The Most Affordable Moving Companies in the USA of 2020



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The Most Affordable Moving Companies in the USA of 2020

Regardless of who drafted the quote, we are always looking to hire the most affordable moving company for our move. What a certain homeowner considered costly may be seen to be cheaper by a neighbor in the same area.

Many people are interested in hiring the cheapest mover for their upcoming move, so you are never alone on this. It is an established fact that house relocation can later affect the overall family’s budget greatly.

Although there are certain tips and tricks to reduce your moving costs, the type of professional moving company you decide to work with will pre-determine how much in total you will be paying for your move as well as the moving experience you will have. Typically, if you do your research well, you will be able to disprove those that believe that cheap can only get you poor quality service.

To begin the process, you first have to create a list of all available moving companies for your needs (whether long-distance or local move) and then sort them based on their affordability, reliability, and expertise while considering your specific relocation needs. 

To make the work easier for you, we use our experience and criteria to research and analyze top moving companies and came up with the most affordable while considering quality service delivery.

Contact any of these moving companies and make sure the moving services you need are available with them for you to achieve the expected result.

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies

It is important to note that cheap moving companies don’t mean their service is cheap. It rather means movers deliver high-quality services without reducing their qualities. Moving companies that have a good reputation at the most affordable rate will never compromise their integrity. They are movers that offer you valuable services for your money.

Here are our top 10 picks for most affordable moving companies: 

1. Glass City Movers

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Glass City Movers

Call: 734-743-5100

Teams of experts from Glass City Movers are certainly ready to help you with any of your local and long-distance moves to anywhere in the US at affordable rates. It offers packing, loading, unloading, and assembling services when you are moving an apartment, house, or business to another location.

The company is owned and operated by a family and is situated in the Ohio and Michigan area. When looking for a cheap moving service, Glass City Movers will put its two decades of experience into action to make sure you have a sweet moving experience. There is little or no difference in the moving estimate they give you and the total amount you pay.

2. Puma Van Lines

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Puma Van Lines - Moving Feedback

Call: 866-730-8631

This is one of the best relocation companies located in Dallas, Texas, and DMV area. The company has helped many families and businesses relocate their homes and offices from one part of the country to another efficiently and at reasonable costs. They tailor every move to suit specific needs. The company is also licensed to provide local and long-distance move across the 48 states in the country.

Puma has varieties of truck size in its fleet to handle any size and type of move as well as well-trained workers who will dedicate their time and expertise into giving you a smooth and seamless moving experience that will satisfy you.

3. Suburban Relocation System LLC

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Suburban Relocation System LLC

Call: 800-816-6834

This company is unexpectedly affordable. Suburban Relocation Systems focuses on offering moving services of higher value and also prioritizes customer satisfaction. You can control your moving cost as their charge is based on the number of spaces required by your move.

They will first issue you a moving quote and update you of any development all through the moving process. The company ranked higher by previous customers and also continues to receive thumbs up from customers.

4. Sprinter Van Lines Inc.

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Sprinter Van Lines Inc

Call: 877-922-7274

This company was established in 2018 to provide relocation services. Today, this company is growing faster in the moving industry. Regardless of your location and the number of possessions you want to move, Sprinter Van lines will handle your type of move at an affordable price.

Do well to contact this company whenever you are looking to relocate out of your current office or business. The company operates with efficiency and effectiveness. They provide a different type of residential and business moving services and can help you relocate whenever and wherever you want.

5. Eazy Moving Corp

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Eazy Moving Corp

Call: 305-225-4501

This professional mover is from Miami, FL and it removes all the stress of relocation of your shoulder to provide you the most seamless and affordable move ever. Eazy Moving Corp has put together a great and quality moving service over the years and is becoming the number one choice among seniors, business people, and families.

The company is fully insured and bonded and also offers an online moving estimate free of charge. Moving supplies are also available with the company at affordable rates.

