The Cost of Moving Furniture For Your Move

Even though it looks like you can complete furniture removal tasks yourself, it is a very tricky, difficult task. The amount of furniture you are moving, pick-up, and drop-off locations, as well as the specific company, will determine the cost of moving your furniture.

It is usually difficult to estimate the cost of shipping large furniture, which is also very expensive – one cannot escape the cost of moving large furniture.

It takes a lot of time and stress to move larger furniture such as a set of dining chairs, so, it is best to leave it in the hands of professional furniture movers.

We compiled and analyzed furniture moving costs within the United States. Continue reading to discover the average costs calculated for each type of furniture.

The Cost of Moving Furniture For Your Move

Even though it looks like you can complete furniture removal tasks yourself, it is a very tricky, difficult task. The amount of furniture you are moving, pick-up, and drop-off locations, as well as the specific company, will determine the cost of moving your furniture.

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How much does Furniture Removal Cost?

It would help if you got the overall idea of the price of furniture removal services before deciding to hire one. The price is affected by distance, type and quantity of furniture, and extra delivery options.

For instance, transporting furniture on a distance below 50 miles costs an average of $1.78/mile while a longer distance costs an average of $0.40/mile.

Check the table below to see the prices of moving some common types of furniture as it varies by distance.

Furniture Removal Costs

Furniture Type 1 – 50 Miles 50 – 150 Miles 150 – 300 Miles
Desk $16 – $80 $32 – $96 $40 – $136
Armchair $16 – $48 $32 – $72 $44 – $104
Sofa $20 – $56 $48 – $80 $56 – $120

How do Furniture Movers charge?

Local movers generally charge based on the timeframe, workers, and truck space required for your move. Your moving cost will not increase whether you move a larger or heavier item locally as long as they can be moved by the average number of movers.

On the other hand, long-distance movers determine their cost based on the weight of your items. That implies that if you have larger or heavier furniture to move, your moving cost will increase.

The cubic feet of your move is used to determine the cost of your move by long distance movers. Your moving cubic feet will be converted into pounds for an average home, often between 1 and 7 pounds. Therefore, heavier belongings require more cubic feet by the company, increasing your moving cost.

Factors that determine Furniture Removal Costs

The Size of Your Furniture: Your furniture size will affect the cost charged by your company, but only for local moves. To determine the cost of relocating a larger furniture item, compare the size to normal-sized pieces.

If your furniture item is the largest of all your belongings, it will need more workers to relocate it, which is at extra cost. Although drawers and shelf removal may reduce weight, it may not reduce its large size, which implies that more workers will still be needed.

Your furniture weight: Your furniture’s weight is important during a long-distance move. Certainly, you cannot place the item on a scale, but comparing the item to the item’s normal size will help you determine the cost.

As discussed above, the pounds of your move will be converted into cubic feet. A very heavy piece implies more cubic feet. For instance, the normal weight of a 5-drawer chest of drawers equals 125 lbs.

If this is converted by a moving company on a ratio of 5 cubic feet, it implies that the chest will need 625 cubic feet. However, the weight of 10 or 12 drawer chests of drawers could easily be about 250 to 300 lbs, which means it would need 1250 or more cubic feet in a moving truck.

Unique or highly valuable items: Movers will charge more for unique or highly valuable belonging due to their replacement cost. It is also common for companies to charge more to move them because they need custom crates or packing.

Wooden crates will be needed to move large-sized paintings or plasma TVs, and this cost will be charged to you. Add $100.00 or more to your charge for moving larger, highly valuable or unique items.

Furniture Removal Options

Furniture removal companies provide various types of services that are different based on the level of help provided.

  • Room to room removals: This service is included in full-service help. The movers pack up your household items, carry them to the moving van, and position the furniture in their appropriate room. This option removes the stress from your move.
  • Courier or door to door: This service enables movers to load your piece onto the moving van immediately after the furniture has made available at your entry door, then move it inside your new home.
  • Rental services: This involves using a moving truck rental and hiring movers to assist with loading, transport, and others, which are charge as extra since you need to buy packing supplies and handle the packing yourself. For further information, go through our removal truck page and find out the types of moving vehicles and their respective benefits.
  • Part load: Movers will add several customers’ shipments on one vehicle. This helps to reduce time and save costs for customers. This option is great for when you are moving fewer items and are not rushing.

Whether you are moving furniture to your new space or deliver your newly bought articles or sold online, removal companies are your best option. You will be able to completely personalize the type of service based on your specific situation when you hire a furniture removal company.

How Furniture Removal Companies move your Furniture

Furniture moving companies specialize in packing, loading, unloading, disassembly, and assembly of furniture items. The company takes care of furniture packing, including disassembly, wrapping protectively, and crating items.

The movers take care of loading and moving of your furniture with blankets, straps, furniture pads, and other moving equipment to make sure your furniture scale through the move in good condition.

You can also get storage services in addition to removal companies, which helps you stay a while outside your new home before you can move in.

The Benefits of using Professional Furniture Movers

Moving furniture is a difficult task that becomes more difficult with the size of the pieces you are moving. Much planning and time are required by the process.

It would be best if you had your time spent on something more important, like getting your new home ready, searching for schools, and adjusting to the new life in our new city.

Movers do the moving for you, giving you more time for your daily activities. If you have sold furniture online, removal companies make sure that it gets to your customer with no delay.

Why stress yourself packing, loading, and transporting yourself? Even your friends and family you enlisted to help with the process are tired already. And with that, you still have a move to perform, maintain your routine between work and kids, so a few of your coming weeks are already stressful.

This burden is lifted off your neck by professional furniture movers, making sure that your move becomes easy and smooth as possible.

Your furniture pieces are valuable, and possibly you want it to get to its destination safely. Rather than taking any damage risk to your belongings through wrong loading, allow movers to handle your belongings with great care and expertise.

Removal companies use specialized equipment and techniques to protect your piece, making sure your items get to the destination undamaged. Also, removal companies compensate for loss and damage to your belongings through extensive insurance coverage, giving you a deserving relaxed mind.

Locate the Cheapest Furniture Moving Company Quickly and Easily

The process of moving a house requires a lot of planning, and choosing the perfect company for furniture removal is not always a walk in the park.

However, you will get about six quotes from reliable movers when you fill out our moving quote request form.

After receiving the quotes, you will be able to make comparisons and choose your preferred removal company, which can help you save up to 40% off your move.

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