Sherpa Auto Transport Review 2022

Bottom Line: Beating Sherpa Auto Transport’s pricing is difficult in the auto transport industry. The company offers transparency and great customer service which is highly commendable. It provides customers with some great advantages too, such as their Clean Car Guarantee (CCG) and some other discounts.

Sherpa Auto Transport is a customer-centered vehicle shipping company that makes the stress of transporting a car reduced through the offering of quotes supported by their Price Lock Promise. This makes sure the quoted amount is what customers pay when their car is delivered. Through a rigorous screening process, Sherpa partners with the best car carriers available to transport customers’ vehicles.

Sherpa Auto Transport
Sherpa Auto Transport Review 2022

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Sherpa can ship any vehicle to any destination regardless of the distance, such as family SUVs, cars bought online, rare collectible cars, or vehicles bought for refurbishing that are not safe to drive from where you purchased it to your garage. Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the top vehicle transport companies and this review discussed the costs, services, as well as complaints and how Sherpa works.

What are the Services offered by Sherpa Auto Transport?

Moving home or a business is usually stressful when you have one or more cars to tow along with your move or buy a new car online and need shipping it to your destination.

Sherpa Auto Transportation makes a personalized shipping plan for your car, truck, SUV, or van, picks it up at your location, and transports it safely to your destination.

The company transports cars for individuals and businesses like rental companies, dealerships, as well as auto renovation and customization services.

Together with serving people who relocate to almost anywhere in the country, Sherpa safely transports vehicles for:

  • Military families
  • Vehicle purchasers
  • Those who reside in another state part of the year
  • College students
  • Contractors who move out of their home state short-time for work
  • Auto collectors

Sherpa Auto Transport is a reasonably new company that is known for providing the best possible customer experience. The shipping company offers different top-level car shipping services, including:

  • Car shipping
  • Corporate relocation transport
  • Enclosed transport
  • Interstate shipping
  • Intrastate shipping
  • Military transport
  • SUV transport
  • Van transport
  • Open transport
  • Pickup truck transport
  • Snowbird transport

Sherpa offers open and enclosed vehicle shipping.

Open transport is when your car is loaded onto an open-air trailer, usually with other cars. This car transport method is highly secure and the most popularly used, however, for highly expensive or value vehicles. The enclosed shipping is the best.

You can find out more about the two options and other information inside our guide on enclosed vehicle transport vs. open trailer.



  • Domestic and international shipping
  • Ships other types of vehicle
  • Transports operable & inoperable vehicles
  • Clean vehicle guarantee
  • Quotes supported by Price Lock Promise
  • Unique, top-level service
  • Transparent quotes
  • Real customer service reviews


  • No terminal-to-terminal shipping
  • Doesn’t ship boats or motorcycles
  • Restricted service and insurance options

Sherpa Auto Transport Price Lock Promise

Sherpa Auto Transport offers a unique perk in the industry – locked in pricing which makes sure customers never experience bait-and-switch pricing as practiced by other dishonest shipping companies.

The cost of transporting your car won’t change from the actual amount quoted. If it finally costs more to transport your car, the company will deduct money from their purse to make sure your shipping is successful.

Sherpa Auto Transport: Clean Car Guarantee

Your car may become dirty on the transport trailer as it is being moved on the shipping route. When you ship your vehicle with Sherpa, it will be washed within seven days of delivery.

Sherpa Auto Transport is responsible for the cleaning cost. Make sure you have a copy of the bill of lading from your vehicle shipping, and then send it together with the carwash receipt to the company to get a credit of about $20 on the credit card you used during booking.

How Much Does Sherpa Auto Transport Service Costs?

Sherpa Auto Transport has more than average prices. Its median cost of $1,040 per transport is around $130 higher than the company’s average cost of shipping cars.

Shipping a vehicle with Sherpa per 1000 miles cost an average of $140, even though prices are different based on factors like distance, route, and type of vehicle.

We requested quotes for three cars from Sherpa Auto Transport over five distances on the two method open and enclosed carriers.

How pricing of Sherpa Auto Transport compares

We requested that Sherpa Auto Transport give us 30 quotes to transport three cars to five different locations. We make a comparison of its responses to 270 quotes obtained from nine other shipping companies and discovered its quotes are around 10% costlier than the industry average.

However, with its price lock promise, the cost worth it.

Sherpa Charge Low Prices for Short Distances

Sherpa Auto Transport has lower prices below the average for enclosed shipping to short distances. The company’s average cost to ship a car 150 miles is $480 and is $100 cheaper than other shipping companies.

Saving Money is made Possible through Sherpa Auto Transport’s Guaranteed Quotes

Sherpa Auto Transport always makes sure its final price match its first quote, and that is not always the case with other vehicle transport companies. It is popular for customers to complain that other vehicle transport companies made some addition to the final price of their car shipping.

