Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Review By Experts

Bottom Line: Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is a nice option to consider for state-to-state and cross-country moving projects for household and commercial clients. The company even claims to cover 97% of the entire marketplace. This assertion may be highly exaggerated, as their presence in Arizona, Iowa, Nebraska, Kentucky, Maine, New Mexico, Nevada, Louisiana, West Virginia, and others are not shown when we used the ‘find a nearby agent’ tool.

Are you searching for an experienced mover to help you move? For over 10 years, individuals and families have been hiring Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to help with their move. Stevens has set the industry standard by its commitment to customer service and concentration on safety.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines Review By Experts

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However, what are some of the other ways in which this company stands out from others? Read this review on Stevens Worldwide Van Lines to learn more about how the company charges, customer views about the company, services offered, and much more.

Moving Services Available from Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Stevens is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is owned by Wheaton World Wide Moving which also owns Bekins Van Line. The companies have the same business model and offer lots of the same services, but the local agent network is not the same.

Below are some of the services offered by Stevens Worldwide Van Lines:

Residential moves:

A local agent will take care of local moving services that include different options for packing, loading, unpacking, and so on. They will transport everything from a small apartment to a big house. Customers are encouraged to ask about expedited transport options from their local agents.

Long-distance moves:

Prices for interstate and cross-country moves are dictated by the weight of cargo, the distance between locations, and more. Stevens has experience in moving pool tables, pianos, and other difficult items.

Commercial moving services:

A personal moving consultant is designated to each account and acts as a contact person. International moving for business is one of their specialties.

International moves:

Moves to overseas locations are handled for residential and commercial clients. Both temporary and long-term storage is also offered on request. Traveler’s insurance purchase is recommended by the company to people moving internationally.

Government moves:

Government moving projects are completed according to the standards of the General Services Administration (GSA). Other customers are the Department of Defence (DOD) and active-duty members of the military that are being transferred.

Packing services:

Professional packing and unpacking services are offered and the employee will make customize shipping options which include crates. There are pads for door jambs, carpeting, handrails, and floor protection included in the Stevens Home Protection Kit.


The company currently offers short and long-term storage solutions for household and business customers that are well secured and monitored. There is also the availability of Storage-in-Transit as a short-term option.

Supplies and boxes:

Moving boxes, packing supplies, as well as others, are sold via the agents.

Unique Moving Solution:

Businesses that have a central point of contact, IT support, and so on can get move-add-change (MAC) services. They are experienced in taking care of projects for hotels and others in the hospitality sector.

Vehicle transportation:

They offer transportation services for different vehicles like boats, cars, and so on.

Cost and Affordability of Steven Worldwide Van Lines

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines doesn’t do self-promotion as the most affordable option in the market; rather, they talk more about their ability to deliver great service, quality, value, as well as customer care.

Types of estimates to expect from Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

  • Ballpark: These are highly generalized moving quotes that are provided online to prospective customers for some idea of the price level.
  • Non-binding: Depending on a possible or approximate cost calculated by the company and that is adjusted based on the overall weight.
  • Firm-bonding: If there is a difference between the estimated and the actual weight of shipment then there will be adjustments made to the price.
  • Option-binding: Also referred to as a not-to-exceed estimate, the highest overall cost is established (worst situation). The cost may reduce as well, but will not go beyond the cap.

Insurance Protection

The added coverage referred to as limited liability, mandated by the federal law, is a minimum, which is calculated as $0.60 per pound for each item. Customers are encouraged to purchase Full Replacement Value Protection (FRVP) for more protection, which is $6.00 per pound for each item.

Antiques, jewelry, and other items of a higher value must be identified and often need extra coverage. This applies to items that are estimated as more than $100 per pound.

Why Moving Feedback Recommend Stevens

Licensed and Insured:

Going with Stevens will provide you peace of mind since they are a licensed and insured moving company. Each track from Stevens that haul your shipments is driven by a licensed driver with great safety history.

Stevens moving trucks also carry insurance coverage that protects the value of your shipments. If there is not enough insurance coverage on the truck transporting your shipments, you may be risking a complete loss. This can turn true if any unexpected accident happens during the move.

Online tracking services:

Stevens uses technology to its advantage by giving access to an online tracking system to its customers. However, why is this so important to Stevens’ customers? The importance of online tracking service becomes more important when you are moving from one state or country to another.

The tracking system enables you to know where your moving vehicle is on its transportation route. The online tracking systems also enable you to find out delivery status in real-time. Your ability to track the location of your moving truck as well as its arrival will help you manage other parts of your move to make sure things are on schedule.

