Guide To Hire Trusted Denver Movers of 2022

With so many movers in Denver, you might find it slightly challenging to select the right moving company when planning your next move.

Above all, it is not only choosing a moving company that matters; many other criteria must be met before you can approve of a moving company as being the best.

Among the many measures, they must be known as being professional, timely, and very satisfactory. To this effect, we have compiled a list of ten of Denver’s best movers for you to make your selection from according to your moving needs.

The best Denver movers in this list have the above-mentioned qualities and even more.

Recommended Top 3 Movers in Denver

Local Moving LLC

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Denver Pro Movers

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Denver Small Moves

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Guide To Hire Trusted Denver Movers of 2022

In this article

They have won their customers over by their track-record of excellence, and what’s better is that they plan to do more.

In this list, you can find top companies with a good reputation, transparent pricing system, and sheer love for customer satisfaction.

List of Top 10 Denver Movers of 2022

With so many companies and so many options in Denver, we want to make sure you have access only to the right information so that you can choose the best among the rest.

We have our hands and eyes on these companies listed below and have proven that they are excellent companies that are true to their services this 2022.

Most of the companies were chosen for their excellent ratings and attention to customer satisfaction.

We give you the best Denver movers

1. Local Moving LLC

Local Moving LLC

The first company to grace this list of Denver’s top ten best moving companies of 2022 is the Local Moving LLC.

They are well known in Denver and have not dropped in their quality since their inception.

They offer unmatched residential moving services for those who are looking to move from a former home to a new home.

Local Moving LLC also offers commercial moving services for those seeking to move their office to another location entirely within Denver.

Local Moving LLC is fast, reliable, and efficient. You can also get a standard storage facility with them, and other customized services.

2. Denver Professional Movers

Denver Professional Movers

Denver professional Movers established in 2008 and have been a source to most of the happy customer reviews. They are focused and committed and have a spirit of excellence in all their moving jobs.

They have smart moving techniques that ensure accuracy and efficiency during moves. They live up to their name in every service they deliver.

Some of the services which they offer include: assembling and disassembling of furniture, packing, and unpacking.

Their trucks are also spotless and come in different types suited for your moving needs. They are always ready to deliver a good job.

3. Denver Small Moves

Denver Small Moves

When you want professional services at an affordable rate, Denver Small Moves will prepare a small amount for you.

They are keen on satisfying you and making sure you are happy enough to think of them when next you have a moving need.

Apart from dealing within Denver alone, they also extend their services to other select long-distance states for those looking to leave Denver.

Technology is no issue for them as they can use it to effect a swift and decent move. The quality of staff is also something you will love about the Denver Small Moves company.

4. Denver Door to Door Movers LLC

Denver Door to Door Movers LLC

Do you need your office moved? Or do you need to run a few blocks away? It might be that you want to move miles away from your current home in Denver to an entirely new location still in Denver.

Well, the Denver door-to-door Movers are the best fit for these types of services. They have so many moving services to offer to make your move successful.

Even if it’s a last-minute move, they can help you with it. If you have your supplies, that is beautiful, and if not, they have their supplies they can give to you at a token. Apart from offering you exclusive services, they are also very affordable.

5. Around the Clock Movers, LLC

Around the Clock Movers, LLC

Denver is just an amazing place, and Around the Clock, Movers are equally amazing in their style of delivery.

Just like every great moving company, they have quite a variety of services they offer to make your experience moving beautifully.

They have excellent staffs that are well trained in matters of moving and packing, and will not damage your belongings.

Loading and unloading is an intricate task, but they know how well to do the job, leaving you satisfied.

Packing and unpacking services are also offered by Around the Clock. Other services are in-house moves, office moves as well as home cleaning.

6. Two Guys, No Truck LLC

Two Guys, No Truck LLC

Two Guys, No truck is a company that brings a higher standard when it comes to hiring labor only. They have done so well over the years that many have resorted to not taking a full-service moving company.

Instead, they have realized that they only need a professional labor service. They offer exclusive moving services that are somewhat higher than what your average moving company will give you.

