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A Company run by Scammers with frauds and goons hired as Sales Agents, Drivers, and CFO

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**A Company run by Scammers with frauds and goons hired as Sales Agents, Drivers, and CFO*** WARNING Review on Google are misrepresented; check COMPLAINTS on Facebook Use Us Express Relocation if 1. If you are Ok with the price increasing from $1190 to $1850 (see the attached Proof) 2. If you are Ok with Movers using a whitener to change the price right above you and them signed on papers on final price-This comes under fradualent business practise (see the attached Proof) 3. If you are OK, with them threatening you throughout your moving that they will not deliver your stuff if you try them to stick to the price they signed¬¬¬ for 4. If you are Ok with Movers delaying your delivery by 8 days (see the attached Proof) 5. If you are Ok with No one responding after continuous email/text/phone (see the attached Proof) 6. If you are Ok with Driver yelling at you; sales representative cussing at you and the owner askingyou to not call them (see the attached Proof) 7. If you are Ok with Movers lying about date and time of delivery (see the attached Proof) 8. If you are OK with Racial comments from the Driver/unloader like “People of Your ethnicity are crazy” (see the Proof) 9. If you want to take POLICE help to get your stuff unloaded as if 8 days of delay and $700 and all the racism, cuss words and ignorance of your call was not enough (see attached the attached Proof) For curious minds who would like to know more, read the date by date detail of my experience on Facebok **A Company run by Scammers with frauds/goons hired as Sales Agents, Drivers, and CFO*** Sorry about the long post but it will save you the greatest trouble of your life. So I am a Scientist who was moving from GA to the University of Michigan. Since my employer Univ of Michigan paid for my relocation, I was not too hard on price and negotiation however, as an educated person with a Ph.D. would have been a shame that I give up to these scammers who have been so unprofessional and acted like goons. So this is my story: 1. May 10, 2020–On a quick google search, I came across a third-party service that provided my information to several movers and packers. I was contacted by the co-owner/sales agent “John”-who tried to be the nicest person on the earth, talked about football games, and being a UGA bulldog and said he will keep the price the same even if things change in the last minute. He gave me a quotation of “$ 1190” and sent me a quote within seconds (See picture). I told him, I will call him back and checked google review “4.5 stars”. He called me back after few days and with 4.5 stars, John the self-proclaimed co-owner being super nice quoting cheapest price I could find on the internet and my employer paying for me, this was an easy choice. Little did I knew that I am going to make the biggest mistake of my life. 2. May 19, 2020- the super nice, all smiling co-owner of the company i.e John called me back and promised me that my items will be delivered on May 31 especially because he is a partner in the company. He further asked me to may an advance payment of “$300” to “LOCK THE DELIVERY DATE FOR ME”. I made the payment. 3. May 20, 2020: I packed my stuff and during packing I realized, I don’t want to take my heavy couch and instead of taking “2 extra boxes+guitar, vacuum cleaner, and table fan”. I called John and told him he should reduce the prize as I am not taking my couch. He said I have still not reached the minimum items for the price of “$1190” so while he won’t change the price, he is happy to accommodate items keeping the price the same. In the meanwhile, I got another quotation on my email (after he made the promise) of “$1260”. It’s funny because he said he won’t change the price. I called John back and he said, someone else from the Us Express Relocationes” might have sent it by mistake. He will take care of it. 3. May 21, 2020: The movers truck arrived. Two gentlemen: the CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER (CFO)-Marriott and helper/driver-Antony. The CFO is in bold as Marritt said it around 20-30 times during our conversation. So Marritt said I have changed the items and the new price is “$1750”. So from May 20 to May 21, the price changed by “$$$$$600+”. I called John and I reminded him of an initial quotation of “$1190+” to which he said he will take care of it. I told Marritt what John told me to which Marritt replied, “He further told me John is JUST A SALES AGENT and Marritt being CFO gets to decide the price”. Marritt sounded offended about John quoting a different price and further commented John (about him being white and being dominating- his words not mine). Marriott then further threatened me that he will take his truck back as he feels disrespected that I talked to a sales agent in front of the CFO. This was so “off-topic and unnecessary”. I asked him to leave as I didn’t agree with the price and found him very unprofessional. He immediately changed his words and said he does not want to lose the business and after a lot of argument (which will take me a whole day to talk about)—we both agreed to “$1630” GIVING ME A SO-CALLED DISCOUNT OF “-$120” in his power as CFO (again his words not mine). I was asked to make a payment of “660” through Zelle to the owner “ Ben”. Both Marrit signed a document stating the I have paid $960 ($300 to John + $660 to Ben) and owe them $660 more (Total $1620). He told me that the Driver will call me 24-48 hours in advance before May 31. 4. May 21-May 29, 2020: I received around 4 quotations from Us Express Relocation” with all having different prices ranging from “41700 to $1900”. I initially ignored thinking it’s a mistake since I already have a signed copy from Marritt quoting a final price of “$1620”. To play safe I emailed John to which he never replied. 