How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Your Move?

Moving to a new house is never an easy thing, no matter how much you try. There always seems like a lot to do.  Too much to be packed, arranged, organized and discarded. You’re also faced with tough questions and options to make, Which can be tiring in general.

To organize a successful house move is never an easy task, even if the odds seem to be stacked up in your favor. Truth be told, organizing your properties probably would determine how good, and easy your moving was. Once you complete all the pre-moving arrangements, it’ll be a lot easier settling into your new environment.

One of the questions that surround our minds when we start moving is the question of how long should we wait to get a moving company? How far in advance can you book one?. This can be tougher On first-time movers as they know nothing of how to manage the system. So the question going through their mind is “is a week too early?” “maybe two weeks would be better?” etc.

Answering this comes in two ways, but the bottom line is, it is strongly advisable for you to book your movers at an appropriate time considering no time is ever too early. Also, here we would answer all the questions of how to book your move in advance and why you really need or needn’t do it.  Letting you decide which is best for you and why.

How Far In Advance Should You Schedule Your Move?

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Why scheduling your move earlier is always a little better

As said above, it’s never too early to book a mover online as it is considered even better for you.  Calling it the last minute can lead to a form of one disappointment or another. Calling and booking your movers early have the following advantages.

  • You can move any day you please. You don’t have to call last minute to find out the day you intend moving, had already by booked by someone else, causing you to reschedule. So booking early gives you a chance to get it out of your mind. You might also be too busy later. On to realize you haven’t actually booked a mover. Causing you to panic. Another reason is that you might remember later, but due to all the work you have to do,  you end up procrastinating till the very last minute.
  • The stress of moving would rest on just your shoulders alone. Booking early helps you pack your things with a variety of able-bodied workers. And you might not get to do so much hard work after all. These highly trained professionals give you the very best moving service and help you move to your destination easier.
  • Booking early gives you a whole better deal and who knows, you might even call in early enough in time for a discount. Late booking can cause the increment of a fee, and just because you’re desperate, you just might Pay up, regardless. Spending more money you would have saved for other causes.
  • You get to choose the moving company of your choice. Booking early encourages you to find the best in the business. Finding the professionals best suitable to achieve your needs. Booking a little later can encourage you to settle for less.
  • As we mentioned above, booking later can cause quite a lot of stress on you physically and mentally, and you might miss out on great deals and offers by able moving companies. Postponing hiring a mover is never the answer as it might cause you to eventually forget.
  • You can avoid moving in summer as companies hire more inexperienced people for summer Jobs who may not give you the best service you require. Booking prior to that time can ensure you get great service from your moving company.

So how long is it advisable to take?

It is good to say that over 65% of families prefer moving during summer, according to statistical data. This is because many families prefer moving from May to August and September. Probably affording the clash of school and a chance for kids to round up their academic activities.

Due to this fact, the demand for movers are pretty high, and there might not be much in your area. All the families would definitely want to get the most reputable ones, and this might be a good time for you to book in advance. The high demand for movers might make companies refer you to booking 3-4 weeks ahead of your moving date.

But when booking in an off season, when the demand for movers isn’t just as high, you can 2-3 weeks prior to your moving date and might stand a chance of getting your favorite movers On the line. But really, is it worth the risk?.

Reputable national moving companies always try to look for a slot for customers who book 4 weeks prior to their moving dates. They have no problem fixing in scheduled moving for earlier Booker’s unlike emergencies as they would not like working during an emergency as it can cause a general destabilization. And no reputable company wants that, it could make them do quite a shabby job, and they have a name to uphold.

So, it is safe to say giving your movers more time gives them a better opportunity to meet up to your taste and demand in terms of deliveries and pickups,  or any additional services you would be needed in the short or long run.

So the question on how far in advance should you call your movers basically revolves around the fact that the farther you book, the more options, and opportunities you get to benefit, giving you also a great service, countable availability and of course, fair pricing.

So if you missed anything, here it goes, scheduling your moves as soon as possible gives you a greater advantage than going last-minute On it. A month ahead of time is never a bad idea.

Try avoiding moving during summer, but if you must, you can find companies willing to put you on their list, although this basically reduces your options luckily, you can get a good one which gives out great services too.

So when is the best time for me?

We can’t tell you when to schedule your moves as you alone know the most suitable time in the year for you and how urgently you need to move for a reason such as business or schooling.

Everyone has a time they are less busy in comparison to other times, and you might want to consider doing it at that particular time, instead of when you’re swamped with activities. Likewise, there are also busy times for movers and choosing a time which they are less busy could be more beneficial to you too.

When they are less busy, they can offer you great deals that can help you save money and make your moving date just perfect for you. Now where the problem lies is if their busy days and your free days don’t clash. This can mean you do not get to have any free benefit as well as getting the movers of your choice.

But if you have an option of choosing your own individual move out dates, you can get the one appropriate for you with its own benefits and discounts and not waiting for the time slots available for People to book a mover. Looking at your own time can also help you lower your expenses if done at the right time.

Plus the additional great moving service crew to meet up to your taste and standard. Booking a move is never an easy choice to make as moving, in general, can be quite a chore, but everything you do and all discounts you stand a chance of getting lies on the moving day of your choice.

