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Fenton Moving

Fenton Moving
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Fenton Moving
Fenton Moving


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FIRST FENTON MOVING HAS A GUARANTEE OF CLIENT SATISFACTION ON HIS WEBSITE THAT IS A TOTAL LIE!!! He told me he would reimburse me in full for any loss I had but that was a total lie! He damaged $7200 of merchandise from my home move and he refused to reimburse me! He didn’t even know that the insurance he purchased does not cover home or office moves where there is scratching or marring. And if you use his storage for over 72 hours, the insurance he has won’t pay out anything. After speaking with his insurance company and in my opinion, he literally has no insurance to cover you if anything is broken or damaged during home or office moves. Noah refuses to take responsibility for the damage and pay out of his own pocket and in my opinion, he will do to you what he did to me which is to refuse to pay for any damage and leave you holding the back to pay for the damages made by his company! Moreover, instead of paying for the damages his company made, he hired a lawyer to send me threatening messages not to publicize the truth of how Fenton Moving operates. In my opinion, he is a naïve and inexperienced kid who has no ideas on how to properly operate a business by getting proper insurance and giving people proper paperwork when doing move and even invoices when paying for a move. Whatever good reviews you see, is not my experience at all. See below to read more about my experience with them from the start. So I hired Fenton Moving a few weeks ago to do my move from Orange County to Los Angeles. The moving guys were nice and the owner Noah was initially nice. The one thing I was worried about when they took stuff apart was that there did not seem to be anyone making sure that all the parts to the pieces they took apart were kept together. And sure enough, my worry came true when they came to deliver the furniture...We made a plan for them to use all 3 of their trucks to deliver our stuff on one specific day. Then 2 days before they said they wanted to do the move over two days...only 2 trucks on one which time I requested that they make sure they bring my bed. Of course, they brought the bed but not all the parts as it was a sleep number bed. They said they were going to send someone that evening with the parts and then at the last minute and at like 9 pm they said oh they couldn't find the part and that we had to just deal with it. Noah is not professional nor is his brother Adam. All they offered me was $100 off the total price of like a $6-7k move. I was like are you kidding me!! When I spoke to Noah he was like...oh you want to haggle on the discount..I was like I want you to make things right for YOUR Errors! Finally, he gave me $300 off but then I don't know what happened but his brother I am guessing told him I was rude and mean which I was not. I was very courteous to the guys..offering them water, sparkling water, soda, etc.. I even went out to buy tools they needed to put my gym equipment back together. They also ended up putting really nice paintings and jammed them into boxes with other stuff and of course, one painting was damaged. And the back of my 10k massage chair got all scraped up. Noah offered me $50 back which is .40 cents per pound as required by California Law. So don't trust him at all when he said he will file a claim on your behalf. He texted that to me and now this is what he is offering me. In my opinion, Noah is NOT to be trusted at all because he told me if there was any damage that they would take care of it. They obviously are not taking care of it by offering $50 back. And we had them scheduled to move my wife's parents next week and he canceled because he said he can refuse service to anyone. I didn't like how the team was already blaming me and my wife for all the missing parts they couldn't find before they even moved the boxes out....I knew it was already going to be a blame game and they were already pointing the finger at me and my wife. But the guys did find all the parts in the boxes so luckily it didn't become an issue but I would not trust them to keep all parts together because if anything is missing, my guess is they will do to you what they did to me which was to start blaming us! I told them that they had everything but they still kept blaming us but thank god everything was there. I was planning on writing this review after that move because I didn't want to go through the hassle of finding someone else for next week's move but I decided to do it today to let everyone know my experience. The moving guys were nice and respectful but Noah and his brother are problems because they don't understand customer service nor do they understand how to make up for their failures and mistakes. We even asked them to take all of our empty boxes back to orange county and then bring to her parents for the next move and they refused and said we would have to buy boxes from them. They could have done that but the minute I asked for a discount for their error they got nasty. All Adam said was well our guys have been working all this time for you...I'm like you are all getting paid for every minute you are working and there are other movers out you should be thankful we are your customer! Instead Adam acted like we should be lucky to have them grace us with your moving stupid. In my opinion, Noah and Fenton moving cannot be trusted. Remember, if they screw something up the .40 cents a pound is what they will offer to you for reimbursement. When Noah told me that he didn't want to work with me anymore since he said he said I treated his guys poorly, I responded by telling him I gave them water and soda and sparkling water, etc. and I explained how his company made the error not me...then he said he would block my number if I sent him another ranting text. I sent him one message telling him he was wrong and with his response, you can see he acts like a child and not a professional business person. I will be disputing what I paid because he is not offering me anywhere close to the real damages they incurred. Oh and by the way, Noah does NO CONTRACT with you. Whatever he promises you over the phone won’t be in writing. And just by that, you can tell he is a novice to the world of business and in my opinion he’s a young guy with a lot to learn about customer service and business. And last prepared to pay them on the spot for the final delivery without them even giving you an invoice!!! I got no invoice just a text of hours...they are super unprofessional!! STAY AWAY!!!

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    Customer happiness is our number one priority, and we strive to make sure all of your needs are met in full! At Fenton Moving we dedicate ourselves to completing our services in the most efficient and timely manner possible. We’re available nearly all hours of the day, so let’s work around your busy schedule! Many believe that moving is a stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be so. We’ll work tirelessly to give you the best experience! In addition to having the highest quality of customer care, we also provide a carbon-neutral service! We partner with Native Energy to offset all of Fenton Moving’s emissions, reducing our environmental impact at no additional cost to our clients.

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    You can call them at (949) 627-0943 or visit their website

    The address of Fenton Moving is: Newport Beach, CA 92663.

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