The Best Chicago Moves of 2020



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Best Moving Companies in Chicago

Not every company can boast of a track record of excellence. Even if some were able to deliver excellence, they might not be consistent at it.

That said, we understand that you seek only the best companies that can meet your moving needs, and for that to happen only the consistently excellent would suffice.

To this effect, we have been able to review some of the Chicago movers who have had the best services up to their sleeves for a long time.

These companies have gained the trust of many customers, and know just how to deliver the exact quality each customer desires.

All the companies listed have their strength, and an extra service they provide to their client to make sure value is added to their delivery every step of the way.

With this list, you will be able to make more informed choices with regard to the moving companies you need. You will also be cutting down on stress and frustration while planning your next move.

While others might be worried about where to find a reputable moving company, you will have several reputable moving companies to cherry-pick from.

List of Top 10 Chicago Movers of 2020

Moving feedback has done thorough research and comes up with 10 of the best seasoned moving companies in Chicago. Please bear in mind that the order of arrangement of these companies is immaterial to their ranks.

We have also reviewed the best companies based on customer satisfaction this year, 2020. We received no form of payment or influence from any of the companies mentioned.

However, you can explore your options below and choose the company that meets your needs.

1. 2 Guys and a Van

2 Guys and a Van - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.9 / 5


When it comes to moving your things easily, then you might consider hiring 2 guys and a van. They have a motto which is “moving made simple,” and this is true in the services they offer.

There is a family based company and have years of experience in the moving industry. They have been in operation for over 10 years and have earned the trust of the people of Chicago through their diligence.

They are fully licensed, honest, very reliable, and do not add any hidden charges to their fees. When you meet with them, you can expect nothing less of quality. They are also very excellent in handling moves under very short notice.

2. The Professionals Moving Specialists

The Professionals Moving Specialists - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Professional Moving Specialists is one of Chicago’s finest moving companies. They are also very reliable and will deliver nothing but the best quality when they are hired.

The services they provide range from residential moving services to commercial moving services too. They are based only in Chicago, and that means they do not extend their services to other states.

Like every great moving company, they are insured and licensed. The touch of professionalism you get from them also comes at an affordable price.

Many customers have turned out very satisfied after trying out their service, and the promote promises to be consistent in giving top-notch moving services.

3. Movers Chicago

Movers Chicago - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.8 / 5


Another best of Chicago is the Moovers. They offer professional moving services in all of Illinois. They offer both residential and commercial moving services and guarantee to provide you with the best results.

They have a special department that also focuses on helping to move studio equipment. Trust me, if you have been worried about how to move your belongings with the elevator, moovers are up to the task.

They also give their customers a special treat of assembling and dissembling weighty and large furniture. Their trained experts know how to use power tools in getting the job done smoothly and excellently.

4. New City Moving

New City Moving - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.7 / 5


Seeking a company with a handful of experience, well-trained staffs, and a job always done well, then your choice has got to be New City Moving Company.

With over 70 trucks and over 180 well trained, professional movers, you move can rarely go wrong. Moving can be very challenging, but they help to make the process worth it.

They started out in 2009, and now they have been in the business for a decade, making sure customers are happy.

They also help to guide their customers on what they need to do if they do not have any idea where to start from when they need to move.

5. Collins Family Movers

Collins Family Movers - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.6 / 5


Collin Family Movers are excellent when it comes to moving. They are always keen on the safety of all your belongings and items. Added to their principle of safety is affordability.

They make sure they keep the highest standard of quality at an affordable and friendly price. Moving can be hard, yes, but with the Collins Family Movers, you can have reduced stress.

They will make sure you are satisfied with your move all the way.

They are only based within Chicago and do not extend to other states. But those in Chicago who have tried them out can attest to their amazing quality of services.

You have nothing to worry about as they are keen about customer satisfaction.

6. Expert Movers

Expert Movers - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5


Just as the name implies, Expert Movers are one of Chicago’s best moving experts, and they stop at nothing to keep their standards up to par. Part of the services they offer are packing, planning, and also the execution.

When you hire the services of Expert Movers, you know you are in for an excellent service from the very beginning up until the end.

Expert movers ensure double excellence in their services by being licensed and insured. This will help you keep your mind at peace. All staffs in the company are of course experts and are well equipped to bring a touch of success to every move.

7. Chicago Marathon Movers

Chicago Marathon Movers - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5


Chicago Marathon Mover is next on our list for the best moving companies in Chicago this 2019. They made it to this list because of the quality of service they also deliver in every single move job they do.

No move is too small or too big for them to handle, and all moves are done correctly. During the job, only the best types of materials are used to pack and move the customer’s work.

