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Oz Moving & Storage

Oz Moving & Storage
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Oz Moving & Storage
Oz Moving & Storage
Oz Moving & Storage


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I had hands down the worst experience with Oz Moving & Storage — ranging from being lied to and bullied and having items ruined. I was mis-sold services by the sales rep Bill (who is no longer with the company). He told me various untrue things that would be part of my moving package, including that the company had HQ and storage facilities in San Francisco, that Oz Moving was familiar with San Francisco in general regarding city ordinances, and that my items would be stored in San Francisco and not New York City. I even had to use an email from Bill to prove to the Oz Moving that I was not responsible for calling the city of San Francisco to reserve parking space for the moving truck. No customer of any moving service should be responsible for coordinating with any city for parking space. I complained to customer service and had an extremely unpleasant experience with Shadeequah and Allison. Shadeequah spoke to me on the phone with attitude that should not be held for anyone in customer service, almost in an bullying attempt when she said "Oh I know your account." She was extremely rude and unhelpful in the matter when I complained. I escalated the issue to Allison, who was further unhelpful. When on the phone with Allison, I had told her of my experience with Bill and the movers that picked up my items in New York -- her attitude was extremely poor and not conducive to anyone in the customer service industry. When I mentioned that I was in California and the time she was calling me at was an early hour, instead of apologizing or saying thank you for letting me know, she had the audacity to spew "Well how as I supposed to know?" which tells me that she should not be part of the customer service team and should not be customer facing. The attitude of the customer service reps was astonishingly bad. Furthermore, items were broken and ruined. The condition of the boxes was atrocious - you can tell that Oz Moving did not care of how they stored my items or loaded the boxes to the the truck -- boxes were smashed, handles were broken off of plastic bins and suitcases. My couch was ruined due to the dye from the blankets used to wrap the couch bled onto the couch's fabric. When I had professional cleaners assess the damage of the couch, they even said that “reputable moving companies doesn’t use such shoddy blankets in moving - the dye doesn’t transfer if the blanket is of quality material.” It was shocking how bad this company is at providing moving services. I felt used and manipulated by Oz Moving and would warn anyone that uses that - beware of poor customer service and moving services.

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    OZ Moving is a credible moving company in New York offering a wide range of moving services. The company started in 1993 and is one of the oldest companies serving the residents of NYC with the same level of efficacy as they did years ago. The company understands the unique moving requirements of different movers and ensures that they are met with perfection.

    You can engage the company for reliable moving services including residential moving, long-distance moving, white-glove moving, moving supplies, and more. Highly affordable and reliable the company is also known for its excellence in moving furniture, firm artworks, piano, last-minute moves as well as packing services.

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    You can call them at 212-876-2550 or visit their website

    The address of Oz Moving & Storage is: 101 Lincoln Ave. Bronx NY 10454.

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