Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Move

If you find this post attractive, there is a chance that you are considering moving to a new home or planning to do so in no time. Moving can be a tricky and overwhelming affair where people may stress out and elude with various activities of a home move; hence, they make a lot of mistakes in the process. Some mistakes can be costly and time-consuming.

Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid on Your Next Move

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While mistakes are unavoidable in a home move, there is always a way to avoid most of them. Proper planning is the key to avoid moving mistakes, and this cut across every activity of the moving exercise.

If you have just paid for a new apartment and you are ready to move to your new residence, you need to read these moving mistakes to avoid on your next move. If you don’t want to learn in a hard way, having in-depth knowledge about your potential move is essential.

While something such as driving, cooking, and calculus are learned a hard way, moving is not one of them.

As you are eagerly looking forward to moving into your new apartment, organizing the new kitchen, decorating the apartment to your taste, and packing and unpacking the boxes, many at times, many people are overwhelmed and run into issues they would regret after the move.

Is that something you plan for? We are not saying you will not mistake at all, but a reasonable number of them can be avoided as much as possible. We have here some moving mistakes to avoid on your next move. Relax and read further.

7 Top Moving Mistakes to Avoid

Many people are upset about a number of things they need to get done prior to their move day. Starting from decluttering to packing, loading, tracking, to unpacking, people get overwhelmed with a lot of activities.

This is the reason they make some vital mistakes which tell on their budget and time. Highlighted below is the list of moving mistakes other people made and the need to avoid them on your next move:

1. Failure to Research your Moving Company

There are hundreds of movers in your locality, but only a few of them are reliable. It requires research and effort to find the right long distance movers for your move.

This can be done in a variety of ways including reading of reviews, getting referrals from friends and relatives, and requesting quotes from different movers.

This is not a matter of picking the first mover that comes up on the first page of your search result. If that is your system of selection, you are taking a big risk.

If you fail to research a reputable mover for your move, you are towing with the security of your belongings and your peace of mind is at stake. The mistake can jeopardize the entire moving process and turns your excitement into a nightmare overnight.

Do check platforms such as Moving Feedback to know more about moving companies in your areas. Look for the one that matches your needs regarding quotes, online reviews, truck sizing, and mission statements.

2. Failure to Start Planning Early Enough

If you don’t start your move planning early enough, you may fall victim to scammers in the industry. You won’t be able to pack your belongings as they are supposed to be, and this may lead to the missing items when you are unpacking them in your new home.

Hiring a moving company at the eleventh hour is not advisable, as the mistake had harmed many people in the past. Planning your move earlier gives you the apparent picture of how your entire move will be. Avoid late preparation as much as possible.

3. Failure to Declutter your Home Before or During Packing

There are numerous benefits attached to decluttering your home before moving. If you want to move everything you have currently, you are adding extra moving costs to your expenses and you will later discover that some of the items you moved are of no use to the new home.

The expended time on packing and unpacking unused items can be used to do other activities. The fewer items you move, the better for you. If you did not declutter your home before packing, another time to do is when you are packing.

It is easier to sort out unwanted items and dispose of, recycle or donate them. There is this urge that tells you to hold on to some items, but it will later turn out useless to you in the new home.

4. Failure to Give Yourself Enough Time to Pack

Packing takes much of the time in moving as it has recurring results – unpacking. Whatever and however you pack to determine what you would unpack when you get to your new apartment.

If you pack children’s toys with the kitchen equipment or pack cleaning supplies with electronics, there will be a crisis during unpacking. Hence, it is essential to give yourself enough time to pack to avoid such a mistake.

Apart from mixing up items, insufficient packing time exposes you to unnecessary stress which may wear you down during and after moving. Give yourself enough time to pack will make your move comfortable and easier. Plan out your schedule per room based on the volume of your property.

