Top Junk Removal Companies in The United States 2022

Storing up junks in every home is inevitable. Junk removal companies are available for getting rid of clutter from your apartment regardless of the reason you want to reduce the items in your home. They help you remove every unwanted item from your home with full speed and efficiency.

Top 3 Recommended Junk Removal Companies


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College Hunks

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Top Junk Removal Companies in The United States 2022

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Partnering with junk removal companies is the best way to rid your home of clutter, as well as eradicate the need to think much on how to dispose of such items before your upcoming move.

There will be a need for you to clean up your home annually, regardless of how many times you tried to reduce the items. A report shows that an average American generates about 4.5 pounds of waste daily, and this doesn’t even include unused items in their home.

We have compiled a list of our favorite, reliable, and reputable junk removal companies in the country for you.

To learn everything needed about working with a junk removal company, such as their services, costs, and what they do with your removed items, continue reading this article.

Top 5 Junk Removal Companies

There are many junk removal companies in the country. We strongly recommend that you compare at least three different companies using their pricing, service delivery, and availability before you decide on which one to hire.

Doing this will enable you to work with a removal company that will provide you with quality service at a reasonable price.

Checking reviews on a junk removal company when looking to hire one is a great move. This will enable you to know what past customers experienced as well as seeing recommendations.

This will also help you in determining whether they have the right equipment for the job.

Below are our picks for top junk removal companies in 2022:

1. 1-800-Got-Junk


This company provides junk removal as well as dumpster services for residential and businesses with the aim of sending up to 63.5% of the junks it collected from landfills to charitable organizations and community groups or recycling them.

1-800-Got-Junk conducts audits of its business operations every 2 years and provides a report to customers to be able to verify their efforts on landfill diversion.

The company determines it’s pricing after sending a representative to your home to check the volume of your items.

This company is one of the biggest junk removal companies in the world, and it has a variety of junk removal services as well as 44 locations in the country.

We believe that the company is one of the best junk removal services, as it can handle any type of items such as yard waste, furniture, and computers.

The company will remove any kind of junk in your home, as well as clean out your attic, garage, storage unit, or even your shed.

To learn more, read our full 1-800-Got-Junk review.

2. College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving

College Hunks

HUNKS in the company’s name stands for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, and Service. This company offers local and long-distance moving and storage assistance as well as junk removal for homes and offices.

College Hunks removes every non-hazardous junk away from the customer’s belongings and disposes of them properly by recycling and donating as much as they could.

The company visits the site upon the customer’s invite, and an estimate will be issued before they start working. The company prides itself on having the lowest claim for damage in the moving industry.

College Hunks has varieties of junk removal services at its disposal, which helps in effectively removing junks from your home.

This also makes them qualify to be on our top list of reliable junk removal companies. It is also among our favorite national moving companies because it offers moving and storage services alongside the junk removal business.

This company is perfect for those moving after accumulating many clutter, dust, and unused stuff in their home over many years.

To learn more, read our full College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving review.

3. LoadUp


This company was established in 2014 with the sole purpose of bringing transparency and fairness to the junk removal business. We can also feel that the company is right on track.

The company also offers its services at competitive prices alongside its transparency; hence its inclusion on our list. The company states that it charges 20 to 30 percent less than other companies.

It may be hard to get prices for junk removal services. Many factors contribute to change in prices, such as season and location.

This is why most companies will not give you a price over the phone or online. However, LoadUp provides you with the chance to receive a customized price on its website.

You will just supply the company with your location and the items you want to remove. The tool will automatically calculate the price as you supply the inventory, and an accurate estimate will be issued based on your entries.

4. Junk King

Junk King

This company states that it will match any price you received from its competitors with its price-matching policy, so if you plan to gather many quotes from different companies, Junk King might be your stop for cost-effective service.

The company’s headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, where it offers environmental-friendly junk removal services. The company puts customers first.

Junk King is committed to providing transparency of pricing as well as helping you haul your junk for a budget-friendly price. You can either have a rep sent to your home for free, or request quotes based on the pictures you send to them.

Be sure that the company will beat any lower estimate given to you by any of its competitors. There are many other huge benefits with Junk King, such as local sorting centers for items to be donated or recycled, eco-friendly business conduct as stated on their website (recycling of about 60% of junks).

Junk King is a large removal company that has locations across the country, so you can easily find them in your local area.

5. Waste Management

Waste Management

This is the largest junk disposal company in the United States and has been on the frontline for many years. Most of the companies mentioned earlier serve junk disposal while Waste Management is perfect if only you are willing to do the significant work yourself.

You can use the metal dumpsters available with Waste Management if your junk is more than what a bag can handle. Although there are varieties of dumpster sizes, however, you will find these three sizes in many locations:

  • 20-yard dumpster
  • 30-yard dumpster
  • 40-yard dumpster

The Bagster from Waste Management costs just $29.95, and you can find them in most home improvement stores, which would be sent to your location via Amazon.

The bags’ measurement is 8ft x 4ft x 2.5ft and is made of strong polypropylene to contain about 3,300 pounds of item.

The Following Table Displays the Junk Removal Companies

No. The Best Junk Removal Companies in the US Website
1 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
2 College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving
3 LoadUp
4 Junk King
5 Waste Management

How much does Junk Removal Cost?