A flat rate quoting system is all you need to ensure that you have the most affordable billing.

Two Guys provide you with such luxury and hands that can do a spotless job.

7. Homegrown Moving Company

Homegrown Moving Company

Ready for some fun while moving in Colorado? Well, your best bet has got to be the Homegrown Moving Company.

They offer you a more flexible option and will make sure you are satisfied with your move.

Part of the essential package that separates them from other moving services is their senior moving services where they are specialized in moving senior citizens.

They also specialize in small moves, apartment moving, and furniture moving to make sure they help you achieve all you want in a move.

8. Take Me Home Moving

Take Me Home Moving

Take Me Home, moving company that helps you create a home-away-from-home experience when you move.

It is as though you never even left because of the way they professionally set things for you when you are moving.

Their packing and unpacking, as well as loading and unloading services,  is what gives them the edge over other companies because of how well they do it.

Coupled with great services is that they are fully insured and licensed. You have little to worry about when you hire their team of seasoned professionals.

They only always employ the best and most efficient techniques of moving to ensure you have a wonderful experience.

9. Moving Brothers

Moving Brothers

Moving brothers are a top-rated moving company both on Yelp and Google. Their consistency has paved the way for them, and they are continually doing their best to deliver quality in every move.

Their team of workers are very hardworking, courteous, and love what they do. One thing every customer will notice with this moving company is that they relate very well with their customers and have a good relationship.

They have one the best combination of affordability and professionalism. Hiring them is something you want to do if you want to keep your belongings safe and also want to smile at the end of the job.

10. Fischer Van Lines Moving & Storage

Fischer Van Lines Moving & Storage

Last but surely not the least on our carefully curated list of moving companies in Denver, we have the Fischer Van lines moving company.

The combined experience of the mover plus the age of the company gives it an amazing 28 years of experience. With this type of hands-on experience, you can rest assured of a very smooth move.

They have one of the most dedicated experts as well as the equipment to help make your move a breeze. All their tools are owned by them and this gives you a better chance at gaining cheaper prices over the use of professional items.

Apart from local moving, they also focus on other types of moving services.

The Following Table Displays The Best Movers in Denver:

No. The 10 Best Moving Companies in Denver Website
1 Local Moving LLC
2 Denver Professional Movers
3 Denver Small Moves
4 Denver Door to Door Movers LLC
5 Around the Clock Movers, LLC
6 Two Guys, No Truck LLC
7 Homegrown Moving Company
8 Take Me Home Moving
9 Moving Brothers
10 Fischer Van Lines Moving & Storage

What is the Cost of Living in Denver?

If you are moving from a big city like Los Angeles or San Francisco to Denver, the cost of living in Denver will seem pretty much affordable. However, because of the fast growth of Denver, the cost of living has also increased.

Rent prices currently in Denver are from $1,263 for a 1-bedroom apartment and $1,548 for a 2-bedroom. Rents experienced a bit of hut due to the pandemic, but are beginning to stabilize and recover.

Payscale reported the cost of living in Denver to be about 12% more than the national average. Real estate cost is the biggest factor increasing this number. Utilities and groceries are not up to the national average. Housing is a lot affordable in Denver than in many major cities in the country.

Prices of Monthly Rental in Denver

  • One-bedroom apartment in City Centre: $1,200 or more
  • One-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre: $900 or more
  • Three-bedroom apartment in City Centre: $2,100 or more
  • Three-bedroom apartment outside the City Centre: $1,508 or more

Denver Home Purchase Prices

  • Price per square meter (10.7sq-ft) to purchase a home in City Centre: $4,026.63
  • Price per square meter (10.7 sq-ft) to purchase a home outside City: $2,326.19

Below is an idea of the cost of things when moving to Denver, according to Payscale:

  • Energy bill: $156.76
  • Loaf of bread: $3.26
  • Doctor’s visit: $116.58
  • $2.75 for a gallon of gas

What Is The Cost of Denver Movers?

We know that you have many worries when trying to decide on the Denver movers to hire for your local or long-distance move. To get the right moving company, you have to make some comparisons, especially where the cost of the Denver movers is a concern.

