North American Van Lines Review

Bottom line: North American Van Lines has a full list of additional services, which include auto transport and custom crating for you to personalize your long-distance move.

North American Van Lines are a successful company that has its name on the mouth of every household. They offer highly comprehensive services and give customers enough flexibility based on each of their needs.

North American Van Lines
North American Van Lines Review

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The major complaint among customers is that items are not handled properly and damaged. They are in general a good option for moving services; hence, the company made our list of The 10 Best National Moving Companies of 2022.

So what can North American do differently from other interstate moving companies? Let’s dig into what the company has to offer and we’ll let you have our view of the process based on our practical experience.

What Services Are Offered By North American Van Lines?

North American Van Lines offers a wide range of moving services to serve the needs of their clients. The company started in 1933 and it now has a network of over 500 agents.

Local agents that display great performance are given Quality Mover Award. The organization was 1999 merged with Allied Van Lines to become one of the first moving options in the world.

Below are some of the North American Van Lines’ services:

Residential Moving Services

North American Van Lines performs residential moves for local, national, and international customers. Full-service moving is also an option that includes help with packing, loading, unloading, and so on. The moving company keeps inventory sheets that assign a tag number to each package or item.

There is a need for a High-Value Inventory sheet for expensive items. They also offer professional moving services for piano, and this may be dependent on the availability of movers.

Long-Distance Moving Services

They provide service to the entire country and Canada. Interstate moves can be finished in less than 5 days. The organization often asks customers to consider the costs they could save on long-distance moves through fuel, food, hotels, tolls, and so on. North American Van Lines is often used for long-distance moving by active military members.

International Moving Services

North American Van Lines has now performed country-to-country moving services for over 80 years. Service is available to most nations of the world and door-to-port shipping is also available.

They charge customers to start their international moving preparation 10 weeks before. Recently, they started MoovScout, a digital app that standardizes the international moving process.

Commercial Moving Services

Moving services are available for businesses of all sizes. They have performed international moving projects for many fortune 500 companies and a door-to-door moving service is also available. They pride themselves on a 95 percent satisfaction rate among corporate clients.

Among the personalized service, offerings are donation and disposal services, shredding, and furniture management, and so on. Corporate workers are encouraged to make good use of their moving services.

Storage Services

Storage-in-transit is a short-term storage option available for an extra charge. North American Van Lines doesn’t advertise storage options at the corporate level.

Packing and Moving Labor

Full-service moving company contains expert packing services and the entire materials needed. They will disassemble furniture, roll up rugs and carpets and, wrap up everything necessary.

Packing and Moving Supplies

Mirror and mattress boxing, stand-up wardrobe unit, and custom crates are some of the specialty supplies offered for moving.

Vehicle Transport

The company will transport motorcycles, cars, trucks, and others. The normal timeframe for delivery is between 3 and 7 days.

Mobile Storage Containers

North American Van Lines now offers a Blue Express relocation help that competes with the U-Box offered by U-Haul, PODS, and Mobile Mini. A mobile storage unit will be delivered by a trailer to the customer’s specified location and it will be loaded and then hauled to the destination.

This program is specially designed for smaller moves and transit times range from eight to twelve.


  • Full-service, customizable moving plan
  • Over 80 years in business
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Certified ProMover of the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)
  • Shipment tracking
  • Online moving resources


  • Arranging wait time for in-home estimates

North American Van Lines services at a glance

  • Local, long-distance, and international moving services
  • Corporate moving
  • Full-service packing
  • Fragile-only packing
  • Boxes and moving supplies
  • Disconnection and reconnection or appliance
  • Furniture disassembly and reassembly
  • Custom crates
  • Loading and unloading
  • Crane vans for large belongings
  • Storage
  • Satellite tracking
  • Auto transport
  • Basic liability coverage
  • Full-valuation coverage
  • Online checklists and moving tips

Some services are charged at extra cost, so we’ve researched some options for you to combine and match North American’s services depending on your moving needs.

Each of these moving options is available and not dependent on one another, we are just indicating the services we think are best for moving companies who want everything, who want a part, or who want to perform it themselves.

What is the Cost of North American Van Lines?

Your cost of the move will vary based on the services you choose, the size as well as the distance of your move, and other important factors like your actual location as well as the time of year you are relocating.

If you are preparing a small, local move that doesn’t require any additional packing help, you can prepare to spend at least $550.

Medium-sized homes that are relocating to a moderate distance and would like partial packing assistance should prepare to spend a few thousand dollars.