5. Overpacking Boxes and Forgetting to Label Correctly

As you lay your bird, you will lie on it. When packing your belongings, get adequate packing boxes to accommodate each of your items. There are a variety of moving boxes available in the market, and you can even get them for free. You can read our post on “Where to Find Free Packing boxes”.

After getting the boxes, ensure you don’t overstuff the boxes for the safety of the content. Take cognizance of the size and weight of each box to know the right items to pack. Ensure the boxes can support items putting in each of them. Improper packing may lead to damage of items in transit. Read tip to packing here.

Another important aspect of packing is the proper labeling of moving boxes. This will help you during unpacking. Take your time to label each box according to its contents, the mode of handling, and which room they belong to. With these details on the boxes, your mover will know how to handle them and where each box will be dropped.

6. Failure to Explore Insurance Options

Generally, moving companies are expected to provide limited insurance coverage as required by law. However, this coverage is basic and limited in the package. If you have valuable items in your property during your move, it is advisable to explore additional insurance via the moving company or insurance company.

7. Signing Incomplete or Blank Documents

Many people usually forget to read through the contract documents from the mover before signing it. This is a big mistake that may tell you later. Never append your signature on any incomplete or blank document given to you by the mover to avoid being scammed.

The following table displays the top moving mistakes to avoid:

Additional Moving Mistakes to avoid when you Move

Apart from the above moving errors, there are also some important moving mistakes to avoid as much as possible if you want a smooth and stress-free moving experience. Many people do overlook these additional moving mistakes and they find themselves in a big mess in middle of the move. These include:

Planning your Move without a Moving Checklist

Everyone knows that the success of a move is tied to a proper organization. This implies that the smoothness of the entire move is dependent on how better you control your organization at each phase of you’re the move, including all tasks that accompany each stage.

One of the toughest mistakes when moving to another house is to jump into the preparation without developing proper planning on how to arrange your time, and organize and prioritize all the tasks involved.

One certainty is that a moving checklist will be needed to keep you on track till the moving day and beyond. Besides this function, moving checklist does the following:

  • It will prevent you from losing time when tackling and finishing tasks randomly without a plan by keeping you focused on the current tasks.
  • It will serve as motivation by assuring you that you are getting closer to the end, as you complete each task.
  • It will reduce the stress from your move since you are certain of timely completion of your pre-move preparation.

Follow this greatest stage by stage moving checklist ever, as we highlighted each task with timeline.

DIY-Moving without weighing your Options

One of the other popular mistakes people make when moving is to assume that hiring national moving companies will be expensive than DIY relocation. Because of that weird assumption, you may decide to move on your own without thinking that a self-move in such a situation will be much worse from the financial and safety aspects.

You may sometimes find it difficult to choose between hiring a moving company or just do it yourself, especially when relocating on a local distance.

The best way to avoid any mistake is to consider the major hidden costs of the DIY move, which include moving truck rental, food, fuel costs, road tolls, lodging, taxes, packing materials, and moving equipment rental. Expenses as a result of inexperience, such as personal injuries from moving day accidents or property damage, may also be incurred.

Generally, you should consider all the available moving options and determine the best one that works for your current situation. Your readiness to move on your own is one thing; it is another thing to have the experience, relevant equipment, and helping hands you need to pull it off.

Pro Tip

There are various cheap ways to move and experience still experience smooth moving experience. You may be surprised at what you discover when you weigh different options available to you. Read our post on Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country.

Forgetting to Label Boxes

There are other things that disappoint aside from getting to a new home and tossing everything to locate your towel. Unplanned unpacking is a popular mistake that begins during the packing phase. Every little pre-planning during packing helps you when you unpack.

For easy unpacking, mark each room with colored packing tape and label your moving boxes to indicate each content inside. You should also pack a separate bag or box containing essential items for the first night in the new home.

Not taking Advantage of Every Cost-Cutting Tips

Although this is not seen as a popular moving mistake, however, not taking advantage of the many ways to reduce your moving cost can still be seen as one of the popular moving mistakes made by many people when relocating.