The company will send one of its experts to your home for an in-house survey to provide you with a full relocation plan, moving quotes, as well as attend to any of your moving-related questions.

6. Southwest Van Lines

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Southwest Van Lines

Call: 818-232-6246

This company offers professional relocation services to customers across the United States. If you are looking to reduce your moving cost, this company is just right for you, as they provide you with a low-cost moving package.

They will prioritize the safety of your possession by making sure they get to the destination in time and in the exact condition they were before the move. You can also opt for the company’s short and long term customized storage solutions for business and personal belongings.

7. First Way Movers

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - First Way Movers

Call: 844-243-4141

This company is also owned and operated by a family. It is bonded, insured, licensed, and an accredited moving company by the BBB situated in California. The company knows there is a need to offer quality moving services to clients, and they will end up being in the same community. They come fully ready for the job as a full-service moving company.

They offer exact pricing that will not change during the moving process while they make sure your move is handled accurately and seamlessly. The company provides moving services in California and all over the United States at highly competitive prices.

They promised to match or even exceed the moving quote given to a customer by any reputable mover. If you are keen on hiring an affordable moving company, First Way Movers is a good idea.

8. HS Express Trucking Inc

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - HS Express Trucking Inc

Call: 347-723-8949

The company operates on a culture of trust, service, and safety. It is a value-driven company and thus becomes one of the best relocation companies. Moving from one home to another requires many hands because of its complexity.

HS professional movers partner with customers to deliver a seamless and stress-free moving experience on budget. The company also builds great relationships with other moving and storage companies to achieve their developmental goal as well as offer quality and best services to their customers.

9. Insta Movers Alabama

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Insta Movers Alabama

Call: 205-236-2425

This is an independent professional moving company that provides local and interstate relocation for residential and commercial entities. The company provides affordable moving and packing services to customers in Birmingham. You may consider this company to remove the relocation stress off your neck.

Their hourly moving price contains blankets, moving trucks, shrink wrap, and all tools. They start working immediately they arrive at the site, and they do not charge for stairs or weekends. Their crew will not take any break until they are done.

Insta Movers Alabama provides moving services to commercial, residential, senior living, and full office relocation. The company also provides storage solutions for your belongings.

10. Northwest Relocation

Top 10 Most Affordable Moving Companies - Northwest Relocation

Call: 503-236-6241

This company has HR and moving professionals working together, educating, and exchanging ideas. This diverse organization has representatives from corporate, non-profit, and service providers that have similar interests in global mobility.

Northwest Relocation Council is situated in the Northwest Pacific and offers quality and affordable relocation services at affordable prices.

How to Choose an Affordable Company?

How to Choose an Affordable Company?

It can be difficult to find a cheap interstate moving company, especially when you have a slim budget. In this situation, you need to carry out a series of research and comparisons before making your decision. You will be able to choose a mover that will ensure the safety of your item as well as being timely in their service when you take your time before choosing one.

Make sure you prioritize the quality of service a moving company will deliver even while considering getting the best deal in terms of estimate. This is why hiring a licensed and insured mover that has a good reputation among previous clients is very important.

Below are the factors to consider: 

Proper Licensing Credentials

Most moving companies boast about their license. You will be able to verify the legitimacy of a mover through its license. However, there are differences in the license. Any reputable and affordable mover you are considering must possess a license from the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). The federal law requires every mover in the country to earn a license from the DOT.

Make sure you get the USDOT number (mostly available on their website or the FMCSA website) of any of the affordable mover you are considering and check its legitimacy from the USDOT website.

Years of Experience

Experience is very important in every business. You also have to consider the year of experience of the moving company. You have to figure out the number of years the mover has delivered quality service.

This can be determined by reading previous customers’ reviews on the internet. Many moving companies have over 50 to 100 years of experience. Conduct proper research on these movers and choose the one that best fit your moving needs and budget.