5. May 29, 2020: I called Ben, the owner to follow up on the delivery of my items on May 31 to MI. Ben said he will call me back but never did. So I emailed John saying they should now stick to “$1620” and stop sending me these emails with a change in the quotation. As a disappointed customer, I told them, “that it will reflect on my review” if they keep changing the price. Now John got offended me and yelled at me and warned me to not speak anything about customer reviews and cut the call in anger. I texted him about his unprofessional behavior which caught his attention and he replied playing the blame game and yelling it’s a Friday evening and that people have families (I agree people have families but Ben said he will call back never returned the call-what am I suppose to do? I am uncertain if I have to drive to MI from GA within 48 hours). Now this is COVID time (flight out of question) and I have to drive to MI (along with my 2 friends and fiancee), I wanted to make sure that my stuff arrives in MI on time so that I can arrive there when my items arrive. AGAIN HOTELS ARE OUT OF QUESTION BECAUSE OF CORONA. Now my Fiancee checked the reviews on “Facebook”- “2 Stars” (as opposed to 4.2 stars on Google reviews”. I soon realized the mistake I made. I called Marrit and he asked me to call the next morning. May 30-31: I called Marritt at 11:00 am and he said “Ben is on a Holiday” and that Marritt has no answer. I texted Ben around 6-8 times and John around “4-5 times” asking them to at least tell me where is my stuff and when will it arrive. No reply. Ben finally picked up my call on May 31 and said there is a delay by 2-3 days and that he will confirm the final date the next day. He also asked me to not call him and text him and that I should reach his sales agent Jenniffer. This was so disappointing as I was never communicated by the delays, what if I would have reached MI. I told him the drivers never called me. Not to mention my friend and Fiancee have applied for leaves at the workplace and they have to now explain it to their bosses. June 1: I texted, emailed, called Ben and he never cared to respond. I called Jennifer (got the number from the website”-she gave me a different date of the delivery of my items and stated further delay. She asked to call Ben and confirm dates with him (Ben had always told me not to call him). June 1-5: I again called Ben 20-25 times, texted him-No response. Similarly, John never responded to text and email. Marritt picked up the calls and always told me, he has no idea, “Ben is the Boss”. June 6, 2020 (2:00 pm): Ben finally picked the call and “YELLED” at me for calling him so many times when he never cared to reply. This time I lost my calm and told him that I am going to call the police. He said, do whatever you can. After heated up argument we cut the call. After a few minutes, I received the text giving me the driver’s number and that my items are arriving on June 7, 2020, between 9 am -12 pm. Again not expecting anything better from them, but the notice was not given to me “24-48 hours” in advance. To add to my suffering he told me that I owe them $1760”. I sent him a snap-shot of what Marritt and I signed for i.e “$1620”. No response. The driver called me and said I owe them “1760” not “$1620” otherwise they won’t deliver. I said I will talk to Ben directly and will pay what I signed for. June 7, 2020: Anxious, worried, angered and frightened-We drove to MI not sure if the truck will arrive there on not,. In the meanwhile, we read a lot of negative reviews about this company on Facebook about “frauds, delays, yells, changing price, broken items and involvement of police to resolve the matter”. SO unsure, we reached Ann Arbor, MI. The driver Antony reached their around 12:30 pm and said, I need to sign the document and paid the due amount before they unload the items. I said how can I sign before seeing my items to which the driver Antony said, the items are safe because “HE KNOWS IT”. I didn’t want to argue to ask him where to sign. He gave me the “original receipt” that Marritt and I signed on May 22 (read point 3). To my utter shock, they have REPLACED THE OLD PRICE USING A WHITENER right next to my signature (see picture” AND CHANGED IT FROM $1630 TO $1820” (SEE PICTURES). FRAUD !!!!!! -I called the police (See video). In meanwhile, we make many calls to Marritt and Ben and haad a long argument ut nothing changed. Around 1:00 pm-Police arrived and they told it’s a matter of fraud and we can sue the company in the civil court but since its “NOT A CRIMINAL CASE”-police can’t help. Although we didn’t get much help here from police the officer was nice to at least listen. Finally, with his involvement, Antony said he will reduce the price by “$60”. I asked him to call Marritt. Marritt again stated that “HE IS THE CFO of the Company” and that he has given me enough discounts and cut the call before I could even speak. 2:00-2:30 pm: Antony told if I made him wait further he will either take the truck back or change me $200 fro every 30 mins. We had enough of them and we decided to finally give up and let them unload. 2:30-3:30 pm—They unpacked everything. Assembled by bed wrongly—had 2 bolts missing to which when I complain, “Antony” told, “PEOPLE OF ‘My COUNTY NAME’ ARE CRAZY”! I was beyond shock. To be fair it’s important to mention, that Antony was accompanied by a nice man (must be around 40+)-unfortunately I don’t know his name (he was very pleasant). He said something to Antony and calmed him down. 30 mins later Antony came and apologized for his racist remark. Finally, they left at 3:30 pm- even with our difference, I felt bad for them having a tough job and offered them water bottles for their journey. The nice man and his accompany graciously took it; got a “NO thanks” from Antony. I know its too many details but trust me I could only write 40% of the actual suffering I went through. Repeating myself-I was paid by my employer paid for relocation expense and this review here is an act of humanity to save others from these Scammers. “TAKE HOME MESSAGE: DON’t FALL FOR THESE SCAMMERS EVEN IF THEY OFFER YOU A FREE SERVICE” “NEGATIVE STARS” – “CHANGED THE PRICE by $700 USING A WHITENER”, “DELAYED THE DELIVERY BY 8 DAYS”, “NO one picks up call after the advance is paid”, “SALES AGENT AND OWNER use CUSS WORDS”, “DRIVERS THREW RACIST “COMMENTS”, “THREATENING YOU TO NOT DELIVER YOUR ITEMS”, “EVEN POLICE COULD NOT HELP”—Proof attached.

