Moving Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

If you’re at a point in time experienced a long trip, you likely know that the actual distance is longer than the mileage estimated online for the same trip. Usually, the extra distance is a result of missed exits, stopovers, and unexpected detours.

Moving Truck Rental Unlimited Mileage

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However, when moving in a rental moving truck, your overall mileage will be affected by things like pickup and return of moving equipment. This is why it is so important that you rent from a moving truck rental company that offers unlimited mileage.

Carefully compare each mileage policy offered by each large moving truck rental company to understand the cost of extra distance. One of the questions commonly asked by the consumers is – “is it possible to rent a moving truck with unlimited mileage?” Let’s answer this question in a simple language.

Is it Possible to Rent a Moving Truck with Unlimited Mileage?

Finding unlimited mileage is extremely difficult. Mileage is charged by most companies in two ways. They can either offer a certain mileage based on the distance, then charge for additional mileage on the same trip or charge you per mile.

It is important to understand your potential company, as charge per mile can greatly increase your overall cost. It is essential to understand what a 1-way move means.

What is one Way Move?

The one-way move is basically not a back and forth moving. It involves loading all of your things into a 1-way rental truck and hauling it to your new permanent residence. There is nothing like going back to the old home.

It is usually a move that involves long distances. During an in-town move, your overall moving costs calculation will include your return miles. However, 1-way moving truck rental is very different.

Moving truck rental cost calculates the actual weight of the loaded trucks and the distance you move.

Different One Way Moving Truck Rentals

You may find a great deal from one company than others. Make sure you look at what other companies are offering before making your decision.

Below are different moving truck rentals for 1-way moving:

1. U-Haul

The truck sizes available with U-Haul make it possible for customers to move anything from a studio apartment to a 3-bedroom home on a 1-way trip. Towing of your vehicle is even possible using auto transport or a tow dolly.

Since there is no fixed rate for 1-way moving truck rental, we calculated a move for a better explanation. This exercise will show figures for a fictional move to Orlando, FL, from Chicago IL the in the first quarter of the year, as contained in the table below.

There are five days of use for all truck rental rates from U-Haul and 1,456 miles. 1-way rental options vary for cargo trailer rental.

2. Budget

There is no unlimited mileage with Budget. Rather, local rentals are charged by mile, which varies from one location to another.

The Budget provides a certain number of mileage and days for a 1-way rental. In case you need additional, paying to get them is cheaper before the move (at $0.70 per mile and $75 per day) than paying after the move (at $0.85 per mile and $85 per day), as contained in the table below.

Kindly note that purchasing additional mileage and days are not refundable. Your location and the size of the rental truck you plan to rent will determine the cost of your 1-way relocation with the Budget.

Having flexibility with your moving date will save you some money. The majority of Budget locations only allow renters aged 24 and above.

You will have few space options to contain your items with the three 1-way moving truck rental sizes offered by Budget.

However, the free and unlimited miles from the Budget is worth it.

3. Penske 

When an unexpected issue occurs on your move, Penske offers you unrestricted roadside assistance. This is a nice feature for anyone traveling on a long-distance.

With no deposit required for your 1-way moving truck, you surely want to consider renting from Penske.

There is free, unlimited mileage that comes with Penske’s 1-way moving truck rental. You can only get vehicle towing on the company’s 16, 22, and 26-ft moving trucks.

Your destination also constitutes to the rate given. The pricing given below from Penske is similar to the fictional move to Orlando from Chicago, as discussed below in the table.

In reality, Penske is the only moving truck rental company that provides unlimited mileage on 1-way relocation.

However, the number of days is not unlimited, which means you can buy days for $100 each if you need additional days.

A mileage charge is tacked to local moves, which vary based on your area.

4. Ryder

This company charge per mile. However, a 1-way move is not available with Ryder. This implies that you have to pick up the rental truck and return it at the same location where you rent it, and it can cost more to return the rental truck.

However, Ryder is one of the best truck rental companies for moving.

5. Enterprise

Enterprise gives customers a certain number of miles to use, and then charge any additional mile used.

Just like Ryder, there is no 1-way move offering with Enterprise, so you should be ready to pay for the trip to return the rental truck.

One Way Moving  Truck Rental Compared

Check how moving truck rental mileage is being handled by Budget, Enterprise, Ryder, U-Haul, and Penske. Consider the table below to see the summary as discussed above.

Company Unlimited miles 1-way availability Pre-paid additional miles Postpaid additional miles Full details
U-Haul _ yes $0.40 per mile, $40 mile per day $0.40 per mile, $40 mile per day Learn more on U-Haul
Budget _ yes $0.70 per mile, $70 mile per day $0.85 per mile, $85 mile per day Learn more on Budget
Ryder _ _ Pay per mile Pay per mile Learn more on Ryder
Penske Available for 1-way moves only yes Round trips pay per mile Round trips pay per mile Learn more on Penske
Enterprise _ _ Certain mileage added, then charge per mile Certain mileage added, then charge per mile Learn more on Enterprise

Other Alternatives for 1-Way Moving

Not everyone is ready to get behind the wheel of a large 1-way moving truck. The good news is – there are many other options. It is based on the number of your belongings, your destination location, and your budget. These options include:

Portable Moving Containers

Pick the moving date you desire, load your storage unit in the given time by the company, and then hold on for pickup.

That is just a simple step. Once picked up, your storage container is hauled to your new address. Each company offers different prices and features.

Top portable storage units include Pack-rat, U-Box, PODS, and ReloCubes. Read further on what each portable storage moving containers offer.

Freight Trailers

These companies will send a trailer to your home while you pack your stuff inside within a given amount of time. Then, allow the company to haul it to the destination address.

You can get cross-country moving help from U-Pack, old Dominion, Estes SureMove, and Household Services.

You won’t have to worry about the last minute of moving stress by allowing someone else to drive the heavy-duty moving truck for you.

You can save some money when you pack the moving truck yourself than going for a full-service moving option.

Start Fresh

If you find the 1-way truck rental cost for your move expensive, you can consider donating, selling, or giving away some of your possessions. You can buy new items in the new place.

You can buy from flea markets and local thrift stores at your new home while reducing your moving cost at your current home. Pack sentimental items and stuff you want to move with you, such as dishes or knives.

Load more of your belongings in the car of your family and friends, giving you a hand on moving into the new home.

Professional movers

Hire professional long distance moving companies to help with your move when you don’t want to handle the move yourself. Pick a date and allow the movers to pack for you into the moving truck.

Some of the popular moving professionals across the country include Allied Van Lines, United Van Lines, and Nationwide Movers. There is no need for you to be concerned or plan on how to move your vehicles to your new home.

Although this option seems to be the most convenient, it can also be one of the costly choices. To make it easier, you can request from our network of reliable national moving companies to enjoy a great deal from different service providers.

Shipping Your Belongings

Use the mailing options to ship your clothes, books, and other items if you are flying to your destination home. Check the prices of USPS, UPS, and FedEx to get the best shipping method for your items.

You won’t have to move around large shipments, and you can prevent huge shipment fees through this process.

You can read our post on How to Ship Boxes With USPS When Moving.

Drop a comment in the section below or call us for any questions or concerns. We are always glad to help you get the best moving option and budget for your next move.

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