Ask for Recommendations from Friends and Colleagues

Your friends, family, and neighbors should be your starting point for your search for cheap movers. These are the people that will never give you false news about a moving company for any reason. Maybe anyone from your social circle has recently completed a move or knows someone who does; they will have firsthand information to share with you about the mover and its services.

Make sure you ask your contact how satisfied they are with the service of the mover they recommend. You can also ask for the financial part of the move if you and the person are very close and will be ready to share with you. It doesn’t hurt to ask how much a mover charges them for the move.

Services Tailored to Meet your Relocation Needs

You definitely want to select one of the ten most affordable movers that offer tailored services that match the requirements of your relocation. A typical service in this category is assembling and disassembling of household furniture. You may need crates for your small items or hoisting of bulky items such as a piano.

Another tailored service includes storage services that enable you to store some or all of your belongings while you move to your new home. You have to make sure any mover you are considering is affordable and also offer the services required for your move.

Read Real Moving Reviews

Taking your time to read moving reviews is one of the best ways to determine the reliability and quality of services of a moving company online. You will be able to figure out the professionalism, affordability, attitude, and reliability of your potential mover when you read previous reviews from previous customers.

Reliable movers understand the need to keep their online reputation positive at all times and thus continue offering reliable and quality services to customers as expected. This is worth considering. To find cheap movers, furniture movers closer to your location and also read thousands of reviews on moving companies, visit Moving Feedback.

Maintain your focus on reliable cheap moving companies that have total ratings of 3 stars and more. Read our post on “how to spot fake online moving reviews.”

Request and Compare Moving Quotes

It is important to determine the affordability of a moving company for you to hire. This is the right time to request moving quotes and compare moving prices and the terms associated with the offers. Be ready to throw in your negotiation skills to land yourself the best deal and quality service at the same time to enjoy your move.

A tip here is to avoid taking the first offer you receive. Make sure you receive many offers and compare prices, services and also determine the additional services added in the estimates.

Request from your movers how to reduce the cost of your move, even more, to see which company is ready to lower their price. Also, make use of any promotions, discounts, seasonal price discounts, and any other deal available for first-time customers to your advantage.  Read our post on moving quotes.


Something may actually go wrong with your relocation. It may be loss or damage to any of your items during the moving process. You will need to ensure your highly-valuable belongings are protected to have a peace of mind all through the relocation.

Cheap Basic Liability Insurance only costs around 60 cents/pound of shipment. However, it is advisable to opt for Full Value Protection to be sure that all your possessions are covered by relocation insurance. Read more about moving insurance companies.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Local Moving Companies?

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Local Moving Companies?

You will be paying between an average of $90 and $120 each hour when you hire two movers and a moving truck because local moving companies charge an hourly rate. Moving labor, excluding moving trucks when moving in town will cost around $60 – $80/hour.

Local hourly moving rate and the overall cost will be determined by your location, whether a state or metro area. An hourly rate will be charged based on the time spent by movers on your move. The hourly rate is applicable to services like packing, loading, and driving from your old home to your new home.

The size of your home is also a deciding factor when determining the cost of a local move. Below are the approximate costs you may be paying for your short distance move, considering the average of about $25/hour/mover.

  • Expect to pay about $150-$200 when moving out of a studio apartment with two local movers helping on the job and if the loading, driving and unloading last for 3 to 4 hours.
  • Expect to pay about $375-$450 when moving out of a 2-bedroom apartment/house of approximately 1000sq-ft with 3 local movers helping on the job and if the loading, driving and unloading last for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Expect to pay about $800-$900 when moving out of a 3-bedroom apartment/house of approximately 2000sq-ft with 4 local movers helping on the job and if the loading, driving and unloading last for 8 to 9 hours.

For homes bigger than the examples given above, the moving price can increase greatly. However, the best option to calculate your moving cost in this situation is to use our local cost calculator so that you can plan your budget right.

You should also remember to include some additional local moving costs in your budget. Generally, you may have to pay an additional $25 for each additional professional help you require. Packing and unpacking are available with most local movers and will gladly offer it to you as additional service.

