Best Moving Companies in Dallas of 2020



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Best Moving Companies in Dallas

The first thing that should come to the mind of anyone who wants to move should be how to go about the move. There are a lot of details that go into making a successful move, and hiring a reputable moving company is one of them. You might be a little bothered about where to get a decent moving, that is fast and dependable, but with this guide, your worries should be over.

We have compiled a comprehensive list of ten of the moving companies in Dallas this year, 2020, to help you make take decisive actions when planning on your next move.

Our list comprises of different companies, but they all have one thing in common, and that is the delivery of quality to every customer. We have helped you save time by researching some of the most reliable companies, for your pleasure, we hope you get all the information needed to have a fantastic moving experience.

Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Here, you can find our comprehensive list of the best moving companies for 2020 based on but not limited to metrics such as customer satisfaction, reviews, and quality of services rendered. Also, we would like to have all our readers know that the list is absolutely organic and no influence whatsoever acted on the list.

Please find below ten of the best and most reputable moving companies arranged in no particular order.

1. Expert Dallas Movers

Expert Dallas Movers - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 800-528-1449

The first company setting the stage on our list is the Expert Dallas Movers. They have done tremendously well over the years and worked to the standards their name portrays. In fact, they are one of Dallas’ most sought-after movers because of their consistency.

They offer an extensive range of services, and always make sure their customers have the satisfaction they so desire. Whenever they are on any job, whether big or small, they make sure they stay dedicated.

They offer thorough, professional services to all customers too. One thing you are sure to experience with Expert Dallas Movers is a prompt response once they are contacted. If experience means a lot to you, then you can count on them to help deliver to you that touch of experience and professionalism.

2. Einstein Moving Company – Dallas

Einstein Moving Company – Dallas - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 888-368-4689

Einstein Moving Company takes pride in its rigorous recruitment process. This, in turn, spills to how they can hire only good hands to handle their moving tasks. Hence, when you hire Einstein Moving Company, you know you are in safe hands. All their staffs are well trained and love what they do. They make sure their standards are always up to par no matter the nature of the job involved.

They are very efficient in residential moves. Knowing how to handle home items without causing damage is a priceless skill most moving companies do not have, but Einstein will have you covered in that regard. They also offer excellent commercial moving services.

3. AM Moving Company

AM Moving Company – Dallas - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 469-278-2304

AM Moving Company has an outstanding reputation for being great at small and big moves in Dallas. They have been in business since 2011, and have always done everything to make sure they maintain a high satisfaction margin with their customers.

They have received a lot of positive reviews over the quality of their jobs and would stop at nothing to continue in that direction.

They are Dallas’ local movers helping to move just a few blocks away or miles away from your current location. They specialize in commercial moves as well as residential moves. If you have an office situation too, they can help you with it. Their team of experts knows how to handle any kind of office moves.

4. Wildcat Movers – Dallas

Wildcat Movers – Dallas - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 214-662-1191

Dallas holds its uniqueness in challenges, but this moving company also have their uniqueness in solving any moving-related problem. Wildcat Movers are part of the reasons why many families are happy about their move-in Dallas.

They are always ready to go where you want them to go, making sure your belongings are as safe as possible. Experience with them brings no regret.

They equally have a lot of well-trained staffs, that treat your belongings like theirs and will stop at nothing to make sure all your items are delivered to your home safely.

It really doesn’t matter the type of move, or where you are moving to within Dallas, they will help you with it. They also have a flat-rate feature that can save you some dollars.

5. Community Moving – Dallas

Community Moving – Dallas - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 469-971-8841

Community Moving is a moving company that offers you full moving service and experience. While other companies will restrict their services to moving alone, they offer a more flexible option for you. Like every excellent Dallas Moving Company, they offer Residential, Commercial, and Office move, they also provide additional services that can make the entire process fruitful.

Some of these services include packing and unpacking services, delivery services, moving of appliances, furniture moving, and other so much more. It takes stability to offer all these services together, and that is one thing you can trust Community Moving Company for.

6. Black Tie Moving Services

Black Tie Moving Services - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 844-920-2966

Think of the Black Tie Moving Service as men in suit helping you with a smooth moving experience. With them, you get a premium moving service at a very affordable price rate.

Not many moving companies understand that to be successful, you need a strong team, and Black Tie Moving Services have one of the most active staffs. They will provide excellent packing, loading, unloading service for you. They are full-time movers.

Even if you seek storage facilities, they can help you work out a conducive place to store your belongings. Also, their crew is very clean, courteous, and polite, they will do their jobs nicely. Black Tie promises to always offer great prices to their customers.

7. Dallas Movers Pro

Dallas Movers Pro - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 214-310-1394

Dallas Movers Pro is another company that promises to always keep their customers satisfied. They boast of having meticulous, professional, and skilled services. They are not like most other fraudulent moving companies and will provide you with the level of quality you have in mind. They also deliver the prompt response and make sure they are on time on every job.