If your shipping company requires that you add an extra $200 to your quote, then Sherpa Auto Transport would be around 10% cheaper than the average.

How are Vehicle Transport Rates determined by Sherpa Auto Transport

The prices of car shipping given in the table above show the cost to transport an operable Toyota RAV 4 using an open trailer. Sherpa Auto Transport requires us to make clear that prices can change because of numerous factors.

Below are some factors that affect the price you pay for shipping with Sherpa Auto Transport:

  • Whether you are transporting a customized, classic, standard daily driver or special, these all need special attention beginning with an enclosed trailer. Just call for prices on these special vehicles.
  • The vehicle’s size and type (prepare to pay more if you own large vehicles).
  • The timeline of your pickup’ expects higher fees to ship tomorrow.
  • The distance your car is moving.
  • The season may also affect the pricing.

Pro Tip

Remember that Sherpa Auto Transport offers a Price Lock Promise: your quoted price is what you will pay. Some other brokers don’t offer such.

Insurance offered by Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport makes use of carriers that have at least $750,000 in liability as well as $100,000 in shipment insurance.

The auto shipping broker also asks that its truckers list Sherpa Auto Transport as a certificate holder on the coverage policy.

Fortunately, all auto carriers are expected by the FMCSA to possess insurance on the cargo that they ship. However, this insurance may not protect theft, harsh weather events, or any other thing that the driver is not guilty of.

Sherpa Auto Transport screens its carrier, and it ensures its transport trucks offer insurance for maximum amounts than other companies. But sadly, the company doesn’t offer any supplemental insurance options or guarantees more than that.

If anything happens to your vehicle during travel, the company’s terms and conditions clarify that the company will not be liable for any damages.

So, if you are shipping a very nice and costly vehicle, such as Aston Martin or a BMW, you might want to look into other companies from our best car shipping companies as they have some of the best coverage policies in the shipping industry.

Beware Of Fraud

We suggest that you read customer reviews before you choose a car shipping company (reviews on Sherpa Auto Transport are almost perfect). Also, look into how you can protect yourself and your car against fraud in our vehicle shipping insurance guide.

Shipping Your Vehicle With Sherpa Auto Transport

Even though Sherpa Auto transport often works with transporting your car on short notice, you stand a better chance of reserving the most comfortable days of pick-up and delivery by booking in advance, and will possibly pay the cheaper price by that.

Sherpa Auto Transport gives a no-obligation shipping quote request form on its website, or you can contact the company to talk about your vehicle’s unique shipping needs with any of their professional customer representatives who will provide you costs and options.

When you are set to reserve your vehicle shipment with Sherpa, a service representative arranges all of the shipping details and collects an upfront part payment. Try to use any popular credit card to pay.

If there is a need to cancel the order before the company assigns a motor carrier, you will get a refund after deducting the $25 dispatch fee.

Things to prepare for with the Shipping and Delivery Process

Vehicle Shipping

  • Obtain a free shipping quote from Sherpa Auto Transport
  • Schedule transport day and time window
  • Driver arrives at your address
  • Inspect car condition with the driver
  • Vehicle safely transports to the destination address
  • Sherpa can inform you of the location of your vehicle at any time during shipping
  • Pricing supported by Price Lock Promise

Vehicle Delivery

  • Obtain the 2-4-hour delivery window time
  • Driver calls around three hours before delivery to verify your delivery details
  • Check vehicle condition with the driver upon arrival
  • Sign off on the bill of lading
  • Pay any leftover balance
  • Wash your vehicle and send the receipt and bill of lading to the company (Sherpa) for reimbursement

Before your vehicle is loaded, clean it both interior and exterior, taking out personal items and other accessories (check Sherpa Auto Transport FAQs later in this article).

You will review the car condition with the driver before it is loaded onto the transport trailer. Sherpa Auto Transport advised that you take photographs or video recordings of all angles of the car to be shipped.

Sherpa Auto Transport Customer Service

This section is normally where we discussed how a company disappointed us. But this is not the case with Sherpa Auto Transport.

The company covers for its setbacks (fewer services and costly prices than some) with some great customer service. We did not only have a phone call for our quote.

In most cases, we can find a lot of online complaints about a company. But the Better Business Bureau and Yelp contain all positive reviews.

Obtaining your Quote from Sherpa Auto Transport

We are in a developed age already. We can do right about everything on the internet, including getting instant quotes for our desired services.

Compared to many other car transport companies (such as Montway), Sherpa Auto Transport doesn’t provide an online quote tool (for now).

You had to provide the company your contact information and then hold on for them to contact you to obtain a quote. Immediately we were on phone with a representative, however, things run smoothly.

