The Future of Tesla Semi Electric Truck

The role of vehicular logistics cannot be overemphasized in the moving industry. Moving services involve transportation or relocation of belongings from one place to another, and this can only be possible if the moving company has the required vehicles to deliver as at when due.

Trucks are still the best vehicle to do the work better in terms of easy haulage of belongings to different destinations; hence, many movers have longed to shift to the use of trucks as their operational vehicles.

Before now, movers were known for the use of vans to convey their customers’ properties to their new homes. Since trucks have taken over, many innovations have been going on. Currently, there are a number of sizes of truck and tractor-trailers to select from ranging from 10-foot to 26-foot trucks. Trucks use fossil fuel which some businesses see as costly for them, but the advantages of the truck cannot be ignored.

However, Tesla Inc some months ago unveiled a new technology of truck referred to as “Semi Electric Truck” to the world of businesses. The prototype was introduced last year November in Hawthorn, California. In his presentation, Elon Musk, the CEO of the company described the electric trucks as the company’s effort to impact the haulage industry of which the moving industry is part it.

While regular trucks use fossil fuel, Tesla Semi Electric Truck will use electricity as power; making it economically better with improved efficiency. According to a post, many companies have pre-orders the semi-truck already, and on the list, we found JK Moving Services as one of them; having made preservation for four semis electric trucks to enhance the company service delivery.

With the unique features of this truck, we feel it will make an impact in the service delivery of movers and the moving industry generally. Moving Feedback takes a look at these essential features and innovations to turn the future of the moving industry around.

Before then, let’s quickly know more about this new technology called Tesla Semi Electric Truck.

The Future of Tesla Semi Electric Truck

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What is the Tesla Semi Electric Truck?

Tesla Semi Electric Truck was unveiled into the commercial trucking market in November 2017 by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It is a complete autopilot electric vehicle designed to help offer a functional wheel with semi-autonomous safe driving for truckers to move even farther.

The company claims that Tesla Semi offers less maintenance as it requires fewer systems to maintain. So, when it comes to maintainability, Tesla Semi is an option to consider.

Apart from affordable maintenance, the truck also provides fuel economy features and claimed to save over $200,000 in fuel cost compared to other trucks.

Tesla company guarantees that the vehicle can run on only two of its four motors; hence, it won’t break down in operation even for a million miles.

Essential Features of Tesla Semi Truck

What are those features of a semi-truck that makes it offer so much future for moving industry and other trucking industry? Some of these essential features are as discussed below:

1. A Futuristic Appearance

Tesla Semi Truck is structurally designed to offer an excellent look to the out lookers.  Its bullet-inspired design blends both present and future appearance.

This aerodynamic shape is designed in such a way that it can be modified to accommodate sleeper cabin features in the future. The interior is another thing to write home about.

It looks out of science fiction like a starship cockpit designed with a single driver seat situated at the center, unlike the common cabs out there.

This exterior look offers additional marketing value to moving companies, as it can attract consumers to the movers.

2. Powerful on Wheel

The performance of every functional vehicle largely depends on the power of the engine. Unlike the expectation of some critics that electric vehicles will be timid; Tesla Semi Truck is far above that.

The truck is equipped with a Model 3 motor on each of the wheels for active and fast-speed pickups.

It implies that it can go as high as 0 – 60 mph without load and even with a load of up to 80,000 pounds, Semi Truck can move faster than traditional semis, hitting up to the same 60 mph in 20 seconds which can be maintained up to a 5% grade. What else are the moving companies looking for?

3. Usage and Charging Range

But Tesla Semi Electric Trucks use batteries in place of fossil fuel. Movers expect their vehicles to be on the road without fail, as they can’t afford a long delay throughout the day to power the batteries.

The good news is that your drivers don’t need to wait all day to get their batteries charged. Tesla Semi Truck has about two model options for moving companies – a fully charged 300-mile range and a 500-mile range.

It was claimed that it only takes half an hour to charge the batteries up to an 80% charge and this can take you for another 644 kilometers (about 400 miles). Is that not something for the moving industry to back on?

4. Safer Than Other Semis

Without telling anyone, the aesthetic design of the Tesla Semi Truck shows that it will be safer than other semis (diesel trucks) performing the same functions.

Tesla trucks are designed with a low center of gravity to offer rigidity and stability against rollovers. It has an extensive monitor view for convenience and safety.

The truck is also equipped with effective regenerative braking innovation to eliminate brake fade, giving truck drivers shorter slowdown and considerable stop times.

Apart from this regenerative braking feature, it also has an automatic emergency brake as an additional means of stopping the truck in the case of an emergency.

The configuration of the battery pack is perfectly designed flat along the undercarriage. These and many other safety features such as impact-resistant glass and jackknifing sensors make Tesla trucks safer for moving companies than many other semis.

5. Low Operating cost

The low operating cost of Tesla Semi Truck is one of the factors that attract freight and moving companies to build their future in the new technology trucks.

According to Tesla Company, it will only cost about $0.07 (7 cents) per kWh to charge the battery at the power station; saving movers about $100,000 to $200,000.

With the regenerative braking feature of the truck, the battery can recover more than 97% of the truck’s kinetic energy, saving the battery power – increasing the lifespan of the braking system.

Above all, the overall maintenance costs are considerably lower than traditional trucks in use now.

Imagine a truck with one gear and no engine, no differential, and no transmission; a little you can maintain on the truck.

6. Pre-order Price Tag

Though it is admitted that the price tag placed on the Tesla semi-truck is fairly cost-effective, the low operating cost of the cutting-edge innovation makes it worth the price.

The price ranges from $150,000 to$200,000 based on the model you are going for. Many companies have pre-ordered, and the trucks are promised to be available by 2022.


The innovation of the Tesla Semi Electric Truck is a big shot to the moving industry and as well as other freight and trucking industries out there.  It will make service delivery of movers to be more efficient. The future of moving services looks promising with the Tesla truck.

Are you considering pre-ordering one for your moving company? Take a bold step like JK Moving Service who has pre-ordered four trucks already and expects them to be delivered by the year 2022. Stay tuned for more informative posts!

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