Should I Choose A National Mover or A Local Mover?

You may get the best moving services only with a national moving company when moving to another part of the country. However, with the increase in popularity of employment moves in America, local movers are now offering long-distance moving services (long distance movers).

There are differences between large, business movers and local moving companies, and before you hire moving companies, you must understand the differences, advantages, and limitations of each.

In this post, our focus is on national vs. local moving companies when moving long distances.

Should I Choose A National Mover or A Local Mover?

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Choosing a National or Local Moving Company

The specifics of your move should be given much consideration when deciding between a local or national moving company. Firstly, assess the distance and complication of your relocation.

You may want to go with a national moving company because of the company’s experience with the same type of moves if your move involves a long-distance, is very complicated, or involves many highly valuable items.

If your move is within the city or state lines or there are no complications on your move, you may consider going with a local mover to fulfil your needs. It is cheaper and within your vicinity.

Secondly, think of your moving budget. Although it is very common, there is no general rule that says national moving companies should be expensive than local moving companies since a long-distance move will be charged based on the weight of what you are moving.

However, short distance movers will be charged based on the distance and the timeline of your relocation.

However, be sure to rigorously research each moving estimate you receive and do not just go with the cheapest. Then, figure out the quantity of insurance you would like to include in your move.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) manages the affairs of all moving companies that service state lines. This agency controls the registration, operation, and claim resolution for moving carriers and consumers.

However, local movers that offer services only within the state are not managed by the FMCSA but may be regulated by the state agency.

Due to the shorter distance involved in a local move, the risk of breakage and damage to your household items is limited. And that is why you may not need much insurance coverage offered by the mover.

Lastly and most importantly, be sure to factor in the customer service offered by each moving company. Even though local moving companies must carefully protect their business reputation, resolving disputes will not be difficult despite their small-budget operation.

Also, even though their customer service is constant, contacting a national mover may be difficult due to their huge size.

Why go for a National Mover?

A lot of factors can determine the perfect moving company for your move, such as their services. However, a national mover is usually the right choice than a local mover.

Let’s discuss five reasons to have a national moving crew to handle your move.

Broader Capabilities

Most local movers are also small franchises. This smaller size may also mean they have a smaller fleet of moving trucks, a fewer number of moving equipment, and fewer people per moving crew.

Local moving companies may not handle a big-size relocation, interstate moves, or special belongings. Working with a national mover will reduce the risk of needing a moving service that is not available with your moving company amidst the move.

Also, national moving companies usually design service bundles to take care of individual needs.

Additional Services and Resources

Alongside broader capabilities as recently discussed, national movers mostly offer more services and resources. For instance, national moving companies may offer packing services, storage options, moving insurance, and packing services.

Your national mover may also have much experience that will be advantageous to you during your partnership with them. You can access important moving checklists, guides, and other useful resources to perfect your move.

Better Efficiency

Similar to other local businesses, local movers can offer top quality moving services, but not as efficient as their national competitors. This inefficiency can cause missed opportunities and additional expenses. For instance, a homeowner may find it difficult to sign a certain lease due to the inability to arrange a move earlier.

National movers are always expected to meet deadlines and satisfy expectations, even in difficult situations. They tend to be more efficient and, in some cases, can also be very reliable.

Although some local movers have the relevant tools to run the move smoothly, not all of them do, and it may be hard to figure out if a certain local moving company can offer what you need.

When you partner with a national mover, you know your details and belongings will be moved efficiently and, in most cases, modern technology and techniques. For instance, many larger movers offer online tracking of all their shipments.

Convenient Access at both ends

Usually, national movers, particularly van lines, have many locations and local representatives. You may be able to work with an agent closer to your current home and another agent closer to your destination home when working with companies like these.

This will make your move convenient as you can quickly contact their representatives. Due to the many locations of national moving companies, you may easily find storage and other local solutions without going farther.

For instance, your moving company may haul your household possessions to your new address and keep them at their local office until your move-in date.

Professionals all through

National movers usually partner with local agents to work with homeowners closer to them, as discussed above. These agents have been specially trained for sales and logistics, while the moving crews that arrive at your home are very much experienced in packing, loading, hauling, and even unpacking.

This kind of setting makes sure that you work with a professional all through your move even when you need to change or add to your moving services at any point in the move.

Prepared for the Move?

Even though national and local movers offer similar moving services, their charges, insurance, and customer service will surely be different from one another. Make sure you contact and receive written moving estimates from each company before you embark on your local or long-distance move.

Carefully and rigorously research each company, and check their reputation, previous customers’ complaints, and more before you sign the contract. If you need more answers to your moving-related questions, be free to research using Moving Feedback for comparison and booking relocation services.

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