to U-Haul. Otherwise, you risk being charged for both costs of gas and labor to refuel the tank.

7. Inspect for Damage

Make sure you carefully inspect any vehicle you want to rent from U-Haul for any dents, dings, and scratches. Find out and report any pre-existing damage to the vehicle before leaving the parking lot to avoid being charged for repairs when you return the vehicle to U-Haul.

Check out the paint job as well as cracks in the windshield. You will be immediately charged for damage and vandalism when you return the truck, with additional lost rental income while they repair the equipment not minding your decline of coverage.

8. Purchase Insurance Coverage

You are free to check with most common credit cards and car insurance companies even though they mostly don’t provide coverage for moving trucks. Purchasing a protection package is a smart move as it shields you from financial responsibility in case of equipment damage. There are many protection plans available to choose from.

  • U-Haul Safemove: This option is the company’s basic plan and is widely known with customers, as stated on U-Haul’s website. It provides coverage to the moving truck, the contents, as well as medical coverage for the truck driver. However, damage from wrong packing, collision with overhead objects, or normal shifting of items while in transit, as well as theft of belongings, is not covered.
  • U-Haul Safemove Plus: This option doesn’t have exclusion for any accidental damage as well as protection for the overhead collision. It also does not cover theft of items, improper packing, and normal shifting of items while in transit.
  • U-Haul Safestor Mobile storage: Customers can get low-cost storage insurance specifically made for your items while in a U-Haul storage facility. Only when the U-Box that contains your items is stored on your property will your homeowner’s insurance covers it. For the protection of your belongings, while being stored in U-Box in a U-Haul facility, the company offers Safestor Mobile Storage.
  • U-Haul Safe trip: This plan provides additional Roadside Protection. It is a coverage that goes for a flat rate of $5. You will not be worried when you know certainly that help is on the way when needed. Among the things covered include lost keys, jumpstarts, fuel service, and lock-out service, assistance when your moving truck gets stuck in snow or mud, as well as issues with trailer hitches.
  • U-Haul Safetow: You are liable to any damage caused to a rented tow dolly, trailer, or auto transport. However, Safetow helps you with a damage waiver, and so on.

9. Check for Extra Coupons and Discounts Available at U-Haul 

To be sure you are receiving the best possible rate from U-Haul on any of your rentals, make sure you claim every available special rate and U-Haul discount you are qualified for.

Where to get U-Haul Discounts?

U-Haul offers many discounts and discount codes for customers so the best thing to do is to check for updated details on their website. These offers include the following:

  • Special U-Haul rates: There are special rates available with U-Haul to customers who pick up and return to the same point or require many days or weeks to travel hundreds of miles.
  • Customer Connect: The Customers Connect at U-Haul is a helpful program created to reduce waste, save money, and reduce fuel consumption. Customer Connect allows you to find used moving boxes and supplies from previous customers of the company. You can find a take/leave-a-moving-box container at each store that enables customers to donate or pick up used boxes for free. This platform can also be the right avenue for you to plan share rides, moving trucks, and storage with other customers.
  • Hotel discounts: U-Haul is in partnership with many hotels for additional discounts for its clients. Choice Hotels offer 15% off, while Wyndham Hotels offers 10% off, as well as other participating members.
  • Self-storage: A free month of self-storage is available at U-Haul for eligible vehicle rentals. This free storage offer of 30 days could be beneficial for you before or after your relocation.
  • Corporate relocation: U-Haul Corporate Relocation Services provides business owners with the opportunity to save time and money on staff and company relocations. The company provides them with discounts, commitment to account management, and tracking services so you can have total control over the relocation costs and save up to 75%.

Check out the Competition

We strongly recommend that you check out and compare U-Haul’s prices with its competition before you rent a vehicle with them. Companies like the Budget may offer moving trucks for up to 25% lesser than

U-Haul based on which deals they are running. Request a quote from Budget and contact a U-Haul rep to see if they will match the price.

Our Takes

In summary, the moving family and most review websites gave U-Haul an average of 4.75/5 stars. The company is found to be helpful at every phase of moving processes, and the prices offered by U-Haul is far lower than other companies. U-Haul’s representatives overlook a few policies to accommodate the moving family.

You only have to be worried about website troubles and last-minute pickup venue changes when you decide to work with U-Haul. We strongly recommend U-Haul for your moving truck rental as you embark on your next DIY move if you don’t see these little problems as a significant concern.

You can further read about U-Haul on our review on U-Haul Truck rental or our list of best moving truck rental companies to better understand U-Haul before renting a truck.

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