Price is often an important factor and obtaining the best value for your money is also as important as what they can offer you, their experience in the industry, and more. The point is to make sure that you make the right choice and have carefully considered all the factors that could affect the cost of your next move.

How Much Does A Local Move Cost In Denver On Average?

The simplest explanation is that a local move is within state lines. While there are companies that consider a 50 miles move or less as a local move, others may term local moves to be one that happens within the same town, city, or state.

The average cost of Denver movers for a local move starts from $800 – $1,200 based on your home’s size as well as the number of movers required to help in the task.

To get a clear understanding of the number of movers that you will need, check the recommendations below:

  • Two movers for a one-bedroom house
  • Two to three movers for a two to three-bedroom house
  • Three to four movers for a four-bedroom house
  • Four or more movers for a five-bedroom house or more

Usually, the cost of a local move will be dictated by an hourly rate. Also, there may be other costs linked with a local move, such as handling special or valuable items, fuel charges, packing materials, and more.

How Much Does A Long-Distance Move Cost In Denver On Average?

Long-distance or state-to-state moves often represent a move that crosses state borders or involves moving to another country. The cost of your Denver movers will be affected by various factors. Even though the cost of a long-distance move will be dictated by many of the similar factors like a local move, you will also be charged line-haul fees, which are calculated by charging a certain amount for the overall weight of your shipments.

Your belongings’ weight is determined by calculating the weight of the moving truck before loading and then weighing it again after loading with your items. The weight of the empty truck is then subtracted from the overall weight to determine an accurate cost of Denver moving companies.

Guide To Neighborhoods in Denver

You can enjoy a fast laid-back vibe in any of these city neighborhoods. However, each neighborhood offers a little unique something, which makes choosing the right one so much important.

Below are a few of the best neighborhoods to live in in Denver:

  • The Highlands: Generally embraced as one of the highly desirable locations to live, The Highlands, and Lower Highlands (LoHi) in particular, are booming with great restaurant concepts, patios, hip rooftops, and boutique shops. Average apartment rental costs $2,156.
  • RiNo (River North): If you decide not to live in Lower Downtown (LoDo), River North (RiNo) is the neighbor to downtown Denver. River North is filled with modern warehouse conversions, street art, numerous bars, and restaurants, and it is the actual place to recognize and be recognized. Average apartment rental costs $1,727.
  • Capitol Hill: This neighborhood is a little rougher around the boundaries and is generally considered the cheapest and convenient neighborhood in the city. The Capital building is situated here and it is also home to Colfax Avenue which is the longest street in the United States. Average apartment rental costs $1,519

Low Profile Neighborhoods

We discussed with an expert broker and real agent of Lice Urban Real Estate for some ideas. Choice of the neighborhood to choose can significantly vary based on taste and budget.

Do you prefer the urban, suburban, up-and-coming, affordable, hip, walkable, trendy, and accessible to mountains/downtown parks? Denver has great varieties that will fit almost any lifestyle. Experts provided us a sampling of some of the low-key Denver neighborhoods that have their different charm and character.

Harvey Park:

This area is located in Southwest Denver and surrounded by South Sheridan, Lowell, Hampden, and Jewel. Harvey Park was constructed in the 1950s and is popular for its selection of the best and cheapest mid-century architecture of Denver. The calm streets in the neighborhood are filled with Cliff May-style California Contemporary homes. Average home prices $400,000 minimum.

Platt Park:

This neighborhood can be found in Southeast Denver and is surrounded by Downing, Evans, Broadway, and I-25. Platt Park is experiencing remodeling of many of its older structures for 21st-century living and some new constructions and pop-tops.

Platt Park is charming, lovely, and walkable with one of the greatest shopping districts, South Pearl Street. Be present at the summertime Farmer’s Market as it is arguably the best in DenverAverage home prices $500,000.


This area is found in Northwest Denver and is surrounded by 170, 38th, I25, and Federal. It is a new and developing neighborhood closer to trendy Tennyson and is already highly known, yet still developing. One can easily take a bike ride or walk downtown, and getting out of town is very much easier.

