Top 10 Tips For Moving During Peak Moving Season

You might be wondering; when is the best time to perform your upcoming move? Your specific situation and personal choices will determine if moving in peak moving season is the best for you.

The Peak moving season starts from April through October. You should know that many moving trucks will be on the road and new people moving in since most of the United States’ moves happen during this period.

If you choose to relocate to another home during peak moving season, the post will discuss all you need to know.  To start with, understand what a peak moving season is.

Top 10 Tips For Moving During Peak Moving Season

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When is considered a Peak Moving Season?

The peak moving season in most parts of the United States is during summer. About 70% of all moves in the country take place between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Since the demand for moving companies from May to September is higher, people that are relocating book their movers or moving truck rentals as early as they can.

In most cases, leading long distance moving companies are often booked out some months before the move. Waiting until the final minute to reserve movers may leave you with poor options and limited moving date choices.

Why Summertime is considered the Peak Moving Season?

Warmer weather: Most parts of the country prefer to move in the summer months than to move during the winter. Aside from the safety challenges posed by snow and ice in transporting your household belongings from one place to another, it also makes the loading and unloading process more difficult than it has to be.

The longer days in summer is one of the advantages of moving this time as it gives you enough time to complete your move before night. And even though summer heat can make moving a tiring endeavor, at least you will be free from frostbite.

Summer break from school: Summer break gives you the perfect time to relocate your family, including your school-age children. Moving to another town or school district can usually disrupt students’ experience, especially in the middle of the school calendar year.

Moving during the summer can make transition convenient by settling long before school years begin with no interruption. This gives children enough time to bid their old friend’s goodbye.

College movers: During summer break in college, many students change housing. Most of them will move home for the summer and then relocate again for the new semester. Regardless of the reason for their move (graduation, moving to apartments from dorms), college movers contribute greatly to the increased moving demand in peak season.

The peak season for military moves: Many military members move annually, mostly between May and August, with most of the military moves performed during June and July.

Holiday celebrations: There are many major holidays in the fall and winter months that you would prefer to spend with friends and family. You definitely don’t want to perform a move during this period when you are getting ready for Turkey Day or prepping for Christmas.

The holidays can be so stressful that you don’t even want to consider the chance of you driving a moving truck and packing moving boxes.

10 Tips to moving during Peak Moving Season

#1 Book your Movers and Pick a Moving Date as early as possible

Procrastination during peak moving season means a loss. Be sure to book your movers as early as possible to make sure that you obtain a move date that is most convenient for you. Advance booking of movers also increases your chances of getting your most preferred moving company.

#2 Purge Unwanted Belongings

You will be charged by weight if you are moving to a long distance. And since moving during peak moving season will cost you the highest amount, you can only save money by reducing the number of household items you move.  

#3 Hire a Moving Crew to Haul your Items

Allow the professional moving labors to take control of the planning, packing, loading, truck driving, and unloading for you during the high-demand season. A lot of DIYers will be on the road with a lot of additional busy moving company trucks.

Leave your large moving truck and heavy sofa for the movers to handle. When you hire a professional to handle your move’s toughest parts, you can then concentrate on making yourself and your family comfortable as you move to your new home.

#4 Target a Mid-Week, Mid-Month Move – Stay away from moving on a holiday

Moving at the start or end of the month is generally costly than moving in the middle of the month. Also, weekend moves are more expensive than mid-week moves. If you need the best moving rate for your upcoming move, we suggest you target a mid-week, mid-month, for your move.

There are several important holidays during the peak moving season. Some expensive times to relocate include Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. This is a result of the limited availability of moving companies and much traffic on the road (delays). If you need a cost-saving move during the summer months, we suggest you move outside the holidays.

#5 Benefit from Moving Discounts

Peak moving season is simply a costly time to relocate. Because there is always an increase in demand, movers’ rates, and moving truck rental rates are often higher in the summer months. Fortunately, several discounts can help you reduce these costs. Find further information on available moving discounts that you can take advantage of during peak moving season.

#6 Pack and get your Household Goods ready in advance

Local moving companies often charge by the hour, so you can save some money during peak season by packing all your items earlier and placing your shipments by the door. That will make sure movers will not spend much time loading your items.

#7 Stock your Car for Comfort

Grab a cooler and pack it with ice and bottled water and fruit juice in preparation for the hot weather journey. In addition, hire an expert mechanic to inspect your air conditioning and cooling systems before you start moving out.

Some things are worse than being lost, hot, cranky, and driving long-distance with no AC. Finally, pack a backpack full of games, snacks, and other distractions for family members in the car.

#8 Get ready for the Drive

If you are moving, note that you may encounter heavy traffic during a move in peak moving season. A lot of ways to get ready for the drive include servicing your vehicle before the move, test-driving a moving truck rental before you take it to the highway, planning your route, and looking out for bridges or overpasses, which may make driving of a box truck rental impossible on some roads.

#9 Beat the Heat

Peak season move is challenging, so remember to pack a small cooler of bottled water, snacks, and perishable while moving. If you can no longer take the heat, you may also pack some cold washcloths to keep your body cool. Travel in a lightweight and light-colored clothing put on sunscreen, and take a portable fan with you.

#10 Get a Pet-Sitter

The last thing you need on the day of your move is to have your cat or dog get loose. Sadly, movers often leave doors open when they are loading and unloading their moving trucks. Also, you can easily forget your pets with the many distractions on a moving day. Get a pet sitter on your moving day to keep your pets safe all through the peak moving season.


It is much easier to move in the summer heat when you hire professionals to assist with the heavy lifting. If your moving timetable is flexible, you can save some money by moving in the offseason. To discover the best moving company to take care of your summer move, visit our wide network of reputable and reliable moving companies.

For further information easy moving during difficult times, read our post on the Best Time of the Year to move.

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