Top 10 Relocation Companies in The US of 2022

Relocation can be demanding and time-consuming if not handled by a professional. Transfer of a department of a business or the entire business, employees, and/or their families to a new location is a range of internal business processes included in relocation services, employee relocation, or workforce mobility.

Human resources specialists within a corporation are the ones in charge of administering these – arranging transportation, houses for employees, and ensure everything goes smoothly without issues.

However, human resources specialists have a limit they can go but work hand-in-hand with relocation companies to get the job done.

International relocation services such as planning for managers, diplomats, etc. to work abroad, and as well as an arrangement of domestic residential services to live are both included in the processes.

Top 3 Trusted Relocation Services Provider in The US

Atlas Van Lines

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Arpin Van Lines

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Top 10 Relocation Companies in The US of 2022

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Managing and directing relocation process such as accommodation (finding a new house), education (finding a school for children), language training (finding a language teacher for the family), arranging the agency providing relocation services to get necessary documents such as permissions, long-term stay, Visa are services that require specialized services.

Moving Feedback looks into different relocation companies and came up with this post to highlight some of the things you need to know as regards this topic.

Compare Top-rated Relcoation Companies and Get Quote Today

In the USA, there are large numbers of relocation companies that offers relocation services including on-site survey, packing, pick-up, transportation, and unpacking at your new home.

Some moving companies only offer services to corporate companies for relocating their employees. The relocation companies that are getting the most share of the United States relocation market are Vanlines.

These other moving companies are working in conjunction with Pan American Movers Associations and the American Movers and Storage Association.

Below are our top picks for relocation companies:

1. Atlas Van Lines

Atlas Van Lines

In 1948, this company was founded and had its headquarters in Evansville, Indiana. Atlas has about 450 agencies and authorized partners all around the globe that work together to give reliable and professional relocation service to people.  Services offered by Atlas include:

  • Packing, storage and auto transport
  • Intrastate and interstate move plus valuation
  • Moving supplies and furniture moving

2. Mayflower


With the sole purpose of providing moving services across the world, Mayflower was founded in 1927.

The company joined the UnigroupInc in the year 1995 and became the nation’s largest relocation and storage service provider, having 270 agency networks.

Services offered by Mayflower include:

  • A corporate move, household move, and long-distance, interstate move
  • Packing services, auto transport services, and destination services
  • Protection and military move.

3. Arpin Van Lines

Arpin Van Lines

This is also one of the leading relocation companies in the United States which have been running for the past 100 years.

Arpin Van lines currently have agents all over the world and branches all over the United States making relocation services easier for them.

The company handles both domestic and international relocation and is also a member of the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). Services offered by Arpin van lines include:

  • Interstate and international move
  • A military move, household move, and corporate move.
  • Third-party services, storage services, and employee services.

4. Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton World Wide Moving

Wheaton makes sure employees are relocated successfully and properly taken care of by working with HR professionals every day.

Wheaton relocation managers will make sure that the move is a smooth one starting from packing to delivery.

Wheaton’s corporate moving services ensure that the details of relocation which involves a lot of moving parts are taken care of hitch-free.

Throughout the whole moving process, a single point of contact will be provided by a relocation manager; thus, making what could have been stressful – stay smooth, safe and easy.

5. All My Sons

All My Sons

With All My Sons Moving and Storage, a corporate move is easier. Your relocation coordinator will arrange a time for an on-site or in-home cost estimate where your needs will be analyzed.

The relocation coordinator will determine all of your moving needs and he, or she will also draft a relocation plan that will perfectly suit your corporate moving needs.

Quality and affordable moving services will be included in your relocation; you can be sure of that.

All My Sons corporate move services include:

  • Guaranteed service and price
  • No extra charge on furniture wrapping.
  • Quick (same day and next day) services for moves under 500 miles
  • Direct services to any location in the United States
  • Quality and Courteously trained Personnel
  • Packing and unpacking services offered (complete service)
  • Emptying of all drawers are not required
  • Placing and setting up furniture in your new home.

6. Bekins


Both employees and employers could find an employee move to be a hassle task. You need a professional moving company to help you because of the stressful, tricky, and complicated nature of the whole process.

With its comprehensive employee relocation services, Bekins has years of experience in the business to help both employees and employers to have a hassle-free move.

Bekins can make the relocation process simple, smooth and easy as possible irrespective of where your corporate move is taking place. Every move is unique to Bekins, and so is each of their clients.