After all, moving from one place to another is an expensive endeavor, so you must give your best to reduce the moving expenses as much as you can. In summary, below are the best methods to cut the cost of your move:

  • Get an affordable mover: Gather multiple moving estimates from reputable movers and pick the one that you find most suitable with your moving budget. With that, stay away from moving estimates that are cheap beyond reason as they could result in fraud. Check our list of the Most Affordable Moving Companies.
  • Declutter your home: Decluttering your home will save you money! You already know packing and moving all your household possession will cost you even more. The right thing to do is to toss away any belongings you don’t have plans for. You can as well turn some of these items to cash by organizing “garage sale” or donate them to charities.
  • Don’t pay much for packing supplies: You can find the majority of your cardboard boxes for free, but you can take this to another level by using packing supplies you own in your home to reduce the cost of packing further. Check where to find free moving boxes.
  • Pack by yourself: The cost of professional packing services is high, so do yourself a money-saving favor by packing all you can such as books, shoes, CDs, and so on, and leave the special belongings such as furniture, arts, decors, and so on for the experts.

Not comparing various Moving Quotes or Estimates Received

This is another popular mistake you need to avoid once you’ve seen reputable movers. You have to request and make comparisons between their various moving estimates. Movers will either request to come for a physical inspection of your household goods or offer you an online quote.

Settling for the first offer that comes your way may later cost you a fortune. Comparing moving estimates (at least three) will enable you to find the best moving rate. You will make a better decision with ratings after you’ve screened your movers to top promotion moving companies. Read our post on How To Research And Compare Moving Companies.

You forget to update your Address

Forgetting to change your address will lead to your mail being sent to the old address. You should take the time to notify the post office at least two weeks before your move date to make sure all your mail from that time is sent to the new address. Other companies you should notify are as follow:

  • DMV
  • Loan providers
  • Newspaper or magazine subscriptions
  • Auto insurers
  • Utility companies such as electricity, water, gas, etc.
  • Credit cards
  • Doctor’s office
  • Banks
  • Payroll department at your workplace

Read our post on How To Change Your Address When Moving.

You didn’t disclose Important Moving Detail to your Movers

You should always voice out every concern when any moving company agent comes to your house for a physical inspection to avoid overcharging. Avoiding spilling out everything could cost you a lot when your moving company discovers that you have more belongings to move than you originally showed them. They will just give you a new estimate that includes a higher amount.

Ignoring Moving Day Safety

You need to prioritize safety when relocating to another home. Mistakes are very disastrous as they take away something from you, whether wasting time, energy, nerves, or money, which are not returnable. All these cherished things can be whisked away from you by just one careless mistake on your move.

Your move-out and move-in date can both present dangerous challenges, so a little mistake you make can escalate to a major accident. This implies that you must be proactive and also take some safety measures seriously on your moving day to avoid personal injury or any property damage. These include:

  • Make use of proper and relevant moving equipment to avoid damage to the home as well as any dangerous event that may cause injuries. You definitely need an appliance dolly that has rubber wheels for a DIY move.
  • Get rid of every obstacle from all exit ways, as well as many hazards to ascertain safe passage out of your current home.
  • Make sure your children and pets are kept away from the packing and moving phases on moving day; leave them in care of any trusted family or friend.
  • Dress properly for the moving day and use comfortable clothing and shoes that will enable you to work conveniently.

Pro Tip

Moving quote is essential to help have an idea of your move before you finally invite the mover for inspection. Remember, you shouldn’t open your doors to everyone in disguise of moving estimates. So, trim the movers based on their quotes for final estimate.


Why should I hire a professional mover?

Hiring a professional mover will help take away stress, and ensure safe move all through. Moving can leave you with emotional and physical damage, and taking care of large or fragile belongings with care is something only experienced and expert can do. A safe and successful move requires specialized moving equipment and experience, unlike other businesses.

How can I maintain low costs during my move?

