Top Things People Forget to Pack When Moving

Moving from one location to the other can be truly frustrating, and it usually comes with mixed feelings. You are happy that you are moving to a new environment, probably a permanent residence, at the same time you are a little down spirited remembering the stress that awaits you.

However, all of these should be a forgotten issue if you find a reliable moving company like iMoving. They do all the stress while you sit back and relax.

Moving is not the most straightforward task that anyone would love to engage in. There’s a lot to pack, there’s a lot to throw out, and there’s a lot of things running through your mind. Even the most efficient brain is bound to forget things in the face of moving. In 90% of cases, clients leave one or two important things behind at the site of moving.

In the midst of the bustle, we usually advise and ensure that our clients should be highly organized and well-coordinated to prevent them from forgetting critical and important items. To reduce after-the-moment cases, we have come up a list of the top things clients forget. This will help you to stay refreshed and keep you organized for your next move.

Top Things People Forget to Pack When Moving

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1. Personal Documents

Documents are pretty easy to forget. We found out that cases of forgotten documents happen a lot. This is usually because personal documents are being locked away in some corner of the house to prevent them from getting missing.

So, while moving is on, you may not remember you left them locked away somewhere in the house because there are so many other things to focus on.

One reason not to forget your documents is that they are not always easy to acquire again. To avoid forgetting your important documents, ensure to gather all, including your employment documents, housing, financial, motor vehicle documents, medical records, dental records, birth certificate, your child’s school record, and others.

2. Medications

Medications are commonly forgotten as they are usually left in the closet or cabinet. You should try as much as possible not to forget your drugs, especially prescription drugs. You don’t know what your new environment might be like. It may not be easy to get your prescription drugs where you are moving to.

While packing up, and when you are ready to leave your old place, go through the closest and cabinets to be sure you are not leaving your medication behind.

Also, make your last check to the kitchen, there are people who would normally keep drugs in kitchen cabinets, check thoroughly so that you don’t stress over your prescription drugs.

3. Phone Books

Phonebook or address book is very important and should be treated as such. Your phone book holds several important numbers that you don’t ever intend to lose, so why lose them now that you are moving.

A phone book is small and can easily be forgotten or neglected, remember to keep it safe. A good place to keep your phone book to prevent you from forgetting it when moving is inside your handbag or with other important documents.

4. Household Tools

You will need your hammer, tape measures, flashlights,  and screwdrivers at your new place. You will need them to put things in place in your new house. There’s a possibility that you need to adjust one or two things in the kitchen, bathroom or your room. To avoid getting frustrated, you should not leave them behind.

You may need your hammer or screwdriver to assemble your bed frame, whether new or old. You may also need any of these things to work on your newly delivered furniture. It will make setting up pretty easy for you.

Remember to go with your nails, screws and screwdrivers, hammer, nails, fasteners, and every other tool. Gather them in a toolbox, so you don’t forget.

5. Keys

People forget their keys a lot. They sometimes forget a whole bunch of keys or a lone pair. Whether a bunch or a single key, you shouldn’t forget any when you are moving. There are probably a lot of keys scattered all over your home.

Do a thorough check on the entire space for your keys. It will be too sad to find out after some weeks that you left the key to your parent’s house at your old place.

6. Books- (library books and those given out)

It is possible that you remember to pack along with you your bookshelf and the books in it but what about the books you took from the library and the ones you gave to people and are yet to be returned to you.

Ensure that you return all borrowed books to the library and individuals you took them from before your moving date. Also, ensure to contact the people you lent books to, so you don’t leave them behind.

7. Plungers and Toilet Cleaners

Since you are moving from a home to another home, you are expected to have your plunger and toilet cleaning materials with you. Often, people forget to pack these items. They usually forget that these materials belong to them.

Plungers and toilet cleaners are essential cleaning materials that you would surely need in your new home. Pack your plungers and toilet cleaners together as one to prevent you from forgetting them.

8. Garden Tools

Several cases of forgotten garden tools have happened, and the biggest reason they are usually forgotten is that they are kept outside the house. People tend to leave them behind not remembering that they are somewhere in the compound. Hoses and lawmakers are part of the most forgotten items. Be sure to pack them with you to avoid extra expenses.

9. Mails and Bills

It is common that when people move, they leave out the part where they inform the post office about their change of address. The result of this is that your emails will keep going to your old address which makes you miss out on important information. You shouldn’t let something as trivial as redirecting your mail to cause you to lose important information and significant mails.