Their agent will explain to you in-depth to have full knowledge of what to budget and time requirements when you contact them about your coming relocation.

Planning, packing, loading, and delivery will be coordinated by one of their dedicated relocation managers. Whether you are relocating from one country to another or from one state to another, their team can help you relocate to anywhere in the world.

7. Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines

This company understands that corporate relocations differ from one to other moves.

Despite the fact that there are always common challenges throughout the moving process, this company offers a moving solution that is customized to fit the budget, culture, priorities, and your organization’s requirements.

Stevens Worldwide Van Lines is one of the country’s best moving companies due to their level of care and attention to detail. To get your employees to the right place at the right time, you can trust this company.

8. North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines

Moving from one place to another is not just relocating; it is also life-changing. Each of the moves be it a hospital, employees, office, or industrial facility comes with unique challenges for the relocating employee, mobility professional, and office or facility manager.

Moving and full-service relocation professionals at North American Van Lines are experts at making corporate or employee relocation smooth and stress-free for every move.

The commercial relocation professionals at North American Van Lines can be trusted when moving medical, industrial, hospitality/hotel, office or any kind of commercial equipment or property.

9. Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck

This company is here to help as moving an entire business can be tricky. The moving of hundreds of employees, pieces of office furniture, and internal office transfers across town are all included in their comprehensive relocation services.

From packing, loading, moving, and unpacking of corporate offices to retail stores, educational facilities, and medical offices, their professional staff are experts. Just like its motto “moving your business is our business,” so you can get back to your business in due time.

Two Men and a Truck will get your belongings and necessities transported without wasting time. You can be sure of that.

10. FlatRate Moving

FlatRate Moving

This company is committed to providing outstanding customer service. You can depend on a moving company like FlatRate to do your job perfectly when it comes to relocation services.

They try as much as possible to make the relocation experience easy for their customers because they understand that the entire moving processes can be so challenging. The company also aims for professional excellence.

FlatRate Moving guarantees happiness with your results if you leave the work of corporate or residential relocation to them.

The Following Table Displays The Top Relocation Companies:

How Much Does Relocation Cost?

Taking the next step up the career ladder may necessarily involve relocation. Whether you simply need a change of scenery or you are determined to make a fresh start personally, making a move may also be appealing.

Taking time to consider relocation costs before you hire a moving company and start apartment or house hunting is essential.

Start With a Relocation Costs Budget

You can apply the budget concept to manage the day to day expenses when you have a move in view. The costs of moving into your new home and your cost of living once you have settled into your new home are the two broad categories of relocation costs.

Let’s discuss these two categories as follows:

Costs of Moving

The expenses that you may need to pay from the pick-up point to the drop-off point are covered in this category. Such expenses may include:

Shipping fees include fees for transporting, equipment (if it is office relocation), pets, household items, and much more.

  • Moving insurance
  • Rental of a storage unit, if applicable
  • Utility deposits at your new home or office, as applicable
  • Hiring a professional moving company
  • Moving truck rental (if you plan a DIY move)
  • Packing materials and boxes
  • Deposit for security for your new home or office if you are renting
  • Temporary short-term housing if you are considering buying
  • Professional cleaning services (if you plan to move out of rental)
  • Utility balance remaining at your old home
  • Airfare if you are moving long-distance (means driving versus flying)

You will also need to include home-buying costs into your moving costs if you plan to buy versus rent.

Thinking of how much you should budget for your relocation costs? There is no fixed amount as it varies, depends on how much belongings you have to move, whether you want to go with a professional mover or choose a DIY move, and the distance you are moving.

Cross-country relocation costs range from $8,800 at the high end down to $200 at the low end according to HomeAdvisor.

You should budget a minimum of $1,000 to cover your relocation to be on the safe side even though the average cost is $905.

You can develop a well-planned budget further if you have the time to compare individual moving costs and services.

Costs of Living After You Relocate

Figuring out what are moving costs is the other side of relocation. Below are the expenses you should be more concerned with:

  • Groceries costs
  • Transportation costs
  • Decorations and new furniture
  • Taxes on property
  • Renters, car and/or homeowner’s insurance
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs, if you plan to buy a home
  • Rent payment or mortgage for your new home
  • Utility costs (monthly)

Although there are other costs to consider while relocating for a new job or a permanent relocation, these are the essential expenses to consider. For instance, one of the costs to think about is health care.

