What Is The Cost of Ryder Truck Rental?

Ryder rental truck’s base price is $35 per day for a sprinter van, a box truck costs $39 per day, and a straight trick costs $89.95; although your prices may vary based on where you reside.

Ryder is among the oldest truck rental companies in the United States and one of your best options for moving truck rentals. This is either to rent when you are moving or for business purposes. Prices from Ryder Rental are so reasonable and pocket-friendly that you can rent a moving truck for business and local relocation purposes.

In this article, I will reveal all the things you need to know about cost, lease cost, rents, and other information as related to Ryder truck rental.

What Is The Cost of Ryder Truck Rental?

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How much does it cost to Rent Ryder Truck?

In general, renting a moving truck from Ryder is a bit costlier than its competition. But to Ryder’s credit, it provides the daily price for all of its rental services. But since the company is available across 425 locations in the country, the prices vary a bit by location.

Below is a table showing estimated daily costs:

Truck Type Miami New York City Los Angeles Houston
Sprinter Vans $100.95 $100.95 $100.95 $100.95
Box Trucks $106.95 $106.95 $106.95 $106.95
Straight Trucks $137.95 $166.95 $170.95 $170.95
Stake Trucks $162.95 $162.95 $162.95 $162.95
Refrigerated Box Trucks $172.95 $172.95 $172.95 $172.95
Refrigerated Trucks $192.95 $192.95 $192.95 $192.95

Non-billing clients are required to provide a credit card deposit. Business accounts have been made attractive by Ryder with features like a first-time discount, your preferred fuel rates, pre-negotiated rental rates, as well as after-hours pickup times.

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What is the Cost of the Ryder Truck Lease?

Truck leading deals from Ryder begin from $1,150 each month for semi-trucks. Together with the rental fee, you will also have to spend money on insurance coverage, environmental fees, gas, as well as damage protection. People spend an average of $150 – $300 every day to rent a Ryder truck.

Additional Costs of Ryder Truck Rental

Together with these costs, you also can consider these coverages:

Damage Coverage

Physical damage premium: It covers you from any losses caused by damaging the rental truck, featuring a $1,500 Begins from $22 per day.

Physical damage basic: It covers you from any losses caused by causing damage to the rental moving truck, featuring a $3,000 Begins from $21 per day.

Liability Coverage

Liability premium: While operating the rental vehicle, you will receive auto liability insurance with a $1,000,000 Begins from $34 per day.

Types of Rental Services from Ryder

At Ryder trailer rental services, their types of rental also diversify. The company currently has varieties of van rentals available, such as Metro Vans made for light duties with enough shipment space, fuel efficiency, and headroom. They also offer City Vans for rental, also a light-duty that you can easily park and drive, and perfect for carrying small shipments in city areas.

Lastly, they offer a refrigerated van for moving temperature-sensitive shipments.

Other Rental Services Include:

  • Straight trucks: These are the moving trucks used for transporting a wide range of shipments, while refrigerated trucks are made for transporting items that are sensitive to temperature. However, stake trucks come with removable hydraulic lifts and stakes that make it easy to lift gates, needed for fast loading and unloading.
  • Ryder offers tractor services: With just one axle designed for long distances while rendering great performance, reliability, and uptime. Tandem axle tractors are also available at Ryder for transporting heavy goods and rugged roads. Lastly, you can use their tandem axle sleepers for long travels with a focus on driver comfort.
  • Semi-trailer rentals are also an option, featuring dry trailers designed for the safe delivery of shipment. You can also get flatbed trailers in various specs and construction, and refrigerated trailers are also there for rental.

Things to remember about Ryder Truck Rental

While there are many good things about renting a moving truck from Ryder, there are some drawbacks to it as well:

  1. Available for business only: Ryder Truck Rental was formerly available for business and non-business services. However, the company has since 2019 shifted its concentration to only accommodate business. So if you were planning to rent a moving truck/trailer/tractor for relocating homes or any other personal purposes. You need to count Ryder Truck Rental out of it.
  2. One location for pick-up and drop-off: This is a crucial limitation of Ryder Truck Rentals as that it doesn’t allow 1-way trips. This implies that you will have to drop off the rental truck or trailer at the exact location where you picked it up. This can be overwhelming, having to drive back just to return your rental truck.
  3. Rates are charged based on calendar dates: This implies that Ryder Truck Rentals charges you depending on the number of calendar days you used their service. For instance, if you rent a moving truck at 8:00 am today and return it is tomorrow, you will be charged for 2 days and not for 24-hours.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ryder Rental Cost

What types of rental are available at Ryder rental?

As Ryder trailer rental service that types of rental also diversify. The company currently has varieties of van rentals available such as Metro Vans made for light duties with enough shipment space, fuel efficiency, and headroom. They also offer City Vans for rental, also a light-duty that you can easily park and drive, and perfect for carrying small shipments in city areas. Lastly, they offer a refrigerated van for moving team temperature-sensitive shipments.

What is the cost to lease a box truck from Ryder, Penske, and Enterprise?

Finalizing a box truck lease from Ryder rental and Penske costs around $1,000. As for Enterprise, the company focuses more on renting than leasing and there is no available information online concerning the leasing of trucks by the company.

Does Ryder Truck charge per mile?

Yes. Ryder Truck charges for each mile for rental moving trucks. This mileage charge is often not above $1 in most places. The quote you receive before rental will normally have the overall cost plus what Ryder rental plans to charge you for the miles you will travel in your trip.

Who has the most affordable truck rental?

Just as the name sounds, Budget Truck Rental is the cheapest of all truck rental companies. But compared to Ruder Truck Rentals, it doesn’t provide climate-controlled trucks or trailers.

Can anyone rent a moving truck from Ryder?

Ryder has stopped renting trucks for individual use. If you want to rent a moving truck from the company, you will have to go as a business.

What is the cost that Ryder charges per mile?

Ryder charges renters per mile. If you want to transport something, the cost will be based on the location you are moving it and the distance are moving to. Some stores charge only $0.79 per mile, but others charge $0.99 for each mile during weekdays, and the price could rise during weekends.

How do I rent a mid-track from Ryder?

You can rent a mid-track from Ryder within a location, via the phone, or online. Use any of these means convenient for you.

Is it worth it to lease a box truck?

Yes. It is the best, especially if your other option was to buy one. Since when you lease you only need to pay a certain amount per month and you don’t have to worry about maintenance or service costs as well as breakdown costs. On the other hand, when you buy a box truck you only don’t have to pay a huge amount of money in advance and per month but also have to cover maintenance and service costs.

What is the median truck payment per month?

The median truck payment per month starts from $500 to $1,000 for used trucks. It majorly depends on the truck’s value as well as the finance period.

Are you ready to move with Ryder Truck Rental?

We think you will find Ryder Truck Rental a great option for your business if you don’t want to buy your trucks (you can get nicely-used trucks from Ryder as well) or trailers. While Ryder only allows round-trips, which is a limitation, its easy availability and numerous services provided caters for the company’s downsides.

If you think Ryder is not the right option for you, you may check other companies from our wide network of the best truck rental companies.

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