Junk removal companies will never issue a fixed estimate to customers via the phone, just like moving companies.

This is because the cost is determined by many factors such as the number of junks to be transported away, your location, ease of working on the site (such as the number of stairs), as well as convenience of parking.

A price is also attached to any of the dumpsters or traditional junk service you choose. However, there is some basis for determining the price of junk removal.

Although junk removal pricing can be between $70 and $750, however, it is reported by HomeGuide that people are spending an average of $150 and $350 on junk removal services.

The majority of junk disposal companies charge based on the number of spaces occupied by your junk in the removal truck.

The more spaces used, the higher you pay. Request for an on-site estimate to get the most accurate idea of how much you’ll be spending.

Junk removal service providers will be able to give you the most accurate quote when they get to see your junk in person as they will determine the number of dumpsters or removal truck space required for your junk.

DIY vs. Full-Service Junk Removal

Although getting rid of your junk yourself using a rental dumpster can be cost-effective compared to hiring a full-service company for the removal, not all the time. The number of junks you are disposing of will determine.

If you are disposing just of a sofa or a couch, then renting a dumpster for such an item alone is costlier than hiring a full-service removal company.

However, you will save a lot of money from dumpster rental when you are getting rid of many junks. If you are also renovating your home or space, it is better to rent a dumpster if you need a secure place to get rid of long-used junk instead of allowing it to form clutter.

How to Choose Trustworthy Junk Removal Companies?

All the factors below should work in your favor when trying to hire the best removal company to get rid of clutters from your home. Let’s discuss some of the features a good junk removal company should possess to be considered as a reliable junk removal company.

Below are the factors to focus on when researching junk disposal companies:

1. Range of Services

Most junk removal companies will only pick up your unwanted items while others offer additional services such as moving help and pickups of donation. Identify your junk removal needs and decide if you can hire a company that satisfies it all.

2. Equipment

It is very vital to know a company has all the necessary tools and equipment for the junk removal job before hiring.

The company should have the right equipment in its possession regardless of the items you are removing, whether an old couch or pool table.

Companies with the relevant and needed equipment will easily get the removal job done without stress.

3. Reviews and Referrals

There is no telling what you will meet from the previous customer’s mouth even if it’s a national junk removal company. Search for reviews from your exact location and seek recommendations from previous junk removal customers of a certain company in your area.

4. Price

Researching what junk removal companies charge before hiring their service is very important. Estimate the amount you are willing to spend to have your junk removed and hire a company that charges around that same amount.

However, make sure you factor in other factors such as customer relations, quality of service, and how they recycle. In most cases, people receive service based on what they pay for; nevertheless, the ridiculously low price should raise a flag.

5. Environmental Policies

Junks are capable of affecting the environment. Ensure you hire a removal company that conducts its services without affecting the ecosystem. Do not hire a junk removal company that doesn’t consider the environment but just dump all your junk without sorting.


What is the cost of junk removal?

Usually, the junk removal companies will charge by the number of loads in the truck and the hour of work. The number of junk to be disposed of from the environment will determine the junk removal costs. To receive a quote on how much you will spend on your junk removal job, contact your junk removal company.

Will all of my stuff be thrown away by the removal company?

Although the services offered by most junk removal companies are similar, some companies still have their knowledgeable technicians that will put in their best for your job. Those teams know exactly how to separate usable items from junk. They will then haul away your junk after separating the usable ones.

How do I treat items I no longer need but don’t want to throw away?

Even though junk removal companies offer top-level removal services to their customers, they also support giving back to society, and thus, assist customers in donating unwanted kinds of stuff by locating a non-profit charitable organization that will make good use of such items for them. If you plan to sell the unwanted items, their technicians can point local consignment stores to you so you can make extra dollars from your junk.

What if your removal truck cannot be parked in my small area?

There are different sizes of removal vehicles with junk removal companies. Regardless of the size of your home or property, they will always have a removal vehicle that will perfectly handle your removal project. They also have unmarked removal trucks if you are looking to dispose of items confidentially.

Do I have to get involved in the lifting?

No. the junk removal company will provide you with the required number of hands needed for your removal job.

What kind of item will you remove?

They will handle any kind of junk disposal, regardless of size and weight. Junk removal will dispose of:

Vehicle parts
Appliances (such as dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, washers, stoves, etc.)
Water heaters
HVAC units (heaters, air conditioners)
And much more!

Do junk removal companies check the background of your staff?

Yes. They thoroughly vet all their technicians before hiring them. These companies understand the need for customers to trust and be comfortable having their employees on their property for removal project.

Is junk removal companies insured and bonded?

Yes. Both company and staff are completely insured so that customers can have peace of mind all through the junk removal process. They are willing to show you their licenses and certifications when requested.


Seize your moving period to get rid of those unwanted items in your home so that you don’t have to move unnecessary items to your new home. You will handle the sorting of the items in your home, while junk removal services will haul away the unwanted stuff from your home. We hope this guide removes the fear and confusion associated with junk removal as well as points you in the right direction to get your removal project done professionally. Do not hesitate to ask questions or refer to this article when you feel lost.

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