They offer some of their services for free and use only the best tools to bring about a fantastic job done. Their services include residential moving, local moving within Illinois, packing and unpacking, interstate move too. So yes, you can use them to move out of Chicago.

8. H2H Movers

H2H Movers - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.5 / 5


The H2H movers offer you a great way to move within Chicago. They offer you excellent customer relationship and a way to ease down on the stress of moving.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving from the city to the suburbs or vice versa, they are always willing and ready to help you out. They have the experience as well as the able hands to bring out the beauty in every move.

Whether it’s a commercial or residential move, they have you covered. Even when you might not have the time to do the coordination and planning yourself, H2H comes in to help you make everything watertight and ensure a smooth move.

9. USA Moving & Storage

USA Moving & Storage - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5


The name USA Moving and storage denotes that they help with various moves in the USA. They are based in Chicago and can help Chicago residents move, but they have more coverage.

They can also help you with a perfect interstate move, where all you need to think about is the time of arrival. Everything is always under control with them.

Added to their services is a free storage service for a month. They also help with office moves and residential moves. Anything that has to do with storage can be covered by them. Whatever the situation is, they are capable of handling it.

10. Pack-Men Movers

Pack-Men Movers - Moving Companies in Chicago

Overall Rating 4.4 / 5


Finally, on our list of top ten movers in Chicago this 2019, we give to you Pack-Men and Storage. They give you a full personal and business moving service.

With them, you can either choose between a do-it-yourself service or you let them handle the totally of the moving process. When you place a call to them, you can get estimates within minutes, and it’s absolutely free.

They help with assembling and disassembling your bulky furniture. Packing and unpacking services are something they help you do. You can trust them to help you with a decent move any day.

How to Tackle Moving at Rush Hour


No matter how the situation of things might be, whether last minute or rush hour, you should always try your best to be organized. Being organized is what will help you place things in the right places when you are packing.

The organization helps to cut down on the confusion and misplacing things. Being organized also helps you know how to sort out your things, and dispose of the ones that are no longer useful to you.

Get a List of Moving Companies

This is what we have already helped you with. All you need to do is to scroll through the list one after the other and have them reviewed.

Go to their websites and choose what you the one that is most convenient for you. If you are still not satisfied with this list or are looking for one that is cheaper, you can do a little research on your own.


Part of creating a good structure is to make sure you have all the quotes from the companies you have selected. From our list of ten moving companies here, you can take quotes from each of them to understand their pricing and know which of them fits you the most.

Many factors affect the cost of your moving, and you need to understand what it is that makes it increase or decrease. Usually, some companies help to calculate it by the hour, others calculate it by using weight.

Whatever the selection you make, it’s always best to know which methods you would prefer and which method suits you best.

Use technology

Now, this is one thing many people fail to use. The internet is just there lying in wait for you to make the most of it. There are several apps that you can download that offer a comprehensive list of moving companies, the options can be tailored to your state alone.

With some of these apps, you can get useful discounts and get to beat down the prices to the point that you would love. So make use of technology.

Get your Family and Friends’ Help

Remember that you cannot always do things on your own. Once you are ready to start the move, then you can call your friends and family to join you in the move.

Remember that you are working with time here and you have to do things as quickly as you can. Make sure you call in as many hands that can help you so that you are not stranded.

Another thing family and friends can help you do is to babysit or watch your pets if you have conditions that will not make you readily move.

You can tell your friends and family to help you watch your baby, but if you are not comfortable, you can watch your baby while they help you pack.

The same way you can make sure your pets don’t miss out on their play time and every other activity even on the day of your move.

Make Further Plans

While you are trying to sort out the issue on ground, you should also be making plans to furnish the new home you are going to. If you have to repaint, then you can start sorting out those things even before you move.

If you have cleared out your junk in your apartment, make sure you plan a date that you will be able to move out all of those junks from your apartment. This way, you can start opening up your mind to the fact that you are actually going to move.

In your new home, make sure you take a day to go and clean up everything that needs to be cleaned. It would make no sense for you to clean up your new home the very day you move.

Take out time to visit the place, with your family or hire professionals to help you do a thorough clean-up of the entire building. You can also fumigate and clear out the air to be serene.

In conclusion

We believe a lot of individuals are looking for the best moving companies in Chicago, and we have helped with a list of tested and trusted movers. We know how it feels to fall into the hands of ruthless thieves.

The list above should guide you in making an informed choice with regards to the quality of the company you hire

Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.
Thomas Campbell
Thomas Campbell
He has a degree in literature from Stanford University and a profession in Mass Communication. Thomas is a member of the Moving Feedback research team, an expert in writing educative articles to help readers make the right buying decisions. He is well versed in moving industry matters to give the best advice on moving needs.

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