What Is The Average Cost of Food In The United States?

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Americans spend so much money on food than almost on anything else in the household budget. The costs of food are much. Per dozen of egg will cost you $2 to $3, based on where you reside. Expect $2.35 for a loaf of bread, and just a little below $4for a pound of chicken.

What Is The Average Cost of Food In The United States?

The average cost of groceries in the US is $355.50 per month per individual. However, this number can change a lot based on factors like personal eating habits and age. Location is one other vital – maybe surprising – factor dictating food costs. Foods are more expensive in some cities and states in the United States than in others.

To determine where people spend the most on food per month, we considered grocery costs in the most populous cities of each state. We discovered that those living in Honolulu, Hawaii pay the highest for food per month ($556.76), while those residing in Manchester, New Hampshire pay the lowest ($183.00).

Continue reading to find out more about the costs of food all over the country and to find out where your state sits.

What is Average Household Cost of Food?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed that we spend over $7,700 on groceries and going out in the country. Consumers in the rural and suburban areas have food as their third-highest expense right after housing and transportation. Those living in the city spend a lot on food than anything apart from real estate.

Average U.S. home budget for food at the home of $3,935

The other things that take a huge part of the regular U.S. food budget would be the same to any citizen of America:

Household Budget: Food at Home Average Yearly Amount
Non-alcoholic beverages $384
Fresh fruits 270
Other canned and prepared foods 255
Fresh vegetables 236
Beef 219
Poultry 170
Pork 170
Other bakery products 165
Milk and cream 152
Sugar and sweets 143
Condiments and seasonings 138
Processed vegetables 130
Frozen prepared foods 130
Other meats 119
Cheese 125
Fish and seafood 122
Fats and oils 117
Potato chips and other snacks 115
Processed fruits 115
Bread 106
Cereals, ready to eat and cooked 94
Other cereal products (including rice, pasta, flour and cornmeal) 91
Ice cream and related products 59
Eggs 56
Misc. dairy products 54
Cookies 49
Canned and packaged soups 45
Nuts 45
Crackers 39
Butter 24
Subtotal for Food at Home 3,935
Food away from Home 2,667  
Overall Food Budget for median Household in the U.S. $6,602

Food Price for Organic Food per month

The average cost of organic food every month is more than buying regular products. Based on the product, the price difference starts from 0% to a whopping 196%. Obtaining regular 12 large brown eggs will cost you $2.19 at Harris Teeter. Similar but organic product costs $6.49 at a similar store. Amazon Fresh sells organic beef at around 75% higher, while you spend 20% more on organic apples.

The amount you pay for food is based on the number of groceries you buy and where you get them from. According to online reports, the average monthly cost of food for 2 is suggested to be around $260 when not organic. If a size-2 family shops basic products at Safeway, they can prepare to spend around $136 per week or $544 per month. Obtaining organic products cost around $199 per week or $796 per month.

Average Food Spending by Age

According to the detailed report published on the median cost of groceries per month by the USDA, the April 2021 report to be precise, expenses are divided into four spending sections as not everyone has the same budget. The median grocery bill between thrifty persons and the liberal spending plans is so huge. The cost of feeding a child aged 9 to 11 on an economical plan is $165.50, while the cost for a liberal plan was $333.

This means the monthly cost of food per child aged 9 to 11 was 98.80% more in families that have a liberal food budget. The median monthly cost of groceries for a single adult was the costliest among men of age 19 to 50. This group of customers spent from $196.40 (thrifty) and $390.40 (liberal). A single-person monthly grocery bill for women from a similar age group is lower.

In April 2021, their costs started from $174.40 – $346.60. Feeding kids of around 12 months set families back for $99.80 – $185.70 every month. The average monthly grocery bill every month of $99.10 was also the lowest when placed beside all other food expenses by age.

Pro Tip

What of other monthly costs? Grocery bills are most people’ highest monthly expenditure, but they are not the only monthly cost you need to prepare for. Get a hold on planning budget for your monthly bills by consulting our utility bill 101.