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**BEWARE LONG BUT DETAILED RANT** I would read before paying your 200$ deposit This company is a CON STRAIGHT TRASH! I spoke with John & he told me my move would be 1200$ plus tax. I was moving from a different state & my apartment wasn’t going to be ready for 2 months. So I called & told them. Checked on storage rates in my area roughly 60-75$ I called spoke to John again & he was so “understanding” & said there storage was free for 30 days, 100$ per month PLUS they would still move my items. So hey i said that’s a good deal! Don’t have to rent a truck find someone to help! Well moving day they was 3 HOURS LATE! Then an EXTRA 200$ in fees John FAILED to mention. Shame on me I should’ve read the contract FULLY! Left about 8pm @ night! After the first 30 days that’s when i met NASTY ASS BEN! He is the worst, once they get your items they DO NOT CARE how they speak to you. He is degrading towards woman & will speak to you any kind of way! Once spoken to been i found out the storage was actually 225$ an EXTRA 125$ when i could have got a storage unit for 60-75 monthly. First month of paying he stated he would “honor” my 100$ price BUT had to add prorated charges for 3 days totaling 75$ sounds bogus right? Next month comes it doesn’t settle with me that I have to pay 225$ I call back & speak to my buddy John & says “yes it’s 100$ let me call & tell Ben” next day Ben calls & says “idc what John told you tell John to pay the difference if not pay or i throw your stuff out” Oh he LOVES throwing that around about how he wants to THROW OUT your belongings if you challenge what he says. Moving DAY! Extremely happy to finally get away from this crooked ass company. Guy comes to drop off my stuff, give him the remaining payment & he says it’s a extra 75$ for steps. I said yes the contract says 12 you guys will really charge me for 2 extra steps? After the guy being such a COMPLETE RUDE ASSHOLE he decides to ATTEMPT to shove his long ass big ass finger IN MY FACE! Thank god for quick reflexes. At this moment I’m calling the police because i feel UNSAFE with 2 BIG MEN & me. He gets upset that I called the police and SETS my stuff outside on the ground! Long rant. But this company is CROOKED NASTY RUDE AND FUCKING EXPENSIVE! Rant over

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Robel Adamu


1/ 5

i was looking for a moving company and US Express relocation called and it was John who called me. then he told me they will pick up my staff from GA on Sunday and get it delivered on Thursday. Then come Thursday they say o we are going to delivere it on friday and then when fridya come they said we are going to deliver it on saturday and then they said they are going to do it on sunday. i called the manager he said we are going to take as much time as we wont to move your staff and so on and i told him i am going to sue them and also when i send him the recording that i have he said he will put it back in GA after two weeks. now i am filling a law suite with them. take my advce never ever never ship your staff with this company they are trash and fradualet.