If you get sick or injured even though you are young and healthy, knowing how much a doctor visit would cost in a new place is important for you to know if you have not met your deductible year or you are waiting for your insurance to kick in.

Apart from that, entertainment, hobbies, and dining out are also worth thinking about. Compared to where you are living now, going to a movie or a restaurant may be more expensive when you are living in a bigger city.

How your new income will cover your spending and how your budget after relocation may increase or decrease must be carefully put into consideration.

Lunches out, shopping, and some other non-essentials may have to be cut back if you are moving to an area with a higher cost of living.

Traveling back to your old hometown frequently could also be curtailed by a tight budget.

If you are leaving close friends and family behind, this might matter to you, especially, if you’d like to plan regular visits.

16 Relocating Tips for Saving Costs on Relocation

I thought it would be nice to highlight some tips to relocate to a new town as I happen to know many people who are relocating. If you are moving locally, most of these tips will also work for you.

Instead of planning the process well over a day or afternoon, many people do make mistakes by following the processes far too long by relocating within days without proper planning.

Below tips will help save much stress, money and time relocating to another state or country:

1. Request for Assistance

Endeavor to ask your employer if there is any relocation assistance they offer to assist you covers the costs of the relocation and resettlement into a new home if you are moving due to a job change.

You don’t want to spend much on packing and loading, request the assistance of friends or relatives.

2. Get Free Packing Materials

Request for any heavy-duty boxes from the customer service of any grocery store you visit, as they may still have some after restocking their shelves.

To get boxes that are segregated, which makes packing knick-knacks and glasses much easier, you can also visit the liquor store.

To prevent having to spend on materials like bubble wrap and newspaper, contact friends and families that may have some of the materials.

To protect your highly prized furniture, an old blanket will be of great help.

3. Start a Packing Timeline

Write down a plan of how, when, and what to pack a few weeks into the move is advisable. You will spend less money when you move conveniently compared to having stress trying to get and stay organized.

4. Keep a “Special” Box

Items like toiletries, pens, markers, tape, paper, scissors, medicines, important documents, and anything you will need until the minute you are set to move are to be kept in a plastic tube or one larger box placed one side.

This will help you overcome losing things you need or having to buy such items every time you relocate to a new place.

To get access to these items when you reach your new place, keep this box or plastic tube closer to you at all times.

5. Label all Boxes

Some people do skip or perform this step sloppily. It depends on your choice, but it is advisable to do it perfectly, as it will save the stress of searching for some items that might be misplaced.

Marking each box with a permanent marker by labeling what room it belongs to, with a list of the items contained in them would help you reduce unnecessary spending and save you time.

Avoid the style of packing where you throw items into boxes and just mark them all as miscellaneous.

6. Clean as you go

After you’ve picked up an area, give it a good cleaning. This will prevent you from the need to hire cleaners to clean your house and keep things efficiently when you are tired of the relocation process. If you are looking to get a security refund, cleaning will be beneficial to rent.

7. Ditch the Junk

Garage sale and junk box should be kept close by. Items meant for the garage should be tossed into their proper boxes easily while you are boxing your essential items. Relocation will give you the chance to clear out the items that find a way to accumulate over many years.

If you have to move boxes containing items you are no longer use, you will be spending more for nothing.

When you are almost done with your packing process, have a moving sale where you can sell anything that is still in good shape, but you do not want to bring along to your new home.

Ensure that you collect donation receipt when you donate to a thrift store because it will surely come in handy when tax time rolls around.

8. Be a Sell Out

Moving from one state to another as light as possible may benefit you financially. The difference between the cost of buying new items when you get to your new home and hiring a large moving truck to carry your large belongings should be put into serious consideration. It may or may not surprise you what you will discover.

9. Check out Storage Options

Consider renting a cheap storage unit to keep any family heirlooms or pieces you may want back at some point. Have them kept in the storage unit until you have the capability to set them to your new home; Until you can arrange for transportation for the items, you can consider asking reliable family or friends to help house your belongings as this will be a cheaper option than renting a storage unit.

Ensure you do not forget the monthly fees of $50 + should you decide to go with the storage unit rental.

10. Get Several Quotes on Moving Companies

Before deciding on choosing any moving company to move your belongings, make sure you request multiple quotations or estimates.

You want quality and reliable service that you can afford. Moving Feedback has a number of relocation companies to select from.