No long talk, strategy, or tactics. Sherpa Auto Transport also has a “Price Lock Promise” which implies that the company will guarantee the price you are quoted even if the carrier later charges more. It will roll out about $300 from its purse to cover any cost difference. Now making sure customers come first.

Pricing and Payment

Yes, the best things in life come free, but shipping your vehicle across the country is not among those things. So, how much exactly will this take from you?

Is Sherpa Auto Transport a Good Car Shipper?

This new vehicle shipping company is doing well in all areas. Sherpa is a newcomer in the shipping industry that is making its mark by offering quality and affordable shipping services.

The company is perfect for customers and that is why it is one of our list of the best vehicle shipping companies.

Below is a list of things we like and didn’t like about Sherpa Auto Transport:

Services: The traditional car shipments. Which sadly implies no motorcycles, fancy online tools, RVs, or extra insurance options

Shipping: It is direct, just done forget you will pay in cash on delivery. And be sure to benefit from that free car wash.

Quotes: You will be required to call. It could take you few minutes, so you might want to begin the process earlier.

Customer service: We are truly surprised to say the company is good and might become great.

FAQs About Sherpa Auto Transport

Can Sherpa transport an inoperable vehicle?

Yes, the company can transport almost any car if the wheels and steering work. Contact Sherpa to talk about your specific situation.

What do I do with my vehicle before Sherpa Auto Transport can transport it?

Sherpa requires that your gas tank is at least ¼ filled. Don’t forget to provide all keys to your vehicle to Sherpa’s driver, including keys to the trunk and gas cap. Make sure there is a charge in the battery and the brakes are working well.

Notify the driver if you’ve made any adjustment to the car and get rid of all personal items, racks, accessories, and garage door openers, which could shift during shipping, causing damage.

You also will want to detach your E-Z Pass or other tags for toll or parking. Your Sherpa Auto Transport agent will inform you if there is anything else to do before transporting your car.

Can Sherpa Auto Transport give me guaranteed pickup or delivery time?

No vehicle shipping company can offer an actual time for pickup or delivery of your car. The driver assigned by Sherpa Auto Transport to your vehicle shipping will give you between 2 to 4 hours window so you can plan to be present.

You will get a call from the driver 3 hours to pick up or deliver. Delay can be caused by traffic, weather, and road conditions, however, Sherpa’s customer reviews only had few to say about the delay.

What if my car is damaged while shipping?

The carriers working with Sherpa Auto Transport are professional companies that are covered by insurance to cover any damage, even though the possibilities of your car being scratched or dented are less than if it is being driven by you.

However, you will review the car situation with the driver before loading and after delivery at your destination. You and the driver will sign off on the bill of lading if the condition remains the same during delivery.

If you discover any damage, the driver will indicate this on the bill of lading to record your claim. Make sure you have a copy of your shipping records.

Ship classic vehicles in an enclosed trailer for additional protection layers. If your vehicle is damaged during shipping, call Sherpa Auto Transport instantly so they can assist you through the process.

Can I just handle my car shipping instead of hiring Sherpa Auto Transport?

You can, but you will end up spending more money and time, and won’t be able to control your timing because your relationship with the carrier cannot match Sherpa’s with them.

You may also not have access to similar data Sherpa Auto Transport uses to choose only the most trusted and reputable vehicle shipping carriers.

What are the prices charged by Sherpa Auto Transport?

The prices of Sherpa Auto Transport are around 10% more than average, but its pricing is accurate and transparent.

The price of Lock Promise from Sherpa implies that you have a guarantee on your initial quote (that is different from other companies). This means no hidden fees.

What is the nature of customer service from Sherpa Auto Transport?

The company’s customer service is one of the best in the auto shipping business. Its average customer review rating is 4.8 and it means that of all the companies you might consider, Sherpa would be one of them. Customers so much like the Price Lock Promise as well as the Clean Car Guarantee.

Do I need an open trailer or an enclosed trailer?

About 90% of all cars ship on an open carrier are mostly for luxury, classic, or exotic vehicles.


Similar to every website and shipping company, Sherpa Auto Transport have their strengths and others that need improvement. But whether the company has more advantage to its competitions is that they are the best in-car shipping and tracking, rather than offering it as one of comprehensive moving services.

This would mean that the company’s service is safer and secure, especially when you consider the fact that they work with old and luxury cars.

Sherpa Auto Transportation offers a great combination of excellent service and guaranteed prices. The vehicle shipping company gets almost perfect customer reviews and provides a free car wash for everyone.

We like how Sherpa makes waves in the coming years. If you’ve had the same experience with the company, whether good or bad, we’d love you to share it in the comments section below.

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