Food Costs All Over The United States

Rank State Most Populous City City Population Monthly Cost of Food Per Person
1 Hawaii Honolulu 337,256 $556.76
2 Vermont Burlington 42,417 $497.41
3 Alaska Anchorage 291,826 $483.24
4 New York New York City 8,175,133 $482.87
5 West Virginia Charleston 51,400 $427.19
6 Mississippi Jackson 173,514 $423.33
7 South Carolina Charleston 136,208 $411.29
8 Massachusetts Boston 617,594 $406.21
9 District of Columbia Washington DC 693,972 $405.08
10 Washington Seattle 608,660 $402.08
11 Pennsylvania Philadelphia 1,526,006 $401.02
12 Georgia Atlanta 420,003 $397.97
13 Alabama Birmingham 212,237 $397.39
14 Minnesota Minneapolis 382,578 $395.39
15 Rhode Island Providence 178,042 $390.19
16 Wisconsin Milwaukee 594,833 $385.97
17 Delaware Wilmington 70,851 $380.39
18 Oregon Portland 583,776 $375.41
19 Maine Portland 66,194 $372.21
20 California Los Angeles 4,792,621 $370.96
21 Florida Jacksonville 880,619 $364.25
22 Iowa Des Moines 215,472 $347.05
23 Oklahoma Oklahoma City 579,999 $346.66
24 Tennessee Nashville 660,388 $346.37
25 Wyoming Cheyenne 59,466 $345.62
26 New Jersey Newark 277,140 $343.77
27 Maryland Baltimore 620,961 $343.67
28 Connecticut Bridgeport 144,229 $343.30
29 Ohio Columbus 879,170 $341.48
30 North Carolina Charlotte 731,424 $341.10
31 Nebraska Omaha 408,958 $336.90
32 Illinois Chicago 2,695,598 $327.31
33 Michigan Detroit 713,777 $327.12
34 Colorado Denver 600,158 $326.92
35 North Dakota Fargo 105,549 $326.66
36 Louisiana New Orleans 343,829 $325.19
37 Montana Billings 104,170 $323.91
38 Indiana Indianapolis 820,445 $318.03
39 Kentucky Louisville 597,337 $315.20
40 Missouri Kansas City 459,787 $312.63
41 New Mexico Albuquerque 545,852 $307.79
42 Arizona Phoenix 1,445,632 $302.80
43 Virginia Virginia Beach 437,994 $298.01
44 Nevada Las Vegas 583,756 $293.43
45 Texas Houston 2,099,451 $286.64
46 South Dakota Sioux Falls 153,888 $286.23
47 Arkansas Little Rock 193,524 $282.46
48 Utah Salt Lake City 186,440 $282.23
49 Idaho Boise 205,671 $281.12
50 Kansas Wichita 382,368 $261.35
51 New Hampshire Manchester 109,565 $183.00

How to Save Cost on Food?

No matter your food budget, you can possibly borrow some tip from thrifty homes to further reduce your costs. Try considering these methods in the food plan for your family:

1. Cook at home: It surely takes a while but cooking and eating at home can save you some money in the long run. Know that the exact cost of food for a restaurant meal is cheaper than a third of the amount you pay for it. Another part of the money you spend at a restaurant is charged for other costs like overhead and labor. Cooking at home ensure that you pay only the food cost, and you keep the rest.

2. Stock up on staples: Already buying too many beans? Stop buying heavy cans, and purchase dried ones that you can easily soak at home. Also buy cereals like rice, oatmeal, and cornmeal. Peanut butter, bread, and eggs can also serve you in feeding a hungry family on a slim budget.

3. Change costly proteins or items for cheaper ones: The cost of steaks is cheaper than ground beef. Poultry also tends to be less expensive than other types of meat. Skip on scallops till you have special occasions, although you can consider canned fish and seafood as a good, and less expensive, healthy alternatives.

FAQ about Cost of Food in the US

The recommended monthly budget has been published by the USDA. The existing data should be downloaded by people who watch their budget closely to always know of inflation, the UDA recommends that young adult men should prepare around $298 per month to be spent on a moderate diet. About $206 should be planned for by a young woman.

Food prices from fast food and restaurants are expected to increase by 4.2% in 2021. However, the increase is expected to be around 3.5% in 2022. This increase is because of the increasing food prices and increased labor costs.

Global food prices are currently at a ten-year high. Inadequate supplies and high demand is causing huge price increase, especially in food commodities such as barley, corn, and wheat.


If you are trying to cut your food budget and you are spending a lot of money on non-alcoholic beverages, like the median American household, understand that foods and drinks are necessities of life, but with a few tweaks, you can spend less on them.

We discussed the average cost of food and some essential tips to help you reduce your spending. If you can follow these tips, you will enjoy it later.


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