Instant moving quote:

Customers like the way that transparent pricing is used for easy understanding by Stevens Moving. The company gives quick-moving quotes for its clients. This makes sure that you know the service you are paying for before you choose to hire them. When you go out to get quotes, you will discover that Stevens doesn’t charge hidden fees in its price quotes.

Be a part of a reasonable cause:

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines provide efficient and cheap services, and using their moving services for state-to-state moves will enable you to give support to a charitable cause as well. National Breast Cancer Foundation research benefits of part of the incomes from all long-distance moves. Aside from being a cheap moving service, Stevens supports charitable causes you should be proud to be a part of.

Customer Reviews & Feedback

There are over 160 reviews and a general rating of 4.5 of 5 stars on the corporate listing of Stevens on Google. The reviews contain experiences with local agents in different states. Many of the negative reviews were about items being damaged while moving and that the claim process was not moving fast. Stevens’ rating is A+ with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been accredited since 1997. Most of the complaints were from over 12 months ago.

Many customers mentioned that the process of unloading the shipment and confirming receipt against the inventory is rushed and can be inaccurate. This brings a problem since the customer is supposed to sign off the completed inventory form, which indicates that everything arrived even though lots of items are yet to be seen.

In each situation where a complaint was filed, it shows that a representative from the company made a great effort to check the details and provide refunds or otherwise find a solution to the problems.


  • Stevens implements new policies to ensure the safety of customers and employees in response to COVID-19.
  • Measure include practicing social distancing, frequent washing hands, and so on.
  • The company is active in giving supports to charitable causes such cancer, global hunger, and so on.
  • Those moving to another company may use a different of special resources that include help with finding a home, rental furniture, and services that have to deal with immigration.


  • Items packed by customers may not be under the standard liability coverage
  • The majority of the posts by dissatisfied customers focused on the carelessness of some of their movers during loading and unloading of fragile furniture and other items.
  • Local Stevens’ agents are not in many metropolitan areas, which may create problems or limitations.
  • Some customers responded as if they were not informed of the insufficiency of the basic (included) protection for things that are damaged. This failure may come from the sales process or a result of clients who don’t take time to check and interpret the terms of their moving agreements.

Should You Go With Stevens Worldwide Van Lines For Your Move?

Stevens is one of a merger of companies in the United States market that includes both Wheaton World Wide and Bekins Van Lines. This enables them to have huge economic strength, a much greater transportation network, and logistical report. The local standalone agents take care of local and regional moves themselves under their branding; therefore, Stevens is only a long-distance and international carrier.

FAQs About Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Is Stevens Worldwide licensed as a moving company?

Yes. Any company that runs commercial vehicles transporting shipments or passenger in the state to state commerce is required to be registered with the FMCSA and must have a USDOT Number. Stevens’ operational number is USDOT 70719| MC 87113 and under each state authorities.

What does an interstate agent mean?

Stevens agents are independently owned and operated businesses located all across the country. During a customer’s interstate move, agents have the authority to act on behalf of Stevens, to haul belongings to another state (hence, interstate agent). These agents have satisfied the service and quality requirements to become Stevens agent.

What are the types of available estimates?

There are three different types of estimates: non-binding, option binding, and firm binding.

  • A non-binding estimate is the approximation of the carrier’s cost, depending on the estimated weight of the cargo as well as the additional services requested. The overall cost will be dependent on the exact weight of your goods, the services rendered, and the tariff given in effect.
  • A firm binding estimate is a contract between the agent and the customer that the moving cost will be a certain dollar amount based on the calculated weight of the belongings and the actual services requested. If the exact weight of the shipment is not the same as the agent had expected, the price of the move would remain the same.
  • An option binding estimate (also referred to as not-to-exceed estimate) is an agreement between the agent and the client that the moving cost will not exceed a certain amount of dollar depending on the calculated weight of the shipment as well as the services requested. If the anticipated weight of the goods is below estimation, then the client’s bill is reduced by the actual amount of the cost linked with the weight distinction between the estimated and exact weight.

Is there protection on me when there is loss or damage as I am being moved?

Yes. You may select the Full Replacement Value Protection plan or the basic, Limited liability plan from Stevens World Wide Van Lines. The coverage method you choose will determine the maximum liability of Stevens to you. A detailed explanation of these options is given online or from your Stevens representative.

Are there items Stevens doesn’t move?

Yes. Due to the safety of your items, our team, and equipment, there are items that Stevens does not transport, such as living materials like houseplants, perishables, combustibles, and explosive materials.


Stevens Worldwide Van Lines has come a long way in delivering top-notch moving services in the United States. Our review on the company has thorough to get the best info of what to expect from the company when you hire them.

If you are ready to move and considering the company, ask for a quote straightaway.

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