Remember, these are estimated figures pointing you to how your moving cost might be. Most moves will cost somewhere within the range, but this provides you an idea of the things to expect to spend when relocating with North American Van Lines. The best way to obtain a reliable cost of your move is to schedule an in-home estimate.

Insurance offered by North American Van Lines

One other way North American differentiates itself in the moving industry is by putting in more work to protect customer’s items.

The company’s movers make use of protective coverings when they are in your home, create a comprehensive inventory of all the items they pack and ensure they label every box. But there is room for accidents as always.

Fortunately, North American Van Lines has varieties of coverage options to assist you in case any of your items broken or damaged in the moving process.

North American Van Lines insurance options include:

Released Value:

This is standard insurance on all moves with North American Van Lines, but its protection is just too minimal. Too small, imagine $.60 per pound. That implies that if your 10-pound item gets broken during the move, you’ll only get $6.00.

Full maximum value protection:

This is luxurious moving coverage. It will cost more but if any of your belongings are damaged, lost, or destroyed during your move and they will be replaced, repaired, or compensated for in cash.


Finding storage is usually a necessary and important part of the moving process, and NAVL offers climate-controlled warehouses for temporary and long-term storage needs.

We requested an estimate for a single dresser to know how much the cost of storing a large piece of furniture might be, and the price was $8.40 for one month with an extra one-time fee of $10.50 for facility handling.

If your storage need will extend beyond 30 days, that monthly fee would still be the same.

Storage is determined by weight, similar to the rest of your move, so pricing is based on the exact weight and duration of time you want your items in storage.

Obtaining your Quote from North American Van Lines

Getting a quote from North American Van Lines used to be tough, but it now looks like the company has been working on simplifying things for potential customers because it now provides an instant quote tool.

This tool will provide you with a range of moving quotes for your moving needs based on the size of your home, the origin and destination of your move, and whether your belongings are small, medium, or large in quantity.

Below is the quote we received for a virtual move from Chicago to Dallas.

Distance of move 978 miles (Chicago to Dallas)
Date of move Dec-20
Moving Size 4-bedroom house
Quote $10,103 to $12,772

Don’t place too much meaning into these instant online quotes, since much more is yet to be included in it. But you should just note that the estimated cost here is higher than the quotes we received from Atlas and International Van Lines.

Yes, the best way to obtain a comprehensive and accurate moving quote from North American Van Lines or any other movers is to perform an in-home estimate. This also provides you and the mover with adequate time to check everything, such as how to pack your previous piano, your insurance options, and the likes within the walls of your home.

Customer Service

The saying about pleasing people by Abe Lincoln is so much truth in the moving industry as it is impossible to please all the people at all times. Many people have had sweet moving experiences with NAVL, but some, not really.

You can go online and read their feedbacks. Just don’t forget that as regards online reviews, unsatisfied customers tend to leave feedbacks than satisfied ones.

Also, don’t forget that North American Van Lines has varieties of agents, so you should only focus on reviews about your local agent.

A mover working with the North American agent in the nearby town may have dropped a customer’s expensive electronics, but that doesn’t mean you can blame your local agent.

North American Van Lines Complaints

North American Van Lines has an A+ with the BBB and is a ProMover with the AMSA. The company receives more than average ratings in standalone consumer research. In general, old customers had good experiences with NAVL.

Being a full-service moving company, North American Van Lines partners with over 500 local agents. The consumer’s experience with the company is based greatly on the quality of the agents in their location.

Popular complaints about North American Van Lines as found on online review websites is about not being careful with personal possessions.

Moving with North American Van Lines: Pros and Cons

Customer complaints indicate that some agents are not taking the right precautions to reduce the number of belongings damaged. Also, some cases are reported of mover that damaged ceilings, walls, and floors while moving larger items in the home.

Unique Features:

  • They track shipments anywhere using WorldTrac
  • Has built an interactive simulator for training truck drivers
  • The company promotes its charity work such as Move for Hunger and Habitat ReStore Donation Program
  • Employees are all background checked and the workers have been properly trained in a reduction plan during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Packing and moving supplies can be estimated with the use of their website tool.

Do we recommend NAVL (North American Van Lines)?

North America Van Lines is a great choice for people planning to move long-distance or to another country, or for people who need a moving company that provides services within the range of North American Van Lines’ list of services.

If your household is small or your budget is slim, there are some great resources available for you to use, provided by North American, but spending the money on extra services like full-service packing is not recommended unless you have no time to DIY.

Finally, your moving experience is dependent on your local North American Van Lines agent, so make sure you perform your research and contact them to see how well they are ready to accommodate you.

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