11 Activities to Keep Kids Busy on Moving Day

Moving or relocation is a very serious business that takes place over a period of time and gets to its climax on the final moving day. This moving day can be really tough and hectic but can be even tougher and very challenging if your kids are around you during packing and loading the truck.

11 Activities to Keep Kids Busy on Moving Day

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Therefore, in this kind of situation, you may naturally want to get someone trusted like a friend or family member or even a nanny to babysit or watch over the children on a moving day, to avoid their distraction. However, getting such help can sometimes be impossible.

So, what can you do if you find yourself in a situation where you must have your kids around you on your moving day? With so many activities waiting to be done, how can you handle the two tasks of moving and at the same time – taking care of your kids? Will you stop your moving and face your kids or keep to your moving activities and neglect the children? The good news is that – you can manage the two tasks and still have seamless moving activities. How?

To overcome this challenge and other moving day drama associated with having your kids around on these days, we’ve compiled for you some time-tested and trusted activities that’ll keep your kids engaged during this important period.

Do you know that having your kids around you during moving processes can as well be a blessing? Do you know your children can get about 15% of the job done if they are properly followed up? Still wondering how? Read further to discover.

Tips for Moving with your Kids

Children are blessing from God and they will also be in every situation, even during moving. Many parents have made moving activities stressful for both themselves and the kids because they overrated the kids’ capabilities.

All they thought is that children will cause distraction during moving; hence, they find the means to put their kids in dark during the exercise. The truth is that you can have your kids by your side on that D-day. You can read our post on “Tips for Parents to make Family Moves Easier.”

Having said that, Moving Feedback has researched some practical tips on the activities you can introduce to your kids on moving day. Below is our proven list of top activities for your Kids on the moving day irrespective of their age range.

So, relax and enjoy reading through this article for the purpose of having an itch-free moving day experience with your children well catered for:

1. Inform them of the Reason for your Move

Whatever is the reason for your move, be it for a job transfer, property reconstruction or eviction notice, it’s very important to keep your children abreast of the situation even before moving day. Kids are very intelligent. The moment they see you packing stuff, they would be suspecting that something is about to happen but they may not know the actual picture of things.

You must explain to them why you are moving and possibly where you are moving to. This will give them a sense of belonging and make them feel a part of the whole activity. So, on a moving day, they would not be surprised to see a truck loading their furniture, fridges, boxes, and all sorts of items.

2. Buy them a Journal for the Day

Start with them by each of them a journal and explain what to do. You can involve your children in the moving activities by making them write down their thoughts and idea about moving if they’re of writing age.

You can get them a journal several days before the D-day so that they can start putting down their thoughts and be able to freely express themselves on a moving day.

Written descriptions, drawings, photos, or graphical details of the room they want in the new home, funny things, videos they want to watch, songs they like, and any other things they can think of may be added. Leave it for them and you would be surprised by the funny thing you would see at the end of the day.

3. Let them Pack and Unpack some of their Stuff Themselves

Moving to a new home requires some new adjustments by everyone and especially the kids. So, make it easy for them by involving them in the whole process especially in packing some of their stuff by themselves.

For instance, before you start packing and unpacking items in the living room, dining room or kitchen, allow each of them to pick a box to which they will personally put some of their own stuff that is lightweight as to make them feel important and more eager to help out in the whole exercise.

You can also give them a list of one or more items to be arranged in the already labeled and color-coded moving boxes and unpack it themselves when they to your new home, while bringing out some of their own favorite items like bedtime storybook, movie, or CD or family photos.

You can add some additional flair to the fun by awarding prizes for any child who completed his or her task first but keep it friendly and don’t create rivalries between or among them.

4. Keep them Entertained

Kids love fun and they want to be bored for a long time. Put together a few collections of fun activities for the kids to do to keep them entertained and engaged on a moving day.

You don’t have to choke or bored them with so many activities but give them a few fun, meaningful and challenging ones that will fully capture their attention and keep them very busy.

For example, you can ask them to draw and color-code by giving them coloring books, crayons, markers, stickers books, or other related accessories, particularly on the moving day so as to make everything look new, fresh, and exciting for them.