This neighborhood has a great mix of old architecture and new homes altogether. Modern coffee shops, boutiques, restaurants, and grocery stores are coming out in numbers everywhere. Average home prices: in the $500,000s.

Getting Around Denver

The weekend traffic jam in the city along the mountains is the one difference between Denver and other major cities. You will want to consider Ski traffic if you move to Denver since it is situated 75 miles from many international ski resorts.

Plan for heavy traffic on Friday evenings as well as Saturday mornings in the winter. You may quickly make your way towards the I-70 Street into ski country in 1 and a half hour or slowly around 6 hours or more, depending on the season, the weekday, as well as the time of day.

But that is not just the only time you will get into traffic in Denver. Since the city experienced development in the past 10 years, traffic inside the metro area can be much congested as well. Fortunately, Denver is small geographically, so, getting from and to any location should not take beyond 20-minutes during non-busy hours.

Also, if you live and work around the downtown neighborhood, biking and different scooter options are there to get you around.

Tips for Getting Around:

  • Careful where you park: there are restricted days for parking on many side streets to allow street sweeping.
  • Look into getting a vehicle with four-wheel drive or one that can scale more rugged mountain driving as well as different weather conditions.
  • The city in 2016 added brand new light rail lines, with one that services the airport. Other light rails link some suburbs to the city.
  • Denver is so much bike-able. There is an estimate of 5 to 7% of downtown workers going to work by bike.
  • There are B-cycle rentals from docks across the city, either hourly or daily.
  • Leave early: give yourself 30-minutes of extra time to reach your destination, especially when the weather is poor.
  • Avoid busy areas: plan your route to avoid the heavily jammed streets and highways. Take I-76 or I-270 rather than I-25 or I-70. You can also consider the E-470 if you are ready to pay the toll to save a great amount of time.

Get your car ready for snow: make use of all-season tires, snow chains, or snow tires when needed for safe travel. Pack an ice scraper in the trunk against those frosty winter days.

Avoiding moving scam – here are the things you need to do

1. Try to Search for Quality, not Cheap Services

Try as much as possible to search for quality instead of searching for cheap services. If you are always looking for who will give you a ridiculously small quote, then you stand at the best position to be scammed.

Make sure you plan for your move well enough and save up for it so that you can choose between the best offers from professional and reputable companies.

2. Watch out for Moving Companies That Ask for Full Upfront Payment

Most first-timers always fall for this scheme. After making inquiries with their selected moving company, they are asked to pay the entire amount before the day of the move.

This might not seem to you as a big deal, but most of these scamming companies do this to take your money away, and you fall victim even before moving a single item from your home.

You have to open your mind up and search for the companies that will require you only to make part payment.

Reputable movers will always ask that you go on a contract and the both of you have your contracts signed while you have your copy. If anything goes wrong, then you can use your contract as evidence against them.

Some of these moving companies that ask for full payment do not even exist in the first place, they only have a well-advertised scamming scheme, and you fall for it.

3. Try The Credit Card Test

This works most of the time when you are dealing with moving companies that want to scam you. Tell them that all you have to pay with is your credit card.

Professional and reliable companies will never have an issue with that, but fake movers will insist on a cash-only policy. If they continue to persist with this request, make sure you look elsewhere.

Try out another moving company, and you will see the difference. It’s a simple trick to use in knowing who is fake and who is not. But do not limit your test to this alone, make sure you apply other methods.

4. Get the necessary Recommendations From Reliable Sources

Your first reliable source when it comes to issues of moving and selecting a company that you feel is a dim fit to help you is to get the information from those who have successfully moved.

They might be family members, your relatives, your colleagues, your friends, and even your neighbors. They are the ones that will give you the best types of information without bending the truth.

So if you want something raw, and very direct, you should ask them. They will never try to paint any company to be good (except if they own the company of course) so make use of that information in deciding.

Also, remember that reputable companies don’t have issues with getting positive reviews from satisfied customers.

It is essential; once you choose to hire a company, you need to make sure you are paying close attention to how they are reviewed.