11. Pack it Yourself

A good moving company will provide a truck driver, moving team, and all you need, all you have to do is to pack up the moving truck yourself, and they will drive it to your destination,

12. Be Truck Smart

Ensure you only make a reservation for the truck size you need if you plan a DIY move by renting a moving truck that will haul your belongings across the country.

Although booking a truck that is too large for your belongings will cost you extra money such as truck rental fees and gas, but avoids underestimating the space, you will need in the truck. You can read our post on truck rental.

13. Pack Strategically

Flinging your boxes into the truck can be so tempting. Use every little space in the moving truck in the most logical way by making sure you give yourself enough time to pack with strategy.

You will be certain your belongings will be protected and fits perfectly along the journey to your new destination.

14. Reach Out to Friends and Family

Rather than spending your money on a hotel for lodging, you can contact your friends and/or family along the travel route (if you have any) and ask them to help you with their couch for just a night.

So you can have extra time to hang out with family and friends you have not seen in a long time, make sure you plan out your travel time.

15. Pack a Cooler

You can pack your own drinks and snacks for the morning and afternoon if there is enough room available in the truck as this will also save you some money. You will only have to stop for dinner.

16. Don’t Buy stuff Until you Settled In

Give yourself enough time to unpack and unwind when you finally get to your new home. Until you take enough time to sort through your belongings and get everything set up, do not rush out yet to buy what you think you need in your new home at the store.

You will keep a list of ideas along the way as you browse through your stuff. You will eventually find yourself overspending on things that you don’t really need if you rush off to the store the 1st week you are in town. You only need to hit the grocery store the first few weeks you get in town.

Relocation Checklist For Your Upcoming Move

This checklist is one of the thousands of free checklists we have in our database; so you can be more productive.

This relocation checklist is just the help you need. You can set due dates, attach notes, and even add tasks.

You can access the checklist wherever you are. Once you have the relocation checklist in your “My Checklists” section, you can customize it.

Sooner than you ever thought possible, you will achieve your goals once you get started with the relocation checklist.

Before Relocation

  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected to your new home (consider renting a mailbox is an option)
  • Locate a mover by requesting quotes for various relocation services on Moving Feedback.
  • Arrange for sufficient supply and current prescriptions of any medicine
  • Store or sell your car
  • Pack all essential items
  • When applicable, obtain foreign currency
  • Set up a bank account at the moving destination
  • Arrange home and private health insurance at your new destination
  • Cancel subscriptions, ensure any direct debit is terminated once you relocate, and pay all bills.
  • Arrange for transport to the airport
  • Forwarding contact details should be left for the new occupants of your old home
  • Back up all computer files
  • Verify the booking of temporary accommodation at your destination, if need be.
  • Compile paperwork and personal records into a secure travel file

Arriving at Destination

  • Inform your family and friends at the home of your safe arrival at your destination
  • Check into the temporary accommodation you arranged pending the permanent arrangement of your new home
  • Locate a close-by internet service point
  • Arrange for a prepaid mobile phone account
  • If still required, open a bank account and apply for a tax file number
  • Contact recruitment agencies and potential employers to set up job interviews or any purpose for your relocation
  • If necessary, collect your pets from quarantine
  • Remember to also arrange for health insurance

When Moving into your Home

  • Internet, phone, power and other utilities are to be set up
  • Arrange for a progress report and contact the child care provider or your children’s new schools
  • In your new local area, look into recreational and social activities
  • Do a little introduction of yourself to your new neighbors
  • Locate and register with your local library
  • If required, buy a car and arrange for insurance and registration.

Vital Documents for Relocation

In addition to your relocation checklist, these documents should be kept when traveling:

  • Passports
  • Marriage and/or divorce certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae, employment and job references, and qualifications
  • Your account details including loan details
  • Your last will
  • Copies of your life and other insurances
  • Your computer backup files
  • Your investments details
  • The records of companies and trusts that you have operated
  • For insurance purpose, include your proof of no claim bonus
  • Kids’ Immunization certificates and school reports
  • Your credit records verification


Relocation service is more than just a moving service where you move your belongings and family to a new place. When you are relocating your business, you want to ensure that every office equipment is moved in such a way that no damage is caused to any of them.

At the same time, you want to reduce downtime as much as possible. Luckily, some national moving companies are specialized in offering this service to make sure your business is not affected by your relocation exercise.

We have handpicked them in this post and also shared some useful tips to help you in not only relocation but general moving exercise. What is your experience with relocation? Share it with us in the comment box!

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