You can use each of your already labeled and color-coded boxes as a game by assigning each of them in charge of a given color and be monitoring them. Let him, or she locates all boxes labeled in that particular color. For example, a child assigned the “blue” moving boxes will ensure that all blue boxes are accounted for and are well arranged in a group. But do not allow them to lift any heavy load.

5. Book Reading

Reading books, especially interesting and adventurous ones is a very good way for children of all ages busy with rapt attention. So, let your children select a few from their favorite storybooks that you must have selected and packed for the moving day.

Even the toddlers among them can be given coloring and picture books for them to look at. Just pick a safe and less busy location for them to stay while you and others are focusing on the moving tasks at hand.

You can as well ask them to name one book each they will love to read next. Buy and keep those books for them till the moving day. Present to each of them the favorite books they voted for, to keep them busy throughout that day. However, if you want to use them in one moving activity or the other, keep the books until you get to the new home.

6. Have their Playing Stuff Packed for them

You should have some of their favorite dolls and other playing stuff packed and kept in a safe and easily assessable location for them. This will give them comfort and keep them busy during packing and moving activities. Make sure you do not overstuff them with so many toys and bulky stuff. Do everything with moderation.

7. Board Games and Card Games

If you are going to be hitting the road with your car, arrange and customize your car’s interior for the children. Let them come on board knowing that they can play some of their favorite fun game on the road to your new home.

Card and board games like solitaire, spades, Go Fish or Crazy fights and many other related games are available for such situation to make them be at ease on the journey and keep them entertained throughout the day.

You may also be quizzing them on some specific things you already told them about their new home and even join them in some guessing or memorization games.

8. Treat them to a Camp-Site Experience

While every of your stuff such as boxes, furniture, and other stuff is being moved and loaded, your kids will probably need a safe space to keep them away from the intense activities going on around them.

Therefore, set up a small tent with sleeping bags, a portable movie player, flashlights, and camp them out for some time while the moving team carries out their activities.

And once everything with the packing and moving is done and settled, you simply pick up and pack those camping items and get the kids into the car to set out for a new abode.

9. Let them have Fun Playing with Unneeded Packing Materials

After packing and moving to your new home, there will surely be a lot of packing materials and moving boxes that you may need to get rid of as quickly as possible. You can allow your children to play around and have some funs using these unneeded materials.

They can be allowed to pop some bubble wrap by stomping on them or climb in and out of empty boxes to burn off some excess energies. This will get them focused and allow you to have the needed space and time to face your moving task without distractions.

10. Let them have Fun Playing Hide-And-Seek Game

In a new home and new environment, the children will need a way out and a little time to familiarize themselves with their new abode. So, encourage them to get creative and develop ways to discover and dominate their new space.

You may also need to inform them of some no-go regions for them, at least for the time being like unfinished attics or basements, rooms or areas stocked with yet-to-be arranged items that could easily fall off and cause injuries to them.

So, limit and control the kind of plays they engage in and areas they go to until everyone is comfortable enough in your new place. This should be within the premises alone.

11. Play Moving Day Related Movies for Them

Select a number of moving day related movies that are appropriate for their age and play it for them to watch particularly on the moving day either in your car or during your flight. If your car is not equipped with an inbuilt DVD player, you can make use of a laptop, tablet, or a palmtop device with web or WiFi connectivity.

You can either stream movies directly from the net or play some preloaded movies for them. Here are some good movie selections for you to choose from; Hocus Pocus, Toy Story, Princess Diaries, Casper, etc.

The following table displays the best tips to moving with your kids:

To sum it up

With moving day’s trickery and confusions, having your little ones around can certainly be a source for serious concern, and you may need to adopt several methods of keeping them safe and away from possible danger or prevent them from slowing the process. Therefore, it is our hope that you find this article very useful and will set you on a path to having a stress-free move with your children. Check through the activities discussed in the article and choose the ones that easy for you, especially when it comes to buying stuff to keep them busy. Consider your budget and other factors to choose right. Stay tuned for more informative posts from this page!

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