They should also be able to give you the contact details of their past satisfied customers, if they refuse, then understand that you are headed for a ditch.

Scan through various websites and see if they even have an online presence. If they do, check out the consistency of their ratings, if it seems as though they have bad ratings on a platform and good ratings elsewhere, be suspicious because it might have been paid reviews.

5. Question Offers Critically

After making your finding from a couple of moving companies, you then get in touch with this company that offers you an amount respectably low from the others you have enquired from.

It is very normal to be tempted because you want to save money, cut down a few dollars, and use the money for something else.

Whatever the situation is, you should be able to look into these types of deals and see if any shady. Do not just jump at the offer. Take your time to compare.

You need to be careful with scammers because they can cause you a lot of issues if they are not properly managed after you have hired them.

They tend to give you a lower price, and when it’s the delivery day, they will seize your belongings and ask you to pay some additional fee.

If you do not comply, they continue to hold your items. If you dare make a move to take them to court, they will vanish with your property forever. Now you will have to start life all over, and you end up losing what you thought you could gain.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denver Movers

What is the cost of movers in Denver?

Top moving companies in Denver costs about $70 to $120 per hour. However, this cost will be determined by how big your home is, the number of hours needed by the movers, and the type of service you hire, whether full-service or standard movers.

How far before my move should I hire movers?

Normally, 2 months in advance. If not possible, then a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your move is ok, but that gives you not more than a month to your move, which implies that you have few choices of moving companies because most reputable moving companies are booked 2-3 months in advance.

Should you give your movers a helping hand?

Most movers loves to relocate efficiently and quickly, so believe me, it is absolutely nice to help your own mover, but do not engage with heavy lifting. Helping them with some other things will be well appreciated as it will reduce their work and help them get the work done faster and save you money.

Is it helpful to tip movers?

Yes, but you won’t have to tip 15 to 20% of your overall bill as required by another service. Tip their base on the volume of work. If you are embarking on a simple move where you’ve packed all your belongings and are ready to move, and the moving company just load, haul, and unload your items within a short distance, tipping $20 per mover is perfectly enough.

Move or hire movers, which is cheaper?

As you probably expect, the cost of a move where you pack for the mover to load and haul is generally less expensive than hiring full-service movers and a little higher than a moving truck rental. If you plan to save money as well as reduce stress, we suggest you consider compromising with DIY packing.

When do I pay movers, before or after?

Reputable movers will not request cash or any huge deposit before they move your home. Payment is generally expected in delivery. You have no control over when next you will receive your household items if you pay upfront. However, when you pay using a credit card, it will be easier to tackle fraudulent activity.

How do movers charge, by weight or volume?

During long-distance moving, the cost of relocating is often higher. Long-distance moves could be within the state or take you to another state. We often call state-to-state moves as long-distance, and they are basically charged by weight or volume of your shipment. Many companies’ charges are based on weight and distance.

What is the charge for each mile by movers?

Although each company is different, the rate per pound as well as per mile are commonly charged on customers. With the difference in prices, the median rate all over the country for an interstate move is $.50 per pound and about $0.75 per mile. The mileage rate often reduces based on how far you travel.

Do movers help you pack up?

With full-service movers, your household belongings will be packed with expert packers who can safely and quickly box up your items than you might be able to. The movers will also securely and professionally pack up your delicate and valuable belongings, which include artwork, glass, and furniture disassembly.

How do I get moving weight?

To get the weight of your household belongings, multiply individual room of furniture by 1,500 pounds. Remember to add belongings you have in your basement, garage, and so on. Some international locations offer restricted shipment allowance.


We believe you only deserve the best, and that is why we have curated a list of active and professional national moving companies to guide you. These companies were selected based on several factors which include but are not limited to ratings, customer satisfaction, quality of work done, and experience. The idea is to make moving less stressful, and these companies will help you with it.

We made sure you have all the information you need with regards to moving, as well as all the necessary information you will also be required so that you will not be scammed. We hope for you to have a beautiful and amazing moving experience, and the companies listed above can provide you with such experience.

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