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stephen thwaits

READ before Hiring US Express Relocation

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This review may change your mind on Using US Express Relocation. Below are the facts (no emotion, just facts) My summary is that Us Express Relocation is:
1. Not reliable (2 days instead of 1)
2. Incompetent ($8046 wrong in their on-site estimate)
3. Dishonest (never got the $750 discount)

The only positive I can say, is that the actual people picking up the boxes were great. The rest….not so much

1. Incompetent: John and Ben visited my house. John came twice. Original quote $12227.05. After loading the truck on day 1, they increased the quote by $8046. So, although they visited onsite, told me they were experienced in quoting, they were wrong by $8046 (65%). And waited to tell me once the truck was 92% full.
2. Incompetent: they said this would be a 1 day pack. It took two days.
3. Not Reliable. John said they would be there between 8-9. Ben told me 9-12. Actual arrival just before 1pm. ZERO curtesy call about being late. The truck only arrive after 1:30pm
4. Not Reliance: at destination, told they would deliver July 12. Actual July 13.
5. Dishonest. Meritt (apparently CFO) indicated before packing second truck on second day that he would provide $750 discount if volume was 1400 CF. He said “I am looking you in the eye. I will take care of you”. Never received discount.
6. Dishonest. John said “we will have to packed even if I have to come pack myself”. Only to find out later, that he was actually driving to the Carolinas.

Most annoying aspect. This is my 4th interstate move.. US Express Relocation was the worst moving company expreience. The most annoying aspect, is they kept saying “I know moving can be stressful”. It was only stressful because of US Express Relocation.

If you choose them….good luck…

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Jonathon Kumar

1/ 5

DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE IF YOU’RE ON A TIME CRUNCH AND IF YOU NEED PEACE OF MIND! My furniture was picked up in GA on 7/8/2019 and I was given a drop off window of 7-10 days in CA. After the 7 day mark, I called in for a status update and John gave me the run around saying to check in closer to the 10 day mark. I call on the 10th day and they reluctantly reveal to me that my furniture hasn’t even been loaded onto a truck and is still in GA and to expect it the weekend of 7/27/2019! An entire 3 weeks! Double the time that I was promised! I am paying an extra week and a half in storage because they were dishonest. When I confronted them about the lack of professionalism, John “assured” me that he would take care of me. Obviously not. Don’t waste your time and effort and don’t give these people your business.

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Horrible company so far

1/ 5

The process to schedule the move was great… the staff were responsive to scheduling us and getting the dates we wanted. Unfortunately from there our experience went down hill. Our move occurred over 3 days… day 1 pack house, day 2 pack truck, and day 3 delivery. This company was about 1:30 away from where we lived. On day 1 we waited and waited … and they finally came about 11am… no problem they were just packing up the house. Three guys came and had house packed in under 3 hours. Day 2 they were even LATER (did not Arrive to the house until noon) to pack the truck and only brought TWO guys. They gave me some excuse about having to get the truck (what kind of moving company has to rent a moving truck from enterprise), getting gas, weighing truck

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Unprofessional in their dealing

2/ 5

My family has used US Express for our last 2 moves, and we had never had any issues. In fact, the movers are always professional, quick, and pleasant. However, they helped us move into a new apartment on 9/29/18. They moved a couch for us, and the legs were taken off by me to aid in getting it through doorways. The legs of the couch made it into the truck, but never made it into our apartment. I noticed this while we were unpacking the same evening, and immediately called the mover who had worked with me that day. He assured me that he would get the legs to me the next day or the following week in between jobs, and that he would call me to make sure I was home. It has been almost two weeks, I have called the office multiple times with no answer, and they have not returned my calls despite leaving messages. I even offered to the mover that they could be mailed to me. I am so disappointed that as a repeat customer and someone that has recommended this company to all of my friends and family that I am treated with such disregard. I want the legs to my couch back! I will never use this company again because of the unprofessionalism after my move.

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