To make the jobs even more professional, they have equipment operated by well-trained staffs. They will always make sure you have an unmatched level of service. Experience is also one thing they take pride in, using it as a tool to understand different types of customers.

8. Bellhops

Bellhops - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 877-745-6029

Bellhops offer you one of the friendliest moving services you can think of. They are both professional and know how to relate to all of their customers.

Their staffs all know how to act in a way that would draw you back to them if you have any moving need. From the moment you need to work with them, they see you as partners instead of customers alone.

They have the technology to make the work even more enjoyable. With tracking devices and communication devices, you can be sure that your belongings are in safe hands every step of the way. Each customer is different, and they attend to every one of them in their peculiarity.

9. Movers Plus

Movers Plus - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 972-914-2500

One of Dallas’ most productive partnership moving company is the Movers Plus. Movers Plus is not a single company, but a combined company that provides you two-times the amount of satisfaction and professionalism in their jobs. They make sure you are happy with their jobs. They possess 31 years of combined experience and are great at residential and commercial moves.

You are protected when you hire them because they pay attention to details and will offer their best services to make sure they keep their best at work. They provide you with honest recommendations and will listen to any concern you have about moving.

10. King Moving Company

King Moving Company - Top Ten Movers in Dallas 2020

Call: 972-672-1800

Ending our list of reputable moving companies this 2020 is the King Moving Company. They are a full service moving company and have various options for you to choose from. They offer local moving services within Dallas, but they also provide long distance services from Dallas to any other state in America. They are also here to help you move to your dream home.

When we speak in terms of crew, they have a very dependable team that can provide you with careful hands when you need to move precious items and antiques in your home. All these and more will be offered to you at a very affordable price.

Reasons Why You Have to Hire Only Professional

Sometimes, when we think of moving, we feel it’s a simple process, and we can handle it ourselves. This might be true if you have enough experience, and on the other hand, it might turn out to be a disaster.

If you think you can save money by trying to do it yourself, inexperience will leave you spending more than you would if you had hired a professional moving company. Find below some essential reasons why you need to hire professionals for your move.

1. Experience

Most of the moving companies we have today have what it take in terms of experience in dealing with almost any kind of moving situation. They have experienced a similar situation with your moving needs and know the best possible ways to tackle the job.

You might hurt yourself badly when trying to move things with your friends on the staircase, but professionals will never hurt themselves. And if they do, they can be replaced by other staff to make sure nothing stops the job.

2. Technology

Technology is another thing that makes the job a lot easier these days. Bringing professional equipment help to make the job done faster. What would have taken you about two days to complete can take about four to six hours with the help of technology. There are also so much you can achieve without wearing yourself out when moving.

3. Storage Facility

When you hire professionals to handle your move, you can also be privileged to get some free storage facility or storage at a lower price. Storage would be necessary if you have to store your belongings while you make other decisions.

Most of the storage facilities you are going to get will be very suitable and can contain all of your properties. You don’t have to worry about splitting your belongings amongst many friends, this can cause confusion at the end of the day.

4. Professional Touch

While you struggle to get some items out of their places, you might damage the wall or damage a part of your home. Professionals understand that it is part of the job ethics to make sure everything is in order, and so they move your things without causing any harm or destruction on property.

You can also get access to detailed services, they will help you move your antique and precious items without breaking or damaging any of them. At the end of the day, things will not look chaotic.

5. Licensing

Licensing is another benefit you get to enjoy when you hire professionals to do your jobs. With a license, you are sure they are not fraudulent and can be traced back to the government. If they make any mistake, they can be taken to court, and their moving license revoked.

This way, you are sure that there is a reference for you to make when the moving company turns from good to bad. Licensing also enables moving companies to be featured on the BBB (Better Business Bureau), where you can get useful information on the rating on these companies before you make a choice to hire them.

6. Insurance

Another benefit of hiring a reputable and professional moving company is that most of them are insured. Remember, when you try to move your things alone, if you break any item, you bear the loss alone.

But when you hire a professional company, and things go from good to bad, you can count on them to help you restore what they have broken. Insurance is a great way to get protection for all of your belongings during a move. We can never tell what will happen, and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. Extra Services

The true mark of a professional company is what value they can deliver that other companies cannot. You will see that as an added advantage of hiring a moving company, you will get extra services that you might not get if you handle your move alone.

Some offer bonuses to their customers, while some provide free cleaning services or anything related to what the customers always seek. In the end, they are still keen about customer satisfaction more than anything else in the business. This is what you get to enjoy when you hire a professional moving company.


We believe that with this guide, you will be able to take your moving experience to an entirely new level. The information provided above helps you choose the best moving company in Dallas that suit your need and expectation. We have also helped you cut down on the stress of having to search by yourself. We hope with this guide, you will have a smooth move.

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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