Also,  you need to pack your bills along with you. Sometimes you may need them for verifications and several other things, having them will save you a lot of stress.

10. Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener makes the list of the top forgotten things. This opener is an expensive tool. Many people forget to remove it to take it along with them to their new residence.

Get your mind refreshed, and remember to remove your garage door opener before the day you will be moving. If you have a large toolbox, you can keep it safe in there.

11. Your Children’s Comfort Items

These are necessary things you shouldn’t forget to go along with. The kids are going to be sleeping in an unfamiliar place; the first night may be scary to them. Comfort items like a good blanket, kid’s pillow,  and your children’s favorite animals should be taken along with you.

12. Your Lightning Equipment

Lightning equipment like bulbs and clip-on lights fits so much into your decor that you may forget to take them with you.

The fact that you will be moving in daylight might make you forget your lamps because you don’t need them while moving,  but you will need them to get around at night at your new, unfamiliar place.

Your lighting equipment are essentials to pack up with you to your new apartment. Ensure to fetch your lamp and other lighting equipment with you.

13. Chargers And Other Important Plug-Ins

You already know how important the charger is but a lot of people still forget their chargers when moving.  It is not easy to cope in a new place when your phone, laptop, iPod, and other devices aren’t powered. Remember to pack your chargers with you.

You may not need to go through the stress of sorting them; you can always do that later, the important thing you have just have to do at the point of moving is to fetch your chargers, sorting can wait till later.

You should also remember to remove anything plugged to an outlet.

14. Toilet Paper

This item is a must remember on the list of top forgotten items. You don’t want to experience a bathroom dilemma. Although small and almost insignificant yet you shouldn’t forget it if you want to save yourself the stress of making extra trips around town.

Save yourself the stress of going around by making arrangements for enough toilet paper before moving to your new place.

15. Valuables

Your jewelry, money and other treasures will go into the list of valuable items you shouldn’t forget. It is easy to forget these items because they are usually kept from the sight of others and in hidden and well-protected areas in the house.

Make sure to pack up all your valuable items before moving. You may want to get a treasure or safe deposit box for these items before your moving day. Keep them with you and in close range while moving.

16. Basic Cleaning Materials

After cleaning the old place, people often forget to pack up their cleaning materials with them to their new homes. It’s possible that your new home is duly cleaned before your arrival, but the activities of the movers and your quest to set things in place will certainly create a little mess that you would need your cleaning materials for.

So,  when leaving your old place, check around, under the sink for chemicals, rags, sponges, etc. Also check in the bathroom for soap, buckets, and other cleaning materials.

Remembering to go along with your cleaning materials will motivate you to do any necessary cleaning at once without having to sleep in a mess.

17. Items In The Storage

Items in storage can be easily forgotten because they are out of sight which may make them out of your mind also. Don’t overlook your storage while packing. It puts you at risk of losing important things. Some of these things could be things you had to store probably in the attic or basement.

Ensure that you search your storage thoroughly to be sure you are not leaving some important things there. If you have a rented storage facility, do not hesitate to visit there to fetch the important things you have there.

Give your attic, basement, garage, or toolshed a last-check before moving,  to be sure you’ve gotten everything that is important to you.

18. Clothes At Your Dry Cleaner’s Place

It is very common for people to forget their clothes at the dry cleaner’s place before moving. Due to several other things to attend to, you may not remember that your favorite jacket or pant is still at the dry cleaner’s place. Try to remember to collect all clothes given to the dry cleaner before the day you set to move.

If you are not sure whether you have clothes at your dry cleaners place, you can still place a call to confirm. This is just to save you the heartache of returning to your old place to fetch your clothes.

Helpful Tips On How To Pack Without Forgetting These Things

  • Create a checklist: One of the things we have discovered to be helpful when moving is having a moving checklist. You may not have an idea of how to go about your packing, but with a checklist, you can put down what you intend to pack for each day. Creating a checklist will keep you organized and remind you of every single important thing that you need to move.
  • Don’t wait too late to start packing: When you are in a rush, there’s a great possibility that you will forget something important. One month is not too long to start parking and doing other necessary things like redirecting your mail, returning borrowed books, and others. Don’t rush your packing, start early to avoid forgetting important things.

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