The 5 Best Locks Perfect For Storage Units In 2022

We recommend you go for ABUS 20 padlock because it is available in different sizes, features great quality for its worth ($49.97), and is a favorite in the industry.

A lot of people store away belongings that are worth thousands of dollars in a storage locker every year and then secure it with a $5 padlock. This leads to the loss of valuable, irreplaceable belongings due to theft in the storage lockers every day.

Fortunately for you, you have the chance to protect your goods before it gets too late. Together with picking the best storage unit to make sure your goods are safe, you must pick the perfect lock for your storage locker.

In this article, we will reveal the two most famous and secure lock types you can pick from, including the best of each type that is available on the market now. By this research, you can confidently store your goods with the following locks.

The 5 Best Locks Perfect For Storage Units In 2022

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1. ABUS 20 Disc Lock – Our Best overall

Ideal for storage units is the ABUS Padlock Diskus 20/70. This lock type is different and is referred to as a disc lock, which is a new addition to the market and its popularity is increasing. The ABUS 20 disc features a 1-2 punch with its great quality and affordable price of $49.97. It features an anti-cut plate (not easy to cut by thieves), as well as has resistance to lock-picking and drilling and is available from one of the best manufacturers in the business.

The ABUS lock is also available in different sizes, which implies that you have a better chance of picking the one that best fits your storage locker. The major limitation is that the keys can jam during cold weather. In general, there is no better quality for the price tag yet.


  • The while product is entirely stainless steel
  • Easy to outmaneuver key variations
  • Thorough welding technology safeguards various kinds of lock-cutting attacks
  • Louder noise when drilled or cut


  • Malfunction resulting from extremely cold weather

2. Medeco 3 Padlock – The strongest

This is the strongest lock on this list. It is resistant to drilling, picking, and cutting; thanks to its hardened steel cylinder. It features a quality shrouded shackle. It is the only lock on this list that is excellent for both outdoor and indoor storage units. Medeco is a trusted lock company in the industry.

The brand is also scary to criminals. Its reputation is very strong that when criminals sight ‘Medeco” on a lock, they turn off and decide to move to an easy-to-break lock. The keys are also impressive (unlike locks of poor quality that can easily jam). But the added lock security will also cost you more money – expect to pay $124.40 for the Medeco 3 padlock clocks.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Strong shrouded cylinder
  • Top-quality keys
  • Hardened-steel cylinder


  • Expensive

3. Stanley Hardware Padlock – Most affordable

This padlock may not offer the best quality like the two above, but it is difficult to get a better lock that offer the same quality (like this lock) at this price range. The lock provides resistance to lock picking and drilling, and the chances of the lock fitting your storage unit door are increased by its design. As regards the limitation, Stanley Hardware padlock’s keys are sticky, the lock malfunctions in bad weather, and the shroud peel when compared to top-quality locks. But as regards pricing, it is your favorite bride for its quality.


  • Cheap
  • Perfect for the price
  • Drilling-resistant


  • Minimal shrouding
  • Malfunctions outdoors
  • Sticky keys

4. Master Lock Padlock – Most versatile

This is one of the best padlocks for both indoor and outdoor and is much perfect for storage units, gates, or shreds locks. It makes use of a black vinyl-covered aluminum body to keep it from corrosion and scratch. For further convenience, its padlock comes with 2 matching color keys. The shackle measures 0.25in, which makes it perfect for most locking holes. The 4-pin cylinder safe it from prying and double-locking levers that prevent hammering.


  • Flexible
  • Sturdy
  • Four-pin cylinder
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design


  • It May be difficult to open at times

5. Days Padlock – Universal

This padlock provides 10,000 combinations, which make it resistant to picking and perfect for almost all users. Since it doesn’t come with a key, you don’t have to be concerned about losing the keys. The round-shield design reduces the shackles’ exposure. The sliding buttons can be easily operated and save your thumb from sustaining injuries. The product features an after-sale assurance. The shackle measures 0.38in diameter, ideal for most latches.


  • Anti-rust
  • Sturdy
  • Anti-corrosion
  • Easy to use


  • Numbers on the dial may be difficult to see

6 Qualities you should look out for in a Storage Unit Lock

  • Lock strength: Stronger locking of your storage unit increases the safety of your belongings. You also want an outdoor storage unit that is weather-resistant.
  • Price: Get a lock that is more expensive than bold cutters of a thief, but that won’t cost you a fortune. We recommend you prepare around $40 to $200.
  • Popularity: Locks that always feature on the top 5 lists of locks in the industry are an indication of top quality (don’t get lured by Amazon reviews where low-priced, low-quality locks are rewarded by customers).
  • Shrouded shackle: This is an attractive language which means the U-Shape under your lock is a bit covered by the lock itself. There are shrouded locks that have more quality than others – and are pricey as a result.
  • Size options: Lock size requirements differ from one self-storage center to another. If you can select a lock of different sizes, it has higher chances of fitting on your storage container.
  • Lock type: There are three storage unit locks types. You can make use of disc locks and padlocks at most storage lockers (it is more difficult to get units that cylinder locks).

FAQ for the Best Locks for Storage Units

Can I use a traditional padlock on my storage unit?

You can use a traditional padlock on your storage unit if it satisfies the size requirements of the self-storage company. However, we recommend you buy a stronger lock with a sturdy shackle and improved security features.

Which company manufactures the best disc padlock?

ABUS manufactures the best disc padlock. The ABUS 20 disc-shaped padlock is recommended by experts as the general lock for storage containers.

What is the size of the lock I need for my storage unit?

Your required lock size for your self-storage unit is based on the requirement of the storage facility. Ask the on-site manager of the company or check their website for further information.

What company designs discus padlocks?

ABUS designs the Diskus padlock. The lock is available in many sizes and costs around $49.97.

What lock is considered a shackle padlock?

A closed-shackle padlock (also referred to as a shrouded-shackle padlock) is a lock-in in which the lock’s body covers the U-Shaped bar partially.

What lock is the best for an outdoor storage unit?

The Medeco 3 shrouded-shackle padlock is the best lock to use on outdoor storage. The baron alloy steel of the lock keeps it safe from turning brittle in bad weather.

What padlock is the best for a storage facility and why?

The ABUS 20 Disc Lock is the best for a storage center. It makes use of hardened steel, comes in various sizes, and features a shrouded shackle. The lock sells for nearly $50.


Selecting the perfect lock can be hard, especially when you are using it to protect the goods that are valuable to you, whether monetary or sentimental. With our list of the best locks for storage facilities and the other factors to consider when choosing a lock for your self-storage unit, you can pick the storage locker that you find perfect for your needs. Think of the goods you are protecting. How much will it cost you to replace it? Then consider the practicality of the ability to make use of the storage locker on your self-storage unit. Finally, find out the level of risk at stake with your storage unit. Pick one of these great storage locks and secure your storage unit the right way.

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