So as you can see, choosing a right moving day is essential, and these are how to choose a good moving day to save cost and gain efficiency at the same time

  • Choose dates you are sure of being a slow season for the company of your choice. Anywhere after the summer months would do just fine. Since the business would be basically slower than normal at that time, you can stand a chance of getting reliable and professional service at a relatively lower price.
  • Do not think of or even try looking at the beginning of the month. The same applies for booking at the end of the month. As your company needs to pay up their lease and they might not be so keen on giving a discount, and you might end up paying more.
  • You should always try to avoid moving on a national holiday. Not only can you get your job one of disappointment, but you might also get it at a higher price too. Not all professional staff may want to turn in for work, and you would have to work with what you get.
  • Also, try preventing any weekend movements. We all know how busy Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays can be. Fridays have always been considered the busiest day of the whole week. And you’re not the only person wanting to schedule a weekend move in other to meet up with activities in the following week. This too can lead you to shorter end staff and general disappointment, as the company of your choice might be too busy to slot in your appointment.

So what’s really special and important about booking your move early?

Well, booking your move early can have a whole lot of benefit to you, and these could be:

  1. When you book your movers early, you get to have a lot of moving companies at your very disposal. You have time to compare and contrast prices, service rating, etc. Especially if this is the first time for you as people who have moved before might be well aware of moving companies and have a preferred one. So after comparing and contrasting, you can be sure of choosing the most appropriate one for yourself. Weigh in costs, get recommendations and overall, the one most convenient for you.

If you wait too long to book, then you might be facing companies that are closed for booking, and your choice suddenly becomes limited. You might not get the move you so much desire.

  1. Booking ahead of time gives you a chance to focus on your packing and doing it properly. You get to sort out items you need and do not need. Sell them or donate them to charity. Whichever works best for you. By doing this, you would be more than prepared and orderly when your move date arrives.
  2. Booking earlier is an advantage if you do not have the luxury of flexing your dates. Finding a specific free day that can’t be jeopardized can be a case of many busy persons. So booking earlier makes you able to achieve that date of your choice. Booking last minute might demand flexibility you can’t afford.

It might also prompt you to want to move on busy days such as weekends, or days you stand no chance of gaining a discount and might actually get a top-up, such as end and the beginning of a month, when your company has its lease due.

You might also have no choice than booking times Which have high demands with chances of slots all being full such as midweek or mid-month services.

But if flexing your moving date isn’t a problem, then you can by all means schedule at a time you prefer. This enables you to always have an opportunity to move with just about any company that suits your taste.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone gets it, life happens! If something important comes up that requires you to change your moving date and reschedule for another time, your movers should be understanding. All you need to do is give them a call, explain the situation, and let them know you’re going to have to schedule another moving day.

While this is unfortunate, your movers should be more than happy to reschedule and get you back on the books so that you can get your move completed. Just be sure and call them as soon as possible.

Moving day is the most stressful day of the entire experience – finally happening after what was surely months (if not more) of planning. Most people who complete a move are tired when they reach their new home, and will be in no big rush to unpack all of their stuff the first night, if even after the first few days.

To avoid having to go through all of your stuff to find the important items, go ahead and pack up an essentials bag with everyday items such as your money, wallet, ID cards, cell phone charger, any medicines you take, and anything else that is important to you. You’ll be glad you did this when you’re not digging through your suitcases at midnight looking for a charger for your tablet.

This can depend on a few things. First off, are there any pieces of furniture you are considering getting rid of? Booking your move early will give you plenty of time to go through your stuff and consider what you want to keep and what you don’t want anymore. If you plan to get rid of some of your furniture, try to sell it so you can have a little extra money for your move.

You should also consider how far you’re moving. For local moves, keeping your furniture could be easier and cheaper than going out and buying a whole new set. If you’re moving long distance, though, you might find that saving the room and money will help you get a new set for your new home later on.

While it is very rare for movers to completely cancel a move on a customer with no explanation, it is not so rare that a mover might have to reschedule a move for certain reasons. Whatever the case is, you should expect a phone call and an explanation.

If your movers simply need to get in touch with you to reschedule your move because something came up on their end, then they will give you a new moving day that works for both you and the movers, and you might even end up with a discount for the troubles. If, however, your movers completely cancel on you for some reason or another, you should at the very least expect a full refund.

Not everyone has the luxury of waiting around for moving companies’ off seasons just to save a few bucks on their move. If you don’t have time to wait until peak season ends to plan your move and possibly score a few discounts, then you will still be able to get your move accomplished, albeit at a (most likely) higher price.

If you find yourself unable to wait until the off season to move, then you will want to try to book your moving day as soon as you possibly can, especially if you are trying to plan your move for the summer months. This is the busiest time of year for moving companies all over the country, so making sure you are on the books and penciled in is vital to ensuring you don’t miss your window of opportunity.


Irrespective of how moving companies need you to make an early booking, there is a standard of about 4-6 weeks. Extending to maybe 3 months prior would sound really funny, don’t you think? And you might change your mind just 2 months gone. Considering the digital age has made a lot of paperwork easy, you do not have to bother yourself about the stress of going through it. And for this reason, People just tend to book 4-6 weeks prior to the time of movement at a maximum.

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