Note that moving is an art and science, and each move is unique. The major way to maintain a low moving cost is to be fully prepared when the moving company representative arrives, which will cut or get rid of surprise or unwarranted time.

Getting moving boxes takes the most time when moving, and yet remains the lightest object to move. Also, if you are packing by yourself, you can use the same size of moving boxes but ensure they are properly sealed with tape and labeled appropriately for the moving crew.

Stack the boxes up so the movers can just load them on the dolly and leave. Similarly, disassembly of furniture is also a time-consuming task, although the movers will be glad to help.

You can take your time to disassemble furniture like desks, beds, and so on to reduce time consumption. In summary, anything you can handle on your own or anything that can help the moving crew move faster will reduce your moving cost. If your move is an hourly rate, this technique will go a long way.

Do I need estimate to move?

In most cases, you will be given a good idea of a cost range over the phone by a sales agent. But to get the most accurate estimate, we recommend an on-site inspection to review the details of your move visually further.

Is the moving estimate that accurate?

Most movers have the required years of experience, and this pride themselves on issuing the most accurate moving quotes in the moving industry. With proprietary sales system, they are able to work closely with each client to understand their moving requirements further and issue a moving quote that matches those requirements.

Make sure you reveal as much as possible information during the estimate, including the shipment to ensure accuracy. Unexpected costs always come into play when you refuse to disclose additional belongings or having difficult accessing some areas during the forecast.

Should I expect moving labor as my only expense?

Moving labor constitutes the most moving expense. However, you need to budget for moving insurance, and for packing supplies like moving tape, moving boxes, bubble wraps, moving blankets, and so on. Remember to budget to take special care with fragile or oddly-shaped belongings such as antiques, televisions, and chandeliers.

Is it necessary to get valuation (“moving insurance”)?

Although movers will take every available precaution on your move, however, there may be unexpected damage and thus the need to protect your household belongings for such occurrence. They offer moving insurance (valuation) to their clients at a very reasonable price because the number of claims filed by most reputable movers is very low.

How will the movers know what I’m moving and not?

The movers will walk around your home alongside yourself to confirm the items you are moving and those that are staying.

Can I move during inclement weather?

Yes. Expert movers and moving trucks are ready to move during sleet, snow, or rain, as much as the move is safe. They arrive at your home with safety equipment to protect your goods from the elements. However, to reduce costs, we advise that you clear driveways and prepare it for your mover’s arrival.

What areas can I handle as I want to do some packing and moving before my movers come?

Concentrate on packing and not moving. Avoid spending time to move these belongings. Rather, concentrate on packing moving boxes, so that you are fully ready when the movers arrive. Our packing and page tips have all you need to know about packing and packing supplies.

What if I still have some packing to do on my scheduled moving day?

You should make it clear to your moving coordinator immediately you know you cannot finish with the packing before the scheduled moving date. The moving coordinator can work with you to come up with a second plan for packing. This may mean that the movers will take over the remaining packing, or you extend your moving date for more time to pack if you have some flexibility as we always do.

If the number of belongings remaining to be packed is not much, then it can be handled by your movers on the moving day, but note that this will increase the time spent on the job and, therefore, increases the overall cost of the move.

How can I ensure that my belongings are placed in the right room at the new home?

Consider a simple labeling system of your choice (i.e. KTC for Kitchen, BR for bathroom, LR for living room, etc.) and ensure you mark all of your moving boxes. Label each moving boxes on the top and four sides of the boxes. Your movers will partner with you at the new home to ensure everything ends up at the appropriate and preferred place.


Moving mistakes can be costly and time-wasting. Considering the different activities involved in moving, one can easily get tired and make a lot of mistakes. While some moving mistakes can be managed, some can be expensive to bear. We have discussed in this post those moving mistakes to avoid as much as possible. Try to plan your move to the best of your ability to avoid those moving mistakes. Keep tap to this page for more informative posts!

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