You may be charged between $25 and $35/hour for such service if you decide to go for it. However, you will not be charged for packing materials as they are always added to the price.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Long Distance Moving Companies?

Your long-distance moving cost will be determined by the distance to your new home, the weight of your earthly possessions and any additional services. You may be charged an average of $0.70 to move a belonging of 1 pound to a distance of 1000 miles. The additional price is not included in this approximate price.

The cost of a long-distance move is determined by weight or, in some cases, by the measurement of the belongings for transportation in a cubic foot. You will be charged based on the weight of your items as well as the distance to your destination by most interstate movers; they are likely also to charge you for extra services and other fees as well.

Consider the information below that contains the approximated value to understand the cost of an interstate move.

  • You should expect to pay about $1200 for moving a studio apartment with a shipment weight of 1800lbs to a distance home of 1000 miles.
  • You should expect to pay about $1500 to $2200 for moving a 1-bedroom apartment with a shipment weight of 5000 to 6000lbs to a distance home of 1000 miles.
  • You should expect to pay about $3500 to $4200 for moving a 2-bedroom apartment with a shipment weight of 5000 to 6000lbs to a distance home of 1000 miles.
  • You should expect to pay about $6300 for moving a 3-bedroom home with a shipment weight of 9000lbs to a distance home of 1000 miles.

Note that these examples are approximated prices.

Pro Tip

Any ridiculously low price estimate should be avoided as it may be a sign of fraud from movers with poor reputations. To know more about protecting yourself from moving fraud, check with the United States Department of Transportation

How to Reduce your Moving Cost?

Finding a reliable and cheap moving company for your next move can be a daunting task; however, it will end up saving you some money, which then makes it a good time and effort investment. To be able to save much from the overall costs even before searching for an affordable mover, you should also engage in some money-saving tactics. Consider the following money-saving tips to reduce the cost of your move aside hiring an affordable mover:

  • Optimize your household belongings and personal items
  • Advance booking of your move (the earlier, the cheaper)
  • Gather as many moving supplies as you can get (moving boxes in particular)
  • Pack up your belongings by yourself, and so on
  • Start the process in time.
  • Get rid of unwanted items to raise money
  • Search for free moving boxes. Read our post on where to find free moving boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How possible is it to negotiate a lower price?

There are many things for you to work on when planning a move and you might find it difficult sticking to a budget as there may be unexpected issues. You can ask your movers if it is possible to negotiate the price even to you if you find the price higher than estimated.

You would be amazed at the number of companies that are willing to work with you on this; just remember to ask and know how to approach them. Read our post on how to negotiate with a mover?

How do I determine the price for my move? 

The best way to find the most affordable moving companies closest to you is to call them and inform them of your moving situation. Tell them the distance involved, the services you need, as well as your budget.

You can also get like 3 moving estimates to compare prices and services to determine the best deal for your move. 

How can I locate real moving reviews online?

There are many online resources available for use when searching for the best moving company to match your budget. The majority of these resources are reviews from previous customers of moving companies, and if you find customers commending the services of any moving company, especially on affordability and quality of service, then that maybe your next moving partner.

Check reviews on websites like Yelp, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Google My Business, and most especially moving review website like Moving Feedback. 

To sum it up

Having a budget can pose a threat to finding a quality mover. However, it is not always an impossible task. When you have a planned budget for your move on the ground, you only need to look around, request estimates, and determine the best company to work with you based on your budget.

With the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to find a mover that will not stress your budget and still deliver quality service.

Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson
He is both a content writer and a moving expert. Dan's passion for research and writing quality content that give insights to consumers on their purchasing decision has been excellent over the years. He studied linguistic art in one of the best universities in California.
Dan Jackson
Dan Jackson
He is both a content writer and a moving expert. Dan's passion for research and writing quality content that give insights to consumers on their purchasing decision has been excellent over the years. He studied linguistic art in one of the best universities in California.

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