Reasons You Should Consider Moving Into Mobile Home

Recently, the mobile home is gaining popularity among Americans unlike before when people either rent apartments or buy one to live.

According to a post by BBC News, over 20 million Americans are presently living in their mobile homes. This is not limited to any category of people; whether employed or retired. Are you also thinking of moving to a mobile home? Then, you need to read this post.

There are a variety of designs, sizes, and materials of mobile homes you can choose from. There are many advantages of a mobile home that are worthy of considering to move into one.

This post aims to break down the top reasons you should consider moving into a mobile home. Apart from their affordability and portability, the mobile home offers a flexible way of owning a home and frees yourself from tenancy issues.

Once you have a temporary or permanent place to park your manufactured home after purchase, the deal is done. If you are still weighing the option of moving into a mobile home, this post will convince you further why many Americans are settling for mobile home housing. Before then, let’s briefly reflect on what a mobile home is?

Reasons You Should Consider Moving Into Mobile Home

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What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home (which is also referred to as a manufactured home, trailer home, or residential caravan) is designed and built on chassis to be moved at will.

It is a prefabricated structure, constructed in a factory or at the site with attached chassis for easy transportation.

It is used as a permanent residence fixed in a place but can be relocated through the use of a trailer or towing train.

There are advantages of owning a mobile home, and this is mainly its ease of relocation when the time calls for it.

Apart from this, there are a number of benefits of owning one. Read on to the next headline.

5 Reasons Why Moving Into a Mobile Home

The question now is “why opting for a mobile home when you have a variety of options for housing”? However, while moving into a mobile home require some technical knowledge, there are reasons moving to one is an option well-thought of.

Have you thought of it, why the manufactured home is gaining traction among other options as an excellent housing system? Check out below reasons you should consider moving into a mobile home:

1. They are Quality-controlled and Safe

The manufacture of mobile homes is receiving innovations now and then. You can’t compare the mobile homes of the 20th century to the current ones.

The designs have significantly improved in terms of safety and quality control. According to Manufactures Housing Institute, the assumption by some people that mobile homes are unsafe to weather is merely a common misconception.

Modern mobile homes are standardized and safe to live.

Requirement and quality standards are being raised by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development to ensure the quality of the mobile homes.

The design requirements include the home’s fire safety, structural design, HVAC, electrical systems, wind safety, plumbing, construction, transportation, and energy efficiency based on different geographical locations. Hence, it is a good option to consider.

2. They are Affordable

Another reason to consider moving into a mobile home is their affordability and low-cost homes available to buyers compared to site-built homes.

Mobile homes offer more advantages for cost per square foot; an estimation of about $100 per square foot for the traditional homes compared to single-wide home estimated at $45,000 equivalent to a salvage price of $379,500 for a new, site-built home. This is a huge difference worthy of note.

Besides construction costs, the monthly mortgage payment for a traditional home is usually in the thousands while that of mobile homes is in the hundreds.

On the other hand, the cost value of owning a mobile home is far cheaper than renting an apartment in the long run. Considering its affordability in terms of manufacturing and maintenance costs, moving to a mobile home is a good idea.

3. They are Simple and Easy to Maintain

According to studies, one of the reasons many people consider moving into a mobile home is its simplicity. This has been linked to improved mental wellness and overall health of the occupants.

If you are thinking of living a simple life, moving into a mobile home is an option to explore.

If you want an improvement in your physical and mental health, a mobile home can guarantee that improved environmental sustainability.

Mobile homes are simple enough to maintain compared to traditional homes; meaning you have smaller space to maintain.

Regardless of the interior you want, they are all achievable at an affordable cost. You can live simply with a luxury living room, kitchen, and other spaces of the home when you move into a mobile home.

4. They are Environmentally Stable

According to a post by the U.S News and World Report, mobile homes are not only mentally and physically sound, but they are also environmentally stable.

With mobile home housing, you will not only save cost on mortgage or utilities but also enjoy a safe environment.

Mobile homes are manufactured in such a way that gives you 90% less waste compared to site-built housing, going by a report by the Manufactured Housing Institute.

This advantage is attributed to their energy-efficient design factor which makes them greener and eco-friendlier than traditional housing.

Both manufacturing and transportation, and as well assembling of the mobile home are environmentally safe.

5. You are Now a Homeowner with a Sense of Community

Moving to a mobile home also offers another benefit apart from been environmentally stable. It gives you a sense of community like many other homeowners.

You will be connected to the neighborhood and contribute to the growth of the community.

Remember as an owner, you have your own spaces such as backyard, driveway, detached walls, compound, and some of these spaces are shared with other neighbors; this gives you a chance to interact with people around you.

Especially, if you are a retiree or someone that loves social activities, the communities do offer social and groups activities such a social clubs, fitness groups, caring neighbors, and much more.

Are you ready to Move into a Mobile Home?

Having discovered reasons to consider moving into a mobile home, I guess by now, something might have been running in your mind about the option. These are just a few of the advantages of the mobile home.

However, many people are thinking about the size of their current home. It is worthy of mentioning here, that mobile homes are of different sizes and designs such as single-wide, double-wide, and triple- or multi-wide.

There are designs for every size of home; hence, there is no limitation about size. Know what you need and this must largely depend on the space to put the manufactured home.

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